Dear Tony/P90X Week & In Review

Dear Tony,

I have not forgotten you. I have been doing all of my workouts mostly in the afternoons after work. With the recovery time and dinner, I have been too tired to do my daily recaps. I am also going on sheer short term memory here.

I just got done with X Stretch. I know it is provided as an option (rest or X Stretch) on the P90X Lean schedule. I also know that you stress the importance of X Stretch before the start of the video.

Normally I am running on Sundays, on what would be day 7 of the weekly schedule, so I neither rest nor X Stretch. Today is the last day of my off week from running, so I decided to do the X Stretch workout.

I didn’t sweat like a pig, nor was I somewhat sore like I usually am after a typical P90X workout. I did get a very good hour long stretch today. I was even surprised that I am making some progress in doing the plough to shoulder stand movement. I may be able to perform that particular routine someday (fingers crossed!).

Yesterday (Saturday) I got out of bed at 0430 for Kenpo X at 0500ish. I had my best hear rates ever, so I was really working it. Mt beats per minute yesterday at the time on the clock: 69 @ 38:12, 68 @ 28:15, 63 @ 21:11, 77 @ 14:53, 52 (???) at 4:38. Rockin’ them hips on the punches and kicks, and on the blocks as well. Not sure what happened after the vertical punches (what I call the Spetsnaz punches after the training that makes Spetsnaz troop throw over a hundred punches a minute).

Friday was Legs and back/ABX. I am getting better and better on the pull-ups, and can’t wait to see how I would actually do them in real life. My arms were kind of burning after the Chest/Tri/Bis workout on Wednesday afternoon, and they’re still a little tingly.

I performed Yoga X on Thursday afternoon, even though I understand that core and strengthening yoga should be done in the morning so I can ride that burst of energy after the workout. Plough and crane continue to be challenges that I have to work on. However, I did not that I have probably done more yoga in the last seven weeks than I have in over five years.

I put on my Bradley Universirt t-shirt this morning…it’s a little tighter, with some more definition in my chest and some in my abs. Hmmm…

Transition week starts tomorrow afternoon with Core Synergistics…with a nice slightly-less-than three mile run first thing in the morning.

See you next time Tony!

Song of the Day:

Caution to near-to-long term readers of this blog: 1) The techbros at YouTube pulled a dirty rabbit out of their hats on Wednesday morning. The format has changed to where you need a video player like VLC to play your videos. The video quality is now mediocre to downright piss-poor, and the audio skips in the beginning of songs. Also, sometimes the singer in the video lags behind the song.

2) I am running out of ideal songs for the SOTD. Most likely they haven’t been picks for a typical “runner’s playlist.” For that matter, I have never run with any sort of music or listening device; 99% of my running is on public roads, and I need to be aware of traffic in all directions. MapMyRun eats up battery life on my phone as it is…I think.

3) Going on six years on this blog, I have probably repeated a song more than once, and I have never gone through this blog to keep track of my SOTDs. Maybe one day.

4) I like to add a little bit of insight to each song, and maybe some lyrics. Genius has been solid for providing lyrics, and hit or miss on insight.

5) Gary Numan/”Cars:” I discovered this song about 3~4 years before MTV  began its life as Music Television. All Genius has is lyrics. That, and it’s lunchtime and I’m starved.

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