Dear Tony/P90X Day 51

Dear Tony,

I just had an epiphany about what this week is about.

Yoga X on Monday and Saturday. Core Synergistics on Tuesday and Friday. Kenpo X on Wednesday and Cardio X on Thursday.

Yoga X is core strengthening and energizing the body. Core Synergistics is about building the core while working the limbs as well. Kenpo X and Cardio X make you swear while engaging the core.

This week is not about being “easy” or about “taking a break.” It’s about preparing the body for the next cycle of workouts. It’s about building balance and reinforcing all of the muscles so a person becomes less prone to injury and more durable to perform the routines.

So…the alarm went off at 0430. At 0455: “Okay, I have to run the patches on my work computer and I’m making hues de asarepa so that might take a while and I have an 8 a.m. call…”

The patches never took, and my Outlook Web Access was held up by a server issue this morning.

The asarepas were a mess. I wasted two good eggs and a bunch of Mexican cornmeal batter trying to cook the eggs inside the asarepa batter. Dinner will be the third and final attempt at getting a fully cooked asarepa without getting a runny uncooked egg.

Lunch was two-day old salmon sushi.

How am I not huddled over the toilet or sitting on it, dealing with food poisoning is a miracle.

The day did get better, mostly because of work. I pooped in the Core DVD at 5:15 and got to work. It was just about getting the work done today…one of these days I’ll get around to printing some new workout sheets.

Tomorrow morning I’m running to MD-5 and back (three miles), so I’ll’ see you for Cardio  X right after work, Tony.

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