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MCM 2020: Reset/Refresh

Great Mills 8

0400 reveille as usual. No breakfast, because the last tub of Chobani yogurt in the fridge was three days past its sell-by date, and I did not want to look at mold or get food poisoning this morning.

Dressed and lubed by 0430. Stretched at 0440-0450. Out the door at 0455.

It was cooler than I expected this morning, after running in the humidity all week. As I started the eight mile trek around Great Mills, I noticed the first-quarter moon was out. A good sign.

The goal today was a good, solid eight miles. Not so much worried about the pace, so much as I wanted to feel like zi could go a little further than eight miles. There were a lot of inclines and declines in the eight miles, so no use pressing for negative splits.

I actually felt good over the first four miles, as I rounded the turn from MD-5 onto Great Mills Road. While the splits may not have been with me, I did feel good about the run. I was even able to shrug off not having my Under Armour fluorescent white running ball cap, which I didn’t notice that I had forgotten until just after the first mile marker.

The ball cap serves two purposes: 1) to protect the top of my head from mosquitos, and 2) to help block out the sun with the bill of the cap. The route had some woodlands, but the mosquitos were not quite the problem as they were aboard NAS Patuxent River the last two Sunday. However, as I headed down (up?) Great Mills Road, I realized I was running in the direction of the rising sun…and with no visor to at least partially block it, I could barely see where I was going.

The blinding sun aside, the made the there miles go Great Mills Road with no problem, as I made the final turn onto north Willos Road. There was even a convenient Port-A-John, across the street from Lancaster Park. The stop was a relief, although that may have impacted my last mile split. I just barely made eight miles as I passed the road crossing into Abberly Crest Apartments, topping out at 8.04 mi. as I ended the run.

I finished with no real negative splits, but an acceptable 11:28 pace. Not bad.


P90X and Other Stuff

My strategy of performing P90X after the end of the workday went belly up, as I finished late and tired on Wednesday and Thursday. I was already a week late on finishing P90X Lean, but having screwed up the schedule I had to throw in the towel on this cycle.

To be frank, I really have no excuse as to why I didn’t finish. This was the last low stress portion of the cycle, with routines like Yoga X, Cardio X and Core Synergistics, and Cardio X on call for this last week. I was just too bummed out from sitting on telecoms all day to execute anything at midweek. So, not only am I STILL NOT a P90X graduate, but I paid for it on the scale this week with two pounds added onto last week’s total. Looking back, I really could have used the Kenpo X and Cardio X on tap for the Wednesday and Friday runs.

So while the runs are slowly getting back to normal, I am going to take a week off and start P90X Classic next week…maybe.


Good news is that I am still healthy and COVID-19 free, although I am still a bit heavier than I’d like to be.

The bad news? As part of my prep for my cataracts eye laser surgery next Monday, I have to have a COVID-19 test this Wednesday. If I don’t hear anything by Sunday night, I am cleared for the surgery next Monday morning. If I get the call, it won’t be just the eye surgery that gets put on hold.

I believe that COVID-19 test has somewhat upset my equilibrium this week. That and the added logistics of my transportation to and from the eye surgery. It can’t be just an Uber driver who drops me off an picks me up; someone has to stay with my at the hospital then monitor me as I come home from the surgery. So, there’s that as well.

It is now almost 8:30 on Sunday night, and I am now just eating my second full meal of the day. Yeah, I’ve got a few things on my mind.


Song of the Day: I’m sorry…I have none, and I know it’s been a while since I last posted. YouTube isn’t cooperating tonight.



MCM 2020: Independence Day

No fireworks, no picnic…just a double PT session for the holiday.

NAS Pax River 5

Not even gonna look at the mile splits. Bigger issue is that I was getting tired just after the four mile mark. I want to sat that it was the humidity, just after 0500 this morning. My arms were slick with sweat on the way back from the gate.

The summer humidity is nothing to take lightly. If I have to breathe harder, that means I’m working harder on the runs than I should, Also burning and sweating  lot more water. My Ucan hydrate packs worked well, but that was in the spring. How long will they last through a summer where the sun burns and the air is like soup?

So…unless absolutely necessary/very last resort: no afternoon or early evening runs. Aside from the heavier traffic, now that Maryland is slowly reopening, but good luck trying to grind out a four-miler at ninety-something degrees and eighty0five percent humidity.


P90X, Day 82: Core Synergistics:

Dear Tony,

I’m not going to advocate eating homemade Taco Bell (square corn shell) tacos with 12-oz. of pepsi before any P90X workout. However, I had a full meal about an hour before I popped in the Core Synergistics CD and today I felt great.

With a meal in my belly and feeling good for five o’clock on a hilly afternoon, I set  a goal to meet or exceed my rep numbers in each exercise. I did just that. Even the bonus stage wasn’t the struggle that it usually is, although I need to learn how to keep count during the halfback routine.

I also put on my heart rate monitor to check my pulse. It was at 80 beats per minute after the first water break, then dropped to 73 after the second. After I finished up my table top leg raises, my bpm dropped to 60. Hmmm…

Okay, it’s Kenpo X in the morning, and X Stretch tomorrow afternoon. See you next time, Tony!


Song of the Day: Rick Derringer/”Real American:” The hell with Genius today, it’s Independence Day!

MCM2020/Uncle Albert-Admiral Halsey

We’re so sorry/Uncle Albert/

“But we haven’t done a bloody thing all day/

“Were so sorry/Uncle Albert/

“But when the kettles on the boil/we’re so easily called away”

Paul McCartney and Wings/”Uncle Albert-Admiral Halsey”

Blew off the three miler to MD-5 this morning, and I just waved off Core Synergistics for P90X.

It is currently 94 degrees outside and humid. Those morning runs are gonna be a killer.

So, this is my Independence Day Weekend:

Saturday: NAS Gate 1 5 (0500) and Core Synergistics (1700)

Sunday: Kenpo X (0500) and X Stretch (1700)

Monday MD-5 3 (0500) and Yoga X (1700)

I am back teleworking on Monday, so I should be up at 0500 hitting the last week of P90X Lean.

Paul Mc Cartney and Wings:”Let ‘Em In”

Okay, no training today…but you got a couple of Songs of the Day out of it.

Gotta take ’em where you can get ’em.

Marathon Training During COVID-19: Reset

With back-to-back DNFs on the last two Sunday runs, I decided to scale back my planned distances over the next month and start as if I had finished conditioning, instead of training for the Historic Half Marathon.

This Sunday I am going for five miles (course TBD) so I took the Shangri-La not-quite-three miles. I turned around at the corner of Willow Road and Great Mills Road, instead of going all the way up Shangri-La Drive. I guessed wrong about the actual turnaround point and came up at 2.95 miles instead of the full three.

Two things of note: 0500 and Daylight Savings Time doesn’t necessarily mean sunrise. I still need to dress for low-light/very early morning. Also, I had a nice sheen of sweat on my arms as I approached the two mile point; gonna be a very humid summer.


P90X, Day 80: Back and Biceps/ABX

Lessons learned on the final resistance/weights routine of the P90X lean Cycle:

  1. Learn to hit “pause” if you don’t know what to do on the lawnmower routines. I think I got some of them bass-ackwards.
  2. I didn’t hit the heavier band until the second half of the workout. Got a bunch of reps but did I get the pump or the burn?
  3. When I get down to my “fighting weight (maybe 205 lbs?) I need to hit a pull-up bar on base.

Too tired, and not a good day, so no SOTD today. Yoga X tomorrow.

Marathon Training During COVID-19: UPS

MD-5 3

Oh, look…yet another late start. Didn’t get underway until 0530 this morning (and I missed the full moon as well). Didn’t even stretch, and that was risky since I strained a groin muscle running downhill on this very course a couple of years ago. That being said, the weather was good…not too hot or to cool. No breeze or gusts of any kind.

From the start at Green MeadowLane to the Bay Montessori School is the first mile, and from the school to the MD-5 intersection and back (just past the school) is mile 2. Mile 2 has the steeper climb, yet I was only 16 seconds slower on the return leg of mile 2. My finishing mile 3 was 10:21, resulting in a 10:58 pace for the day.

3.11 miles…just short of pie.


COVID-19 Life

Over two full months since I’ve sheltered in place: no COVID-19 symptoms at this time.

The keto diet has taken a powder this week. Today I didn’t really pig out: for breakfast I tried a couple of “eggs in a pot” with bacon and taco cheese, with an English muffin to dip in the eggs. For lunch, I had a couple of spare brioche Belgian waffles (OMFG, that scale is gonna be ugly this Sunday) with a couple of slices of capricola and baby swiss cheese, washed down with coffee in my Yeti cup.

Side note: the Yeti cup is real. I’ve had coffee in there for four hours and it’s still warm enough to drink. Even better with the plastic closure lids (sold separately for the 10-oz. tumbler which I have). I have at least seven coffee cups that I used to use on the regular. The Yeti is the only one I’ve used in the last two months.

So, so sick of all the rioting over George Floyd’s death.


P90X, Day 59: Shoulders and Arms/ABX

Dear Tony,

I dug out my worksheet for Shoulders and Arms…hey, I haven’t worked this in a while!

I was somewhat concerned over today’s workout…not that much water intake, and I ate somewhat light today. I didn’t have hinger pains and I didn’t bonk (crashing for lack of fuel/nutrients to sustain the workout), so I did pull off the workout, to include Ab Ripper X…for the second straight day.

For the first time, I tried out the heavier resistance band for the gulf of the workouts, and today I actually felt a difference in the routines. Some of my reps got better, and some of them dipped a bit, but I still was able to push and felt more of a burn than I ever did before. I even sweated through the bonus round (not that I don’t skip the bonus round…I still do ’em).

ABX on back to back days? That’s what happens when I skip a day and have to make up the workouts. Believe it or not, I actually did better than yesterday interns of reps! Got a great number of reps  for the wide-legs setups and the roll-up V-ups.

STILL need to print up a new sheet for ABX.

Yoga X at the crack of dawn, Cardio X after work. Kind of like a Doubles day.

See you next time, Tony!


Post script:

The UPS man finally stopped by my apartment today. Dropped off two expected items.

The bigger box: My replacement Start Flashback 9 Gold. More games plus 3 day shipping plus sales tax equals $28 more dollars than I paid for the original Flashback 9. Please let me not blow out the hard drive with the firmware load.

More on this later.

The smaller package: My Historic Half Medal.

Yeah, that’s why I did so much better on ABX today.

Song of the Day: Brought to you by Iggy Pop, for absolutely no reason at all.

Iggy Pop/”The Passenger:My first encounter with this song: commercial music for Morgan Spurlock’s short-lived show on Fox. From Genius:

“In a chat with Josh Homme, Iggy talked about the song’s main inspiration:

Yeah. The Passenger was partly written about the fact I’d been riding around North America and Europe in David’s car ad infinitum. I didn’t have a driver’s licence or a vehicle.

“This song was also inspired by a poem written by Jim Morrison of The Doors.”

David’s car…David Bowie?

Speaking of David…

Iggy Pop/”Lust for Life:” From the movie Trainspotting, which was a surprisingly good movie. Genius says:

“Musically, “Lust For Life” is deceptively catchy and upbeat for a song about a life ravaged by drug addiction. This has led to the song being used as the laughably incongruous soundtrack of advertisements for clients like Royal Carribean Cruises and Metrobank.

“The song was co-written in 1977 by Iggy Pop and David Bowie, with Bowie providing the music (written on a ukulele), and Pop the lyrics

“In 2013, Iggy Pop told Q Magazine,

Once a week the Armed Forces Network [in Berlin] would play Starsky & Hutch and that was our little ritual. AFN would broadcast an ID when they came on the air, a representation of a radio tower, and it made a signal sound, ‘beep beep beep beep beep ba beep.’ And we went, ‘Aha, we’ll take that!’ David [Bowie] grabbed his ukulele, worked out the chords, and away we went.


MCM2020: Headwind

Zion 6

The sun was out at 0500ish as I started my run, so it looks like I may not need the day-glo running tech shirts that much this summer. No more moonlight runs, though. I can probably retire the running tights as well, with the temperatures in the low 70s as we roll into June.

June already. Time does fly.

I was running not two minutes when I got hit by a headwind. It wasn’t that bad, and it was nice to have breeze this morning, but it was something I was gonna have to work through.

I couldn’t hear my split times, but I was feeling pretty good this morning. No obvious pain anywhere. The twinge in my left kneecap that may have suggested that I’m working P90X too much? Gone by the first quarter-mile. Speaking of P90X, I used at least one particular stretch for each part of my body from the head down: neck/head, arms, chest, hamstrings, quads, back, groin, ankles. I was done in ten minutes and out the door.

Still could use that chocolate milk, though.

The only minor problem was when I made the turnaround at Zion United Methodist Church. I made the second telephone pole after the church, then turned around, but I didn’t hear MapMyRun sound the three-mile mark until a few yards after I turned around. I did hit mile six (and the end of the run) just as I finished the uphill back to Abberly Crest.

Negative splits going out, and negative splits going back. 10:44 pace.

My training for Marine Corps Marathon 2020 is off to a good start.

Also, just short of 15 miles over 4 days. And down two pounds despite breaking my keto the last two days with Pepsi and junk food.

Still mentally negotiating over whether to do Stretch today or not…

Song of the Day: Kenny Loggins/”Danger Zone:” This is more about me binge-watching DCS videos on YouTube that running inspiration, to be honest. And, I guess there’s that Top Gun sequel coming out this summer as well…maybe we’ll get to stream it at home, if the theaters are still closed?

Marathon Training During COVID-19: Steady

Shangri-La 3:

I was a half-hour late out the door because I spent 15 minutes on the throne, getting rid of last night’s dinner, but it didn’t hurt my time any. Looking at the MapMyRun website, my mile splits were pretty consistent, within seven seconds of each other. It was a cool partly cloudy morning today, just about perfect for a short run up Shangri-La Drive and back.

My Memorial Day run and these last two three milers seem to be worlds apart. I went from an 11:58 pace on Monday to 11:09 today.



It’s payday weekend, and time to see how packed everything will be with the partial reopening of the state. One of the many things I will be spending my money will be on a haircut, now that Sport Cuts has reopened.

I wanted to try and buy a set of weights for my last month of P90X Lean. Unless I find something good at Dick’s this weekend, it will be the resistance bands for at least one more week.

Shipt has finally been delivering over the last three weeks. Very good jobs by the shoppers; they always text me when they have to make a substitution on my order, and they let me know when they are on their way to my apartment.

P90X a day keeps the coronavirus away. “Nuff said.


P90X Day 54: Core Synergistics:

Dear Tony,

I performed the Core Synergistics routine on my lunch break today. No logbook or worksheet entries, because I wanted to focus more on doing the routines right than worry about the numbers/reps.

Also, because I haven’t gotten around to printing up new worksheets.

I am starting to get a little bit better on the routines, though. I can actually lift my chest and raise my legs on Bow to Boat, and even though my table isn’t perfect, I can still get into position enough to crank out three rounds (five table dips right leg, five dips left) worth of dips.

End of the day, end of the workweek. Time to head to Walgreens to see how much I can spend on my prescriptions.

Yoga X in the morning, Tony…see you next time!


Song of the Day: two great tunes from movie composer Ennio Morricone: “The Trio”, from the climactic three way duel in The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly; and the opening theme from Two Mules for Sister Sara


Marathon Training During COVID-19/Speed

MD-5 3:

0430: The alarm goes off.

0434: Out of the rack.

0440: Dressed and Skin-So-Soft.

0445: Stretching. All stretches courtesy of P90X.

0455: Out the door. MD-5 3 mi. today. Foggy and all gray out this morning.

First mile split: 10:47?!?! As in ten minutes and forty-seven seconds? I could go back and look in my orange logbook that I haven’t filled out in over a month, but I’ve never run a split that fast!

Mile 3: 10:01. Wow.

Final pace this morning was 10:37 over 3.14 miles (PIE!!!). This, after a week layoff.

Looks like it’s gonna be a good summer.


Kenpo X:

Dear Tony,

Once again I have become illiterate or dyslexic. Today was Kenpo X, not Cardio X. I kept thinking about only having to do 45 minutes today. Nope.

Just got done with Kenpo X and I’m sweating like a dog. The heart rate numbers are up once again: 73 @ 38:11, 62 @ 28:15, 72 # 21:12, 58 @ 14:52, and 76 @ 4:35.

Today’s life lesson: turn the hips more when you’re executing moves in the horse stance. Turned the hips while performing the Spetsnaz (vertical) punches at the end and I truly rocked the heart rate. I got a better heart rate than when I finished the star blocks, when I was moving forward and back.

Tomorrow is X Stretch (I’m sure of it this time!)…see you next time!


Song of the Day: The Soundtrack of Our Lives/”Big Time:” I saw the video for this song in a Blockbuster Video store in Peoria, IL…a long, long time ago. Genius got nothing but lyrics.

Marathon Training During COVID-19/T-Minus 2

P90X, Day 40:

Dear Tony,

Yes, it was an hour late, but another session of leg and back/ABX is in the books.

First the bad: I hit a wall on Ab Ripper x this morning, somewhere between the wide-leg (for me) sit-ups and the Fifer scissors. It wasn’t hunger or fatigue, I just hurt too much in the midsection to make the reps. I gutted out the rest of the ABX session, but oh man was I hurting this morning.

Now the good; I am getting better on all my pull-ups. I actually busted out 24 reps on the last set of switch-grip pull-ups. I can’t wait until the 90 days are over so I can find an actual Marine Corps pull-up bar and see if I can actually crank out a few…at fifty years young and retired for ten years.

Gear news: Tony, I went to BeachBody.com to see if I could order a package or two of your Recovery Drink…every flavor is sold out. I went to GNC and bought a package of Beyond Raw Precision BCAA. I talked to the GNC rep and she told me that you drink some of the mix while you’re working out as well as afterwards, to aid in the recovery process. I’ll take some of this after the Kenpo X workout and see what happens.

Can I even order any dumbbells from anywhere?

See you next time, Tony…at 0500ish (tomorrow’s a Saturday, I make no guarantees).



Going motivated for today’s run as well as Sunday’s. Ran today with the grey tech shirt I purchased at the Marine Corps Museum last year. Running Sunday with the fluorescent yellow Marine Corps Marathon tech shirt I bought in 2015, and a set of red and gold Marines running trunks that I have had for over thirty years.

I am also running in Copper Fit sports socks on Sunday. A couple of years ago I had issues with the socks sliding off my feet as I ran, but I haven’t had that problem lately.

I may have to replace some of my polyester running shorts; they keep riding up my crotch while I run. I also have to retire a set of grey Marines trunks because they’re getting too big on me; I found this out during the 9 miler a few weeks ago.

Today’s run put me over 200 miles on my current set of running shoes. They haven’t been the exact set of shoes that I needed, but I have not felt any ill effects. My run times haven’t suffered either. I think they’ll be fine for another month or so.

Speaking of running, the thermometer hit 75 today. Today will be my last afternoon/early evening run. Gonna be a warm summer.


Raineri Run 4:

My last warm-up before the (virtual) Historic Half on Sunday, and I’m right where I want to be: running an 11;30 mile.

At 4:30 p.m. I downed a Snickers bar and a tub of Chobani Mixed berries yogurt. At 5:40, I started stretching out, using stretches from the P90X DVDs.

I was worried about running after the peak heat of the day, but fortunately my route was lined with trees that gave me enough shade. Also noted the traffic that was pretty heavy. I guess the partial re-opening of Maryland did get underway after all.

This was just a last tune-up, so I am satisfied with the splits I got today. I am rounding into good form, even though I’m a little heavier than I wanted to be. I broke my keto diet with some beef pho and shrimp rolls tonight, but my excuse is that I am carbo-loading for Sunday.

Sunday morning is gonna be a good day.

Song of the Day: David Bowie/”Moorage Daydream:” I discovered this song while I was in the Staff NCO office of the Automated test equipment brand at MALS-14, MCAS Cherry Point, NC...July 2004. From Genius:

“Moonage Daydream” initially failed to chart when released as a single in 1971 by Arnold Corns, Bowie’s side project that has come to be seen as a “dry run” for the Ziggy experiment. Peter Doggett claimed that the song “would have been long forgotten” if it hadn’t later been re-recorded and included on Ziggy Stardust about a year later.

“The song fits on the concept album’s story arc by describing Ziggy as a character using sci-fi imagery that gives it a sense of escapism and wonder.

“In 2002, Bowie published a book about his experience between 1972 and 1973 and named it after this song: “Moonage Daydream: The Life and Times of Ziggy Stardust”.

“40 years after it was released, “Moonage Daydream” featured on the soundtrack to Guardians Of The Galaxy

“In an excerpt from his (never-published) autobiography, Bowie claimed that the song was based on an unspecified friend of his, possibly Vince Taylor. It should be noted that these reflections were written during his time of greatest cocaine usage and should be taken with a grain of salt:

My records were selling and I was being a man in demand … Then my friend came to mind, standing the way we stood in Bewlay Brothersand I wrote “Moonage Daydream.”

“Several of the people involved with the song have cited it as their favorite from the album.”


Marathon Training During COVID-19: Monday Dual

P90X, Week 6/Day 36

Dear Tony,

Another session of Core Synergistics was put in the books at 0610 this morning. I’m slowly but surely getting better at the routines, if you can discern the chicken scratchings on my P90X worksheets.

Speaking of those…time to print up some more!

I am seriously performing more reps and doing them better (engage the core! BREATHE!), and making it all the way through the timed routines, even if I’m losing count or trying to catch up to count them.

I need to ditch the bands on the Squat X-press; I’m not sure I’m getting the full range of motion. Same for the bend and reach. Maybe time to spring for some dumbbells, since stores are starting to ship stuff again.

But, yeah…things are getting better. Starting another week of work before the Virtual Half next Sunday.

See you next time, Tony…0500 for sure (Cardio X)!


Interlude, two hours before the run

So after my second attempt, I finally got a decent reading on my at-home heart rate monitor.

Confirmed my appointment with my endocrinologist on May 27. Going to do it via video. Still have to make a trip to get my bloodwork on the Friday before.

The only “binging” I am doing is binge-PT…mostly when I have two-a-days when I have P90X in the morning and runs in the late afternoon. I also have two-a-days when I miss a P90X workout and I make it up the next day.

Not really binge-watching anything. The network news show and networks are all useless; it’s all about laying blame and not finding solutions. I’m not into endless replays of old MLB/NFL/whatever. Not really into “The Last Dance,” because I know how it ends: Jerry Krause running Phil Jackson out of town after he served as head coach for the six Bulls titles. I love Colin Cowherd and Jim Rome; I like most of ESPN’s sports talk shows (sorry, Get Up!)…but sorry: no live sports, no me gusta.

I haven’t even gotten around to attempting to load my Game_run SD file for my Atari Flashback 9.

But I’ve got an 11:30 mile pace over the last month…so I’ve got that going for me!


Superwillow 6

A day and a half late…and the fastest pace of the year.

Now, the run to St. Mary’s City and back will be more than double the length and have a few more elevation changes, and the last 1.5 of Sunday’s run will be much more difficult.

Trying to maintain today’s pace over 26 miles? Yeah, good luck with that.

That being said, I really can’t argue with knocking out an 11:05 pace today. Late afternoon, two meals and half a protein bar in my system (and not that much water), and I still run like I’ve been shot out of a cannon. Not to mention the pauses at the southern and northern intersections of the run, with six o’clock traffic about. Oh, and I hit a headwind on both halves of the run.

Oh, and top of that, technically I missed two of my three runs last week, after cranking out 21 miles in seven days the week prior.

Eventually I will have to shift to running exclusively in the morning, if/when the summer weather gets much warmer. But right now, I am not showing any ill effects of switching from a gym workout to P90X. In fact, I have done more work with P90X in the last six weeks than I have from February through the end of March.

Also, considering that I have run far, far away from my “keto” diet in the last two weeks (and gained three pounds in that time) I am surprised that I am in such good running form. I did finally get to use my Shirt subscription to order some groceries today, so I will be back to my keto diet for this week.


Song of the Day: “Yakety Sax” by “Spider” Rich and Boots Randolph. Take it away, Wiki.

Good night, Benny Hill…wherever you are.