One Week: Day Three

Tonight, I did a twilight run of the NAS Patuxent River course. I did a five mile out-and-back from Drill Hall Rec Center to the VX-23 flight line. Made just at an hour, a twelve mile pace. I hit the traditional head wind going out but I did catch a tailwind after I hit the turnaround point.

Two things I noticed tonight:

1) The first half mile out takes a brief slope upward, then at the first left turn towards Tate Road, it peaks and goes on a downward slope. That means you get a little bit of a climb, then a quick downslope to finish the run.

2) I am still maintaining a twelve minute pace. That is good. If I had not skipped so much training I would be a little bit faster (11 minute pace?). That’s bad.

My goal is to finish the Indian Head Rail Trail out and back in under six hours, 0.6 extra miles be damned. Gonna be cutting it close…

See ya tomorrow!


One Week: Day Two

Twenty-four days…

That’s how long it was since I’ve been at World Gym. June 18 thru July 12.

I felt it tonight, too. I had a one hour session where I did Circuit I and Circuit II, two different exercise circuits. On the last set of circuit II my arms wore out on the shoulder press and the modular tricep extensions, and I didn’t get my twelve reps on either.

I really need to get my gym game back on. It’s July, and the Marine Corps Marathon is in October (time flies, trust me on this!)

I also need to get back to PT in the mornings. Not a fan of running in the evenings (heat/humidity and finishing before dark) and I have other things I need to do at night as well.

The good: Getting in the workout and feeling the burn for the first time in a while.

The bad: The satellite music being piped into World Gym. Is this a gym or a dance club?

Females on the weight machines playing with their phones. That’s okay ma’am, nobody else needs to use the machine you’re on, and I guess gym etiquette doesn’t apply to females either, right?

See ya tomorrow…

One Week, Day One: NAS Beach House 6.0

…aaand, I’m back.

My but it has been a while. I walked 13 miles for the American cancer Society Relay for Life,  the 18 miles of the Mount Vernon Trail (Rosslyn to Mt. V), and two laps of the 10.7 Carl Henn Millennium Trail in Rockville, MD.

Sadly, not much else.

The weekly training has gone to seed, due to excessive soreness and apathy. So, I’m back to the One Week re-focusing thing.

The goal this week: to run the Indian Head Rail Trail, out and back. The course is 13.4 miles end to end, so it will be just longer than the standard marathon distance. My objective is to finish the IHRT in less than six hours.

I went out to IHRT two weeks ago for an attempted 19 mile run, and i screwed that up because I had no way to carry my four 8-oz. Mia infused water bottles. they kept falling out of my Flip-Out Belt, and my knapsack had a hole in it. I was too frustrated to mess with it for 19 miles, so I just packed it in about a mile into the run.

This time I’m going to do it better. I’m going to buy a fanny pack I saw at Dave’s Sporting Goods; it looks roomy enough to carry six Mio bottles. I just have to work out adjusting it so I can carry it without the added weight impacting my run.

After I get done with this blog, I’m going to book a room at the Indian head Super 8 motel, so I can have somewhere to “base camp” before and after the run (especially after; not sure i want to do an hour drive after 26-plus miles).

Day One was the NAS Patuxent River beach House 6.0. Real simple: three miles from Drill Hall Rec Center to the Beach House Rec facility, and three miles straight back. Just a short down and up by the Test Pilot School, then a gentle curving slope upwards to and downwards from the Beach House. At the three mile marker, there’s also a short path to a port-a-potty. That’s the good thing about running on NAS; if you run far enough, you will always find somewhere convenient to relieve yourself. Good thing too; base security frowns on people who “do their business” on base property.


Rest of the week:

Day two: One hour circuit I/circuit II at the World Gym.

Day three: NAS Pax Flight Line 5.0

Day four: Half hour circuit I, 45 minute fartlek

Day five: NAS Cuddihy/Tate 4.0, plus yoga at 5:00 p.m.

Day six: Half hour circuit II plus Bodyblow class

Day seven: Indian Head Rail Trail 26.8


See y’all tomorrow!

Double Post!!!

Part One: One Week, Day Seven

St. Mary’s City 12 mi. course

4.0 split: 45.00      6.0 split: 1:06.25    8.0 split: 1:30.25 Finish: 2:16.32

Approximate pace: 11:15


Part Two: Symmetry at St. Mary’s City

Everything went right.

I got out of bed when the alarm went off at 4:15 a.m. this morning. Got my single bowl of oatmeal with a teaspoon of applesauce and skim milk, plus a single cup of coffee. Bug juice, Bodyglide, and dressed to run.  ten minutes to stretch. Out the door at 4:55. On the road at just before 5.

The first quarter moon was gone, but the sun had started to rise, so it would be light soon anyway. There was a stiff wind out that made it a little colder than it should have been , but it was nice to not have to wake up to rainy skies for once in the last few weeks.

The course started as the usual Abberly Crest to highway MD-5, but this time I went HWY-5 South (taking a left) instead of North. The hill going south was shorter and less of a climb than the hill going north. Hit the two mile at Nach-T Farm.

I made the four mile checkpoint and got my  8 oz. bottle of Mio water. Time check (after fumbling with the all-in-one pedometer/stopwatch) showed me at 45 minutes. About a tenth of a mile later, I made the gradual downslope that led across the two ‘bridges’ that led into the heart of Historic St. Mary’s City. After running through downtown I took another gradual climb towards the turn to the Visitor’s Center, where the sign was my 6-mile turnaround point.

Between the nine and ten mile points my left hamstring got tight and my right kneecap started bothering me. Temporary maladies, as I powered through and made the downhill leading to the 10.5 mile point and the road back up Willow Road and back home.

Aside from the stillness of the morning hour (made possible by the lack of traffic this morning) and the beautiful views around HWY-5 and St. Mary’s City, I noticed the near perfect symmetry of the route I had chosen. The four and eight mile checkpoints were literally right across the street from each other. The immediate bridge connecting HWY-5 to St Mary’s City was the five mile point going in and the seven mile point going back.

After I got back and did the math, I found out that I made an 11:15 pace for the run. Given everything that has happened with my training, it is a good feeling to know that I am still on the right path.

I could’ve done without all that soda from the potluck, though.


One Week: Day Six

I spent most of the day doing the audit for Patuxent River Detachment 1305, Marine Corps League (I am Adjutant Paymaster, the dude who handles the paperwork, the books and the money), so I got done about 3 p.m. I got a late lunch at Olive Garden. I wanted to do a pasta carb-load, but I got the appetizer sampler instead: cheese-stuffed mushrooms, fried calamari, and toasted meat ravioli. Not a whole lot of pasta, but enough to make me want to take a nap, which I did after heading to the NAS Commissary to get water and supplies for tomorrow’s run.

Napped from 5 to 7. Mistake because I realized i hadn’t done my Cycle II workout for the day. I was also dangerously inside that 12 hour window where I’m not supposed to work out before I run. I made a command decision to do a short workout at one of my apartment complex’s workout sites. I tried to take it easy on the legs, since I had to run 12 miles in about nine hours’ time.

I mapped out where to put my little 8 oz. bottles of Mio water. I learned this last year while getting my fuel/water game down. Every four miles I drink an 8 0z bottle of water, which has two “squeezes” of Mio Fit (w/the B vitamins). I’m also supposed to take a shot of Gu with the water, so I may need to head down to Dick’s Sporting Goods tonight. Meanwhile I have my two water bottles at the 4 and 8 mile points, which are just about across the street from each other.

I’m pretty excited about the course, which is a six-mile loop from the Abberly Crest back driveway to St. Mary’s City, to the Visitor’s Center entrance sign and back. It’s got a few good hills, but nothing too steep.

It’s been an okay week. I made all of my runs and gym workouts, but I really screwed up with all the soda from the potluck. Oh, well, we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

First quarter moon out tonight. I hope it’s clear tomorrow morning when I start the run.

We’ll talk more later…


One Week: Day Five

The southern Maryland “monsoon” season continues…

Today: Cuddihy-Tate 4 mi. (actually 4.1).

No Bodyglide (no problem because I usually don’t chafe around my thighs until mile 7).

No bug juice or DayGlo ballcap (Not smart: NAS is 70-30 heavy woods to wetlands, and there was a lot of standing water today).

No stretching (not that smart either).

Still turned in a 45:09, just over an 11 min. pace.

Not bad.

Broke the diet again with a Solo cup of leftover Coke from the potluck (WTF?), but no ill effects so far.

Aaand with no videos to post, and me on my lunch hour, that’s it for today!

One Week: Day Four

Good news first: first fartlek of the year is in the books…YAAY!

A fartlek, for me is pace training. I picked it up from my six-month marathon training program when I was training for my first marathon in 2014. Basically, it’s a five minute warm-up jog, followed by four minutes of running at 70% of your normal running  speed, then a minute jog. After 30-45 minutes of this, it’s a five minute cool-down. I did the half hour fartlek today.

I also started planning for my long runs for the rest of this month and my half-and-full marathon schedule for later into the summer. My goal is to run a half marathon and a full marathon in August, September and October. October is when I want to run the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half before I taper for the Marine Corps Marathon.

Finding half and fulls is going to be more of a challenge than I thought; I normally like to keep the travel within Maryland. My plans usually involve driving up to the event on Saturday afternoon, running on Sunday, then driving back on Monday morning. Unfortunately there’s some slim pickings this year for long distance races in Maryland, so I might have to branch out to Virginia or DC. Bit of a matter of logistics and money for me.

Bad news: I broke my diet. It was a previously planned event, though: our workplace hosted a potluck. Yours truly bought four bottles of soda (SACRILEGE!!!) and two more liters of sweet and unsweet iced tea, plus two packages of King’s Hawaiian hamburger buns. I also brought a hotplate and a skillet to toast the buns for the pulled pork that one of my supervisors brought for the lunch.

Sooo…it was pulled pork, and Popeye’s Chicken…and four different kinds of salad…and Fillipino dishes of pancit and lumpia…and a gorgeous white cake from Wlildewoode bakery that I was just not gonna pass up.

I spent the afternoon drinking as much water as I could (including one last 8 oz. in a 12 oz. cup of coffee).

Oh, by the way: I took home a plate from the potluck…to include one last piece of that cake.

Last bit of bad news: WordPress is charging $99/year for me to upgrade my current blog package, to include the privilege of posting videos. I will have to think about this and see where I can squeeze it into my budget. I kind of miss posting videos of songs that I like; it gives the blog a little bit more of my personality.

Dinner calls (gotta get that ‘protein!’). More tomorrow.