Dear Tony: P90X Cardio

Dear Tony,

First off, did I say I wasn’t 39 years old anymore?

Second, the first thing I learned when marching at Marine Corps boot camp: “When I say left, your left foot strikes the deck!” So I have spent the lats thirty years leading off with my left foot.

So when I got to the plyometrics part of the Cardio X workout, I did the first half of the workout starting with my left foot. I was so worn out that I didn’t realize we were supposed to change out starting leg for the second set.

Our P90X lesson for the day: pay attention to when Tony says what foot to start on! Remember, You’re doing two sets of plyometrics, and to properly work both legs (or both sides of your body) you need to lead with tour right leg for the first set, and your left leg on the second set.

I was seriously uncoordinated today. Need to remember the mantra: form and function first, reps later.

Tomorrow I am back on the road; since it looks like rain in the morning, I’ll be joining you again at 0500, Tony (and the run will be about 5:30~6:00-ish, when it cools down from that 77 degree high.

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