P90X: Core

Welcome back, Tony!

So, this morning I woke up bright and early (0430) and did the P90X Fit Test. Let’s just say there is PLENTY of room for improvement on the pull-ups…whixh I have not done on a regular basis in almost ten years.

I also need to develop a “deft touch” with the heart rate monitor. It’s a one-button deal by Athletic Works and it doesn’t come with a strap. There’s a tiny sensor that you have to cover with a fingertip to read the pulse. Getting the readings for the heart Rate maximizer was more difficult that the two minutes of jumping jacks that I did the readings for.

I started off the P90X Lean journey with Core Synergistics. PLENTY of room for improvement here as well.

Oh, I almost didn’t make it to the workout today. I opened up my case of P90X DVDs and went to pull out the Core Synergistics DVD…

…and it wasn’t there.

After pulling out a few Playstation 2 DVD cases and two old DVD players, I found the Core DVD in the second DVD player that I dug out of a storage box. Why, yes it has been eleven years since I did P90X.

With disaster narrowly averted, I popped the DVD into my new DVD player, and off I went.

I struggled mightily. It was so bad, I had to skip the “bonus round” offered after the regular workout. Here’s what I learned today:

  1. I was 39 y/o when I first started this program. I am doing this at 50.
  2. “B-b-but I’ve been doing circuit course training for six years!” So?
  3. Form and function today, reps tomorrow.
  4. I don’t have weights, but I do have bands. End of discussion.
  5. Is that other purple 5 lbs barbell around here somewhere?
  6. Thicker yoga mat.
  7. Oh, and I forgot to get a power bar before starting the workout.

A very wobbly and shaky first step, but a first step taken nonetheless.

Note to myself: “Form and function today, more reps tomorrow.”

Oh, and I get to do this again in twelve hours. Excelsior!


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