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Dear Tony/P90X Day 17

Dear Tony,

Forgive me for keeping this short, kind of a personal-stress induced day.

Up at 0430, out of bed at 0445, eating energy bar at 0455, on the toilet at 0505, postponing the workout until noon at 0515. Remembered I had a call at noon so workout goes at 1700.

Stress induced at 1035. Not gonna go into it here.

Popped in the DVD at 1705. Five minutes into the stretch, time to take a VERY QUICK No. 2. Back into the workout and just got done with ABX at 1755.

Today’s life lessons:

  1. Know when to bend the band for the Shoulders and Arms workouts where you use it. Putting a loop in the band and then stepping on the loop or the crosspoint of the loop shortens the amount of band you can pull, adding resistance.
  2. Side-Tri-Rise: I can’t bend my right arm fully to lift my body. Find a method that allows you to get that bend in your arm where you can do the reps and the proper amount of work.
  3. ABX: The reason why you lift your chest is to get the angle between your torso and your groin where you can work your abdomen. If I square my core (shoulders erect, flat stomach, centered hips), lie flat on the floor, and lift my legs, I can still do the reps and work the abs as if i was lifting my chest.
  4. Still not working my HRM right. Dammit.

Yoga X in the morning because I need to clear my mind very first thing. See you next time, Tony.