Dear Tony/P90X-Day 45: Adapt/Improvise/Overcome

Dear Tony,

Yet another Wednesday double: Cardio X at lunch, to make up for Monday, and I just finished Chest-Shoulders-Triceps/Ab Ripper X.

Full disclosure:

I am 50 years old, and not as flexible or athletic as I was when I first purchased the P90X DVD set. For example, I am somewhat bowlegged and my spinal column can’t quite hold up and bend as much as I’d like to.

For some of the routines, I decided to position my body so I can perform the routine and still work the intended body part.

For today’s Chest-Shot-Tri’s, I remembered that I am not only fifty years old, but I am not the late great Jack balance either. That means that if I work some of the early push up routines to max reps, I may not have the legs to hold up for some of the later ones. So, yes,I bend my knees, but I focus more on working out my chest and get a wider push-up stance.

Another life lesson today: pay attention to the routines where you use the bands! Hit the pause button if you need to see what davey is doing with the resistance bands. I’m not doing meaningful numbers if I’m not following what he’s doing.

Damn my arms are sore. I hope this recovery drink works.

ABX, as I like to call it: probably the best example of adapt/improvise/overcome. I’m bowlegged and can’t bend at the waist well, but if I cross my legs, hold my back straight on the floor to where I can pull my legs into my chest, I can still work my abdomen and get as many good reps as possible. So today, not only did I get a lot of good numbers, but my abs were pretty sore when i got done. I needed two cobra poses to finish up after ABX.

So today marks the halfway point of P90X. I took a picture to commemorate the moment of being halfway done. I’ll check the pictures out later, but I already feel better than I did when I started way back in April.

Today I drew up the schedule for my Marine Corps Marathon training. I may do a run on Memorial Day, simply because next Wednesday will make ten days without running. I finish P90X lean on Independence Day, and my schedule has me doing a 20-miler the next day. I have decided that after I grad P90X lean, I will take a week off and start P90X Classic and work that until the taper period for the MCM. P90X Classic will finish up about two weeks before the big run.

Yoga X tomorrow…see you next time, Tony…maybe after work, I kinda like this sleeping in stuff.

Song of the Day: Falco/”Rock Me Amadeus:” Genius had some information on the song, but it’s in German. Here is the translation of the lyrics to English. The song is off Falco’s eponymous third album, Falco 3. and the song was released in the wake of the smash hit movie Amadeus back in 1985. The song was so good it spawned a US version.

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