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MCM 2020: Six-Pack

So, this weekend I wasted seventy-two hours blowing off/worrying about a project that took me four hours to finish on Monday.

Yesterday I got up at 0405, did my normal pre-long run preparations, did some P90X stretches…and then backed out of the run, with the project still on my mind. Breakfast came and went (scale? what scale?), then lunch…then a whole lot of time on YouTube. Dinner was supposed to be chicken vegetable soup; it was slices of pepperoni with Munster cheese.

10 p.m. became midnight…and then 2 a.m. became 5 a.m. Out of the rack at 0505…and on and off the throne until 0700.

Project started (finally) at 10:00, done just before 2:00. Three bowls of chicken soup with lunch; breakfast was two cups of coffee.

Four o’clock, and I started drinking 32 oz. of water with various substances in them. Some of it plain, some of it Mio, and about 8~10 oz. of recovery drink that I never got to drink on Saturday morning.

About five minutes before I was going to stretch, I got a call from my supervisor at work (duty calls, the run can wait!). Twenty to six and started the P90X stretches. At 5:55, I lubed up and went out the door.

About a mile into my ten-mile run to King’s Christian Academy and back, I realized that I forgot my chafe defender for my nether regions. I once went almost nine miles on a humid Friday morning without my Bodyglide, but it was a warm but dry afternoon, 79 degrees at step=off time. I did not want to run any distance coming back with chafing on the homestretch. So, I made a tactical decision: the run would go just six miles for safety reasons.

I made the three mile turnaround at an unmarked private road heading south on MD-5 towards Sheetz. Because of the late-day traffic, I couldn’t hear all my splits. I did hear the 12:05 split for mile 5 and I chalked that up to the uphill climb going back up.

My final time was 1:12:37 over 6.32 miles. And yes, I ran the three fireplugs back up to Abberly Crest. I was surprised that my splits had fallen to 12:04, especially when that was when i was going downhill.

So, the project is done, the run is done (thirty-seven hours  later!), and now I get P90X doubles tomorrow. Back to work on the keto diet, and another rough week on P90X.

Song of the Day: Dire Straits/”Sultans of Swing:” Good old Mark Knopfler, just strumming about playing in a rock band in N’Awlins (or it South London?). From Genius

“Sultans of Swing” by Mark Knopfler appears on the self-titled Dire Straits album – 1978. It’s a story song, told as a second person narrative about the London Jazz experience and is based on Knopfler watching a band perform in a pub in Deptford, who called themselves The Sultans of Swing.


“Mark Knopfler talked about switching from a National Steel guitar to a Fender Stratocaster to perform the song:

I thought it was dull but as soon as I bought my first Strat in 1977, the whole thing changed, though the lyrics remained the same. It just came alive as soon as I played it on that ‘61 Strat which remained my main guitar for many years and was basically the only thing I played on the first album and the new chord changes just presented themselves and fell into place.


MCM 2020: Sore

This is going to be a short one, because frankly, I am too tired and too sore.

Got up at 0430 for my 0500 run. Pretty sore around my neck and upper back. Stretches didn’t help that much. Pace was much slower than it has been lately: 11:46 over 3.14 miles on Shangri-La Drive and back.

Just got done with Core Synergistics on P90X, Day 61. Sore knees and sore back. Not what I want two days out from a ten-miler on Sunday. I am hoping those are muscles growing and not an oncoming injury.

Kenpo X in the morning, and then King’s Academy on Sunday. Hope i feel better by then.

Dear Tony/P90X Day 60: Milestone

Dear Tony,

Day 60! Time flies when you’re having fun!

Today started with Yoga X, and to be honest, not the best session I’ve ever had. When I progressed to the warrior two pose, I felt the back to back days of pushups and pull-ups on my biceps and triceps. Man, was I sore. Also, a little back wards progress on the plough and crane stances. I just didn’t have the mind-body fusion for Yoga this morning. I mean, I got up at 0430 and pressed “Play” at 0500, but the soreness from the last two days caught up with me.

Cardio X was a little better this afternoon. I got an extra eleven minutes of yoga today, but my heart rates weren’t as good as the other Cardio X sessions.

Yoga: 54 bpm @ 27:20          Kenpo: 61 bpm @ 18:04

Plyo: 69 @ 10:52                     Core: 55 @ 3:44

I think I drop off way too much right after core ends. Maybe it was the Superman/banana after the squat run?

If anything, my diet needs to get a lot better, I have taken too much time off on the “keto” diet. I need to get back on that horse, stat!

I did get my Day 60 picture. Knowing what I just said about my diet…I’ll look at it later.

Holy cow…60 days…and thirty more to go.

Gotta get to WORK!!!

I’m going running in the morning, so I’ll catch you tomorrow after work with Core Synergistics. See you next time, Tony!

Song of the Day: The Jimi Hendrix Experience/”All Along the Watchtower:

“The great Hendrix covered Bob Dylan’s sparse original for his album Electric Ladyland and gave new life to it. It’s noted for its cryptic lyrics, and this version is known for the solo before the final verse.

“The lyrics have been decoded for the Dylan version and can be found here.

“The rich history of “All Along the Watchtower” embodies collective work, as it was built upon by such artists as Dylan, Hendrix and Bear McCreary(who composed the score for Battlestar Galactica).

“While the lyrics have been unpacked and analyzed in detail, another way to view it is as a larger metaphor in its entirety. The references to a relatively large cast of characters—from the influential (princes, businessman) to the underdogs (plowmen, servants, women) to the independents or outcasts (joker, thief)—present the multitude of points of view that make up everyone’s reality (the view from the watchtower, the distance). The conversation suggests the tension between these realities, the confusion as to what or who is right and wrong, as well as to the futility of trying to make sense of it.

“The clue might be in the title. The song progressively lifts the perspective from the intimate setting of a one-to-one conversation to the level of the watchtower where princes can see the others coming and going—even the riders approaching from the distance. In the end, the wind seems to reign supreme over all these different perspectives and realities which seems to suggest that there exists not one objective reality, but different individual perspectives.

“Hendrix takes Dylan’s song and rewrites the music to expand and highlight the meaning of the lyrics. McCreary’s version in Battlestar Galactica can be said to do the same by adding stormier oriental accents. Both musical arrangements appear to recognize the wind as being the protagonist of this song. (TY Genius)”


Marathon Training During COVID-19: UPS

MD-5 3

Oh, look…yet another late start. Didn’t get underway until 0530 this morning (and I missed the full moon as well). Didn’t even stretch, and that was risky since I strained a groin muscle running downhill on this very course a couple of years ago. That being said, the weather was good…not too hot or to cool. No breeze or gusts of any kind.

From the start at Green MeadowLane to the Bay Montessori School is the first mile, and from the school to the MD-5 intersection and back (just past the school) is mile 2. Mile 2 has the steeper climb, yet I was only 16 seconds slower on the return leg of mile 2. My finishing mile 3 was 10:21, resulting in a 10:58 pace for the day.

3.11 miles…just short of pie.


COVID-19 Life

Over two full months since I’ve sheltered in place: no COVID-19 symptoms at this time.

The keto diet has taken a powder this week. Today I didn’t really pig out: for breakfast I tried a couple of “eggs in a pot” with bacon and taco cheese, with an English muffin to dip in the eggs. For lunch, I had a couple of spare brioche Belgian waffles (OMFG, that scale is gonna be ugly this Sunday) with a couple of slices of capricola and baby swiss cheese, washed down with coffee in my Yeti cup.

Side note: the Yeti cup is real. I’ve had coffee in there for four hours and it’s still warm enough to drink. Even better with the plastic closure lids (sold separately for the 10-oz. tumbler which I have). I have at least seven coffee cups that I used to use on the regular. The Yeti is the only one I’ve used in the last two months.

So, so sick of all the rioting over George Floyd’s death.


P90X, Day 59: Shoulders and Arms/ABX

Dear Tony,

I dug out my worksheet for Shoulders and Arms…hey, I haven’t worked this in a while!

I was somewhat concerned over today’s workout…not that much water intake, and I ate somewhat light today. I didn’t have hinger pains and I didn’t bonk (crashing for lack of fuel/nutrients to sustain the workout), so I did pull off the workout, to include Ab Ripper X…for the second straight day.

For the first time, I tried out the heavier resistance band for the gulf of the workouts, and today I actually felt a difference in the routines. Some of my reps got better, and some of them dipped a bit, but I still was able to push and felt more of a burn than I ever did before. I even sweated through the bonus round (not that I don’t skip the bonus round…I still do ’em).

ABX on back to back days? That’s what happens when I skip a day and have to make up the workouts. Believe it or not, I actually did better than yesterday interns of reps! Got a great number of reps  for the wide-legs setups and the roll-up V-ups.

STILL need to print up a new sheet for ABX.

Yoga X at the crack of dawn, Cardio X after work. Kind of like a Doubles day.

See you next time, Tony!


Post script:

The UPS man finally stopped by my apartment today. Dropped off two expected items.

The bigger box: My replacement Start Flashback 9 Gold. More games plus 3 day shipping plus sales tax equals $28 more dollars than I paid for the original Flashback 9. Please let me not blow out the hard drive with the firmware load.

More on this later.

The smaller package: My Historic Half Medal.

Yeah, that’s why I did so much better on ABX today.

Song of the Day: Brought to you by Iggy Pop, for absolutely no reason at all.

Iggy Pop/”The Passenger:My first encounter with this song: commercial music for Morgan Spurlock’s short-lived show on Fox. From Genius:

“In a chat with Josh Homme, Iggy talked about the song’s main inspiration:

Yeah. The Passenger was partly written about the fact I’d been riding around North America and Europe in David’s car ad infinitum. I didn’t have a driver’s licence or a vehicle.

“This song was also inspired by a poem written by Jim Morrison of The Doors.”

David’s car…David Bowie?

Speaking of David…

Iggy Pop/”Lust for Life:” From the movie Trainspotting, which was a surprisingly good movie. Genius says:

“Musically, “Lust For Life” is deceptively catchy and upbeat for a song about a life ravaged by drug addiction. This has led to the song being used as the laughably incongruous soundtrack of advertisements for clients like Royal Carribean Cruises and Metrobank.

“The song was co-written in 1977 by Iggy Pop and David Bowie, with Bowie providing the music (written on a ukulele), and Pop the lyrics

“In 2013, Iggy Pop told Q Magazine,

Once a week the Armed Forces Network [in Berlin] would play Starsky & Hutch and that was our little ritual. AFN would broadcast an ID when they came on the air, a representation of a radio tower, and it made a signal sound, ‘beep beep beep beep beep ba beep.’ And we went, ‘Aha, we’ll take that!’ David [Bowie] grabbed his ukulele, worked out the chords, and away we went.


Dear Tony: P90X, Day 58

Dear Tony,

Yesterday’s lame excuse: I needed a day off.

After a low mileage week and a transition week on P90X.

This morning’s lame excuse: Checking on the George Lloyd riots on the internet.

Also, apprehensive about doing Chest and Back.Ab Ripper X. I guess I was worried about all the pushups.

Okay today’s life lessons:

  1. No chest and back, no plough stance. How do you think you’ve been making progress on that one move? You work on your workouts in one area, you get better somewhere else!
  2. First round of twelve: pace yourself. Seta goal but don’t burn yourself out.
  3. Second round of twelve: max out, as many reps as you can. If you’re burned out, take a break, but get back in it.
  4. Remember the core! You need to engage the core to properly work your chest and back.
  5. Work the chest and back. Remember what body part each exercise is working, then modify your stance to work the drill when you start getting tired.

This week is gonna be fun. Tomorrow is a run in the morning, then Shoulders &Arms/ABX right after work. Thursday (DAY 60!!!) is Yoga X in the morning, then Cardio X after work (or at noon, schedule permitting). Friday is another run in the morning, and Core Synergistics after work (or maybe at noon, depending on how I’m feeling). Kenpo X on Saturday, and a ten-miler to King’s Christian Academy on Sunday morning.

Back to work.

See you next time, Tony!

No Song of the Day because I’m late for dinner.

Dear Tony/P90X Day 55: Double Nickel

Dear Tony,

So, I woke up at 0430…and didn’t start Yoga X until 2:00 p.m.

Did so with a breakfast one egg short (usually three eggs and four pieces of bacon) and a linch of California roll sushi, Chobani yogurt, and a soda.

Today, I was able to get into something of a plough stretch. Was it perfect? No, but it was a long way from my first Yoga X session where I could barely get my legs off the deck and get my shoulders to hold them.

I believe I’ve got the whole routine down by now:

  1. First 11 minutes: warm-up/stretch
  2. 1:21 to 0:59: basic warrior poses (starting from running stretch into chair pose)
  3. 0:58 to 0:43: advanced warrior poses
  4. 0:42 to 0:18: balance postures
  5. 0:18 to 0:11: Yoga Belly Seven
  6. 0:11 to finish: cooldown/ohms

I am thinking of wearing my heart rate monitor for my next Yoga X workout, just to see what my pulse is during Yoga X. I would take my pulse at the :59 and :43 marks, and right after finishing YB7.

I finished up just after 3:30 and I’m feeling good.

Need to shop for dumbbells/barbells/weights this weekend.

I am running six miles tomorrow. I was going to run Superwillow 6, but I’ve seen enough of just Willow Road this week. Going to Zion Methodist and back.

See you next time, Tony!

(What do you mean, X Stretch? I thought that was optional! **sigh** no promises, okay?)


Marathon Training During COVID-19: Steady

Shangri-La 3:

I was a half-hour late out the door because I spent 15 minutes on the throne, getting rid of last night’s dinner, but it didn’t hurt my time any. Looking at the MapMyRun website, my mile splits were pretty consistent, within seven seconds of each other. It was a cool partly cloudy morning today, just about perfect for a short run up Shangri-La Drive and back.

My Memorial Day run and these last two three milers seem to be worlds apart. I went from an 11:58 pace on Monday to 11:09 today.



It’s payday weekend, and time to see how packed everything will be with the partial reopening of the state. One of the many things I will be spending my money will be on a haircut, now that Sport Cuts has reopened.

I wanted to try and buy a set of weights for my last month of P90X Lean. Unless I find something good at Dick’s this weekend, it will be the resistance bands for at least one more week.

Shipt has finally been delivering over the last three weeks. Very good jobs by the shoppers; they always text me when they have to make a substitution on my order, and they let me know when they are on their way to my apartment.

P90X a day keeps the coronavirus away. “Nuff said.


P90X Day 54: Core Synergistics:

Dear Tony,

I performed the Core Synergistics routine on my lunch break today. No logbook or worksheet entries, because I wanted to focus more on doing the routines right than worry about the numbers/reps.

Also, because I haven’t gotten around to printing up new worksheets.

I am starting to get a little bit better on the routines, though. I can actually lift my chest and raise my legs on Bow to Boat, and even though my table isn’t perfect, I can still get into position enough to crank out three rounds (five table dips right leg, five dips left) worth of dips.

End of the day, end of the workweek. Time to head to Walgreens to see how much I can spend on my prescriptions.

Yoga X in the morning, Tony…see you next time!


Song of the Day: two great tunes from movie composer Ennio Morricone: “The Trio”, from the climactic three way duel in The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly; and the opening theme from Two Mules for Sister Sara


Dear Tony/P90X, Day 53: X Stretch

Dear Tony,

One of the reasons why I used to do a circuit weight course is because I wanted to strengthen my muscles and ligaments, especially in my legs/knees/groin. I clearly remember the 2016 Marine Corps Marathon, where I spent seven painful but glorious hours running twenty-six miles on a right knee with sore cartilage muscles around the patella. That condition was exacerbated by long starches of neither running or maintaining my circuit cycles.

I have been mostly faithful in maintaining the P90X schedule, and I am reaping the rewards. I have been sore after some workouts, but I do take care of myself. I don’t have the P90X Recovery Drink Mix, but I did take protein shakes and recovery drinks to help ease the soreness and max out my gains from the workouts. As a result, I am not only running better and gradually faster, but I have not had to take any extended time off for injury or excessive soreness.

All of this has been with running on the days that I am supposed to “rest or X Stretch.” This is only the third time that I’ve ever executed the X Stretch workout, and yet I see more benefits every time I work it. Today, for example, I was able to execute a plough posture for the first time! Okay it wasn’t pretty or perfect, and I need to hold it for more than a few seconds, but I was able to actually get into the plough stance.

Was it the Dreya rolls? Was it the hundreds of pushups over Legs and back? Was it all the other routines in Yoga X? Or was it…everything?

So, maybe I can at least attempt to work in an X Stretch after the Sunday long run. I will be running into the high teens in the next few weeks…I make no guarantees.

Core Synergistics tomorrow afternoon, Tony…see you next time!

Song of the Day: Murray Head/”One Night in Bangkok:” I have never seen the musical which this song hails from, Chess. The singer, Murray Head, plays an arrogant American chess champion pitted against  the Russian protagonist of the story.

While there was a substantial time difference between Jesus Christ Superstar (Andrew Lloyd Webber’s (?) interpretation of the Gospel of John) and Chess (written by Benny Anderson and Bjorn Ulvaeus of ABBA) Murray played Pontius Pilate in JCS, so people may or may not recognize him in the video. Genius for the lyrics…but no insight. Again.

Marathon Training During COVID-19/Speed

MD-5 3:

0430: The alarm goes off.

0434: Out of the rack.

0440: Dressed and Skin-So-Soft.

0445: Stretching. All stretches courtesy of P90X.

0455: Out the door. MD-5 3 mi. today. Foggy and all gray out this morning.

First mile split: 10:47?!?! As in ten minutes and forty-seven seconds? I could go back and look in my orange logbook that I haven’t filled out in over a month, but I’ve never run a split that fast!

Mile 3: 10:01. Wow.

Final pace this morning was 10:37 over 3.14 miles (PIE!!!). This, after a week layoff.

Looks like it’s gonna be a good summer.


Kenpo X:

Dear Tony,

Once again I have become illiterate or dyslexic. Today was Kenpo X, not Cardio X. I kept thinking about only having to do 45 minutes today. Nope.

Just got done with Kenpo X and I’m sweating like a dog. The heart rate numbers are up once again: 73 @ 38:11, 62 @ 28:15, 72 # 21:12, 58 @ 14:52, and 76 @ 4:35.

Today’s life lesson: turn the hips more when you’re executing moves in the horse stance. Turned the hips while performing the Spetsnaz (vertical) punches at the end and I truly rocked the heart rate. I got a better heart rate than when I finished the star blocks, when I was moving forward and back.

Tomorrow is X Stretch (I’m sure of it this time!)…see you next time!


Song of the Day: The Soundtrack of Our Lives/”Big Time:” I saw the video for this song in a Blockbuster Video store in Peoria, IL…a long, long time ago. Genius got nothing but lyrics.

Dear Tony/P90X Day 51

Dear Tony,

I just had an epiphany about what this week is about.

Yoga X on Monday and Saturday. Core Synergistics on Tuesday and Friday. Kenpo X on Wednesday and Cardio X on Thursday.

Yoga X is core strengthening and energizing the body. Core Synergistics is about building the core while working the limbs as well. Kenpo X and Cardio X make you swear while engaging the core.

This week is not about being “easy” or about “taking a break.” It’s about preparing the body for the next cycle of workouts. It’s about building balance and reinforcing all of the muscles so a person becomes less prone to injury and more durable to perform the routines.

So…the alarm went off at 0430. At 0455: “Okay, I have to run the patches on my work computer and I’m making hues de asarepa so that might take a while and I have an 8 a.m. call…”

The patches never took, and my Outlook Web Access was held up by a server issue this morning.

The asarepas were a mess. I wasted two good eggs and a bunch of Mexican cornmeal batter trying to cook the eggs inside the asarepa batter. Dinner will be the third and final attempt at getting a fully cooked asarepa without getting a runny uncooked egg.

Lunch was two-day old salmon sushi.

How am I not huddled over the toilet or sitting on it, dealing with food poisoning is a miracle.

The day did get better, mostly because of work. I pooped in the Core DVD at 5:15 and got to work. It was just about getting the work done today…one of these days I’ll get around to printing some new workout sheets.

Tomorrow morning I’m running to MD-5 and back (three miles), so I’ll’ see you for Cardio  X right after work, Tony.