Marine Corps Marathon 2020: The First Steps

0500, Shangri-La Short

The alarm went off at 0430. What I should have done was got up, got dressed, put on my Skin-So-Soft, did some P90X stretches, then headed out the door at 0455 for my 0500 run.

What I did do was stay in bed until 0450, took my damn sweet time getting dressed, blew off stretching, and headed out the door at 0500 for a 0505 run.

Shangri-La was short and sweet. I hadn’t run in a week, so I was not surprised to hear MapMyRun sound off with a 12:40 pace as I crossed the first mile, across the street from the Lexington Park Baptist Church. Since it was basically an out and back run, the second full mile was 11:40. Mostly a downward slope going back to Abberly Crest Apartments.

Not the prettiest or the fastest 2.46 miles ever. However, the journey of a thousand miles starts by taking a few steps. I took about two miles towards that Marine Corps Marathon in October…wherever it may be. Arlington, VA or Lexington Park, MD? Actual or virtual? We shall see.

1200, Yoga X

Dear Tony,

I thought I was doing Core Synergistics today. However, the actual schedule said Yoga X. I discovered this when I broke out the binder at 1130. I had briefly considered switching the Yoga X and Core routines, but then I decided that the workouts were scheduled that way for a reason. For example, Yoga X is scheduled for Monday and Saturday, while Core is scheduled for Tuesday and Friday. At 1145 I decided to go with Yoga X.

While it is a good idea to wear somewhat loose clothing for yoga, I think the big red t-shirt for Yoga X was a bit too big. It makes a better pajama top than an actual workout tee.

Today’s life lessons:

  1. I think I am actually getting closer to doing the plough stance. I can’t stand with my bow-legged legs fully in the air, so it may take a while longer to the do the full moves. I do think I can move my legs around my head.
  2. During the “warrior pose” movements (first 49 minutes of the workout), I actually performed pushups going into downward dog for each of the warrior movements…for the first time ever. Progress is GOOD!
  3. I learned on the royal dance move that I may not need to grab and hold my rear leg, as long as I can hold the back leg n the air.

So I did Yoga X at noon, as opposed to getting up at 0500 or doing it at 1700. Lunch was okay and then I slept for the rest of the afternoon…

Core Synergistics tomorrow at 0500 (Sleep-In Week is OVER!)…see you next time Tony!

Song of the Day…I got nothing folks, sorry.

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