MCM 2019: Sheetz

To set the stage a bit: Sheetz is a gas station/connivence store chain here in the Eastern seaboard-Mideast US.To me its signature merchandise is inexpensive gas, inexpensive but fast coffee, and deliciously filling breakfast sandwiches. There are two Sheets stations here in Lexington park, MD, where I live. The first one is on the corner of Route 235/Three Notch Road and Chancellors’ Run Road. When I worked at the National Technologies facility across the street, I would get my small or medium coffee plus a breakfast sandwich with bacon, fried egg, and pepper jack cheese on a toasted English Muffin.

The second station is at the intersection of Great Mills Road and HWY-5. Back in the days when I had a car, I would make the late night drive to Sheetz for overpriced junk food and a soda; what I paid for in junk food I could have purchased a value meal at McDonald’s. Wait, what? Anyway, that’s where my Sunday run took me today.

In terms of running as well as this blog, I have been “off the grid.” My sore knee that abruptly ended my run to St. Mary’s City two weeks ago forced me to rethink my bike riding routine. I took completely off from June 24 to July 2; no running, minimum cycling, no therapy or rehab. Just as much rest as possible. In retrospect I could have made a blog posting about how I made a batch of cherry gelato and green sorbet (with green grapes, lychees, and pears) for the office picnic, but nobody really ate it, so…

This week, I went back to the cycle/run alternating schedule that I have been using for the last five years. The plan was a lighter than usual cycle circuit on the weight machines on Tu/Thu/Sat, alternating with three, five, and eight mile runs on the alternating days. the goal on the runs was to finish the runs with no major injury issues.

Today was business as usual. 0400 reveille, followed by Chobani yogurt washed down by 20-oz. of Mio water. Skin-so-Soft and Body Glide, dressed, stretched, prepped and out the door at 0455. Activated the MapMyRun app at 0501 and on the road.

When I ran Friday morning, it was seriously humid and muggy. I wasn’t that worried abut pace, but it didn’t really help. Today it was just as warm but not as humid, even after the thunderstorm that hit just after midnight last night. With the exception of being startled by my MMR at mile one, today was an uneventful run. My pace and splits were good, although I’m not sure how I punted a 14:17 pace at mile 5…no, with that’s when I took a bathroom break at the Sheetz just after hitting the 4 mile mark.

Anyway, I finished up the run with my traditional finish up the three fire hydrants on the sidewalk, hit the scales 9down to 207! Yes!) and now I’m sitting here putting the finishing touches on this blog. I am hoping for a good week next week because I will be going for 16 miles next Sunday. Uh-oh.

Song of the Day:

Gary Clark, Jr./”What About Us?:” I rented a car to attend SgtMajor Shonnell Horn’s retirement ceremony at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. I need to talk to somebody about my missing Sirius XM satellite radio, but I did discover this gem on the drive back home. Brother’s got the Arctic Monkeys vibe. Damn good.

Diana Ross and the Supremes/”Ain’t No Mountain High Enough:” Heard this one on the radio the morning; a just right classic for eight miles of rolling hills. I thought of SgtMajor Horn and her retirement ceremony and reception as I was running this morning. From what I learned, she was a fanatic in regards to physical fitness, especially weightlifting. I wonder what kind of runner she was/is.

Earth, Wind, and Fire/”Sing a Song:” I could have sworn I heard this song when I came back this morning. Selective hearing I guess. And I guess I’ll add “Shining Star,” since YouTube has it queued up…If you sing a song a day/You will make a brighter way/yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And I also love how “Star” winds up…Shining star for you to see/Whay your life can truly be!

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