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MCM 2018/T-Minus 81:After

My Wednesday morning short run was mostly uneventful, except for almost missing the two-mile turnaround marker. Dark as it gets, but no rain.

Only problems were after the run. I left my hotel room key card on the bed, and realized this a second after I shut the door. I had to ask the desk counter lady with way too many piercings on her face to loan me another card key.

When I got back in the room, it took me a while to find the air conditioner switch so I could cool off. I took a nap, planning on a half-hour shuteye (0610). I ended up getting back up at 0705.

Showered, fed, and dressed for work I wanted to grab a cup of coffee before I headed out for work. Two pots on the counter, one light roast, one dark roast (no decaf?). Both of them down to the dregs…and no counter lady (pierced or otherwise) to ask for fresh jugs.

So, tomorrow it will be two sets of the circuit, then a quick trip to the base track to work out a half hour fartlek. I don’t have my trust wristwatch so I will have to do with my wrist mounted mini-pedometer/stopwatch.

Random thought: I think I picked “Ship of Fools” by World Party as one of my Songs of the Day already. I have to say: if you can find the twelve-inch version of your favorite songs on YouTube, it’s worth the look.

Eventually I will have to have that conversation about accommodations for the MCM…

Song of the Day: “Memory Gospel” by Moby. I discovered it near the end of the movie “Southland Tales.” Director was the same guy who made “Donnie Darko.” Hell of a trip.

“Message in a Bottle” by the Police. When I first saw the video on “Video Concert Hall” about forty years ago, the playback was a little slower than the song actually was. “Message” was from the album “Regatta de Blanc,” the first album I ever listened to A-side through B side. The excellent instrumental “Deathwish” ends side A.

I really wish I could post videos to my blog…