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One Week: Day Three

I’m actually serious about this? I guess…


Just got done running the NAS Test Pilot School 4 mi. course. Full name: Naval Air Station Patuxent River Test Pilot School Four Mile Course.

The course starts/ends at the NAS Drill Hall Recreation Center, takes a right on Decear Point Road and follows it all the way past the TPS main facility, takes a slight downward slope through the runway, runs up a banked turn up to the 2 mi. sign (for the base’s 6 mi/ course), then back the reverse route to Drill Hall. Midway: 23:47. Finish: 47.28. Less than a 12 minute pace. yay.

The “diet” is going well. More water, no sugary soft drinks, no chocolatey snacks. Today I was real good because a friend of mine brought oranges, pears, and bananas in for his weekly “Fruit Wednesday,” so I spent the day chowing down on mostly fruit. I didn’t have any “pre-run” power up stuff, so I had to settle for a last 8 0z. cup of coffee with two sugars and powdered cream before the run.

Dinner just got done cooking in the microwave. A few thoughts before I go eat:

  1. I’m really tired of the rain we’ve been having the last few weeks. Where was all this precipitation when I wanted a few “telework from home” days back in January and February?
  2. I’m REALLY tired of the current Presidential election primaries. I’m not a violent person, and I’m not “gangsta” or “thug life” (not good for the security clearance), but every time I walk past CNN or Fox News at work, I want to punch somebody in the face.
  3. How much do I have to pay WordPress so I can start posting videos again?
  4. I miss you, College of Southern Maryland.


See y’all tomorrow…