Historic Half 2020: Sugarless

The sun made a brief appearance about 11:30 this morning, so I went out a little earlier than planned on my lunchtime run. The only downside was, I was so eager to “get out there” that I abandoned stretching; yet another bad habit I am developing.

I changed up a couple of things on today’s run aboard NAS Patuxent River. First, I took a right up Buse Road instead of going left and heading for Cedar Point Road. This change took me on a good but not too steep double climb. First, I ran Buse up to the intersection of Buse and Cuddihy Street, where it plateaued a bit before the second climb which took me out to Gate 1.

Extending the run outside the base was my second change of pace. I took Buse right out of Gate 1, then crossed the crosswalk to the grassy curb going up HWY-235 towards Gate 2. Even though I was running against traffic, the gray curb had more than enough room for me to run.

As I ran along the curb to Gate 2, I took notice of another running path that was behind the base fence, although running parallel to my own chosen path. I surmised that if I followed a pathway behind the base commissary, I could take this path towards Gate 2. From there, I could take a path from behind a grove of trees, cross the road at Gate 2, then take another path to Gate 3. Perhaps if there is good weather Friday, I will check this out.

As I made the crosswalk outside Gate 2, then turned onto the base, I ran down a good decline on Cedar Point Road, which took a quick climb before the intersection at Cedar Point and Buse. Going onto Buse, I headed towards the starting point and wrapped up the run.

Okay, I just checked my MapMyRun app on my phone, and the run wasn’t synced to my MMR page. Oh, well…the final distance was 2.97 miles at a 37:20 pace. I will have to get this synced so I can log it properly.

Right now I am on a very basic keto diet. Eggs and bacon in the morning, then meat entree and veggies for lunch and dinner. I am drinking coffee with whipping cream and one packet of Truvia (because one packet is truly all I can stand) and Mio water enhancer added to 16-oz or half-liter bottles of water. Getting rid of the breads and junk foods is not the problem…not that much. It’s that my veggies have been limited to non-starchy  foods. I am good with broccoli and cauliflower, but I can’t eat corn and potatoes because of their starchy content, and carrots and beets have a bit too much sugar.

Yes, I actually wrote that last sentence.

Also, my fruit intake has been seriously curtailed. I am limited to berries, basically strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Oh, and the aforementioned fruits have a very limited shelf life. If you see any berries on sale, 2 for whatever or buy one get one free, you better plan on binging them all within two days of getting them in your fridge.

A good friend told me about a dish he made with cabbages and Polish sausage; very filling and delicious, and he made enough for lunch and dinner for a couple of days. Thinking about doing that, and adding some broccoli and cauliflower to the mix. Also, if I look good enough on the scale on Sunday, I may go really “keto” by steaming whatever crab legs I can get my hands on (king crab? dungeness? We’ll see).

Song of the Day: Man…I got nothing. One of these days I’ll do a “Greatest Hits” post backtracking all my SOTDs over the last six years, But today, just nothing really inspiring.


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