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Noon 2020

My last run was in the moonlit pre-dawn hours of 6 December, 2019. I had hoped for five, running from Abberly Crest Apartments to Gate 1 of NAS Patuxent River, MD and back; I wasn’t feeling it and settled for the there miles of Shangri-La/Willows Road North and back. Also, I forgot to charge my smartphone battery, so there would be no MapMyRun tracking for my last run of 2020.

I was hoping for starting 2020 by running the perimeter of the Washington Mall. Unfortunately, I drove through afternoon traffic to DC (on New Year’s Eve, no less) to the Washington Hilton to find that I had left my credit card at home. So I made the drive back home to Abberly Crest (in Lexington Park, MD; about 65 miles and close to 2 hours away) to get my card and get my room. No card…no dice. I had to cancel the room, and thus scuttle my plans for running the Mall. Oh, well…next year.

2020 is going to be kind of a big deal for me. I turn 50 on March 25 and I want to celebrate in a fairly big way. This year I have entered the Semper Fi Challenge, running the Historic Half Marathon on May 17, as well as running the full Marine Corps Marathon later in October. This will be the most running I have ever done, meaning I start conditioning after the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday, then commence running on the first Tuesday in February ( the 4th, I think).

On a personal and professional level, I plan on doing a bucket list this year, rather than just doing the new year’s resolutions that everyone else does. They are specific goals that I want to accomplish, so I will have to begin planning for them this weekend. I was planning on doing that in the hotel room at the Hilton, but that can wait until this weekend.

In the meantime, I am going to sporadically pick up this blog, posting here and there until I officially get back on the road in February. Oh, I just thought of something…I talked with my older sister over Christmas about going to a Keto diet, so when I begin running again, I plan to go “Keto to the Half.” This way I will have a shot at being much more fit than when I ran the 44th Marine Corps Marathon last October.

Quick recap: My fifth completed Marine Corps Marathon was one to remember, but not in the best way. For the first time in my five years of running the MCM…it rained. Steady rain throughout the morning. About 11:00 a.m., the sun came out as I hit Mile 16. Some combination of too many skipped run sessions, the sudden change intemperate, and me running with a not-so-thin-as-I-thought base layer basically sapped my running strength. I spent the next six miles half marching, half running.

At Mile 22, in Crystal City, I took my first ever shot of beer and shot of Fireball.

At Mile 23, my thighs seized up something fierce.

From the Pentagon Road to Mile 23, I was reduced to walking. I got one last “second wind” at Mile 25, and I was able to march enough where I could finish the MCM at a respectable “finishing kick.” It wasn’t pretty, but it was MCM No. 5 in the books.

Now I have to deal with the MCM Organization about getting my entry into the Runner’s Club, which means I can register for the MCM free for life. That also means I can request a refund for the MCM portion of the Semper Fi Challenge, which I registered in just after Veteran’s Day last year.

Since the MCM, I ran a pretty blasé’ Thanksgiving Prediction 5K Run on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, as well as the December run. In theory, I wanted to run for lunch during the first two weeks in December. In practice, those plans were scuttled by “the holiday spirit.” Okay, really there was just too much stuff going on and i could never get out and run.

Oooh, look at that; time for lunch. Hope Domino’s or Pizza Hut is open today…

Song of the Day: The “Silver Lining” in spending almost four hours in the car on New Hear’s Eve? Hearing these three hits on Sirius XM Classic Rewind on the ill-fated trip back home for my credit card:

Nick Lowe/”They Called It Rock:” The only other song I have ever heard from Nick Lowe was Cruel to Be Kind, which got a lot of heavy airplay during the early years of MTV (formerly known as Music Television, in more ways than one). Nice upbeat track to take the edge off a frustrating drive home.

Stevie Nicks/”Rock and Roll:” Yes, that’s the lovely vocalist from Fleetwood Mac, who also sang “Edge of Seventeen” and “Stand Back,” covering the Led Zeppelin classic. She isn’t Robert Plant (but she’s still prettier than him!), and the band isn’t Page/Jones/Bonham, but on the drive home…IDGAF!

The Blasters/”Rock and Roll Will Stand:” Rockabilly…there’s nothing wrong with it!


I’m sorry, that’s all I’ve got for the SOTD; I think Genius has too much of a bend for the hip-hopgenres in regards to explanations for song lyrics.


MCM 2019/T-Minus 1: Road

I made the hour and a half trip back to Lexington Park because I wanted to try on my suit for the Marine Corps Ball next week. It fit just fine, so I took it in to get cleaned and pressed. I also picked up some last minute stuff: a change of running shorts (to better carry my phone), some peanut butter, a coupe bottles of water, and some other stuff.

After the run to the cleaners and a quick stop for donuts and coffee, I made the two-hour drive to the National Museum of the Marine Corps. The highlights of the trip: buying a Marine Corps tech shirt that may be light gray enough to be seen in the dark, and attempting to bet a shot of me in front of an AV-8B fighter-bomber hanging from the ceiling. The idea was better than the execution.

The drive back to the hotel took and extra fifteen minutes because traffic was jammed up on the I-95 going east. I figured it was the pre-game tailgating traffic for the World Series Game 4 between the host Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros.

In about 12 more hours, I will be on the starting line at the 44th Marine Corps Marathon, at the 5 hours 30 minutes corral, looking for the 12:30 pace guy (or at least I will ask him/her what mile pace he’s/she’s running). In about 24 hours ( just before sundown) the beard I have been sporting since march will be gone.

Not as reflective this year as I was last year. Mostly because I have tow logistical matters on my mind: trying to find a date for the Ball next week, and filling out my FFA license to pick up a .22 pistol I won at a raffle. Oh, and there’s also one last carbo-loading supper and hydrating before tomorrow.

Wake-up is at 0500, which means I get to sleep in tomorrow. Heading down to Runner’s Village just after 0600, and I plan to be on the starting corral around 0700. Start stretching about 0715~0720 until the National Anthem. Set up MapMyRun (yes, I plan on burning my smartphone just for the MCM), chug down the Nuun water just after the starting cannon (yes, the MCM begins with a cannon firing), and off I go.

Song of the Day: After almost four hours on the road today, I picked up two real good pre-run tunes. Oh, by the way: modern country music SUCKS.

Survivor/”Eye of the Tiger:” Written by guitarist/producer Frankie Sullivan and keyboardist Jim Peterik, who tells how Survivor contributed to the Rocky III soundtrack:

“I got home one day, and there’s my big old answering machine. I hit ‘Play’ and I hear, ‘Hey yo, Jim, that’s a nice answering machine you got there. Give me a call. It’s Sylvester Stallone.’ I go, ‘Yeah, right.’ I play it back again … ‘Karen, does this sound like Stallone, or is that just Sal, my roadie?’ ‘No, that’s him.’ So I call him up … He says, ‘I’ve got this new movie called Rocky III, and I don’t want to use that “Gonna Fly Now” song. It’s a good song, but I want something for the kids. Something with a pulse. Can you help me out?’ I go, ‘Uh, is the Pope Catholic?’

Led Zeppelin/”Kashmir:” This song was written by Robert Plant, inspired by a road trip through Morrocco:

“The whole inspiration came from the fact that the road went on and on and on. It was a single-track road which neatly cut through the desert. Two miles to the East and West were ridges of sandrock. It basically looked like you were driving down a channel, this dilapidated road, and there was seemingly no end to it.”

Even if you’ve never seen Rocky III, you listen to the singer, the driving rhythms, and you just get all pulped up. “Kashmir” is this ongoing slow build-up with Jimmy Page’s guitar and John Bonham working with John Paul Jones on a sledgehammer rhythm that just keeps pushing to this climax that you never reach…and almost don’t want to.


MCM 2019/T-Minus 2: Expo

This year’s haul from the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon Runner’s Expo:

From the Brooks Running Area:

One pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19, size 12.5 D width. Thicker, more cushioned soles than my current Brooks Ravennas. They fit nice and feel nice, and I have a little more room for my big toes. Sadly, they will be in storage until next summer, after my current pair reaches “the end of the line.”

To commemorate this year being my fifth Marine Corps Marathon, I purchased one long-sleeve and one short sleeve tech shirt. The long sleeve has the Iwo Jima Memorial silhouetted against a sphere with descending shades of gray. The short sleeve has the Marine Corps Emblem (Eagle, Globe and Anchor) in white on a gray field, with “Marine Corps Marathon” on top and “Always Earned, Never Given” in a U underneath the emblem.

This year’s mock turtleneck for MCM entrants/participants is a black  number with subdued grey stripes running diagonal, and a light grey stripe across the center. The National Ensign (United States Flag) is over the left breast and the MCM logo is over the right. Zippered collar. Nice design, but nothing may ever top last year’s design for the mock, which was a shot of a crowd of runners over a light gray field. The reactions went from “WTF” to “WHOAAA!!!” You either loved it or you hated it. I have seen quite a few people wearing that particular mock through the year (eventually even I put it on), including more than a few people this year.

On the main floor:

I spent most of the expo looking for a pair of running shorts, similar to the tights that I purchased from Brooks last year. No such luck. The shorts they had were all lightweight material, and I wanted a set of shorts that were more ‘form fitting” and less likely to ride up my crotch. The lululemon stand had some, but…nah.

I bought three packs of Tailwind and one box of Ucan hydrate, looking for something to replace my Mio water, so I can have potassium/salt/whatever in my thighs and calves so I don’t tighten up near the middle stages (Miles 16~18) of the marathon. I’ve used Tailwind before, so I will go with a half pack of Tailwind and mix it with some dill pickle juice.

Yeah, yeah…”ewww, gross.”

Lastly, I bought two different anti-chaffing products as an alternate to the Body Glide that I bought with me. A friend of mine told me about this aerosol spray, but that particular  vendor wasn’t there this year. I will go with the Chafe Defender over the Stop Chaffing product, since Defender was a roll-on that felt real smooth when I tried it today. I’m doing this because lately I have felt some burn after my longer runs this year (after, not during).

I had lunch at the Public House in National Harbor, just across from the Gaylord Hotel, where the Expo was being held. Very nice club sandwich with side salad, and the local Public House Lager went down smooth.

Tomorrow will be a long day. Driving back home to get my suit tailored for next week’s Marine Corps Ball, then from there the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Hope I can find something on the radio than the BS that passes for country music these days.

The weather is nice out right now, but the forecast calls for rain on Sunday. I have a long sleeve base layer with me to wear over my tech shirt, but I will just go with shorts instead of grabbing my tights tomorrow. The tights are only going to get wet and slow me down.

Song of the Day: Shallow Gravy/”Jacket:” Just came out of nowhere, folks. This is the extended version from the Venture Bros. TV show, and here’s the full Ladle to the Grave version.

Why thank you, YouTube. The mini-episode “Ladle to the Grave” is now behind a paywall (meaning you have to pay to see it!). Here’s the original cut from the episode “Homeschool Prom.”, as well as the original video.

MCM 2019/T-Minus 13: Homestretch

Had to go get my blood drawn (and a urinalysis!) for my doctor’s appointment on Thursday. Local mass transit to the laboratory: three buses over an hour and twenty minutes. Total procedure time. from entering to exiting the office: Five minutes.


  1. Check in at office window
  2. Present ID and lab paperwork
  3. Get blood drawn
  4. Provide urine sample (and I actually had to pee!)
  5. Leave the office.

I took an Uber home.


So this is the last full week of training for the Marine Corps Marathon. Three more trips to the Apex clubhouse fitness center for my circuit cycles. Three more runs: Shangri-La 3, HWY-5 3, Superwillow 6 (extending all the way out on Shangri-La Drive for the northern end of the run). Next week will be two short runs: Shangri-La 3 and my annual Ceremonial run of the Marine Physical Fitness Test 3-mile course on base at Naval Air Station Patuxent River. I am sorely tempted between now and next Thursday, when I am planning the Ceremonial, of staying overnight in DC and running the National Mall. We’ll see…

Last week was a good week in the gym and on the road. The eight miles on the Great Mills 8 that I ran Sunday have more hills than the opening eight of the MCM; however, I took the MCM way too fats last year and I was running on fumes before I reached the Fourteenth Street Bridge (Miles 18-20 of the MCM). The goal here is to not only finish, but to finish with something at or near the end.

Song of the Day: Daft Punk/”One More Time:” If there was ever a song that I wanted to hear in the final stretch of a run, it would be the seven minutes-plus remix of this song. Also: PARTY SONG!!! From Genius:

“Daft Punk’s single, “One More Time,” is that kind of song: a piece of superreligion with an invincible beat and a nailed-to-the-wall vocal by house singer Romanthony. It is stamina itself, an anthem to keep on dancing that’s already a huge hit in clubs and on the radio. All those knowing listeners who bought Homework and signed on for the pair’s rascally, nudge-wink grooves now have to figure out what part of “One More Time” is for them. Is there a subversive part of “One More Time?” If so, where does it begin?

“Generally about their music, which this song represents perfectly, Thomas Bengalter said

The healthy thing is that people either loved it or hated it. The worst thing is when you make art and people are not moved.


MCM 2019/T-minus 28: Traffic

About 20 minutes out from Arlington, VA I ran into congested traffic on the _695. Turns out that weekend construction work had turned the already heavy two-lane highway into a one-lane highway. Then the four-lane 1-295 going into DC was also a heavy mess. AS a result, I ended up spenign an hour more in the car than I had originally planned. I made it in time to Pacers Running to pick up my packet for the National Capital 20-miler tomorrow, but I was late getting lunch.

I made it to the hotel about 3;15 p.m. About 4:20 I drove out to Carderock Park to check out where the runners would be forming up the run.

I tried to type “CARDEROCK RECREATION AREA_ into my rental car’s dashboard GPS, but all I got was CARDEROCK PARK.” To-may-to, to-mah-to. Whatever. On the road.

Aside from the constant worry of hitting one of Virginia’s toll roads, with only my debit card to pay for anything, I hot another road-work snag on the I-395. Yay, more road time. To make matters worse, I missed the run going into Carderock (the GPS’ fault for giving me faulty instructions), and ended up about two miles from where I should have been. I turned off my car’s GPS, activated Google Mpas on my smartphone, and I made it to the Carderock Recreation Area.

I confirmed the parking lots where we would be allowed to park, as well as the Picnic Pavilion, where runners would check in or get last-minute packet pickups. I took a look around to see if I could find the Chesapeake and Ohio Towpath, on which we would be running tomorrow.  I walked over to the tunnel I had driven through to get to the park, and saw a path leading upside the tunnel. I assumed it would cross to the other side, but instead it led to a trail of hard-packed broken gravel.

Well, hello, C&O Towpath!

I tok a quick walk up the path to see if i cold find any landmarks or mile markers to identify the course. I couldn’t find any, and I was becoming sharply aware of my need to get dinner and hydrate for tomorrow. Looking at the forest and the small lake of standing water next to the trail, I made a note to remember to apply my Skin-So-Soft (GI-approved best insect repellent ever) for tomorrow and made my way down the hillside and back to the car.

More car time, more than I wanted. HILTON GARDEN INN didn’t lead me back to the one in Arlington, by the courthouse, but to the one in Tyson’s Corner. Back to the smartphone GPS, another congested two-lane highway, and one last half-hour trip back to the hotel. It was 4:20-ish when I left the hotel, and I drove back just after 6:00…after almost an hour and a half in the car that I didn’t want or need, hungry as hell, riding on low blood sugar, and NO i had not been hydrating since 12:30, when I left Lexington Park.

So, tomorrow I will sleep in a little bit, with reveille going at 0500 instead of 0345~0400. I will try to get on the road by 0530 so I can get to Carderock by 0600. I want to get at least 15~20 minutes to stretch before the run tomorrow.

Five miles incline leading to the finish.

Must finish in five hours.


Song of the Day: Steve Miller Band/”Heart Like a Wheel:”

I don’t trust Genius right now, and I can’t think of any other song that describes the time I wasted behind the wheel of the car today. But I can say it’s been damn near a few decades since i first heard/saw this song on MTV. I have no idea if it charted, but all I remember was “good song” and “good video.”

Steve Miller really worked it on the six-stringer on this one.

MCM 2019/T-Minus 40: Lookback

This morning’s drive from Rockville back to Lexington Park for work sucked. I left a half hour late, and in that time I could have gotten a quick breakfast and coffee. When I tried to pull over and call in for my 0800 meeting, my phone dropped the call a half dozen times without connecting. This was with five full bars and on a Sprint network (LTE, as I was told). By the time I was finally patched through the meeting was over. I got to work over an hour late and had to park on the roof of the parking garage,

In fits and starts yesterday, between the two NFL games and two MLS games I watched, and sometimes during the drive this morning, I thought about what might have been on yesterday’s run on the Carl Henn Millennium Trail. The run should never have been about setting a good pace or negative splits; it should have been about accepting a challenge. It should have been about building character.

It should have been about simply finishing.

Pace, speed, splits, lap times, all that be damned. It should have been about simply finishing the run standing up.

The weather was a little humid in the first half-hour of the run, but as the sun rose the day actually became cooler. There was a full moon for the first hour that I was on the course. I guess I hydrated well because I had to empty my bladder three times within the first four miles.

The smartphone was an issue once again. I had a hiccup of a start when my MapMyRun app sounded “workout paused”/”workout resumed” during the first few steps of my run. It was an all-day thing as well. Every time I paused, I had to run that much further. By the five mile mark on the second lap, the MMR sounded off the mileage and split times about 100 yards from the actual mile marker. My phone and my running shorts were dry at the start, and as I sweated, the problem became an issue. It didn’t help that I pulled out my phone once in a while to make sure that MMR was still tracking my run.

All that aside, it was a really good day to just run. Like I said, it should have never been about the time; there was no way I was getting a sub-12 split from that course. It should have been about completing the two laps standing up and finishing. Of course, now I’m just realizing this about six weeks out from the Marine Corps Marathon.

Song of the Day:The Cars/”Since You’re Gone” This was the second single from the Cars’ album Shake It Up. Everybody’s been playing Cars songs on the radio since the news broke over lead vocalist Ric Ocasek’s passing early this morning. The Cars made plenty of  damn good music before and after this song, but I felt this was the most poignant.

Eddie Money/”Two Tickets to Paradise:”…sadly the gentleman born as Eddie Mahoney seems to have had a spare one for Ric, as both singers passed away this weekend. My favorite Eddie Money song was “Shakin’.” and yes, the video helped with that choice.

MCM 2019/T-Minus 43: Dinner

I am typing this way later than I should have, so I will have to make this quick (and interesting to boot).

I think the first time I ran out to Zion United Methodist Church was for breaking in my newly arrived pair of asics GT-1007 running shoes…the Wednesday morning  before the Marine Corps Marathon. I remember the 0500 darkness being colder than expected for late October, but I was like “Ehh…it’s okay. I’ll probably warm up during the run.” I never did warm up, and I was not quite frostbitten but feeling like it, especially in the underwear regions.

This morning six mile loop to Zion and back was just as dark, thanks to the cloud cover lingering from the showers from the previous night. It was also somewhat warmer; when I came back, my hunter’s orange tech short was soaked with sweat. However, I did get a good, fast run in this morning, getting negative splits on four of my last five miles.

Last night on Facebook, there was a thread on the MCM &10K Runners Page about socks. The most popular brand out there was called Belega. I made an inquiry about this today, mentioning that I had several pairs of Hanes ankle-length sports socks. Many of my Hanes were about 15 ~20 years old, and I had only discovered blisters only once since 2014. I got one reply: ” You have old socks that are good; why spend the extra money? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I got back from Longhorn Steakhouse about 45 minutes ago, getting a substantive upgrade to the recent dinners of the last few weeks. I got an Outlaw bone-in ribeye (medium well when it should have been medium), grilled corn on the cob, a leaf of iceberg lettuce (WTF happened to the big wedges of icebergs?), and a bowl of French Onion soup covered with a layer of cheese. Got my dinner on, and judging by my takeout box, breakfast will be upgraded tomorrow morning.

I joined two more runner’s groups on Facebook this afternoon: Chesapeake Bay Runner’s Club and DC Runners. I joined with the hope of joining at least one group on a long Saturday or Sunday run within the next two weeks. We’ll see.

So much left to do for tomorrow: reserve hotel room in Rockville, MD, pack, get ice for two coolers for company picnic, head for Rockville as soon as the picnic is over, buy bananas for the weekend.

Oh, and I need to get red Solo cups.

Song of the Day: Toby Keith/”Red Solo Cup:” The best selling song ever done as a total joke or gag. And that’s all I’ve got. Talk to you tomorrow.

MCM 2019/T-Minus 44: Split

Sooo…I got up at 0345 for my 0445 workout of intervals and circuit cycle. I did do the three laps of 0.8 mi. around the Abberly Crest Apartments parking lot. However, when I went back to the apartment to pick up my logbook and towel, I forgot my key fob that would electronically allow access to the Apex Clubhouse gym.

Sooo…I had to walk back to the house, and then i couldn’t find my keychain with the fob, and then I had to go take a No.2…

And I made it back to the gym.

At 1750 (5:50 p.m.) this afternoon.

The bad thing about it was, I was all stretched out and warmed up; I just had to take my cool down walk back to the apartment for my stuff, mosey on down to the Apex gym, and just jump straight into the workout.

But, nope…just another one of those things.

Sooo…tomorrow is the Zion 6 run. Oh, I was talking with a friend of mine who  is the information technology/cybersecurity chief at my workplace. The reason why my phone was acting up yesterday, hitting the “pause” button on my MapMyRun app? Well, my model of Samsung smartphone isn’t waterproof, so it can be really sensitive to damp objects rubbing against it…like a very sweaty Flipbelt that hasn’t been washed since the Sunday run, and then got fished out of the clothes hamper.

Learning all the time.

So tonight I am going to start prepping for 1) my run tomorrow, 2) my company picnic on Saturday afternoon, and 3) my drive to Rockville for my Sunday run, which i will also have to prep for…starting with eating a lot more and a lot better. Tonight, it’s Uber Eats (cha-CHING!), and some good eating out Friday and Saturday night so I can load up on good protein and carbs to burn on Sunday.

I also need more bananas. But at least I’m eating them before they’re all brown and soggy.

Song of the day: Kongos/”Come With Me Now:”

This whole song sounds like an invitation to whipping’ someone’s ass! Love the steel pedal solo in this one, and yes, I can dig the accordion as well. To be honest, I don’t remember how I found this song on YouTube, or maybe I remember it from an ad campaign?

“Even though it was released in 2011, it became popular after finding ad spots with “The Originals” and NBC Sports. It recieved renewed attention in 2016, when it was featured in Amazon Prime’s advertising campain for their show “The Grand Tour”. (HT: Genius)

MCM 2019/T-Minus 64: Here!

“Sleep-In” Week has made me kind of lazy for this here blog, so let me recap the week so far:

I did make the Tuesday afternoon trips to the Apex Clubhouse for my circuit cycle workouts. With the exception of my second set of abs curls on Tuesday, the sessions went well. That particular set of abs curls was due to me not having the machine set up properly.

As for the afternoon run on Tuesday, I started, but DNF’d it about 30 seconds into the run. Piss poor prep: I didn’t stretch out, didn’t hydrate, my knees flared up, and I had no real “pump” to go and run three miles.

Normally I blog after I workout, but I am off work today and I thought I would do this now. I am scheduled to run four miles (iStore 4) this afternoon. I am shooting for no later than 6:30 p.m. step-off, but the weather is very cool today. If the rain can hold out until later, I may go run earlier (5:30~6ish).

Long term Sunday runs (very tentative after this Sunday_:

  1. Aug. 25: SE Loop 10
  2. Sept. 2: Pax River 20 or Millennium Trail 22
  3. Sept. 9: Millennium 22 or Indian Head Rail Trail 20
  4. Sept. 16: Full marathon?

All of this depending on funding, lodging availability, and what happens on Sept. 2.

Next Tuesday marks 60 days until the Marine Corps Marathon. Jus’ sayin’.

Song of the Day: Franz Ferdinand/”Take Me Out:”

Two things: 1) Genius is supposed to be main source for the story on song lyrics, but they seem to be caught up in way too much hip-hop and popular music BS right now. 2) I may have done this song before and I never really get a chance to go through my archives, so…3) here we go anyway:

I discovered this track on the Madden 2005 (Sega Genesis version) soundtrack. I discovered the actual video about four to five years later. The song is supposedly about a dude at a bar trying to pick up a girl before the bar closes (holla if ya feel me!).

Me personally? I enjoy hearing the opening minute or so, then the change in tempo for the main part of the song. War-cry type lead guitars, a driving rhythm (great for running), and the vocalist just about daring the woman of his dreams (at a bar, no less…work with me) to take him home. I would honestly love to hear this in the middle of a long run, when I’m at the point that I’m in the grinding part of the run (about halfway thru) and I need some sort of mental pick up to find that “second wind” or “next gear.”


MCM 2019/T-Minus 71: Plans

Got up a half hour earlier so I could finish the run around 0600…and I did just that. I think MapMyRun is due an update because once again it called out my splits at irregular intervals (1.25 mi. instead of straight 1 mile). Not a bad run and good weather, although the cloud cover obscured the full moon. Not gonna have such a privilege on Sunday, and the opening leg of the Mt. Vernon trail is dark.

Unfortunately, I left my wallet at home this morning. Getting it would have meant a forty-minute round trip on the bike, and the person who would have been the candidate for a quick run home was busy today. No wallet, no money for lunch. Almost four o’clock and the first thing I’ve eaten since 0645 has been Fruit Roll-Ups.

Notes from pre-scouting/planning for the Mt. Vernon Trail run this Sunday:

Hilton Garden Inn/Rosslyn again…at a bargain military discounted price! There is a hotel right across the street from the Rosslyn entrance to the trail but it’s not a Hilton hotel. yes, I’m a snob that way. Hope the WiFi and satellite TV are better here though.

There are Port-A-Johns at Reagan National, although that area needs a serious Marine Corps-type police call (trash EVERYWHERE last time I ran it in 2016). Will have to keep an eye out for other bathroom breaks.

I need to remember to look for the turnoff after Daingerfield Island, just after the 11 mile mark. Running through the parks of Olde Towne Alexandria is the proper route through the Mt/VT, NOT through Washington Street!

Mt. Vernon Trail motto: “If you can’t see the Potomac River, you’re doing it wrong.”

Rosslyn is the actual END of the trail. Mile markers for water/Gu breaks: 14-10-6-2. Last break comes after the most serious hill on the course at Fort Hunt Park.

Need to remember to take money for the bus and add money to the Metro card for the ride back to the hotel on Sunday.


Song of the Day: Robert Palmer/”Looking for Clues”

I had seen this video on Video Music Channel and Night Flight on USA Network, a few years before it appeared on MTV’s first day of programming in 1981. This is very different from “Bad Case of Loving You” and “Addicted for Love” in terms of lyrics and style. It’s not as sexy as his “Addicted” or as R&B as “Bad Case,” but it’s a fun, upbeat song. The video is cute, but the album version is about a minute fifteen seconds longer.