MCM 2019: Risk

Twelve hours from now, I should be somewhere on Great Mills Road in Lexington Park, MD, more than halfway through my sixteen mile run.

My Sunday run was supposed to be the Southern Cross 16 miler. This was a course I designed on MapMyRun while I was in exile at Extended Stay America, waiting for my air conditioning at my apartment to be fixed. It started at ESA, running south down Highway 235/Three Notch Road to HWY-489/Point Lookout Road. 489/Lookout Rd. would then cross onto HWY-5 North to Great Mills Road. At Great Mills I would take 235 north, with a detour to the Naval Air Station Gate 1 and a loop around the ESA parking lot to call it 16 miles and change.

Rather than stay at ESA overnight or attempt an Uber ride to ESA at 0430-ish in the morning, I wanted to stay at the Hampton Inn just across the street. The Mexican restaurant next door meant a good night’s dinner before the run, and there were rooms equipped with jacuzzis for the post-run soak. Unfortunately the Hampton was booked for the weekend…which probably meant likewise for the ESA.

I went on MMR and mapped out two courses for the run. Both of them covered basically the same route, but starting from the north and south ends of my apartment complex and going in different directions. The route I am doing tomorrow is named the Point Three Hills 16. It starts from Green Meadow Lane, where I start all my runs heading towards HWY-5. The course is Willow Rd. south, HWY-5 east to Point Lookout Rd, to HWY-489, to Three Notch Road north, past NAS Gate 2 to Shangri-La Drive, to Great Mills Road, around the Sheetz back door to HWY-5, and back up Willows Road north back to Green Meadow Lane…and sixteen miles on the nose.

I am taking a risk on running sixteen tomorrow. First, this is the longest run of the year for me, and double the eight miles I ran last Sunday. Second I had to skip a thirteen and a fourteen mile run due to my knee soreness. I have been running just fine ever since with reasonable health to both my legs, but this is still a stretch. Provided I survive/finish tomorrow, I have an eighteen miler scheduled for next week.

In theory, and I just thought about this while mapping out my run, I should have followed up the Sheets run with the stroll down to St. Mary’s City (13.1) and then done eighteen the following week. This would have been more progressive, instead of trying to suddenly increase my mileage. I may be an experienced runner, but I am also an older runner…especially one coming off an injury.

Nevertheless, the die is cast, and the run is sixteen. The only thing I can really do is watch my pace and focus on finishing, rather than trying for a personal best.

Closed for business:

I went to go pick up my insulin prescription at the Rite Aid up the street from my apartment on Thursday. I noticed that the shelves were half empty. I asked the ladies at the counter if Rte-Aid planned on restocking the shelves.

“No,” they said. “We’re closing this store.”

All the stickers on the shelf proclaiming “HALF-OFF” should have clued me in. I knew that Walgreens had purchased the store and had installed their own name on the pharmacy. The pharmacy was being moved to another building catty corner from the Rite Aid; the main store would be restocked for one last clearance sale before shutting down for good.

Now, my medication needs will be served by the Walgreens pharmacy across the way. No big deal, I’ve only been going to this store for the last eleven years.

Yesterday I had a jonesing for some barbecue spare ribs, so after work I made the fifteen minute drive form NAS Patuxent River to Bear Creek BBQ. Unfortunately, as I approached the rib shack, I encountered the familiar signs of a business closed down…an empty sign, bare windows portraying a building long ago stripped and cleaned out. I checked on the internet today and it looks like Bear Creek closed its doors back in October of last year.

I ended up getting tacos al pastor and carne’ asada. They looked more like onion tacos with a side of meat.

After dinner, I drove up to Leonardtown to hear a co-worker perform her last concert with the Chesapeake Swing Band, before she departed to work at the Pentagon. During the break between sets, I walked around downtown Leonardtown. I stopped into Big Larry’s Ice Cream and Comic Parlor to check out the latest comics. I walked all the way to the back of the store and found the following signage:


It appeared that Big Larry’s had discontinued selling comic books for the general public, maintaining legacy subscriptions for the long-time comic book patrons.

Turn and face the strange changes…indeed.

Personal note: Friday, July 19 marks 100 days to the Marine Corps Marathon; like last year I will post (or try to post) a blog entry every day from now through MCM Weekend.

Song of the Day:

Maxine Nightngale/”Right Back to Where We Started From:” I know this song the most from the hockey movie/sports satire Slap Shot, starring the late great Paul Newman. Hansen Brothers Rule OK!

LaBelle/”Lady Marmalade:” It’s a song about a john picking up a hooker. I can’t speak French, and I doubt Patti LaBelle or her former co-singers know what the hell the French phrases were either. //I dunno emoji here

See y’all in the morning…

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