Dear Tony: P90X and the COVID-19 Saga

Mr. Horton, I presume…it’s been awhile.

In 2009, I purchased your P90X DVD set, and managed to get just about all of the workout materials that your “Bring It” starter DVD recommended. I believe I got halfway through P90X, then got a good score on my Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test…then sporadically picked up a disc once or twice…and then never picked up the P90X DVDs again.

In the last eleven years:

2010: Retired from the Marine Corps in 2010

2010-2012: Gained a whole bunch of weight

2012: Contracted Type 2 Diabetes…while on vacation in Las vegas

2014: Ran the first of five Marine Corps Marathons

Bringing us to a week before my 50th Birthday. I am currently training for the MCM Semper Fit Double: Running the Historic Half Marathon in May, then the full Marine Corps Marathon in October. My training schedule, since 2014: Working a circuit cycle routine in the gym Tu/Thu/Sat and running W/F/Sun.

Thursday, 3/19/20. The morning of, I slept in and vowed to make it up in the afternoon. I came home from work that afternoon to find that the fitness facilities in my apartment complex have been closed, courtesy of COVID-19 and to help contain its spread. The fitness facilities joined every other gym in Maryland (my Maryland) in being closed down.

I relied on the circuit cycles to help keep my running muscles intact and durable for a 26-mile run, not necessarily for bulking up. With no gyms open anywhere, I was looking around my apartment house…and looking at my dusty entertainment center, in the bottom shelf, was my dust-covered book of P90X DVDs.

Back in business…?

So, I have spent the last week trying to cumshaw as much gear and food as I could, under the current COVID shelter-in-place order that the State of Maryland handed down last Monday morning.

Bad news first: I don’t have any of the p90X supplements. No multivitamin, no recovery drink, no meal bars. I have two tubs of whey protein and six weeks’ worth of energy bars, and I’m currently working on a keto diet. I don’t have the books, but perhaps I can find some snippets, or get a kindle subscription or whatever and try to read something from them.

I do have most of the gear. My Iron Gym pull-up bar has long disappeared, but I did find a couple of resistance bands, a yoga mat, and a yoga block. I managed to buy a new pulp bar and a heart rate monitor watch. No barbells anywhere in town, and if I order them online, there’s currently no telling when they’ll actually ship.

However, God forbid I make excuses. I may not have all the gear and none of the supplements. I may have to review my diet. But I do have your DVDs, the need and the desire. I believe I can work with that.

Tonight I am going to put together the puli-up bar, print out some workout sheets, and draw up the schedule for P90X Lean. Oh, the pictures too. Tomorrow at 0500 sharp, I’m taking the fit test. At noon, I start with Core Synergistics.

I’m coming back, Tony. See you at noon tomorrow.

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