Historic Half 2020: Moon/Sun

I postponed this morning’s iStore 4 mi. run until 0615, so I could catch the sunrise. It was cold as I stepped out the door, but then I saw the supermoon in all it’s glory as it was heading down towards the western horizon. I realized then that maybe I should have kept the schedule at 0500, or at least 0530 because I enjoy running during a full moon. Something about running in such brightness in the early morning hours ( and maybe because I also see a little bit better). However, the supermoon was a nice contracts to the slowly emerging sunrise that took near full bloom as I finished my run just after 0700.

The distance was just short of the 4 miles I was shooting for, as MapMyRun measured 3.91 miles out of a four mile course. My underwear and tights also bunched up my crotch, but I don’t think I can attribute that to my 12:36 pace. Like I said, it was cold (about 35 degrees at the start), and I dropped my phone from my FlipBelt about a quarter mile from the iStore turnaround point near the end.

As the weather gets warmer and my weight gets lighter, I believe my pace will get better. Now that Super Bowl Weekend is in the rearview mirror, I can start taking my keto “diet” a little more seriously. Back to the bulletproof coffee ( whining cream and one packet of Truvia) and trading the junk food for Mio water and the occasional packet of almonds and peanuts. Washing down my meat and veggies entries with LESS sugary drinks at lunch and dinner.

I made all of my gym workouts this week. I spent Tuesday at the Drill Hall facility on Tuesday morning. Because I was unfamiliar with the equipment, which I also had to share with a fairly populated gym full of active duty and retired military personnel, my workout took an extra twenty minutes. It was back to the Apex Clubhouse for Thursday and Saturday mornings, where the smaller environment still has one or two other people besides myself working out.

I was hoping to b get back on the bicycle and start riding to work again this week, but the weather forecast is calling for rain all this week until Friday. That kind of sucks because I could use the extra workout boost; I gained back a pound from the four that I lost a week ago.

Song of the Day:

Avenged Sevenfold/”Babylon the Great:” That opening howl/battle cry/Rebel yell from hell though!!! From Genius

“This song is about the Fall of Babylon from the Book of Revelation in the bible and how it compares to Hollywood. It was the 3rd single released off the album City of Evil. The song also gained Avenged Sevenfold some attention after being featured on the video game Guitar Hero 2.” If you check the Book of Revelations (King James version), most of the main lyrics look like they were pulled from there.

Yardbirds/”Stroll On:” Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck jamming together; ’nuff said. Oh, and they were going to play “Train Kept A Rolling” for their star turn in the Antonini movie Blow Up, but licensing restrictions made “Train” a no-go, so lead singer Keith Relf had to change up the lyrics.


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