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MCM 2019/T-Minus 44: Split

Sooo…I got up at 0345 for my 0445 workout of intervals and circuit cycle. I did do the three laps of 0.8 mi. around the Abberly Crest Apartments parking lot. However, when I went back to the apartment to pick up my logbook and towel, I forgot my key fob that would electronically allow access to the Apex Clubhouse gym.

Sooo…I had to walk back to the house, and then i couldn’t find my keychain with the fob, and then I had to go take a No.2…

And I made it back to the gym.

At 1750 (5:50 p.m.) this afternoon.

The bad thing about it was, I was all stretched out and warmed up; I just had to take my cool down walk back to the apartment for my stuff, mosey on down to the Apex gym, and just jump straight into the workout.

But, nope…just another one of those things.

Sooo…tomorrow is the Zion 6 run. Oh, I was talking with a friend of mine who  is the information technology/cybersecurity chief at my workplace. The reason why my phone was acting up yesterday, hitting the “pause” button on my MapMyRun app? Well, my model of Samsung smartphone isn’t waterproof, so it can be really sensitive to damp objects rubbing against it…like a very sweaty Flipbelt that hasn’t been washed since the Sunday run, and then got fished out of the clothes hamper.

Learning all the time.

So tonight I am going to start prepping for 1) my run tomorrow, 2) my company picnic on Saturday afternoon, and 3) my drive to Rockville for my Sunday run, which i will also have to prep for…starting with eating a lot more and a lot better. Tonight, it’s Uber Eats (cha-CHING!), and some good eating out Friday and Saturday night so I can load up on good protein and carbs to burn on Sunday.

I also need more bananas. But at least I’m eating them before they’re all brown and soggy.

Song of the day: Kongos/”Come With Me Now:”

This whole song sounds like an invitation to whipping’ someone’s ass! Love the steel pedal solo in this one, and yes, I can dig the accordion as well. To be honest, I don’t remember how I found this song on YouTube, or maybe I remember it from an ad campaign?

“Even though it was released in 2011, it became popular after finding ad spots with “The Originals” and NBC Sports. It recieved renewed attention in 2016, when it was featured in Amazon Prime’s advertising campain for their show “The Grand Tour”. (HT: Genius)

MCM 2019/T-Minus 49: Sloth

Another early Saturday morning at the Apex Clubhouse workout room in the books, a new 22′ Wax-Mart brand (Onn) computer monitor at home, and a nice breakfast at Linda’s cafe.

Right now, I should be using that monitor to work on a project for work, while simultaneously eating my somewhat overripe bananas and yogurt and drinking 32-oz cups filled with 20-oz bottles of water mixed with Mio, while attempting to watch college football. I should also be already staged for tomorrow’s NAS Pax Grand Tour 20.

But I’m sitting here, downing afternoon coffee and procrastinating. Blogging, too, I guess. Bit at least I have a Song of the Day today, courtesy of Daryl Hall and John Oates.

After my breakfast at Linda’s I took a quick bike ride to Lei Drive, where I will be running to after I exit NAS Patuxent River Gate 1 . I will turn left on Three Notch Road/MD-235 south, but instead of making the turn onto Great Mills Road/MD-234, I will pass the 235/234 intersection and stay on 235 until I get to Lei Drive, then follow it on a short loop around Tulagi Plaza, then a left onto Great Mills and the home stretch. Hopefully I will be in a better condition to finish than I was last week.

Also need to remember to have my ID to get onto base tomorrow, otherwise I will have to improvise that 20 miles.

The week-long threat of rain has finally passed, and tomorrow calls for a mostly sunny Sunday. It will be a breezy 73 degrees by the time I finish up at 1000 tomorrow.

Song of the Day: Daryl Hall and John Oates/”You Make My Dreams Come True:” First, I could totally run to this song.  The piano groove sets the tone, and the rhythm section jumps in and all of a sudden you’ve got a good tempo and a beat you can move too. Second, this was Promotional Clip 101, before “making videos” became an art form. Anyway, the clip is just Daryl  (the blond keyboardist) and John (guitarist with the ‘stache) and the band doing what they do and having fun. Aside from people asking them “Which one of you is Holland Oates?,” the duo HATED making videos for MTV in the mid-to-late 80s.

Daryl and John were a pretty big deal back in the day, with this song coming of their NINTH studio album back in 1980. From John Oates:

“Daryl had this great piano groove that you hear when you hear the record. It’s really the heart and soul of that record. It had this positive, upbeat type of feel to it. It was a very simple idea saying you make my dreams come true. We were kind of laughing saying that this was too simple to be anything.

“When we wrote the words, we were really concentrating on writing some interesting words because the chorus was so simple. We thought the verses needed to have some meat and potatoes to support the simplicity of that chorus. I remember our manager at the time when we played the song for him; he was making a joke about the words in the verses. He said, ‘You guys are trying to sound like poets.’ He was laughing at us because he didn’t get it. After all these years, that’s probably the song that gets the most play out of almost any song we’ve ever done.”

MCM 2019/T-Minus 68: Snooze

Halfway through “power-walking” and attempting to run the last six miles of the Mount Vernon Trail, I decided to cut back on the training this week.

First, my overall strategy for this year’s Marine Corps Marathon: take it”easy” on the opening third of the race and slowly build up speed over the last 18 miles. I worked way too hard on the rolling hills of the opening eight miles, and I hit the wall around mile 16~17. There have been days when it works out, and days where it has not. My current pace is just under 12 minutes, which is more than enough to Beat the Bridge, but I feel like I’m holding back.

The last week building up to Mount Vernon wasn’t bad. The weather was good, I ran at a comfortable but hard-working pace, and I had no issues with my legs. Even after overdoing it to get back on track yesterday, I was feeling alright. The full moon was out, I had no undue pain in any of my limbs (no plantar, knee, or thigh/groin muscle issues), I was working up a good sweat. The weather was just right and life was good.

I remember seeing the sign that said “Mount Vernon 8.0 miles,” remembering that first attempt here in 2015. I started two hours late, courtesy of my ignoring the DC transit system, and I was caught in the middle of some nasty humidity. I was thinking that I was finally going to do it right this time.

…and then the tank ran dry around Mile 7.

So, this week, instead of doing 20 miles, I am going to do the Southeast Loop 10, getting back to the Willow Road/HWY-5/Great Mills grind. The short runs will be the Shangri-La 3 mile and the iStore 4.

Also, I’m going to be sleeping in this week; from Tuesday through Friday, I will do my workouts after work. If the weather changes like it has done today (great big thundercloud moved in just as I got home from work), I may have to either say screw it and run or just take a powder that day.

Song of the Day: From the World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment, the entrance themes for Gangrel/the Brood, D-Generation X, and the New Age Outlaws. Okay, none of these songs have anything to do with running, but I can’t believe it’s been twenty-one years since I seriously watched professional wrestling, particularly the WWF/WWE and its “Attitude Era.” It was a pretty unique time and place for professional wrestling, and I haven’t seen anything like it since. Maybe the Bullet Club?

MCM 2019/T-Minus 72: Sirius

The question for Saturday morning: How long will it take me to do 3 x 0.8 mi. intervals and then a reduced-weight circuit cycle? Can I get it done within an hour to an hour fifteen minutes? And can I do it with no adverse impact to my Sunday run?

I will answer that question Saturday morning, as I have postponed my intervals until then…but I DID get up and do my circuit cycle sets.

I need to buy more white sox; most every pair I have has a hole in the big toe area.

Okay, enough stalling. Here is the long overdue Song of the Day Extended Play MaxiCD!!!

(provided YouTube behaves this evening)

Cake/”Comfort Eagle:” From Snowskeeper on Genius.com:

“This song is about the music industry’s tactic of taking bands and shaping their sound into a product, using the spread and advertisement of an organized religion as an extended metaphor.

It also appears to be about the effects of corporations on society in general; the song makes references to “jungles of cardboard shanties and tents,” and to public figures declaring that democracy is a sham.”

Cake/”Long Line of Cars:”

Oh, look…YouTube is being a bitch again tonight.

Genius isn’t much help here, but I can tell you that when I used to drive home for the holidays, it would take no less than four hours to get out of the state of Maryland. And like any military installation, traffic is an absolute bitch and change trying to get on and off base during rush hour. If there’s rains or snow or an auto accident enroute…better get comfortable and make sure your CD player/Sirius XM is working.

Pearl Jam/”Crazy Mary:”

Heard this song live, and even though this isn’t the exact version I heard on Sirius/XM, I had to take a live version just to do the band justice.

To be honest, this song just struck me the right way during the one hour forty-five drive from Lexington park to Tyson’s Corner last Saturday. I was flipping through the XM stations and this one grabbed me and said “Whoa there cowboy!” Not one of PJ’s top ten live songs but a damn good jam session song.

Kiss/”War Machine:”

Gene Simmons out front and growling, Peter Criss bringing the thunder and Paul Stanley and Ace Frehly supplying the lightning. Classic Kiss, single or no single. If I were in charge of the next generation of Transformers movies, Kiss would be a part of the soundtracks.

Killers/”The Man:”

“I got gas in the tank
I got money in the bank
I got news for you baby, you’re looking at the man
I got skin in the game
I got a household name
I got news for you baby, you’re looking at the man”

The last song recorded for the album Wonderful Wonderful, the band admitted the song started just to have some fun. Lead singer Brandon Flowers, according to Genius, said that the lyrics were mostly about being in “a place of regret about who he was when the band started.”

Still, this was a damn good jam to discover on the drive to Virginia. I can NOT hear a song like this and not get jazzed up, or wish I was on a dance floor.

This blog post brought to you by Sirius XM…well, not officially. But I do recommend it when you’re renting a car and you don’t have any of your mixCDs handy.

MCM 2019: Three Weeks Later…

I started this blog in 2014 as a diary for my running the Marine Corps Marathon that year. AS you can see from my archives, I have been doing more training than blogging.

So, what have I been doing the last three weeks?


I have been transitioning from my conditioning to actually training. I started running again last Thursday afternoon, running Willow Road north for three miles. I went from the entrance to Abberly Crest to Willow Road-Shangri La and Great Mills Road, then back.I was under no time limit or any pace goal, I just wanted to start getting my running legs back. I got up for my first 0500 run on Saturday morning (yesterday). Nothing but street lights and some fog, heading down Willow Road South to Highway-5 and back. It wasn’t as warm as I wanted it to be, but I went out and got the three miles in. My thighs started to burn a little bit, and I felt heavy as I finished up.

I am back on the road for good this week (bye-bye elliptical!), running Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and keeping the milage to 3~4 miles for the time being. I al planning on timing my circuit course tomorrow morning to see if I want to add two more cycles or more weight in the next week or two.

I finally printed out the intermediate marathon training schedule. Looks like I’m running five days a week, including back to back runs on Saturday and Sunday. This is a typical running week:

  1. Tues: Short (3 mi.) run
  2. Wed.: Intervals for 800 to 1600 meters
  3. Thurs.: Short run
  4. Fri.: Rest
  5. Sat.: Short run at race pace
  6. Long run

I need to study this regimen in depth before I commit to it. I’m not sure I’ll be able to work in my circuits cycles, and I haven’t run on back-to-back days since my last few years in the Marine Corps…and certainly not a short run at race-pace followed by a long run. A lot to think about and to plan for…

Abberly Crest:

My apartment facility has three work-out rooms: The Valley is at the Clubhouse at the bottom of the hill on my complex main drag. I have been working out here since my primary “gym” at the Office (apartment main office) was undergoing renovations. There is also the Apex,  located at the Apex clubhouse.

Last Saturday I decided to use the ellipticals at the Office for my last elliptical conditioning workout. The Office now has two Star Trac ellipticals and three Peloton-type spinning machines; unfortunately, the weight-lifting machines and the dumbbell weights were taken out for good. After talking to one of the office ladies, I found out that the Office will be used for planned yoga classes.

Having televisions in the “gym” is a privilege, not a right (and sometimes a distraction), but lately they’ve been more trouble than they’re worth. The Office had a nice 55-ich flatscreen on the wall, but it was all hooked into all the streaming (Hulu, Netflix, etc.) channels; good luck if you just wanted to watch Mark-1, Mod ) basic cable. The three TVs in the Valley weight room are all inoperative; they’re all old Visio 32-inchers that have been there since the Valley was established, so their tubes  are all probably burnt out by now. So, if I want workouts with a side of TV, I may have to go the Apex for now.

March Madness:

I spent my birthday weekend (March 22-24 for a March 25 birthday) in Washington DC, where I had March Madness with a side of the cuisine of the Nation’s Capital. All but three of the Friday thru Sunday games were blowouts, and one of the better games (Duke escaping Central Florida) I missed because of my Sunday dinner at Fogo de Chao. Since I wasn’t driving that night, I decided to have a glass of Pinot Noir with my dinner. I had a full belly from dinner so I had to settle for the Brazilian flan for dessert instead of the richer offerings on the finishing menu.

Every game from the Elite Eight (last Sat./Sun.) thru the Final Four games has been competitive and compelling, with everything needing to be settled in the final minute. I winced at Duke’s loss to Michigan State, and I kind of felt Auburn’s pain in their Final Four loss to Virginia. Texas Tech’s shutdown of Michigan State was the first double digit decision since the Second Round, but TTU went on a 9-0 run over the final three minutes.

I am not sure if I want to watch tomorrow night’s title game. Right now it looks like a very low-scoring (for college basketball) game with a 9:20 p.m. tip-off. Nine o’clock on the East Coast to watch two teams struggle to reach fifty points is not a promising sports entertainment option.

I think Capital One needs to fire Charles Barkley and Spike Lee, hire Quentin Tarantino and John Travolta, and let Tarantino write and direct “Pulp Fiction at the Final Four” commercials for Capital One. Sir Charles has jet-ski jumped over a school of sharks this year (Chuxedo? Chuckmoji’s? A parrot as a “bracket buddy?”) and there’s no way any normal sixty-plus year old black man would put up with Chuck’s BS from this year. Intervention, anyone?

The Beard:

The Marine Corps Marathon will be run on October 27. On March 27, exactly seven months from the date, I shaved my face for the last time. This Thursday will make two weeks since I have been growing “The Beard.” To improve the looks for this year’s Beard I am using the following products:

  1. Blue Magic hair and scalp conditioner. I am using this on my hair as well as my beard. The goal is to keep my  beard hairs on my cheeks from curling up
  2. Clubman Pinaud Beard Oil. Beard conditioner, I guess. Using this to keep the beard itch to a minimum. Using this and the Blue Magic twice a day.
  3. Bump Stopper 2: Started using this today to try and reduce the bumps of ingrown hairs in my cheeks. Using this once a day (for now) in the evenings.

Songs of the Day:

Adam Ant/”Friend or Foe:” I have always liked Adam and the Ants’ songs that take a tongue-in-cheek shot at pop culture. Adam And is a good singer and lyrics, and the two drums on the arrangements are catchy. Adam Ant can also rap better than any of the hip-hop out there nowadays. He’s also touring, thirty-five years later.

Sister of Mercy/”Gimme Shelter:” A Goth cover of the Rolling Stones’ classic? Yes, please. I eventually purchased the “alternative hits compilation” that this song was on, because there were so many damned good tunes on that album (Pete Shelly/”Homosapien” and pre-solo Billy Idol with “Dancin’ With Myself” from his Generation X days).

Tina Turner/”One of the Living:” I love this song from the movie that Ms. Tina sang for and acted in (Aunty Entity!). I have NEVER sat through this movie end-to-end, even though I enjoyed both of Tina’s OTS songs. Never…why???


Week In Review: Spring?

The calendar says that Winter is about 200 yards from the finish line (about two days). The thermometer says otherwise. Considering how close Spring is supposed to be, it has been a little cooler than it should be. Mostly gray skies this weekend and some showers at night.

Seventy-five days until summer?

Yesterday was my off-day and I have been lazy on Saturday and today. Saturday I got up at 0430, but with no work to go to, I kept pushing the start time out by a half hour until about 9:00, when i decided I needed to get my grocery shopping done. I didn’t get to the gym for my elliptical workout until 7:00 p.m., but I did get some “March Madness” while watching the first half of the Big East Conference Championship Game.

Today’s lame excuse? I needed to iron my pants for work because I forgot to take them to the cleaners this weekend, and I needed to wash the dishes so I could cook breakfast. I got to the gym at 6:25, put on “The Evening Edit w/Liz MacDonald (Fox Business Network)” and got my grind on for my circuit course. Just got back fifteen minutes ago.

I made it through my first week of my Lenten “sacrifice,” forgoing lunch and Starbuck’s at the on-site cafeteria where I work. I also need to stop eating after 8:30 at night and chug down some water instead. It MAY help bring my blood sugar down as well as hydrate me for the next morning’s workout.

Aside from changes in my diet, I guess I need to shop Amazon for a steadier supply of SoBe LifeWater. I can get four bottles for $5 at Giant supermarket, but can I get a bulk package for cheaper? Speaking of bulk, why didn’t I stop by BJs, the main bulk club-shopping supermarket in town? Because I just thought of it, that’s why.

//James Taylor on the radio? nope…putting on YouTube and the headphones…a Danzig mashup w/the Doors? Ah, yes…

Tomorrow is Rush Registration for the Marine Corps Marathon; starts at noon and lasts until all 7,000 berths are gone. Probably 20 minutes? Oh, and I have to register using my work computer…yummm.

First week of April I am back on the road, then I’m running the Hospice of Mary’s 5K on April 13. There is a church up the road that is also doing a 5K (Lexington Park Baptist Church), so I might schedule that one in as well. I will start the intermediate marathon schedule in May, and shift from a Monday thru Saturday schedule to a Tuesday thru Sunday schedule. I run that schedule because the Marine Corps Marathon is on a Sunday.

March will be the last month of the elliptical workouts, unless I work them in with the fartlek runs i run on the Thursdays on my training schedule. I will think about adding either weights to my workouts or cycles to my circuits this week. I may need to time my workouts and see how long it takes to do two circuits, then make that call.

Song of the Day: I picked these out on Saturday, with intent on doing my Week In Review yesterday. Oops.

Chicago/”If You Leave Me Now:” I am not a fan of the band whose full name was Chicago Transit Authority, nor do I have Peter Cetera on my playlist. However, this song is beautiful. Love the french horns and the acoustic guitar. Peter Cetera hit a songwriting and vocal high with this one. I did a liver version because I had to show you the band’s horn section at work.

Chicago/”Stay the Night:” I haven’t seen this video in over thirty years. Damn good song, and the video was a great big-ass turn on. Damn, Peter, you got your friends killed in a high speed chase for a woman? Seriously?

Royskopp/”It’s What I Want:” A trip down memory lane with EA Sports’ FIFA 10. So many nights burning way the hours while looking for a job, playing soccer on my PS2 and jamming to the soundtrack. I saw an album cover of what the band (duo) looks like, but the live version of the song sucked.

Metric/”Gold Guns Girls:” Oh so THAT’S what y’all look like. And they’re still playing together and touring! Who’d a thunk it? Another memorable track from FIFA 10. Man, they had to work for it in the video…running around the streets in early (late?) winter?



MCM 2019: Day 5 of 6

So, I think I am back into the “Getting Up at 0430 for 0500 PT” routine. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were important because I was able to get up, get dressed, and make the stroll to the Valley for my elliptical-circuit-elliptical workouts, stroll back, cook and eat breakfast, then get ready for work in an acceptable timeframe.

Today was the circuit course workout. Since I am off work today, I took a little more time than usual getting prepped and enroute to the Valley. After completing the workout and getting back to the apartment, I took even way more time getting breakfast.

Even though I’m using lighter weights than normal, I’m sweating a little bit during my second set. I think that’s a good thing.

The snow, cold and rain have finally broken around the Patuxent River area. This morning it was in the high 30s, but bearable enough where I could leave my gloves and knit cap back ay the apartment. The weather is supposed to warm up next week. I hope so. I am riding to work on my bike and the cold doesn’t bother me that much, but I could use a break.

I never really noticed this since I have been running the course in the pre-dawn hours (especially when there was no moon and OMG sometimes it got SOOO dark!), but the northern end of Willows road has a steady incline for about a quarter mile from my house. I start my runs at the top of a hill, outside the main road leading into Abberly Crest Apartments. After a quick downhill, it flattens for a little bit outside the industrial park about a stone’s throw from Abberly Crest. From the industrial park, past the iStorage personal storage facility and just past the Lincoln housing complex is a slow and steady climb. I never really felt this when I run probably because I never see it at 0500; however, I do see it at about 0730 when I ride the bike.

So, between the morning conditioning and the bike rides to and from work, it is nice to get back in the swing of things.

On the dietary front, I really need to replace the sodas that I have with my lunch and supper meals. I used to buy SoBe Lifewater at 10 20 oz. bottles for $10. Does SoBe still make Lifewater? Does anybody still sell it? Worth a look this weekend…

Same time tomorrow (0500 for the last elliptical of the week)? We’ll see…

Song of the Day: This week of conditioning sponsored by U2! Specifically their album War:

“New Year’s Day:” I love how this songs deals with trying to find/maintain love during war. I love the piano solo and how it bridges the whole song. Even without the piano, this is simply rock at its best: strong guitar, a thumping but not overpowering rhythm section, and a heartfelt vocalist.

“Two Hearts Beat as One:” Did this one ever chart for U2? Should I care? Rock at its best, and the video doesn’t overthink the subject matter. U2 doing U2, and some kid (from the cover of War? No idea?) doing kid stuff. Don’t need more than that.



MCM 2019: Grabasstic

President’s Day 2019 was an unorganized, grabasstic day off for me.

I went to bed about 0130 Monday morning, then promptly slept through my 0430 alarm. I woke back up at about ten after six, then kept fading in and out between taking naps, surfing YouTube, and contemplating breakfast (brunch?) while noshing on whatever was at hand.

At 1230 I got a pre-workout “brunch” consisting of one toasted cinnamon-raisin English muffin with peanut butter and a single cup of cofevfe with creamer and honey. About 1255 I moseyed on down to the Valley for my circuit course workout.

(yes the misspelling was intentional)

Today I did my first proper workout of the new year. Full-body stretch, including the Japanese ham sandwich, then two cycles of the circuit. Afterwards, I moseyed back to the apartment, noting that I had an approximate six-minute walk each way. I just helped the father of my new neighbor lug a mattress up to her apartment next door before I sat down to type.

It is almost 2:00 PM EST and I still haven’t had anything resembling a full meal; God alone knows what my blood sugar is right now.

Anyway the English FA Cup Round of 16 Match between Chelsea and Manchester United is just under an hour away so I will begin aggregating my junk food for that match. or maybe I’ll try something from Blue Wind Cafe on Uber Eats?

Tonight I need to go to bed at a proper time so I can do my elliptical workout and start properly logging the cardio type (elliptical, spinning, etc) work in. Also need to start gauging my workout-breakfast-prep for work routine.

Random thought: Tweaking the NBA All-Star Game

  1. Top twelve All-Star vote getters only; teams who are actively tanking and/or who have no realistic shot at the playoffs have not business being represented at the All-Star Game.
  2. Top two vote getters are Team Captains.
  3. Here’s where we take the NBA All-Star Game, and the NBA in general, “back to the playground.” Instead of a draft a week before the ASG, the two Team Captains pick sides RIGHT THERE ON THE COURT…just like on the playground, back in the day.
  4. Captains pick the starters first, then the bench.
  5. Instead of a four-quarter NBA regulation game, it’s a best-of-five, games to twenty-one format. Scoring stays the same, 2 points inside the arc, three from beyond it. If it’s tied at two games apiece, three-pointers are turned off for Game Five. Let the game be decided by actual skills and aggressiveness, not by just long-range shooting.
  6. Team Captains communicate with their respective coaches to make substitutions.

I’m not sayin’…I’m just sayin’…

Song of the Day: Cheech and Chong head up the SOTD playlist today. “Basketball Jones” is the Hot 100 Single, in “honor” of last night’s NBA All Star Game (which I didn’t watch, but made a suggestion about). “Mexican Americans,” written and sung by actual Hispanic comedian Cheech Marin decades before political correctness, is the snappy and short B-side.

Okay, YouTube took down the original “Basketball Jones” video, but they still got the clip for Mexican-Americans? Really? Seriously?

MCM 2018/T-Minus 6: Sunday

I am writing this at just after 8:00 p.m. on the last Sunday  night before the Marine Corps Marathon.

This blog post will be the most significant thing I have accomplished today in preparation for the MCM. I didn’t run today because I am still healing my sore right thigh. I just came from outside and saw the full moon. Kind of sad that I didn’t run this morning; it would have been nice to get one more full moon run in before the MCM.

I did buy my new shoes yesterday; not the same exact shoe, but still stability and at a deep discount. Also the only shoe from Asics in a Size 12. Never let great become the enemy of good…or something.

As of 8:00 p.m., no offers to be my roommate for MCM Weekend. So be it. Gonna be an expensive MCM weekend.

Since March I have been growing a beard for the MCM. I trimmed it last week for a work function, and it doesn’t look like it will be a big-ass healthy looking beard for next Sunday. Regardless, it’s coming off next Sunday…a few hours after I cross the finish line of course.

I wish I could post a YouTube video of that clip from Forrest Gump, when Forrest, after the unexpected departure of his long-time love Jenny, decides to go for a little run….for no particular reason. I need to kind of remember that clip…something to focus on for this last week. My Songs of the Day come from that clip:

“Running on Empty”/Jackson Browne

“It Keeps You Running”/Michael McDonald

“Go Your Own Way”/Fleetwood Mac

“On the Road Again”/Willie Nelson

“Against the Wind”/Bob Seger


MCM 2018/T-minus 24:Skin

I used to post this blog on the Marine Corps Marathon, along with YouTube videos for my  Songs of the Day. About two weeks ago, one of the moderators for the Facebook page asked me to stop posting the videos; too much work for the moderators, and the songs weren’t really “marathon related.” On Sunday, I posted a selfie with a caption saying something snarky about my blog. On Monday I got another request from another moderator, asking me to stop posting my blog on their page, because you’re not supposed to self promote.

In other words, I went from having no complaints in three months to being an obnoxious asshole the last week of September. I see the moderators’ point, and it’s their page to run, not mine. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t a little bummed out, as well as a little pissed at them for being so petty and me for not reading/understanding their rules. being put off as I was, I worked out yesterday morning but didn’t post anything last night.

I only had one beer at the Marine Corps league meeting on Tuesday night, and I didn’t get to bed until after midnight. I woke up at 0430 to go run, but didn’t get out of bed until 0440. At 0445, I decided to go back to sleep and run later in the day. I ended up getting out of bed at 0730, bummed out and tired for most of the day.

I went running just after 5:30 p.m. (or 1730 to be consistent with military time). I wanted to run the NAS Gate 1 five-miler today. The last time I ran this, I adjusted the course to turn around at the intersection leading into Gate 1 instead of running to the Gate 1 guardshack (downhill) and back out the Gate 1 road towards home (upward). I also finished by going up the hill leading to the Abberly Crest main road, then going down the hill to my usual south Willows Road starting point and back up the hill to finish.

The weather was fine, and my pace was okay, until I tripped over a thin metal ring and fell just outside of the intersection to Gate 1. I scraped both knees pretty bad, but no damage to my ligaments, cartilage, or anything like that. I ran back home with no major pain and without any more incidents.

I finished just over an hour, running a twelve minute pace. I had no stopwatch today, and I haven’t gone over MapMyRun yet (finished at 1830, and it’s almost 220 as I type this). I’m not in any real pain; the most I got was some stinging when I applied iodine over my skinned knees). However, I had to make a run to Rite Aid to get some actual bandages that would fit on and stick to my kneecaps. My two bandaged knees will be a reminder to pat attention to the road when I run. here’s hoping I don’t get swollen and infected knees later this week.

Other random things I’m bummed/cranky/pissed about:

  1. Kavanaugh. This whole thing is bullshit. It’s not about whether he sexually assaulted/raped a teenage girl over thirty years ago, or whether he lied about it, or even if he’s fit as a judge or a citizen to sit on the Supreme Court. It’s all about Row v. Wade, Planned Parenthood, and the right to kill your unborn child because it’s too inconvenient because the babaymommy and baby daddy couldn’t agree to using a condom when they had sex.
  2. Cubs season over before Columbus Day. The Chicago Cubs had a 4~5 game lead over the Milwaukee Brewers going into the Labor day weekend. Since then they dropped four of the last six regular season games to the Brewers, each of the Cubs’ starting pitchers laid an egg during the month of September, and the Cubs’ bats became ice-cold in the last week of the regular season. Last three games against St Louis (won), Milwaukee (lost the division in the playoff), and Colorado (lost the Wild card Game to end the season): 31 innings, four runs, twelve hits.
  3. When I started following the Cubs at the tender age of 11 years old, I never thought i would see the day when they would win four straight playoff berths, three straight division titles (up your, Brewers). and a World Series. 95-69? I’d take it any year, but knowing what might have been had the Cubs not gone south in September…yeah, no.


Songs of the Day: The Rolling Stones. “It’s Only Rock and Roll” was playing just I was stepping out the door to go run and eventually skin both my knees. Their promotional video from the 70s, with Mick, Keith and Co. dressed in US Navy sailor’s whites (complete with Petty Officer crows and not-so-regulation necklaces), was classic.

“Undercover of the Night” and “She Was Hot” were the lead singles off their 80s album “Undercover.” People like to say that Tattoo You, the album prior to Undercover, was the last great Stones album…I beg to differ.