Dear Tony/P90X, Day 44

Dear Tony,

Since my last blog post to you:

  1. Saturday: performed Kenpo X
  2. Sunday: Ran the Virtual Historic Half Marathon 2020, to St. Mary’s City and back
  3. Monday: Uploaded my half-marathon time and MapMyRun link
  4. Tuesday: Performed Core Synergistics and found my HH2020 time recorded for score.

Just under two months ago, I found myself with no access to a workout facility. Every gymnasium of every size was closed due to COVID-19: My old World Gym hangout out in town, the gym on base at NAS Patuxent River, and even the workout facilities in Abberly Crest Apartments.

Thursday morning, I skipped my circuit course workout. No prob, I’ll do it when I get home tonight.

Thursday afternoon, I came home to a sign outside my doorstep: “All amenities closed until further notice.” The two workout facilities are amenities.

Thursday night, I discovered my P90X DVD set, covered in 11 years worth of dust, hiding in the bottom shelf of my “entertainment center.”

A week or so of scheduling, preparing, gathering of materials. Nine weeks ago yesterday, I performed the Fit Test. That Monday afternoon, after finding my Core Synergistics DVD in an old DVD player…the journey began.

Eight weeks in and I’ve run a personal record (I think) half marathon. Even though my weight would be better if I stopped eating stuff like the cold pizza from last night, I’m at least much more physically capable than I was when I started nine weeks ago.

Anyway, Sunday I wanted to celebrate with some pizza from The Slice House. They were closed on Sunday, so after work last night I made the forty-minute round trip drive for the largest thin crust pizza I have ever seen. Pepperoni, sweet Italian sausage, and black olives.

Today at 1230, I pushed play on Core. I got my pre-workout protein bar (otherwise known as “breakfast,” and washed down with the rest of the morning’s coffee) got my workout equipment, and Brought It.

I didn’t do a workout sheet today; in fact, I need to print out a new set of sheets! However, I am getting better at all the push-up routines (switch hand-cross legs, Sphinx, and prison cell push-ups). I am slowly but surely getting better at the “bonus routines” as well. I do full planks instead of plank to chatarunga, and I can even sweat and strain a few table dip leg raises.

The last few paragraphs don’t sound like I’m doing P90X, but I assure you I am In It To Win It. Tomorrow is doubles, Cardio at noon and then Chest-Tri-Bi/ABX after work, and back on the keto diet tomorrow. Yoga Thursday morning. Legs-Back/ABX on Friday morning, Kenpo X on Saturday, and X Stretch on Sunday, since I’m not running.

This week is a transition week. I am taking the week off from running to plan out for the full Marine Corps Marathon in October. I even fleshed out a virtual 26.2 in case that one ends up like the Historic half. I will also try to order a few sets of dumbbells and maybe some push-up bars so I can do better on some of the Chest, Arms, and Back workouts.

Tomorrow marks 45 days…halfway done. I think I’ll take a picture after ABX tomorrow.

See you next time, Tony. Maybe at 0500, definitely at noon.

Song of the Day: After the Fire/”Der Kommisar:” 

“Der Kommissar” is a 1981 song by Austrian singer Falco covered in 1982 by English band After The Fire.

“Both Falco and After The Fire used a mix of German and English lyrics in their recordings, though After The Fire’s version is primarily in English (while Falco’s was primarily in German).

“This song was After The Fire’s only U.S. hit, reaching #5. (HT: Genius)

About Falco’s original version (also from Genius):

“Der Kommissar” was the first major hit by the Austrian musician Falco. It’s probably the first rap track recorded by a German speaking artist. Growing up in Vienna, the deathplace of Mozart, Falco combined Viennese Culture and Slang with American music aesthetics.
Though not comparable to American “Gangsta” Standards, “Der Kommissar” contains several references to cocaine abuse in a rather glorifying manner.


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