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Double Post!!!

Part One: One Week, Day Seven

St. Mary’s City 12 mi. course

4.0 split: 45.00      6.0 split: 1:06.25    8.0 split: 1:30.25 Finish: 2:16.32

Approximate pace: 11:15


Part Two: Symmetry at St. Mary’s City

Everything went right.

I got out of bed when the alarm went off at 4:15 a.m. this morning. Got my single bowl of oatmeal with a teaspoon of applesauce and skim milk, plus a single cup of coffee. Bug juice, Bodyglide, and dressed to run.  ten minutes to stretch. Out the door at 4:55. On the road at just before 5.

The first quarter moon was gone, but the sun had started to rise, so it would be light soon anyway. There was a stiff wind out that made it a little colder than it should have been , but it was nice to not have to wake up to rainy skies for once in the last few weeks.

The course started as the usual Abberly Crest to highway MD-5, but this time I went HWY-5 South (taking a left) instead of North. The hill going south was shorter and less of a climb than the hill going north. Hit the two mile at Nach-T Farm.

I made the four mile checkpoint and got my  8 oz. bottle of Mio water. Time check (after fumbling with the all-in-one pedometer/stopwatch) showed me at 45 minutes. About a tenth of a mile later, I made the gradual downslope that led across the two ‘bridges’ that led into the heart of Historic St. Mary’s City. After running through downtown I took another gradual climb towards the turn to the Visitor’s Center, where the sign was my 6-mile turnaround point.

Between the nine and ten mile points my left hamstring got tight and my right kneecap started bothering me. Temporary maladies, as I powered through and made the downhill leading to the 10.5 mile point and the road back up Willow Road and back home.

Aside from the stillness of the morning hour (made possible by the lack of traffic this morning) and the beautiful views around HWY-5 and St. Mary’s City, I noticed the near perfect symmetry of the route I had chosen. The four and eight mile checkpoints were literally right across the street from each other. The immediate bridge connecting HWY-5 to St Mary’s City was the five mile point going in and the seven mile point going back.

After I got back and did the math, I found out that I made an 11:15 pace for the run. Given everything that has happened with my training, it is a good feeling to know that I am still on the right path.

I could’ve done without all that soda from the potluck, though.


Week 9 Review: Have a Cigar!

Completed a nine mile run…and apparently the WRONG one, after looking at my schedule. I was supposed to do the NAS Pax River Triathlon course (first 4.5 miles of the bike course), but did an extended Buse/Tate/Shaw route instead. However, I did get a nice view of the base fishing pier at the 4.5 mile turnaround point. Oh well.

Near the seven mile point, I felt a twinge in the arch of my foot. I was planning to buy some new shoes anyway, but for me that signaled that this was the last run I would be doing in this pair of shoes. I’m going to put some topical analgesic on it later and hope for the best in the meantime. I also think I need some thicker lubricant for my nether regions; the chafing was not as bad as it was last week, but it’s still there. Medicated Gold Bond, perhaps? 

Just got off the scales…two more pounds. Yay.

The running is coming along; I’m finishing every run, and now I’m focusing on maintaining a steady pace that can carry me through the Marathon. Probably this month is a good time to start trying to set a pace that will get me through the bridge at the Marine Corps Marathon. Long story short: you have to be able to make it to the 20 mile mark in a set time, so you have a shot a completing the MCM in five hours. If you don’t make it to the 20 mile in time, they have to pull you off the course.

Sooo…work was okay, school was s split down the middle (passed ART 1030 but screwed up PBL 115), and the Poker Run was a wash, so we had to reschedule it for the fall. But Team yankee qualified for the knockout round in the World Cup…’MERICA!!!

I am going to Joe’s Crab Shack for one last meal before diving into the training diet for the month of July. After today, I need to seriously cut down on a lot of junk. I also need to (finally) work some core/abs work into my circuit courses. I’m losing weight but I still look like I’m pregnant (especially when I do incline bicep curls…GUUHH!!!

Heard this one from the Dark Side of the Moon as I was driving away from the running course…

Whoops! The wasn’t from DSoTM…but here’s another one from that album (Wish You Were Here)…









A Beautiful Day…

Marathon training means never having to say “It’s such a beautiful day; I should be outside more!”

The 7.2 miler is done. Did the Pax River Beach House 10K (6.2 miles) plus an extra mile loop to make up for a too-short run last week, as well as paying of for missing the training run last Thursday. With that, Week Five and Month One of Zero to Marine Corps Marathon is in the books.

My first full month of training hasn’t been perfect; I’m not stretching as much as I should, my right knee is still a little tender near the start of my runs. I’m getting used to training six days a week again, alternating between running/fartleks and the gym. During my last few years in the Marine Corps, I would pull twice a day PT sessions, six days a week. Unfortunately, I stopped doing that nearly four years ago, and I’ve been paying the price. Now that I am back to a regular exercise routine I need to do two things: a much better diet and more stretching. I also need to start chugging some of that Shakeology that I have siting in my pantry shelf; I am just a lethargic lump after my workouts, and coffee with breakfast just isn’t cutting it.

I don’t know if it’s too early for this, but my training routine could use a shakeup. When I sketched out my schedule for June, I’m basically running the same routes every week (the Willow Road Routes). This is mostly dictated by time and location; it is directly outside my house and finishing them gives me enough time to recover and get ready for work. When I announced to my Marine Corps league brothers that I was running the Marine Corps Marathon, one of them suggested joining the Pax River Crossfit group to aid me in my training (specifically the weight-loss/belly trimming department). Lastly, there’s the matter of running some road races before the MCM so I can get used to running with a multitude of people again. I think that could make a huge psychological difference. My one planned race is a 5K, but my schedule requires a 5-miler that day. Hmmm…

Also, I need to hook up with an Avon lady for some Skin-So-Soft. The Repel brand insect lotion i am using is effective, but I don’t like the odor and I keep hearing bad things about using so much DEET (the insect repellent ingredient) on my body three days a week.

As for “Forty-Eight to Joe’s”…right now it’s a washout. Between my dashed vacay plans, the stress from my job, working the Blue Crabs, and just not having enough “pep” after the training took a toll on getting stuff done. I really wanted to go to Joe’s Crab Shack to watch Game 7 of the NHL Eastern Conference Finals (GO. BLACK. HHAAAWWKS!!!), but it’s a there hour drive round trip, with the return drive coming at maybe 10:30 at night.

That being said, today is a beautiful day. I am hoping that June will be a little drier, especially in the early mornings. The sunlight/false dawn is a little better than running in the darkness; however, I could do without running during the rain. Oh, that reminds me…

Two more things I really could use are 1) contact lenses, because I’m tired of having to adjust/clean off my glasses while I am running, and 2) new running shoes. I have consulted with friends at work and on Facebook and I have been recommended styles from Brooks and New Balance. Decisions, decisions.

One month down, five to go (it’s June already? really?)…hoping to get fitter, stronger, and faster next month.

Did I say it was a beautiful day?

(PS: I always post lyrics videos because, hey, who knows what the singers are really singing? And isn’t it nice to learn something once in a while?)

(PPS: No idea why my first couple of video hyperlinks put up videos while my other just linked to YouTube for the video.)

Week 4 Review: Where Am I?

My bruised right shinbone sang out a little bit at the start of today’s run, but as the run wore on, it went further and further to the back of my mind. meanwhile, the left leg began wearing out near the last mile.

I did six miles today. I think I did six. As I ran up Shaw Road on the 10K/6.2 mile course, I got confused by the mile markers that were posted. I saw markers for the 1 and 1.5 miles, but I never saw any more. I turned around at Shaw Rd/Sears Road, but then i saw a 2 mile marker. Not wanting to short-sheet a run (and I had already added a mile for my “med down day” on Friday) I turned back around and ran until i got to the runway near the end of Shaw Road. I never saw another mile marker, so I turned around at the runway and headed back. I hit the wall a little bit near the 5-mile mark, and slowed down as I neared the finish.

After breakfast I will go out and mark my route. Note to self: Do NOT depend on NAS Pax River to mark ANY of their run routes! Always to a route recon the day before you do any more base runs!

As far as the calendar is concerned, Week 4 is done; however, I still have two miles to make up for missing Friday’s run. Next week, I get the Willow Road four-milers, which means some good inclines/declines on my training. Next Sunday is the NAS Beach House Run, where I get a fairly steep decline near the 1.5 mile point, then a curved uphill right around the two-mile point. Gonna be a fun way to close out May.

How ’bout a nice long Zeppelin deep track for your Sunday running pleasure: