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MCM 2020: Six-Pack

So, this weekend I wasted seventy-two hours blowing off/worrying about a project that took me four hours to finish on Monday.

Yesterday I got up at 0405, did my normal pre-long run preparations, did some P90X stretches…and then backed out of the run, with the project still on my mind. Breakfast came and went (scale? what scale?), then lunch…then a whole lot of time on YouTube. Dinner was supposed to be chicken vegetable soup; it was slices of pepperoni with Munster cheese.

10 p.m. became midnight…and then 2 a.m. became 5 a.m. Out of the rack at 0505…and on and off the throne until 0700.

Project started (finally) at 10:00, done just before 2:00. Three bowls of chicken soup with lunch; breakfast was two cups of coffee.

Four o’clock, and I started drinking 32 oz. of water with various substances in them. Some of it plain, some of it Mio, and about 8~10 oz. of recovery drink that I never got to drink on Saturday morning.

About five minutes before I was going to stretch, I got a call from my supervisor at work (duty calls, the run can wait!). Twenty to six and started the P90X stretches. At 5:55, I lubed up and went out the door.

About a mile into my ten-mile run to King’s Christian Academy and back, I realized that I forgot my chafe defender for my nether regions. I once went almost nine miles on a humid Friday morning without my Bodyglide, but it was a warm but dry afternoon, 79 degrees at step=off time. I did not want to run any distance coming back with chafing on the homestretch. So, I made a tactical decision: the run would go just six miles for safety reasons.

I made the three mile turnaround at an unmarked private road heading south on MD-5 towards Sheetz. Because of the late-day traffic, I couldn’t hear all my splits. I did hear the 12:05 split for mile 5 and I chalked that up to the uphill climb going back up.

My final time was 1:12:37 over 6.32 miles. And yes, I ran the three fireplugs back up to Abberly Crest. I was surprised that my splits had fallen to 12:04, especially when that was when i was going downhill.

So, the project is done, the run is done (thirty-seven hours  later!), and now I get P90X doubles tomorrow. Back to work on the keto diet, and another rough week on P90X.

Song of the Day: Dire Straits/”Sultans of Swing:” Good old Mark Knopfler, just strumming about playing in a rock band in N’Awlins (or it South London?). From Genius

“Sultans of Swing” by Mark Knopfler appears on the self-titled Dire Straits album – 1978. It’s a story song, told as a second person narrative about the London Jazz experience and is based on Knopfler watching a band perform in a pub in Deptford, who called themselves The Sultans of Swing.


“Mark Knopfler talked about switching from a National Steel guitar to a Fender Stratocaster to perform the song:

I thought it was dull but as soon as I bought my first Strat in 1977, the whole thing changed, though the lyrics remained the same. It just came alive as soon as I played it on that ‘61 Strat which remained my main guitar for many years and was basically the only thing I played on the first album and the new chord changes just presented themselves and fell into place.


Dear Tony/P90X-Day 45: Adapt/Improvise/Overcome

Dear Tony,

Yet another Wednesday double: Cardio X at lunch, to make up for Monday, and I just finished Chest-Shoulders-Triceps/Ab Ripper X.

Full disclosure:

I am 50 years old, and not as flexible or athletic as I was when I first purchased the P90X DVD set. For example, I am somewhat bowlegged and my spinal column can’t quite hold up and bend as much as I’d like to.

For some of the routines, I decided to position my body so I can perform the routine and still work the intended body part.

For today’s Chest-Shot-Tri’s, I remembered that I am not only fifty years old, but I am not the late great Jack balance either. That means that if I work some of the early push up routines to max reps, I may not have the legs to hold up for some of the later ones. So, yes,I bend my knees, but I focus more on working out my chest and get a wider push-up stance.

Another life lesson today: pay attention to the routines where you use the bands! Hit the pause button if you need to see what davey is doing with the resistance bands. I’m not doing meaningful numbers if I’m not following what he’s doing.

Damn my arms are sore. I hope this recovery drink works.

ABX, as I like to call it: probably the best example of adapt/improvise/overcome. I’m bowlegged and can’t bend at the waist well, but if I cross my legs, hold my back straight on the floor to where I can pull my legs into my chest, I can still work my abdomen and get as many good reps as possible. So today, not only did I get a lot of good numbers, but my abs were pretty sore when i got done. I needed two cobra poses to finish up after ABX.

So today marks the halfway point of P90X. I took a picture to commemorate the moment of being halfway done. I’ll check the pictures out later, but I already feel better than I did when I started way back in April.

Today I drew up the schedule for my Marine Corps Marathon training. I may do a run on Memorial Day, simply because next Wednesday will make ten days without running. I finish P90X lean on Independence Day, and my schedule has me doing a 20-miler the next day. I have decided that after I grad P90X lean, I will take a week off and start P90X Classic and work that until the taper period for the MCM. P90X Classic will finish up about two weeks before the big run.

Yoga X tomorrow…see you next time, Tony…maybe after work, I kinda like this sleeping in stuff.

Song of the Day: Falco/”Rock Me Amadeus:” Genius had some information on the song, but it’s in German. Here is the translation of the lyrics to English. The song is off Falco’s eponymous third album, Falco 3. and the song was released in the wake of the smash hit movie Amadeus back in 1985. The song was so good it spawned a US version.

HH2020: Fatigued

Long story short:

Alarm went off at 0430. I “took a nap for five minutes…” and then woke up at 0535.

Got up at 0600, and then spent 20 minutes taking my early morning No.2. At 0700, having eaten my protein bar an hour ago (after getting up at 0330 and eating two Chobani yogurts) I am hungry and want breakfast. With no coffee in the house, I order McDonald’s off Uber Eats.

0900: Bike ride to Enterprise to rent a car for about 24 hours to do some grocery shopping.

1230. Flip a coin: Heads its P90X, with Legs and Back/Ab Ripper X. Tails and it’s a four mile iStore run.

Coin flip is heads.

1300. Pop in the L&B/ABX DVD (OMFG!)

Today’s lesson: strengthen the core. For all the leg squats, I do better if I square my shoulders on line with my hips, and turn my hips forward in line with my legs. Square shoulders, chest out, stomach in, hips squared forward.

Works wonders on ABX as well.

1615. A brief dinner of chili and thawed mixed fruit with orange juice.

1740. A serious stretch, since I am still sore from P90X.

1855: 4.02 miles, just clearing the 4 mile mark at the stop sign in front of Abberly Crest. 49:53 for a 12:24 pace. Between the soreness and the stiff wind (23 mph at step-off) I had no business expecting a sub-12:00 pace. It was all about getting the miles in.

And that’s it for today. Too tired to even cook, I’m going to settle for another $20 delivery from Uber Eats. Yes, I know…bye, bye keto. This is what “breaking down” looks like.

Song of the Day: More like video of the day. Enjoy!


Dear Tony: P90X Cardio

Dear Tony,

First off, did I say I wasn’t 39 years old anymore?

Second, the first thing I learned when marching at Marine Corps boot camp: “When I say left, your left foot strikes the deck!” So I have spent the lats thirty years leading off with my left foot.

So when I got to the plyometrics part of the Cardio X workout, I did the first half of the workout starting with my left foot. I was so worn out that I didn’t realize we were supposed to change out starting leg for the second set.

Our P90X lesson for the day: pay attention to when Tony says what foot to start on! Remember, You’re doing two sets of plyometrics, and to properly work both legs (or both sides of your body) you need to lead with tour right leg for the first set, and your left leg on the second set.

I was seriously uncoordinated today. Need to remember the mantra: form and function first, reps later.

Tomorrow I am back on the road; since it looks like rain in the morning, I’ll be joining you again at 0500, Tony (and the run will be about 5:30~6:00-ish, when it cools down from that 77 degree high.

Historic Half 2020: Here Comes the Sun

Monday, 0430:

Got up at 0430, just as the alarm on my smartphone went off. Got out my Flat Me, which is my running outfit, set out from head to toe on the night before. I’m dressed for warmth  and a short run, so no Skin-So-Soft or BodyGlide this morning. Full stretch and out the door at 0455.

At the Pax River Navy Lodge, I walked up the access road to the stop sign. I activated the MapMyRun on the smartphone and took off. Barreling down Cuddihy Road towards the intersection, I quickly realized this was going to be a doozy of a run; as I turned onto Buse Road, I remembered from my longer base runs how many hills were on the roads on this part of NAS Patuxent River. Buse Road would be up-down-up towards Cedar Point Road, where I would make a long drop towards the long stretch towards the Marine Aviation Detachment headquarters building.

After a good stretch of relatively flat road, I made the turnaround at the MAD HQ sign. I alternated between the grass on the curb and the road before finally just settling for pavement, then made the curved and somewhat steep climb back up Cedar Point Road. At the intersection of Cedar Point and Buse, I turned right, then went down up down, before going up towards Buse-Cuddihy, then back up Cuddihy and towards the Navy Lodge sign for the finish.


Wednesday 0430:

//Shit, I have an eye exam at MyEyeDr for my glasses at noon. I guess I’ll run after work?

//11:30 a.m: Damn! Cold and wet out here today. Maybe I should have run earlier.

//4:20 p.m.: Great, lemme go pay for those glasses…getting dark and still raining?

//6:00 p.m: Too much money for glasses (should’ve gone to Wal-Mart!), too dark, too rainy. My first no-show of 2020.


Friday 1:45 p.m.

Rainy through Friday morning. The sun came out today in brief spurts as the 15M.p.h winds (GALE FORCE ADVISORY) push the cloud cover over the sun. After the morning’s errands and dropping $90 for groceries at Wal-Mart, I decide to run while the sun is still shining.

I dressed in all black, hoping to catch some of the rays and anticipating another chilly day. Black DC Runners hooded tech short over dark gray base layer, my favorite Brooks running tights, white UnderArmour ball cap to block the sun from my eyes, and last year’s Brooks go-fasters on my feet. My overprinting stance on my shoes tells me I may have to switch shoes sooner than later.

My pre-run snack left much to be desired, considering I’m supposed to be attempting a keto diet: two packs of Fruit Quenchers, four mini Slim Jims, and a Hershey’s Cookies and Cream bar, all washed down with about 12~16 oz. of Lipton Citrus Green tea.

By the way, I’m not doing ad placement in this blog; think of it as confessing my sins.

Anyway, I got in a good stretch for my legs, headed out to the sign at the main Abberly Crest Apartments entrance, set up MMR…and away I went.

I stretched the run out to the end of Shangri-La Drive, going to the stoplight at the intersection of Shangri-La and MD-235. I kinda cut it short before the crosswalk because I saw the crosswalk countdown was running low and I didn’t want to get caught when the light went green. Back down Shangri-La and Willows Road north, then extending the finish towards the second Abberly Crest sign to make up for shortening the run.

I’m running about a 12:10~12:15 pace right now. After three runs since last Saturday. To make up for my Wednesday no-show, I will do the iStore 4 on Sunday. Willow Road south towards the MD-5, then back up Willow Road to the iStore facility and back to the start.

Can’t wait to see what the scale looks like on Sunday morning…and maybe the skies will be clear enough for a moonlight run?

Song of the Day: Two from YouTube sensation Melodicka bros, two gents who do serious style changes on their cover versions of songs:

Killing in the Name: A jazzy, laid back, PG-13 remix of the classic from Rage Against the Machine. “I’m sorry, Sir, but I won’t do what you requested.”

“Du Hast:” Big band/swing version of the Rammstein anthem against fidelity. Job well done to Dave and joe!

Fleetwood Mac/”Oh Well:” If the YouTube album cover is right, this is former lead singer/guitarist Bob Welch jamming on guitar and paying tribute to his Mac predecessors David Green and Jeremy Spencer.

MCM 2019/T-Minus 14: Moon

macOS Catalina has not been kind this weekend; I couldn’t load YouTube or WordPress until I restarted my computer this morning while eating my pre-run breakfast.

The Marine Corps Marathon website may say different, but the actual calendar says today marks fourteen days and a Sunday wake-up call before the MCM.

Now that the admin stuff is taken care of, here we go…


On Friday I learned that there was going to be the first night of the full moon for October. As I got on the road for the eight mile Great Mills run, there it was. Oh, there was also some cloud cover, but not enough to completely obscure the moonlight.

As I passed the Bay Montessori School and the Mile 1 point, MapMyRun announced an 11:15 pace. I was feeling good this morning, but could I keep up that pace for 8 miles, let alone 26 miles come two week’s time? I did have some slowdowns at the climbs at Mile 3 and Mile 5, but I managed an 11:27 pace over the eight miles. This, also despite a headwind that hit me on the last serious uphill between Mile and Mile 6.

Yes, it’s a relatively shorter distance, but it was nice to just go out there and open up the strides today. For me, a 1 hour, 30-ish pace after 8 miles is a good thing; however, there is the question of keeping such a pace for the entire marathon. This year, though, I have generally hit the wall around Miles 16 through 18, about a mile before the end of each run.

My plan this year is to stay with the 12:30 pace group for the first eight miles, then take off if I feel good enough. The first eight miles on the MCM course have a major hill at the bridge at Mile 2~3, then one more slight upslope around Mile 8. This morning’s trek through Great Mills Road had more rolling hills, and I ran this after being back on the bike for three days this week.

I should hear some good news from the doctor about my diabetes this week; however, I just got off the scale and… 223??? Guess no Dress Blues for the Marine Corps Ball this year.

So even though I may be heavier than my ideal “fighting weight,” I don’t have any major health issues for the MCM. I will stick with the plan for now so I can try to have enough where I’m not hitting the wall in Georgetown, just before hitting the Fourteenth Street Bridge.

Song of the Day: Extended Play Album version:

Eric Johnson/”Cliffs of Dover:” When I was stationed at Iwakuni, Japan, the local Armed Forces Network radio station would play this as bumper music between their morning and afternoon radio shows, about 2:00 p.m. local Japan time. That’s when you knew the work day was almost over. Because Marine Corps Air Station and all, I believe someone thought this would be a cool counterpoint to the “Top Gun Theme.”

Devo/”Whip It:” I wonder how many videos from MTV’s early days would cause an outrage today…like this one from Devo. From Genius:

“According to the band, “Whip It” was inspired by the poems in Thomas Pynchon’s novel Gravity’s Rainbow.

“Gravity’s Rainbow is a satirical novel that describes humanity’s evolution as often regressive and lacking self-awareness. This also ties into their band name “Devo” standing de-evolution. A satire into the idea that our society is regressing.

“As it relates to Whip It, Devo is satirizing America’s insistence on violence and our lack of individuality.” Oh yeah…this video would be banned by MTV for sure.

Dr. Dog/”My Old Ways:” Like so many of my SOTD picks I cannot recall how or when I discovered these songs. I get a little misty about this one because it’s mostly about a guy who wants to turn his life around. Also, this was a song for a “Fear the Walking Dead” trailer? Welladay…
Loverboy/”Working for the Weekend:” Heard this on 97.7 The Bay during run prep this morning. MTV played this song (and damn near everything off Loverboy’s album Get Lucky) on an almost regularly-scheduled basis. But then again, the band were that damn good. That’s all I got (thanks for nothing, Genius), but this is the extended version of the MTV video.
Prince/”Let’s Go Crazy:” From Prince, via Genius: “Let’s Go Crazy’ was about God and Satan. I had to change those words up—the de-elevator was Satan in that song.… And ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ was God to me…stay happy, stay focused, and you can beat the de-elevator.” I picked the special dance mix for this SOTD because it was closest to the version played in the movie Purple Rain. Also, I hate it when radio stations play the short versions of “Crazy” and “When Doves Cry;” it just drives me nuts because so much of what made the song good was cut out.
Free/”All Right Now:” Heard this song as I was chasing into sweatpants after the run this morning. From Genius:

“The band was known previously for “…slow and medium paced blues songs..” and after a show in Durham –

“…When we got into the dressing room, it was obvious that we needed an uptempo number, a rocker to close our shows. All of sudden, the Inspiration struck (bass player Andy) Fraser, and he started bopping around singing ALL RIGHT NOW.”

Also, the second-ever single to be released in stereo in Great Britain (the first was David Bowie/”Space Oddity”).





MCM 2019/T-Minus 27: Forward…MARCH

I can’t italicize the title? Okay…

I got out of bed exactly twelve hours ago this morning. Contact lenses took only five minutes. Breakfast of yogurt and banana, saving the Snickers bar for just before the run. Lubed with Body Glide and Skin-So-Soft, dressed, and out the door at 0545, about ten minutes later than I wanted.

The drive to Carderock Recreation Area was mostly uneventful, save for one wrong turn that needed a U-turn to correct. Got to the Picnic Pavillion at 0608. Nobody there and all kinds of dark (no moon of any kind this morning). Decided to move to another parking lot,=; got a bathroom break, but no one here either. It took another one more drive and a few minutes walk before I finally found the DC Road Runners’ staging area for the National Capital 20 Mile Run.

Despite my concern, I got plenty of time to stretch out (about 15~20 min.). I also met two former Marines, both of them Casket Bearers who were stationed at Eighth and I Barracks, Washington, DC.

The race promptly started at 0700. I got a couple of pre-race selfies ( “Shall we go out across the Sea of Faces?”-Roger Waters, from Pink Floyd: The Wall), only one of which came out, then quickly activated MapMyRun, and off I went…with about 200 other people.

Just before Mile 3, I had to take a No.1 break. I took a small trail path off the main C&O Towpath trail and received myself. I also confirmed that MMR will pause the workout if it senses you have physically stopped moving (run-in, bike riding, etc.), and it will resume tracking you when you start moving again. Mystery solved.

Apparently there were at least thee other running events on the Chesapeake and Ohio Towpath this morning, because I saw runners wearing different runner’s bibs than the ones for the 20-miler. I also saw a few college women’s cross-country teams, more than a few solitary or group runners, hikers and couples out for a morning’s stroll…and quite a few cyclists. Maybe it’s just me, but I were a more avid bike rider, I would check the schedule and see what event(s) are going on. I would not enjoy having to navigate through the veritable army of runners and walkers on the course this Sunday morning.

I also shared the run with one woman and a man who spent time running the course for a set amount of time, then took about a 30-second walking break. I would catch up to them while they took their walking break, then tok off almost as soon as I drew level with them. More on this later.

Mile 13, enroute to going back up the Towpath, was where things got…interesting. I realized that the final seven miles of the run would be mostly uphill. Nice: another course, one more uphill climb, one more test of character/challenge to the will.

I had to give myself a serious pep talk: It’s all about finishing, don’t worry about the splits/pace, just keep moving, I’m gonna finish today. The pep talk did work for the first three miles of the climb.

Just after Mile 16, the male run-walker I was tracking, and an older married couple caught up to me. Epihany: I’ve been running this whole time, while these guys have taken breaks and now they’re passing me; maybe I should do the same thing? 

So, I resolved to not merely walk the final four miles, but i would march them. That’s right, full thirty-inch steps, dig this heels, step off smartly, just like at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego thirty-one years ago. I would march for about a quarter or half a mile, and then suddenly I would get a second wind and start running again.

At Mile 19, MapMyRun announced that I was at 4 hours and seven minutes. Hot damn, I’m gonna make it. I resolved I would finish this race at as much of a run as I could muster. I mentally called a marching cadence, then as soon as I would hit a certain landmark…”Double time…MARCH!” and then settle into a running cadence. I had to mentally sound off “Quick time…MARCH’ because the final mile was pretty steep, and the  start-finish line was not as close as I had hoped.

However, the start-finish line finally did come into view. I pulled even with another runner, and decided to join him in crossing the finish line together. As we crossed the arch, I pulled out the smartphone. MMR had me at 19.86 miles, because I started tracking from when I was back of the pack when the race started. After those last seven miles, I said “good enough” and stopped tracking for the day.

Normally road races award finisher’s medals for half-marathon distances or more. DC Road Runners didn’t award any medals for the 20-miler, preferring to spend it on the post race goodies. No medal, but I did get a post race selfie with one of the nicer-looking female volunteers, and took home a bag of bananas with a couple of bagels and peanut butter crackers.

I bough a pair of sweat pants and my compression socks for the post-race could down on the drive home, but i said, “Never mind, let’s just get out of here.” I didn’t verify this, but my pre-run Snickers bar that I never consumed was probably chocolate slag after four-plus hours in a warm car.

Final official time: 4:23.55. Final pace: 13:14, via MapMyRun. No negative splits, but I did manage to keep steady paces going out (about 11:35-ish) and coming back (about 15:10-ish), especially the last seven miles.


Chesapeake and Ohio Towpath: never again.

Song of the Day: John Stewart/”Ticket for the Wind:”

This was the exit song for Smokey and the Bandit Part 3, which focused more on Sheriff Buford T. Justice (rest in peace, Jackie Gleason) and closed out the Smokey franchise. I had this song on my mind during the first half of the race. The song is really about the never-ending pursuit between bandit and lawman, and it put a pretty good bow on the movie series as a whole, even if Smokey III was more risqué’ (raunchy) than the other two movies combined.

With no Burt Reynolds, Jerry Reed got do drive the black and gold-trimmed Pontiac Trans Am. Kind of sad how Gleason, Reed and Reynolds have all passed now; those were good times.

John Stewart:”Gold:” Bonus song, with Stevie Nicks on backing vocals. Kana is the Kana Highway, somewhere in California. No idea why she wasn’t in the video, probably that whole Fleetwood Mac thing?

…aaand Marine Corps running cadences for the dismount. NSFW!

MCM 2019/T-Minus 35: Eggs

Alarm went of at 0430 for my 0500 run. Putting in contacts took about five minutes. Then I found my smartphone dead, and not plugged in to get it charged…a recurring theme for my short runs this year. I could have taken my wrist-help pedometer or my trusty sport wristwatch that I purchased at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan twelve years ago. But no…”Screw it, I’ll go running this afternoon.”

So I decided to have a breakfast of Scotch Eggs instead.

Now, here’s the thing about Scotch eggs: they’re soft-boiled eggs wrapped/covered in ground sausage, then covered in flour, then egg wash, and a coating suitable for deep frying (in my case, tank breadcrumbs seasoned with salt and pepper). Those soft boiled eggs have to be cooked just right. If you cook them too long, they’re hard-boiled eggs that don’t run when you gut into them after they’ve been cooked. If you don’t cook them long enough, they don’t peel right and you get a mushy, undercooked egg that easily breaks. That sort of egg is much more difficult to properly coat with the sausage, and coating it is much harder work than it should be.

My two eggs were undercooked, and it took me damn near fifteen minutes to struggle to wrap them in sausage, then coat them in flour/egg wash/panko. In a way, it was a metaphor for my training this year: struggling to finish the longer courses (that I have run before and finished!), getting out of bed on time, missing runs for good reasons (injuries) and bad (all-around laziness), lack of preparedness, the ongoing MapMyRun issues…you name it, it happened this year.

Still, I got the Scotch eggs prepared and I dunked them in the deep fryer…about an hour after I started boing them. I tossed in a couple of strips of bacon; I had planned on wrapping the Scotch eggs with a strip each, but the exercise of just getting the sausage on them was too taxing, and I was already starved. Five minutes later, they were a little more…crispy and darker than they should have been, but they were edible and i finished the both.

So…whatever happened with the eggs, I just worked my way through it and got the damned things and the fryer and had my breakfast. Wasn’t perfect, but it filled the need.

Today’s five miler to Las Patuxent River Gate 1 and back went off at 1746 (5:46 p.m.). I think i’ve figured out what the MMR app is doing; this iteration of MapMyRun is somewhat more motion sensitive to the runner. In theory, you should have the smartphone already strapped to your arm when you hit START. If you stop running for any length of time, MMR pauses the workout until you manually START it again. I think if I keep running when/if MMR pauses the run, it should “resume workout” if I keep moving or move faster. If I hear “workout resumed,” then I know I’m okay until I hear the mile split info…and I did hear the splits at miles three onward.

The traffic was not bad for a Saturday afternoon, unlike the after work traffic I usually face around 6~6:30 p.m. The weather was warm, being just after the heat of the day, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I ran at a reasonable pace; although my pace was about 12:50ish after climbing back from Gate 1, I did make up time and finished strong.

The only thing about today’s afternoon run, is that I still plan to get up at 0500 to run to Sheetz (8-miler) tomorrow. I am violating my twelve hour rule (no back-to-back workouts within 12 hours), so we’ll see what happens. On the face of it, it’s not like I have a Bears game to follow until Monday night.

Medium ribeye and velvet shells…yumm!

Song of the Day: twenty-one pilots/”Stressed Out:” I heard this song on the radio a few years ago, and I was instantly hooked…and that doesn’t happen with me for much popular music anymore. From Genius:

“The lyrics of “Stressed Out” are told in the first person, with the story being told by both the character Blurryface (a representation of Tyler’s insecurities) and an anxious Tyler feeling intense childhood nostalgia. The song is primarily about a wish to regain the innocence and carefree nature of childhood, before insecurities (i.e. Blurryface) existed.

“The music video features Josh Dun (drums) and Tyler Joseph (lead vocals, bass) riding big-wheels and hanging out in their childhood bedrooms, suggesting a state of crippling nostalgia and perhaps even arrested development.” Great video, also included their immediate family members as well. Respect.

MCM 2019/T-Minus 39: Roxette

Taking a break from the circuit cycle today. Slept in this morning, and I’m going shopping after this blog post.

My train of thought was “something something Scandinavian rock,” then something something Roxette,: and then it was like, “Hey I know four songs from Roxette, and I didn’t totally hate them, so I’ll do a Song of the Day post for the blog tonight.”

And so, as I take a brief respite from training, I present the Swedish pop duo Roxette for tonight’s Song of the Day quartet:

The Look:Okay the gent is Per Gessle on guitars and vocals, and the blonde with the funky hairdo is Marie Fredrikkson on vocals and keyboards, though I guess she can play guitar as the video suggests. Per and Marie were established artists in their native Sweden, and Marie once sang with Per’s band Gyllene Tider. Long story short, Per was working on a slow career after the demise of Gyllene Tilder’s attempt at a US tour, and Marie had sone some solo albums as well as some time backing per, when the manager of EMI suggested they record a song together. Although the song was successful only in Sweden, the duo only went up from there.

It Must Have Been Love: This song was originally recorded as a Christmas song, and after a bit of back and forth with the producers of the movie Pretty Woman (Julia Roberts/Richard here) and a quick editing of Christmas from the lyrics, it became a Number One hit in the US. Marie really does let go in this song, and kudos to her if she was overdubbed for the backing vocals as well.

Listen to Your Heart: Is this an actual concert or was it staged for the video? God only knows, but I think Per gets a little too footloose onstage, considering he’s not even the lead guitarist on this song (or at least the video). Per stated that he always preferred songs where Marie took the lead, and he can rightfully point to this one as Exhibit A.

Dangerous: Still a fun song, although not a No.1 like the other three (and “Joyride” was the fourth US No. 1 for Per and Marie). Whether you’d want ro run to it is up to you, but it’s still a pop song in a good way.

Roxette are still recording albums and touring to this day, after 33 years. 75 million records sold and four No. 1 hits in the US. They probably still have a fifth column of fans worldwide…nice work if you can get it.

MCM 2019/T-Minus 40: Lookback

This morning’s drive from Rockville back to Lexington Park for work sucked. I left a half hour late, and in that time I could have gotten a quick breakfast and coffee. When I tried to pull over and call in for my 0800 meeting, my phone dropped the call a half dozen times without connecting. This was with five full bars and on a Sprint network (LTE, as I was told). By the time I was finally patched through the meeting was over. I got to work over an hour late and had to park on the roof of the parking garage,

In fits and starts yesterday, between the two NFL games and two MLS games I watched, and sometimes during the drive this morning, I thought about what might have been on yesterday’s run on the Carl Henn Millennium Trail. The run should never have been about setting a good pace or negative splits; it should have been about accepting a challenge. It should have been about building character.

It should have been about simply finishing.

Pace, speed, splits, lap times, all that be damned. It should have been about simply finishing the run standing up.

The weather was a little humid in the first half-hour of the run, but as the sun rose the day actually became cooler. There was a full moon for the first hour that I was on the course. I guess I hydrated well because I had to empty my bladder three times within the first four miles.

The smartphone was an issue once again. I had a hiccup of a start when my MapMyRun app sounded “workout paused”/”workout resumed” during the first few steps of my run. It was an all-day thing as well. Every time I paused, I had to run that much further. By the five mile mark on the second lap, the MMR sounded off the mileage and split times about 100 yards from the actual mile marker. My phone and my running shorts were dry at the start, and as I sweated, the problem became an issue. It didn’t help that I pulled out my phone once in a while to make sure that MMR was still tracking my run.

All that aside, it was a really good day to just run. Like I said, it should have never been about the time; there was no way I was getting a sub-12 split from that course. It should have been about completing the two laps standing up and finishing. Of course, now I’m just realizing this about six weeks out from the Marine Corps Marathon.

Song of the Day:The Cars/”Since You’re Gone” This was the second single from the Cars’ album Shake It Up. Everybody’s been playing Cars songs on the radio since the news broke over lead vocalist Ric Ocasek’s passing early this morning. The Cars made plenty of  damn good music before and after this song, but I felt this was the most poignant.

Eddie Money/”Two Tickets to Paradise:”…sadly the gentleman born as Eddie Mahoney seems to have had a spare one for Ric, as both singers passed away this weekend. My favorite Eddie Money song was “Shakin’.” and yes, the video helped with that choice.