Historic Half 2020: Explore

I wasted the Friday run because I was looking for a “super secret” running path on NAS Patuxent River, MD. What I should have done was just take my normal start from the parking garage at Buse Road, then turning on Cedar Point Road asper my normal run, then taken either a right onto the service road just before the guard shack. I also could have turned onto Cuddihy until I found the other service road. But no, I wasted too much time looking for that path and pretty much blew the Friday run.

This morning was much better, since the run was just in my neighborhood and didn’t involve the intricacies of NAS Pax. The opening 2.5 miles wreathe normal run up and down Willow Road north to Shangri-La/Three Notch and back. After I made it over the hill outside the Abberly Crest main entry road, then cruised downhill towards the back entrance, I hit mile three.

Mile three was more or less where I start my runs heading towards the HWY-5/Willow Rd. intersection. It is a gradual downhill, and then a sharp climb up to Ranieri Run Road and the real estate development there. At the peak of the climb, I turned around at the fire hydrant and headed for home.

The actual four-mile mark was just before the Abberly back entrance, but I was feeling good this morning and made the finishing hill climb up towards the main road. I finished with an 11;51 pace that was pretty steady considering the elevation changes on the course.

I’d like to think the temperature is getting better. However, this morning it was about 30 degrees. I set out a good running  kit for this morning’s run: my neon yellow base layer under a white long-sleeved tech shirt, base layer long johns under my running tights, and a cap and gloves. That being sad, I was “inspired” to sleep in another hour before getting out of bed at 0535. Did a No.2, got dressed, stretched, and out the door at 0555.

Because I screwed up the Friday run, I am running a “punitive” 2.5 miler tomorrow instead of taking my customary Monday off.

Song of the Day: Rob Zombie/”Dragula:” From Genius:

“Zombie told Billboard magazine that the title came from “the name of Grandpa Munster’s dragster on the old TV show.” He goes on to say that it “was a classic show with great comic characters. Strangely enough, ‘Dragula’ was one of the last songs finished for the record. It fell together really fast and worked, but it could just as easily not have been on the record.”

Tool/”Sober:” From Genius:

“The song that brought Tool its fame in the mid 90s, “Sober” was written about a friend of the band who was only creative when under the influence. The song itself has a very eerie bass line that rings throughout, accompanied by Adam Jones’dissonant guitars and Maynard James Keenan’sunorthodox vocal delivery.

“Many of the lyrics were adapted from the song “Burn About Out” by C.A.D., one of Maynard’s former bands.”

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