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Dear Tony/P90X Day 8

Dear Tony,

So, after six straight days of getting up at 0430, I decided to sleep in this morning. Felt like a new man, even though it meant pushing the P90X workout until noon.

1130 came, and I finished my coffee, downed my energy bar, and started getting ready for the workout. Got my living room set up, my workout sheet, changed footwear, and at 1155, I pooped in the Core Synergistics DVD.

I didn’t do great today, but I think I did better than last week. here’s why:

  1. I kept track of the workouts and logged my reps on the worksheet. Now I have a benchmark for what I did today and I can work on truly doing better.
  2. I focused on form and engaging the core over reps. I will be forever behind you and your crew on numbers, but if I can engage my core and do the reps right, my body will eventually be better for it.
  3. I learned the right exercises to use the bands in place of weights, and that it was okay to use nothing but my own body weight if the bands weren’t really needed.
  4. I learned to position myself better in from of the TV so I could get more room. This was important, especially on the Dreya roll. I moved myself perpendicular from the tv instead of doing the roll right in front of it. I had more room and I could do more reps.
  5. I even participated in the bonus round, and discovered that I could actually do the extra exercise, as long as I focused on form over reps.

So…the beginning of a new week, and one more step forward. Good times!