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MCM 2019: Evening PT, Sports, Etc.


My last post was titled, “Afternoon PT” because I actually did my training sessions at 6:30p.m.-ish. Now the sun was still out when I finished at quarter after seven or so, but technically it could have been considered the evening.

And, yes, it was around 6:30 last evening when I ran my three-miler for the day. Two significant changes: first change was to the course, because I wanted to actually run three miles, not just slightly less. To do this, I extended the northern turnaround point to running the corners of the Shangri-La/Great Mills Road intersection, and the southern turnaround (to the finish) at just past the end of the grove of trees across from my apartment complex property.

Second change was to my running tempo. Rather than wait to the middle third to ‘turn on the gas,” I got off to a good start and concentrated on staying there. I went out at a good clip and managed to step it up as I ran. As I headed down Willow Road back to Abberly Crest for the last mile-plus, I was feeling good about how fast (sic) I was running. I did get my thee miles (3.05) and ended with a 10:57 pace. My splits: 11:27/10:52/10:34. Nice.

My lower right thigh is a little sore, so I am taking my scheduled day off, and hoping it heals enough for tomorrow’s six miler. Instead of the Zion 6 (Abberly Crest to Zion methodist Church and back), I am running the Superwillow 6 Reverse. The “Superwillow” has been my traditional merging of the HWY-5 loop (Green Meadow Lane entrance to Highway 5/Willow RD. intersection and back) and the Willow Rd to Shangri-La loops. This time, I am running out to Shangri-La, extending the run past the intersection through Shangri-La Drive, then returning all the way south through Willow Road to the HWY-5 intersection and coming straight back to the main Abberly Crest road. I had initially considered running past the HWY-5 up to Old Hermanville Road, but the second half of the run (Green Meadow Lane to HWY-5 and back) had enough rolling hills, and the course was a little too much over 6 miles.

Today’s “PT” is going to consist of a lunchtime bike ride to Popeye’s Chicken and back. I was going to try out the full-body routines offered on my Intermediate Course workouts (see “Strength Sessions”), but…naaah.


NBA/NHL Champs

The King is dead! Long live the King!

The Toronto Raptors earned their first NBA Finals title in their twenty-three year existence, beating Golden State 110-106 on Thursday night. Three of their four wins over the two-time defending champions were on the Warriors’ home floor. My takes:

  1. So much for Kevin Durant/Kyrie Irving/Zion Williamson joining forces on the New York Knicks. Durant’s Achilles tendon tear may throw a wrench into his plans to skip town after this year. Who is Kyrie planning to “buddy up” with now? Will Zion still go to the draft next week, with New Orleans holding the Number One Pick?
  2. Will Raptors President of Basketball Operations Masai Ujiri and one year free agent cum NBA Finals MVP (second award) stay in Toronto and build the next NBA dynasty, or will they go their separate ways and allegedly greener pastures?
  3. In regards to my beloved but estranged Chicago Bulls, this all means nothing. the Bulls are drafting 7th next week…for the third straight year. The latest draft boards all say Zion, Ja Morant, Zion’s teammate at Duke…and then a whole lot of projects and definite maybes, none with any chance at an NBA career past their rookie contracts.
  4. Free agency for the Bulls? Don’t make me laugh. Incompetent ownership and management? A high tax city in a high-tax state, whose governor and state legislature just voted for the biggest tax increase in the history of the State of Illinois? Twenty feet of snow and below freezing winters? A roster full of nobodies to build around coached by a retread/lifelong assistant coach? Nope.
  5. The NBA needs to seriously consider shortening the NBA regular season. Way too many injuries and fatigue impacting this year’s NBA Finals.

As for the newly crowned Saint Louis Blues, amazing that they started calendar year 2019 as the worst team in the NHL before calling up their stud goalie from the minor leagues. Only the National Hockey League goes out of its way to make being the regular season’s best team be so irrelevant.

Go. Black. Hawks. That is all.


Running, Pt 2

Sitting on my computer nook desk is a thirty-one (I guess?) year old set of gray running shorts with MARINES in bold gray and red trim running down both sides. The bottom crotch area is a mass of holes, such a mess that would not be fit to be posted on Facebook.

The head says,”Throw them away.” The head says, “Naaah, hold on to them!”

One of these days, I’m going to put them in the wash and they’re going to disintegrate.


How to Fix the Elite Soccer Clubs:

ESPN FC have spent the last month talking about how to fix CF Real Madrid, Manchester United, Bayerische Munchen, etc. after substandard domestic league and UEFA Champions league campaigns.

This is what I think their pundits should be saying:

  1. A Man with a Plan: Whomever will be the manager at should get three full seasons to Real/Man U/Bayern come next August, he needs to have an actual modern strategy and style of play than can score the most goals necessary and give up the fewest goals possible. It has to be effective, efficient, and pleasing to the eye (from the stands as well as the HD-TVs).
  2. Shaking Up the Rosters: A million Euros spent wisely is better than a billion Euros spent poorly. Find players that will best fit the manager’s plan, don’t just break the bank for the Hottest Player In Europe. Also, if your club is pouring a few million Euros into their player academy, maybe you should consider promoting them to the main roster.
  3. Long Term: Whomever is the current manager should get three full years to implement his system/style before looking for any major trophies. Teams will get hot and cold streaks, players will get worn out and/or injured, and players will need to step up. Football happens. Trophies are never won overnight.


Song of the Day:

I was going to write this blog entry last night, but fatigue and dinner set in. Rammstein is my SOTD focus, with “Sonne,” “Stripped,” and “Feuer Frei” on the playlist. “Sonne’s” lyrics, translated, are about boxing; this song was, according to legend, created as an “entrance theme” for a Russian boxer. “Stripped” is a cover of the original Depeche Mode song; singer Till Lindemann had to cut part of the chorus lyrics because he had trouble singing “let me see you stripped down to the bone.” Urban legend? Band myth? Not sure.

Feuer frei loosely translated means “fire away!” If you know anything about this band, you don’t need me to explain any more than that. Oh, and the band actually appeared in the Vin Diesel action classic XXX (Triple X).

Late add, thanks to 97.7 the Bay: B-52s/”Love Shack.”


MCM 2019: Crescent-Plus

My smartphone alarm clock went of at 0400 this morning. At 0420, I was dressed and fully prepped with Skin-So0Soft and the first BodyGlide of the season applied to the apropriate regions. At 0445, I was at the hotel lobby, summoning an Uber driver. I got a driver who followed his own path and not the GPS and for me to the georgetown Waterfront Park in record time.

The GWP main building was a half-mile or so from the actual start/finish line of the Capital Crescent Trail, my running trail for this week’s long run. I decided to jog to the start/finish line to warm up my body for the 8 mile run ahead. I had to take a No.1 as I approached the gate in front of the Potomac Boat Club, so I stopped by the convenient Port-a-John and did my business.

I did some research on finding a proper Uber drop-off point for the CCT, only to find info that the main trail was going to be closed down and detoured for a major renovation. I stretched out at a spot just in front of where the actual road to the trail begins. believing that the renovations were already underway, I picked a telephone pole as my start/finish line, then activated my MapMyRun on my phone and took off.

Knowing that the Georgetown point of the run was an uphill climb, I concentrated on keeping an even pace with the intent of picking it up on the return descent. I noticed that MApMyRun gave off my mile splits about a quarter mile ahead of the half-mile and mile markers. I made a note of it and decided to just focus on turning around at the 6 mile marker (what would be my four-mile turnaround point).

The Dellacaria Tunnel was my three mile point, and I made the turn at a bridge that was where my planned four-mile turnaround was. I felt good during the run back to Georgetown, even though my splits were not as consistent or faster than I thought they should be. As I passed the 10 mile marker (what should have been my finish line) I realized that the actual Georgetown endpoint was a half mile from the 10-mile marker. Overall, I ended up running 8.54 miles in 12:02.

The run was an unqualified success (because FINISHING!!!) but I forgot a couple of things. First, I didn’t get any Noun-Water (one Nuun tablet dissolved in a 20-oz. bottle of water) to get a boost for the run, nor did I take my KrampKrusher endurance chew before the run. I did have a “pre-breakfast” of a bottle of water and a Snickers, so I did hydrate and fuel up before the run. Second, I left my white runner’s cap at home, so I had to apply some s Skin So Soft to my  Marine hi-regs haircut. As of 1524 (3:24 PM) EST, I can happily report that my  head and limbs have no new insect bites at this time.

Today was a good run for my current part of the training schedule; at least I know I can run about a third of the Marine Corps Marathon at a 12 minute clip (14 mile pace is recommended for the MCM). I also have not felt any side effects from only doing one gym session this week.

Winning, I guess.


Soccer Saturday: Tottenham Hotspur versus Liverpool

My yearly trip to The Nation’s Capital for the UEFA Champions’ League Final Bar Hunt and subsequent DC United game trip was more or less done on the fly. I was expecting to help a co-worker move in to her new house and celebrate with her Marine son. Unfortunately, she was out all this week and I had no way of contacting her.

Friday about lunch I scanned the Hilton Honors app for hotels with rooms available. The prices were damn near bargains with the first weekend in June, compared to May (college graduations and every high school senior class in America taking a trip to DC). I booked a hotel based on familiarity and price. After getting off work, I hastily packed my bags and called an Uber to take me to DC. The price was relatively inexpensive and my driver was an old friend from work.

I spent the early Saturday morning searching Google Maps for a good place to watch the match. The three closest pubs were Hi-Velocity and Presidents Sports Bar, as well as an Irish pub with a name I cannot recall right now.

I found Presidents after a fashion; Google maps led me to the general location, but the bar I went to was not it. The bar that I entered was not necessarily going to be a “viewing party” place, since they would only offer to turn one TV to the game. I ordered a beer as a courtesy, then discreetly checked my phone for the location of Presidents. It was located in the lobby of a hotel in the adjacent block. I paid for my beer, then slipped out to find the actual location of Presidents. After walking around the entire Marriot’s hotel structure, I found Presidents in the hotel lobby. The atmosphere didn’t say “viewing party,” so I set off in search of High Velocity.

High Velocity was a five minute walk from Presidents, and I walked into a sports bar with many sizes of hi-def big green televisions. The bartenders were friendly, the beer selection was well-done and the food menu was satisfying; I ordered the crab stuffed deviled eggs and a reuben sandwich that was stiffed full of meat between sumptuous rye bread and thousand island dressing. The only thing that was missing was a sizable and noisy contingent of Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur fans. I spent the game with a lone Spurs supporter to my left and a contingent of Liverpool fans in the corner to my right.

None of them sung “You’ll Never Walk Alone” either. Dammit.

The actual game won’t go down as an instant classic. Liverpool was sort of gifted a penalty due to the handball, even though the ball was not kicked as a shot attempt or even a pass. Liverpool did earn that second goal, though, and their goalkeeper made some fine saves to keep Tottenham off the scoreboard.

Tottenham 0, Liverpool 2.

Walk on, walk on…


Soccer Saturday: DC United vs. San Jose Earthquakes

Audi Field is a job well done by the builders and team management, but getting there is NOT half the fun. There are bus lines that run close to the stadium, but most of those stops mean a couple of blocks’ walk to Audi Field. Also, no DC Metro rails to the stadium…which means no easy egress either.

There are also no paper tickets anymore, you have to display them on your Ticketmaster app from your smartphone. If you are a proud owner of a “less than Galaxy or iPhone” phone, this can be a hassle when you try to post your ticket on your phone as you are here’d through the security gates.

DCU did get a great goal to tie the game, but the host Quakes decide to play less than positive football. The Q’s did break up a lot of United passes in the final third of the field and in the 18-yard box, but they also spent too much time playing goons, with a few rough tackles that didn’t earn the ref’s whistles until late in the match.

Lastly, that didn’t fell like seven minutes of injury time, but there was a scuffle during the injury time period, so maybe the refs decided to pull chocks early to prevent a brawl.

Not a very pretty Soccer Saturday…but it beats working.

DC United1, San Jose Earthquakes 1


Song of the Day: I know this getting to be a recurring theme lately, but today YouTube is acting like a little bitch. Are there some serious technical problems, or is YouTube trying to scare us “freeloaders” into being paying subscribers? WTF, is this cable TV now?

Other than the Merseysiders’ “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and “Ferry ‘Cross the Mersey,” no videos…again. Sorry.


MCM 2019: Exodus

As I sit here blogging on a second straight UNSCHEDULED day off (such a lazy bastard), a few notes on my week back home in Peoria, IL:

I took last week off to go home to Peoria to help my sister move from our home of 31 years to an apartment a half mile down the street. I didn’t take the week off from my marathon training, rather I finally upped the road mileage this week. However, I was home for my sister, so helping her out came first.

I flew home last Monday night and after sleeping in, got to work late Tuesday morning. I set up a good schedule: Sleep until 0900 or so, get dressed in work attire, work at the house and move stuff until she had to go to work at 2:00 PM, then get a light, late lunch and either run or go to Landmark health and Fitness around 4:00-ish. Everything actually got done.

The move was bittersweet, but necessary. It was home ever since I came home from Christmas leave in 1988. Lots of good Christmases and summers at home over all that time. There is a little room in the house where my mother passed away nearly three years ago; I refer to it to this day as “my mother’s last way station before she went to heaven.” I just realized I forgot to tape a couple pictures of my late father and mother in that room before I left.

I did get to take a small cupful of my parents’ ashes and spread them around the three homes in Peoria. Early Sunday morning, I got up to the house one last time. I took a spoonful and a half from each of my parents’ urns, put them in a small glass, then mixed them together.  The first sprinkle went out in the front yard. I wanted to sit in the front porch swing one last time, but the weather that morning wasn’t pleasant and the seats were wet.

I then drove to the south end of Peoria and spread their ashes in the yards of the two places where we lived during my childhood; 309 South Charlton and 309 South Webster. Actually I spread ashes in the vacant lot where 309 Webster once stood. Having said my final goodbye to my parents and my Peoria homes, I went back to my sister’s apartment to pack for the flight home.

Most of my runs were up and down North Sterling Avenue, and of my running was done in the afternoons since the weather was unseasonably cool. Not much sunshine that week, but the rain was pretty much kept at bay. On Tuesday, I went north towards War Memorial Drive running a most flat route up to the Glen Hollow Shopping Center before turning home. On Thursday, I took Sterling south towards Farmington Road and turning around at Laura Bradley Park. The big difference on this route was the downhill starting at the intersection of Sterling and West Nebraska Avenue, it’s about a quarter mile decline going down, and a good quarter mile climb on the return. I think the climb back dropped my run pace for the day.

Although the weather was just right for running, there was the issue of traffic. My runs were around the afternoon drive time, which meant I had to keep and eye and an ear for traffic. This was a big thing on the Sterling south run, where I had to make a trick crossing at the corner of Sterling and Farmington Road, where there are no real crosswalks and traffic coming from both directions.

Saturday afternoon was my longest run of the year so far. I took the Sterling south towards Farmington Road, taking Farmington and a brief climb towards West Main Street towards Bradley University. I noticed a sizable crowd at the Bradley Convention Center, and mistook it for the graduation ceremonies (it was their annual Mother’s Day celebration). I took Main Street to a rolling University Street. When I reached Forest Hill, I took it straight to my sister’s apartment.

My running paces this week dropped from 11:31 on Tuesday to 11:43 on Thursday, then 12:02 on Saturday. I could point to my running later in the day and with some food in my stomach, or my choice of pacing myself. That being said, it was the second week of May and at least the weather was good, so it’s not worth sweating over the pace right now.

UEFA Champions League: I didn’t get to see Liverpool’s stunning comeback over Barcelona on Tuesday. I did get to see the second half of Tottenham rallying to beat Ajax, watching the game at Round 1 Amusement Center instead of making the Uber trip to Buffalo Wild Wings.

I am so done with Peoria’s CityLink mass transit system. After my Friday workout, I made the twenty minute walk home from Landmark to my sister’s new apartment. I didn’t see a bus until I was at the last light before home.

The one sad part about my moving experience: my photos from my deployment to Saudi Arabia for Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm were confirmed lost for all time. L looked in every chest of drawers, closet and even the storage tubs in the garage.

From the layover in Charlotte, NC on, the trip home sucked. I chipped a sizable hole in one of my molars while chewing a piece of gum. My flight back to Baltimore was delayed by an hour and a half, meaning I didn’t land until 9:30. When I got on the ground, it took a half hour for them to unload our luggage. I guess I caught the local Uber at Baltimore Washington International Airport at a surge because my two hour ride home cost me [REDACTED]. Finally it was raining when I finally made it back home to Lexington Park, MD.

Health Issues: Rash on neck from one of my older tech shirts, which is now too small for me to wear comfortably (chaffed too much on the Tuesday run). Heat rashes on both my arms. Chipped molar. Big toenails growing weirdly. But my beard is coming in nicely, though. But my beard is coming in nicely though.

Going home last week was a good thing for me. I got to spend time with my sister and help her move into her new place, while closing down the old home one last time. I guess the big thing was putting an important part of my past behind me.

Sorry, no SOTD tonight, either.

Post script: Atari VCS updates. NO SD CARD SLOT and delayed until end of 2019. Ruh-roh.


MCM 2019: Ash Wednesday + 3

Today was my longest session at the gym (aka The Valley) in six months, courtesy of my laziness on As Wednesday.

I woke to the 0430 alarm and it was cold as hell outside. Where was this early spring that Puxnhatawney Phil spoke of over a month ago? No idea. Anyway, I got dressed and meandered about 20 steps past the stairway outside my apartment before saying “Screw this, I’ll come home and work out.” So, I had my breakfast and coffee and got a ride in to work. I even got home early because my friend had to leave for the Ash Wednesday service at his church. Having got home about 20 after 4, i resolved to head to the gym at 5:30 for my circuit course workout. I left about five to six, and when i got to The Valley it was, for such a small gym, kind of packed. When I saw “packed” I meant that there was one older gentleman on of the ellipticals and two other people using machines that I use for my circuit course. I was not in the mood for waiting or trying to work in with others, so it was back to the apartment to see how I would make up the workout.

Thursday morning I made up the circuit course, and Friday I did the elliptical. This morning, I did a circuit course and then hit the elliptical to properly complete my workout week.

Since it was Saturday morning, I had no rush to answer the 0430 alarm, I decided that since NBC Sports Network and Fox Sports One had English Premier League and German Bundesliga games on (respectively) I decided to have some Eurpoean club soccer with my workout. I was watching Bayern Munich vs. Wolfsburg on FS1; Bayern scored to make it 3-0 as I was finishing my workout and leaving the gym.

I share the workout facilities with other tenants who pay rent just as I do, so yes, I have to share the gym. I do have problems when other tenants let their kids on the ellipticals, spinners (think Peloton), and workout machines without proper supervision…especially when grown-ups are patiently waiting to get their workouts in. Watching TV in the gym is a privilege and not necessarily a right, I get it. That doesn’t justify kids (or non-tech-savvy adults) messing with the remote controls other than changing the channel. I could also do without playing hide-and-seek with the remotes before I start my session.

I’m sure there are rules on gym etiquette posted in each of the three workout facilities at Abberly Crest. There are also signs on the property about picking up after your pets, but then you see spoiled grass where said pets are allowed to relieve themselves, so…there’s that.

Update on March Sadness: My beloved Bradley Braves lost their season finale at Loyola of Chicago last Saturday night. I watched that game on tv as a precursor to Los Angeles vs. Chicago on MLS Opening Night. The Braves were summarily blown out by the host Ramblers to end the first half down by nineteen points, and they never recovered. However, I didn’t;t check the final Missouri Valley Conference standings until this morning, when I found out results had broken their way for them to finish fifth in the conference standings. Last night they beat Missouri State to get a semifinal round matchup…with Loyola of Chicago.

Go, Braves, go…that is all.

In regards to Ash Wednesday:

My blood glucose readings have sucked lately, and I don’t want to go back on insulin (or any more medications) unless I really have to. Even though I am nowhere near Catholic, I have decided to make some sacrifices for Lent.

Until after Easter, I have barred myself from meals and Starbucks from the on-site cafe’ where I work. I plan to substitute my $4 coffees and $8 lunches with SoBe water (or whatever bottled water I can purchase or bring to work).

I don’t plan on sacrificing my conditioning; in fact, starting Monday I am increasing all of my weights on the circuit course routines and upping my elliptical time to 47 minutes-45 minute workouts plus 2 minutes cool down. Thirty-six days until I run my first road race of the season, Hospice of St. Mary’s 5K. That being said, I would love it if the weather got more sunny and less rainy between now and then.

On Lent: The day of Lent, I posed the question on the Marine Corps Marathon and 10K page about “What are you runners giving up for Lent?” with the thought that runners in the pre-season (like me) or others in their running/training cycle have been thinking of ‘sacrificing’ for the next 40 days. On Thursday night, I was duly informed by my notifications that the admins had pulled my post. So, sometime today or tomorrow I need ro review the site’s policies and try to find out why my post had been pulled before picking a fight with the admins. I had been already asked to stop posting YouTube music videos and my blog on their site; now it’s time to politely ask the question,”Okay, who is really being the asshole here?”

MCM Rush Registration in ten days.

Song of the Day: Songs from EA Sports FIFA Game Soundtracks have been in my YouTube rotation the last few days. A few gems: Peter, Bjorn and John: Young Folks. Doves: Black and White Town, and one of my favorites EVER, BLK JKS: Lakeside.

To be honest I can’t fully explain how or why I like these songs or what they would have to do with soccer. In my opinion, these songs and others were selected by the FIFA game producers…

  1. By personal preference, soccer notwithstanding
  2. To help, in some way, promote smaller bands at alternate/independent recording labels,
  3. As pregame/postgame enjoyment, “stadium music” for the FIFA players
  4. Or just for the sheer heck of it.

Speaking of #4…I don’t pick up my phone in the daylight either.


Week in Review

One more week of conditioning in the books, despite two afternoon sessions being swapped for the morning sessions. This coming week will mark approximately one month since I’ve begun conditioning for the upcoming marathon training session. This will be my last week at the current light weights. Next week I will add on the weights and increase my time on the ellipticals to 47 minutes (45 minute exercise plus 2 minute cool- down).

Way to go, Puxnhatawney Phil! About a month ago, you said we would get spring six weeks early; instead it’s been mostly cold as hell with rain at least two days a week. Like I don’t have any less incentive to stay in bed. I want to run but I’m not sure about running in this cold-ass weather.

Stopping by Dick’s Sporting Goods yesterday on my weekly errands, I saw that they has a sale on tech shirts. I purchased two hunter’s orange Reebok tech tees for $15 apiece. There were some long sleeves in bright white that i could have purchased, but I hung fire on buying this for right now.

If I had planned this better, I would be at a Hilton Hotel somewhere in DC. I would be eating breakfast sandwiches and coffee from Starbucks, and wolfing down junk food from Whole Foods while watching European league soccer and the Opening Weekend of Major League Soccer’s Twenty-Third Season. Notables from the weekend:

  1. Tottenham 1-Arsenal 1. Didn’t watch this one, but I heard there was a penalty save in second-half stoppage time that preserved the draw for Tottenham.
  2. Everton 0-Liverpool 0. I missed the traditional singing of “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” Too bad because that was pretty much the only excitement from this one. A handfuls of blown chance by both sides and not much pressing for the late winner going into the second-half stoppage time.
  3. Los Angeles Galaxy 2-Chicago Fire 1. I missed the First Goal of the Season for my beloved Fire, but I did see Zlatan Ibrahimovich’s header for the win.
  4. Seattle 4, FC Cincinnati 1: Welcome to MLA, Cincy. Went to bed after the LA-Chi game even though I wanted to hike down to the Apex Clubhouse to watch it. Apex was too chilly and my apartment was warmer. So there.

ESPN has the Sunday doubleheader of DC United v. Atlanta United, then Los Angeles FC v. Sporting KC. I was tempted to buy tickets for the DC United game, since I live 90 minutes form DC, but the thought of sitting in open-air Audi Stadium in early March was not a good one. Atlanta and Sporting KC got big wins in the CONCACAF Champions’ League..so there’s that.

I am going down to the Apex to watch the doubleheader. If the place is in use, there are plenty of places and plenty of TVs available. Of course, there’s also Buffalo Wild Wings that is warm and has plenty of big-screen TVs, beer and dinner disguised as bar food.

Song of the Day: It’s soccer weekend (kinda) so these are my offerings:

The old English Premier League on Fox Sports Net theme song…if you can hear it

Kyo-“Contact:” This is from EA Sports’ FIFA 06 Game Soundtrack. I have no idea how FIFA selects the songs for their soccer games every year, but from what I’ve seen, they’ve done a good job.

Doves-“Black and White Town:” Oh, yeah…I used to like this song, too!


Mind over Matter

Finished Week Three with a good four mile Willow Road-Shangri-La loop. Made it in time for breakfast at Golden Corral before the trip to College Park to work the DC Breeze game. I underestimated the time because the game was an 11:30 start; the game ended about 2 and cleanup took about 45 minutes. Just got in the door half an hour ago.

My six month workout defines “recovery” as some “light aerobic exercise.” This can either be any form of exercise other than jogging or running. My choices are 1) walking, 2) swimming, 3) cycling (spinning?), 4) elliptical or rowing machine. For now I’ll settle for sleeping in tomorrow and getting a nice walk when I get home from work.

I have a pretty big week ahead at work (a few big decisions on some things), then memorial Day Weekend. the only thing I have set right now is that I am going to watch some married friends renew their vows. I have some financial commitments, so I am not sure about my yearly Memorial Day Weekend trip to DC. It usually involves  Hilton hotel, watching the UEFA Champions League final at a nice sports bar (or just a nice bar with ciders and good bar food), and memorial Day at the various war memorials in DC. usually there’s  DC United soccer game, but the Screamin’ Eagles don’t have any home games on any holiday weekends this year. I guess that’s the price you pay for being the worst team in Major League Soccer.

The longer runs are coming, so I need to get over to the Pax River gym and find some maps on their on-base road courses. I am doing okay on the runs, but mostly because I focus on things other than the physical impact of the run. I don’t ignore my form and pace so much as i try to shift focus away from the pain, especially for not having run so far, so long.

Tomorrow’s post is going to be a rant of sorts, since it’s really hard to discuss a brisk half-hour walk.

In honor of the opening weekend of the latest Godzilla remake, I offer this for today’s video: