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MCM 2019: Three Weeks Later…

I started this blog in 2014 as a diary for my running the Marine Corps Marathon that year. AS you can see from my archives, I have been doing more training than blogging.

So, what have I been doing the last three weeks?


I have been transitioning from my conditioning to actually training. I started running again last Thursday afternoon, running Willow Road north for three miles. I went from the entrance to Abberly Crest to Willow Road-Shangri La and Great Mills Road, then back.I was under no time limit or any pace goal, I just wanted to start getting my running legs back. I got up for my first 0500 run on Saturday morning (yesterday). Nothing but street lights and some fog, heading down Willow Road South to Highway-5 and back. It wasn’t as warm as I wanted it to be, but I went out and got the three miles in. My thighs started to burn a little bit, and I felt heavy as I finished up.

I am back on the road for good this week (bye-bye elliptical!), running Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and keeping the milage to 3~4 miles for the time being. I al planning on timing my circuit course tomorrow morning to see if I want to add two more cycles or more weight in the next week or two.

I finally printed out the intermediate marathon training schedule. Looks like I’m running five days a week, including back to back runs on Saturday and Sunday. This is a typical running week:

  1. Tues: Short (3 mi.) run
  2. Wed.: Intervals for 800 to 1600 meters
  3. Thurs.: Short run
  4. Fri.: Rest
  5. Sat.: Short run at race pace
  6. Long run

I need to study this regimen in depth before I commit to it. I’m not sure I’ll be able to work in my circuits cycles, and I haven’t run on back-to-back days since my last few years in the Marine Corps…and certainly not a short run at race-pace followed by a long run. A lot to think about and to plan for…

Abberly Crest:

My apartment facility has three work-out rooms: The Valley is at the Clubhouse at the bottom of the hill on my complex main drag. I have been working out here since my primary “gym” at the Office (apartment main office) was undergoing renovations. There is also the Apex,  located at the Apex clubhouse.

Last Saturday I decided to use the ellipticals at the Office for my last elliptical conditioning workout. The Office now has two Star Trac ellipticals and three Peloton-type spinning machines; unfortunately, the weight-lifting machines and the dumbbell weights were taken out for good. After talking to one of the office ladies, I found out that the Office will be used for planned yoga classes.

Having televisions in the “gym” is a privilege, not a right (and sometimes a distraction), but lately they’ve been more trouble than they’re worth. The Office had a nice 55-ich flatscreen on the wall, but it was all hooked into all the streaming (Hulu, Netflix, etc.) channels; good luck if you just wanted to watch Mark-1, Mod ) basic cable. The three TVs in the Valley weight room are all inoperative; they’re all old Visio 32-inchers that have been there since the Valley was established, so their tubes  are all probably burnt out by now. So, if I want workouts with a side of TV, I may have to go the Apex for now.

March Madness:

I spent my birthday weekend (March 22-24 for a March 25 birthday) in Washington DC, where I had March Madness with a side of the cuisine of the Nation’s Capital. All but three of the Friday thru Sunday games were blowouts, and one of the better games (Duke escaping Central Florida) I missed because of my Sunday dinner at Fogo de Chao. Since I wasn’t driving that night, I decided to have a glass of Pinot Noir with my dinner. I had a full belly from dinner so I had to settle for the Brazilian flan for dessert instead of the richer offerings on the finishing menu.

Every game from the Elite Eight (last Sat./Sun.) thru the Final Four games has been competitive and compelling, with everything needing to be settled in the final minute. I winced at Duke’s loss to Michigan State, and I kind of felt Auburn’s pain in their Final Four loss to Virginia. Texas Tech’s shutdown of Michigan State was the first double digit decision since the Second Round, but TTU went on a 9-0 run over the final three minutes.

I am not sure if I want to watch tomorrow night’s title game. Right now it looks like a very low-scoring (for college basketball) game with a 9:20 p.m. tip-off. Nine o’clock on the East Coast to watch two teams struggle to reach fifty points is not a promising sports entertainment option.

I think Capital One needs to fire Charles Barkley and Spike Lee, hire Quentin Tarantino and John Travolta, and let Tarantino write and direct “Pulp Fiction at the Final Four” commercials for Capital One. Sir Charles has jet-ski jumped over a school of sharks this year (Chuxedo? Chuckmoji’s? A parrot as a “bracket buddy?”) and there’s no way any normal sixty-plus year old black man would put up with Chuck’s BS from this year. Intervention, anyone?

The Beard:

The Marine Corps Marathon will be run on October 27. On March 27, exactly seven months from the date, I shaved my face for the last time. This Thursday will make two weeks since I have been growing “The Beard.” To improve the looks for this year’s Beard I am using the following products:

  1. Blue Magic hair and scalp conditioner. I am using this on my hair as well as my beard. The goal is to keep my  beard hairs on my cheeks from curling up
  2. Clubman Pinaud Beard Oil. Beard conditioner, I guess. Using this to keep the beard itch to a minimum. Using this and the Blue Magic twice a day.
  3. Bump Stopper 2: Started using this today to try and reduce the bumps of ingrown hairs in my cheeks. Using this once a day (for now) in the evenings.

Songs of the Day:

Adam Ant/”Friend or Foe:” I have always liked Adam and the Ants’ songs that take a tongue-in-cheek shot at pop culture. Adam And is a good singer and lyrics, and the two drums on the arrangements are catchy. Adam Ant can also rap better than any of the hip-hop out there nowadays. He’s also touring, thirty-five years later.

Sister of Mercy/”Gimme Shelter:” A Goth cover of the Rolling Stones’ classic? Yes, please. I eventually purchased the “alternative hits compilation” that this song was on, because there were so many damned good tunes on that album (Pete Shelly/”Homosapien” and pre-solo Billy Idol with “Dancin’ With Myself” from his Generation X days).

Tina Turner/”One of the Living:” I love this song from the movie that Ms. Tina sang for and acted in (Aunty Entity!). I have NEVER sat through this movie end-to-end, even though I enjoyed both of Tina’s OTS songs. Never…why???