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Trifecta 2021: Okay, THIS Time I’m Back…For reals…

Triple E 5

So, back to the usual starting point at Meadow Hill Lane, heading south on Willows Road toward the MD-5 intersection. I got off to a little bit faster start than I have been since I resumed running about two-plus weeks ago.

After climbing the first uphill at Ranieri Run Road, I pushed the pace a little bit, all the way downhill towards the MD-5 tee. Took the south road, going left, and made the steep climb up until the road leveled up midway past Nach-T Farms. I didn’t really need a second wind tonight, because my first wind was a good one, probably the best I’ve felt in a long time.

At the halfway point just past Triple E Farm Way, made the turnaround. Just kept pumping my arms and legs all the way back down MD-5 towards the tee and back up Willows Rd. The climb back home was the steepest of the run, but I didn’t let up off the gas that much. Finally to the realtor’s sign at the top of the hill, then the final down-up-down sequence before crossing meadow Hill Rd and the climb past the Three Hydrants to the finish at the Abberly Crest Road sign.

Final distance: 5.12 mi. @ 12:17 pace

The Rules:

  1. Running every other day from now until November 8.
  2. Diet will be as much keto as I can stand, and cutting out as much “processed” sugar as possible. No junk food or desserts.
  3. Substituting soft drinks for sparkling water (with caffeine, if possible).
  4. Long runs alternating on Saturdays and Sundays.
  5. No more missing runs…summer vacation is over.
  6. Maybe one of these days, start alternating run days with circuit courses at the gym (good luck on this one)
  7. Weigh-ins after every long Saturday/Sunday run.


Okay…excuses time.

Between the National Mall run on July 4th and August 29th, I simply stopped running.

Too tired to run after work.

Couldn’t get out of bed to run before work.

Needed a week to “take care of business.”

Too much stuff going on in my head/not motivated.

Yadda yadda yadda.

Why I’m Back:

Two weeks ago, a Marine friend from my Yuma, Az days, Trish Burke, committed suicide. I found out on Facebook messenger from another Marine friend, Dennis Rosales; he attended her funeral that Saturday.

Late Tuesday night, I got a text from Dennis. I didn’t get the text until Tuesday morning, before I went to work. I texted him back, and we face-timed me. he told me that a Sergeant from my work center in Yuma, Jason was in some bad times.

I gave Jason a call, and let him speak for a half an hour. One of the best phone calls I’ve had all year. Without going too much into his personal business, he told me that he was on the mend and he was going to get back with his family the next day, and put himself and his life back together.

What I can tell you about Jason, besides being a happily married with two grown children and a retired Marine (commissioned officer as a Sergeant, naturally) is that he is a WAAAAY more experienced runner and blogger than I am. This year will be my seventh Marine Corps Marathon; Jason has finished 36 MCMs, in addition to many other marathons, half-marathons, several ultra-marathons, and had the bravery to attempt a hundred-mile marathon…which he said he will make the attempt again, one day.

As awesome and extensive as his blog is, he told me last night that he really did enjoy reading mine. He did enjoy reading about my roads to the previous six marathons, from the most mundane and workaday, to the days where I really got into the spirit of running, as well as the MCM itself. Talking to Jason, and him telling me that he was alive, healing, and thankful that I reached out to him…I was truly glad that I could reach out and touch him that way. And that he ready MY blog…and liked it?

Yeah, I was wondering how I ran a little faster today.

In reality, I’m supposed to be writing these blogs as a way of keeping me honest about my progress in training. In fact, I used to post these blogs on an MCM runners’ website before the admins asked me to stop; my goal was to inspire other runners, but their stance was that I was promoting myself too much.

Fair point.

I have noticed, mostly in my email folder, that I get notices from WordPress about people who have read entries in my blog and enjoyed reading them…especially when I actually TRY to write something worthwhile.

So, Jason, if you do get a chance to read this, thank you for being alive…thank you for letting me listen to you talk…and thank you for re-lighting the spark for me to re-start this blog, as well as get back on the road.

And yes…you and I SHALL run the Marine Corps Marathon next year…live and in person, God willing.

Song of the Day:

Jason also enjoyed my Song of the Day selections. To be honest, 99% of my running is on public roads during the pre-dawn through morning hours. Headphones are not a good idea with the early-morning NASCAR Craftsman Series wannabes burning through the local roads…at twenty-plus miles over the posted speed limit.

To be even more honest, many of my selections over the past year or so have not necessarily been running or even workout tunes. But I persist.

Over the last year or so, I try to provide a brief snippet of history about the song, and why I picked it. However, it is getting late, so my SOTD picks will be brief:

“True Faith”/New Order: The original 80s video was kind of stupid, so I think of the scene from the movie American Psycho, when this was played. This song depends more on the bass and rhythm guitars, so I don’t think it’s necessarily a “synth pop” song.”(“True Faith”) is about drug dependency. I don’t touch smack but when I wrote that song I tried to imagine what it’s like to be a smackhead and nothing else matters to you except that day’s hit: vocalist Bernard Summer.

“Visions of Gideon”/Sufjan Stevens: The version I’m playing here is a slowed down and melancholisized version of the original song, which was the closing song of a romantic drama movie named Call Me by Your Name. I found this version on a fan-made video for the Netflix foreign language teen-drama Exile.

This is more of a cool-down/yoga track than a running track.

“Promontory aka The Gael”/Last of the Mohicans soundtrack: I have never seen Last of the Mohicans, but I do enjoy Gaelic music such as this (similar track: “The Blood of Cu-Chulainn” from The Boondocks Saints); this does get my blood up for a run, I tell ya!

MCM2020/Day 96: Orange

It is twenty minutes to seven on a warm evening somewhere in southern Maryland. I am enjoying a dinner of cold cuts, olives and pickles as I type this.

Tested negative for COVID-19, FTW!

Right eye cataracts surgery went smooth as glass this morning.  The only pain I really felt was when the nice nurse stuck a needle in my had for the intravenous drip. What I saw during the surgery would be great CGI/laser images for a Pink Floyd show, but it was painless.

As I type this, and not necessarily in need of reading glasses (yet), I have no swollen right eye from the surgery, nor am I suffering headaches of any magnitude.

My diabetes is mostly under control, except for today. I will fix that with my second dose of medicine.

Alive and healthy…once again, For The Win!


The bad news is that my marathon training schedule has been put into arrears. I just spent twenty minutes on my work laptop rearranging my schedule.

Starting tomorrow, I will alternate runs (of gradually increasing distance) with some of the more cardiovascular workouts from P90X. Not in any particular order: Cardio X, Core Synergistics, Kenpo X, Yoga X, and X Stretch.

I also made a strategic decision regarding resuming P90X. I will be resuming P90X in August, after my last eye surgery. I will be repeating P90X Lean instead of going to P90X Classic.


Second reason: I need to get back on the losing weight program. My purpose is to build a stronger, leaner, more durable core and strengthen my legs for what may be an aggressive program.

I also want to get under 205 lbs.

Third reason: I need stronger muscles and ligaments, but not necessarily bigger ones. I’m not traveling to neither Ocean City, MD nor Arlington this year to display My Personal Gun Show, and I may be still struggling to much with my longer runs.

Looking back at my Marine Corps Marathon schedule since May (right after the Historic Half Marathon), I am seeing far too many missed workout days. I color code my workouts like this:

Green/done!   Gold/P90x and a run done, same day! Blue: Shortened/aborted run. Orange: F’n lazy a$$ no-show (did not do)

Not really wanting to count, but I bet I have more orange than green on the board…or maybe 52% to 48% green and blue (combined) over orange.

However, the calendar still reads July. I am still motivated to complete the virtual  Marine Marathon on October 25.

Quick aside: The MCM Organization officially cancelled the on-station MCM Weekend in the DC Triangle this year. No Runner’s Expo National Harbor, MD), no special events in the DC/VA area, no running events in the Nation’s Capitol, no Beating the Fourteenth Street Bridge or the party in Crystal City, Va. No uphill finish at the Arlington Cemetery or post-run photo by the Marine Corps’ Iwo Jima Memorial.

Okay sadness over. the thing is, I have mapped out a course that threatens to be much tougher than the traditional MCM course. Uphill/down hill, then downhill/uphill on Three Notch Road/MD-235, then downhill/uphill on Chancellor’s Run towards Great Mill Road, MD-5 south uphill/downhill towards Holy Face Church/Little Flower School. And then all the way back in reverse.

That’s the opening 18 miles.

The final four mile out and back is running all the way south down Willow Road towards MD-5 North and then out to whatever MapMyRun declares to be Mile 22. The finishing 2.2 is one last climb up the hill of Willow Road going back to Abberly Crest, with a last triumphant run past the Three Fireplugs and the finish (Mile 26 and change, for the official MCM record).


  1. Getting out of bed at 0430 for a 0500 workout
  2. Getting the workout started no later than 45 minutes after getting home from work
  3. Slowly but surely getting back on the road
  4. Finishing the runs, especially the Sunday (and occasional Saturday) long runs…pace be damned
  5. Working the hills…as many as possible, and looking for survival and consistency
  6. P90X: Hit play. Engage the core. Breathe.Work the hips.
  7. X Stretch every Sunday afternoon/evening. Before bed of you have to.


The fun starts Wednesday morning.


Songs of the Day:

Bob Dylan/”Jokerman:” I have always loved how the images from the video (ancient and modern art, popular culture images/scenes) hep tell the story that Bob is trying to tell…even if he admits that he may have overthought this song and the rest of the album (Infidels). From Genius:

“ ‘Jokerman’ is the first track from Dylan’s 1983 album Infidels. This album is often seen as Dylan’s return to secular music after a conversion to Christianity and three gospel records.

However, “Jokerman” is still laden with religious imagery and biblical references. Like Christ, the Jokerman has messianic aspirations, but unlike a legitimate godly figure who will die for others, the Jokerman ultimately is unaccountable even to himself

Dylan: “That’s a song that got away from me. Lots of songs on that album [Infidels] got away from me. They just did.”

ST: “You mean in the writing?”

Dylan: “Yeah. They hung around too long. They were better before they were tampered with. Of course, it was me tampering with them. [Laughs] Yeah. That could have been a good song. It could’ve been.” If the YouTube comments section means anything, Bob Dylan’s fans would respectfully disagree.

Bruce Springsteen/”Atlantic City:” I think this song is just Bruce on acoustic guitar and some dude (maybe Little Steven?) on mandolin. It works…and my God is it so hauntingly beautiful.

” ‘Atlantic City’is perhaps one of Springsteen’s most dour songs. It depicts a young couple’s romantic escape to the New Jersey seaside resort of Atlantic City, where the man in the relationship intends to take a job in organized crime upon arriving in the city.

“The song wrestles with the inevitability of death and the hope of rebirth in various ways, especially in life and in the actual city of Atlantic City, which was going through an attempted mob takeover while the state government was trying to implement casino gambling within the city.

” ‘Atlantic City’ started as a demo recorded in early 1981 at Springsteen’s home studio at Colts Neck, NJ called “Fistfull of Dollars” (for the Clint Eastwood movie). He changed the title and the chorus to “Atlantic City” later that year, and on January 3. 1982, recorded 4 takes, along with other “Nebraska” demos that later made up the album of the same name. Take 2 was the one chosen for the album, released in fall 1982.”


MCM2020/Uncle Albert-Admiral Halsey

We’re so sorry/Uncle Albert/

“But we haven’t done a bloody thing all day/

“Were so sorry/Uncle Albert/

“But when the kettles on the boil/we’re so easily called away”

Paul McCartney and Wings/”Uncle Albert-Admiral Halsey”

Blew off the three miler to MD-5 this morning, and I just waved off Core Synergistics for P90X.

It is currently 94 degrees outside and humid. Those morning runs are gonna be a killer.

So, this is my Independence Day Weekend:

Saturday: NAS Gate 1 5 (0500) and Core Synergistics (1700)

Sunday: Kenpo X (0500) and X Stretch (1700)

Monday MD-5 3 (0500) and Yoga X (1700)

I am back teleworking on Monday, so I should be up at 0500 hitting the last week of P90X Lean.

Paul Mc Cartney and Wings:”Let ‘Em In”

Okay, no training today…but you got a couple of Songs of the Day out of it.

Gotta take ’em where you can get ’em.

Marathon Training During COVID-19/Throne

iStore 4: six and a half hours later…

After being in the throne room doing a No.2 on and off for an hour, I lost the “magic hour,” that period of time when I am prepped and motivated for a scheduled run. At 0530 I put off today’s run until 11:30 a.m.

Generally, the “heat of the day” takes place around 4:00-ish. However, the late morning was quite warm for being the last day before the First Day of Summer. Not any crushing humidity, but warm enough where I was glad to suck down a couple of bottles of water prior to stretching out at 11:10.

Speaking of stretching…those P90X stretches are money, yo!

An 11:19 pace over a sloping four miles is not bad (for me), but I’m not sure how I slowed down over the last mile. Mile three starts with the Three Fireplugs and ends coming back up to Abberly Crest, but the downhill and somewhat flat downhill toward the iStore facility should have been a little faster than a 12:06 final mile. Maybe I was anticipating hearing MapMyRun call out that last mile?



Spring has become summer. My diabetes is under control, but my blood pressure monitor is giving me scary readings. temporary “plantar” issue with my foot during the first mile of the run, but it’s fine now. Still no COVID-19 symptoms since I’ve been in shelter-in-place.

Eating chili for lunch as I write this. I anticipated the chili lasting a little bit longer than two days. Pho DeeLite for dinner tonight?

Planning on switching the scenery for the Sunday run: I am going on the base to run the ten-mile loop. However, I am going to tack on the run up Cedar Point Road up to Gate Two (all of it uphill) and then run it back down to the starting point at Drill Hall…where I ran to last Sunday.

Gear check: My Copper Fit ankle socks are holding up well. They stay on my feet, and I have never had any issues with blisters or sores. My Hanes ale socks are in the neighboorhood of over thirty years old. Most of them have holes in the big toes, but I have never had any ill effects when i run in them,

My asics Gel-Contend 5 is holding up rather well, for the mileage I have put on them so far. I overprint, so most of my shoe wear is in the outer rear edge of the heels. Lots of miles coming up this summer, though.


P90X, Day 68: Core Synergistics

I know I ate after the run today, so maybe five hours was not enough recovery time between the run and today’s P90X session? Whatever it was, I was doggin’ it in the last twenty minutes of the workout. I barely made it through the bonus round.

Looking at the numbers on my workout sheet, they’re comparable to two weeks ago, but yes, I was running on fumes after the towel hoppers. It didn’t help that I forgot to reach under after my first push-up on the reach-high-and-unders.

Just got done chugging my recovery drink; orange is kinda not my flavor. to for the brand I purchased from GNC.

I am just killing myself, but it looks like another night of Uber Eats…IF there are Uber drivers on the road who have the UE duty.

Kenpo X in the morning…see you next time, Tony!


Song of the Day: Utopia/”Cry Baby:” Because I am so, SO, SO tired of #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo, #Antifa, and the rest of the Social Justice Warrior movement. Nothin’ but lyrics.

Pink Floyd:“In the Flesh/Run Like Hell/Waiting for the Worms:” This sequence from Pink Floyd: The Wall is more about “Pink’s” descent into madness, but given the current societal atmosphere, this to me is kind of a glimpse into where I think mankind is headed. PS: In my mind, Pink here is not represented by the current POTUS. Jus’ saying.


MCM 2020: Six-Pack

So, this weekend I wasted seventy-two hours blowing off/worrying about a project that took me four hours to finish on Monday.

Yesterday I got up at 0405, did my normal pre-long run preparations, did some P90X stretches…and then backed out of the run, with the project still on my mind. Breakfast came and went (scale? what scale?), then lunch…then a whole lot of time on YouTube. Dinner was supposed to be chicken vegetable soup; it was slices of pepperoni with Munster cheese.

10 p.m. became midnight…and then 2 a.m. became 5 a.m. Out of the rack at 0505…and on and off the throne until 0700.

Project started (finally) at 10:00, done just before 2:00. Three bowls of chicken soup with lunch; breakfast was two cups of coffee.

Four o’clock, and I started drinking 32 oz. of water with various substances in them. Some of it plain, some of it Mio, and about 8~10 oz. of recovery drink that I never got to drink on Saturday morning.

About five minutes before I was going to stretch, I got a call from my supervisor at work (duty calls, the run can wait!). Twenty to six and started the P90X stretches. At 5:55, I lubed up and went out the door.

About a mile into my ten-mile run to King’s Christian Academy and back, I realized that I forgot my chafe defender for my nether regions. I once went almost nine miles on a humid Friday morning without my Bodyglide, but it was a warm but dry afternoon, 79 degrees at step=off time. I did not want to run any distance coming back with chafing on the homestretch. So, I made a tactical decision: the run would go just six miles for safety reasons.

I made the three mile turnaround at an unmarked private road heading south on MD-5 towards Sheetz. Because of the late-day traffic, I couldn’t hear all my splits. I did hear the 12:05 split for mile 5 and I chalked that up to the uphill climb going back up.

My final time was 1:12:37 over 6.32 miles. And yes, I ran the three fireplugs back up to Abberly Crest. I was surprised that my splits had fallen to 12:04, especially when that was when i was going downhill.

So, the project is done, the run is done (thirty-seven hours  later!), and now I get P90X doubles tomorrow. Back to work on the keto diet, and another rough week on P90X.

Song of the Day: Dire Straits/”Sultans of Swing:” Good old Mark Knopfler, just strumming about playing in a rock band in N’Awlins (or it South London?). From Genius

“Sultans of Swing” by Mark Knopfler appears on the self-titled Dire Straits album – 1978. It’s a story song, told as a second person narrative about the London Jazz experience and is based on Knopfler watching a band perform in a pub in Deptford, who called themselves The Sultans of Swing.


“Mark Knopfler talked about switching from a National Steel guitar to a Fender Stratocaster to perform the song:

I thought it was dull but as soon as I bought my first Strat in 1977, the whole thing changed, though the lyrics remained the same. It just came alive as soon as I played it on that ‘61 Strat which remained my main guitar for many years and was basically the only thing I played on the first album and the new chord changes just presented themselves and fell into place.


Marathon Training During COVID-19: Dual x3


The TV has not been on that much during my shelter-in-place month at home.

I stay away from the TV news; the global COVID-19 pandemic has been turned into a political football, with too many people on every side and faction doing more fighting for November votes than working for solutions for the near and far term. Besides, most of the female anchors are at home and/or behind desks…no leg shots.

I have all but given up on the home shopping networks. Not that much that I want to buy. I rarely see a female hostess wearing skirts or a dress. Also, I keep seeing the same two or there at nearly all hours.

Sports is a joke. The EASports Madden and FIFA tournaments on ESPN are a small reminder of how my PS2’s DVD last reader died on me, and getting a refurbished on will take some time. Sports talk radio and their TV simulcast is useless without much actual live sports. Some, but not much interest in The Last Dance documentary; too much of a reminder of when the Chicago Bulls were championship contenders, instead of the mediocrities they are now.

Last night I started watching NHK World, the Japanese based, English language version of the Japanese television network. Maybe when I decide the TV is less background noise and more something to watch, I’ll take a closer look at it.

…and wasn’t I supposed to to the game_mod SD card update for my Atari Flashback 9 on my birthday…over a month ago?




Dear Tony,

Well today I finally caught up on my P90X schedule. Thursday it was Kenpo X in the morning and X Stretch just after work. Today it was Cardio X.

Lessons learned:

  1. Kenpo X: learn to sync moving your hips, legs and feet when throwing the punches. Don’t worry too much about how fast you’re throwing the punches any more than you would about pulling back when you punch. Concentrate on using your hips/legs/feet to drive the punches. You’ll throw the punches harder and get more of a workout.
  2. I’m also getting better at hitting “pause” and taking my pulse at the water breaks.
  3. X Stretch: Not as dented in sweat as the other workouts, but I did get damp near the end. I was convinced that X Stretch does connect to the other P90X workouts and can help reduce the risk of injury. However…trying to fit in XStretch into my running schedule will be a challenge. Maybe after a Sunday run? Get up at 0500 on Mondays? We’ll see, but I’m not too sure about doing two exercise periods a day (p()X and running) more than twice a week.
  4. Cardio X: Times to pause and check your pulse: after the yoga sequence, after the kenpo sequence,  after the plyometric sequence, and just before the cool down.

Yoga X bright and early…see you next time, Tony!


iStore 4

The facility is called iStorage, actually.

So, today I clocked an 11:23 pace, even though I was slacking on the last mile headed towards iStorage and back. The three mile marker is just before the three fireplugs on the uphill towards the Abberly Crest entrance. After that, it’s an uphill and downhill, and mostly flat out to the iStore and back up the hill to finish. I also extended the run a little too far out past the iStorage, but for me it’s better to finish a little over the distance than a little under.

This week on P90X focused more on cardio than muscle-building, but i think it’s still impressive that I managed to go sub 11:30 on days when I had to workout in the morning or at noon and then run four hours later. Also, I’m using a few more stretches from P90X and I think that’s helping me be more durable.

I thought a little bit about the Sunday run, especially on the turnaround at MD-5. I would have to climb the hill going north on Willows Road for the final mile and a half to finish Sunday. Ditto for the Virtual Half in sixteen days. Also, I will probably need an 8-oz bottle of water with Mio and pickle juice for the final 4 miles. Maybe a Gu packet as well.

Just looked at MapMyRun: 21.5 miles in the last seven days. Paces since Saturday: 11:30, 12:01, 11:26, 11:23. Nice.


Song of the Day: Duran Duran/”A View to a Kill:” My favorite James Bond opening theme song ever. I played the hell out of my older sister’s Duran Duran records when I was in high school. From Genius:

“Duran Duran’s “A View to a Kill” is the title track of Roger Moore’s last James Bond movie, released in 1985. It is the most successful 007 theme in North America, hitting #1 in the Hot 100.

“It inspired a memorable music video where singer Simon Le Bon has his spy day (even sharing the Eiffel Tower with the actual film). Much better than movie’s actual credits, too cheesy and 80s for their own good…”

The actual YouTube video in the hyperlink is a fan-made remix of the original song, and a damn good one. It repeats the best bits of the song, and at the end, adds “That Fatal Kiss,” a “romantic” version of “View” arranged by Bond soundtrack producer John Barry.



Marathon Training During COVID-19…the saga continues

P90X, Day 24:

Dear Tony,

Today, I straight up bonked it.

Normally, I eat a protein bar within a half hour of my workout. I didn’t have a great dinner last night, and I skipped the bar because I didn’t want to have to go No.2 just before or during a workout.

Not a good idea. I did some of the routines a little better than others, but sometimes I lost that focus. I think during others I was fatigued a little more than I should have. I had to shut it down during the “bonus stage,” during the plank to chatarunga sequences.

So, tomorrow it’s back to the bar and being a little more disciplined in my pre-workout throne room protocols.

Because I overdid the No.2 on Monday, I am doing a double P90X session tomorrow: Kenpo X in the AM and then X Stretch in the PM.

See you next time, Tony!


Raineri Run 4:

Today at noon was as good as it was gonna get for running: 55 degrees, sunny, and very little wind. No sense waiting until after work, just after the “heat” of the day (if you can call 61 deg. at 4:00 p.m. ‘heat.”). At 11:30 a.m. I started stretching, implementing a few stretches that I picked up from P90X. The sitting glutes stretch actually helped me today, because recently picked up some sore muscles in my left thigh. No such issues today.

As for today’s trot to Raineri Run: well, I can’t complain about an 11:26 pace, including a 10:48 on mile 3. Also considering that I finished P90X just under six hours before the run, I’ll take a pace like that for any short run.



I have done a lot better at keeping my training schedule since the lockdown. I’m workout out at least 25~35 minutes longer than my circuit cycles, and working out much harder. I’ve dropped at least ten pounds in the past month, and I’m running around an 11:30~12:00 minute pace. No major soreness or fatigue issues, I’m doing much better on my “keto” diet and I’ve seriously reduced the junk food and fast food from my daily routine.

I get up at 0430 for a P90X workout at 0500…or postpone it until later. Protein shake, breakfast, check-in via text message and go straight to work. Around 5:30, make up my P90X or go running. Dinner around 6:30~7:00.

No COVID-19 symptoms. No ligament or muscle tears. Type 2 diabetes under control. Going to see my RN practitioner Friday about my blood pressure and setting up for my cataract surgery in July.

The TV has been mostly off, surprisingly. Mostly HSN and QVC, maybe the odd sports talk show. No news of any kind; the outright lack of a search for solutions is depressing. The political news right now is a cringe, but it’s like a car crash: I just can’t look away.


So…how are YOU doing?


Song of the Day: Rolling Stones/”It’s Only Rock N’ Roll(But I Like It):” Amazing what pops into your lineup when you hit the YouTube link. methinks the actual female fan base would be much more rowdy in real life. And once again, Genius is only good for the song lyrics, and worthless in regards to any insight on the song.

It’s only one of the best rock bands in music history, fellas…no big deal.

Marathon Training During COVID-19

P90X, Day 19:

Dear Tony,

Twelve hours ago, I hit PLAY on Legs and Back/Ab Ripper X. I believe I’m getting better at pull-ups because I’m doing a few more each week. With each workout, I am getting better at focusing on engaging the core: shoulders squared with the hips, stomach in without straining to breathe, torso lined up with the legs.

I slipped a bit on ABX; today I could only muster six Pfeifer scissors. Otherwise, after last week’s breakdown, I am doing better on each workout.

Kenpo X tomorrow…see you next time!


Shelter In Place:

Another day where I wake up to answer the 0430 alarm, instead of dying of a heart attack or stroke in my sleep. Another day working through the keto diet. Another productive day of teleworking.

The good: My health. No corona virus symptoms, not even an easily treatable cold. My legs are handling P90X and running on the same day twice a week.

The bad: No personal interaction except over the phone.

The TV is mostly silent. Lots of YouTube music videos. Still haven’t redone my Game_mod for my Atari Flashback 9.


Three Days of Running:

Because I missed Wednesday’s run, I am running three straight days: Friday (3 mi.), Saturday (4) and Sunday (9 miles, from Park Hall to Shangri-La Drive and back). The big obstacle is going to be the weather. It has been raining the last two days, with more on the way Saturday and Sunday.

Considering I had not run in four days, today’s run was not bad. The sun finally peeked out about 1100, and 1130 I was on the road. Just a quick three miles from Abberly Crest to HWY-5 and back. My second mile split, which is going downhill for the first half mile and uphill for the second half, was only five seconds slower than my first mile split. I finished the three miles at an 11;39 clip.

Tomorrow is Kenpo X in the morning, then deciding the best time to to the Raineri Run 4 miler. Also, I need to eat more tomorrow so I don’t wear myself out on Sunday.


Song of the Day: Kasabian/”Club Foot:” In an interview with NME, songwriter Serge Pizzorno described this song as being about “loving a woman so much you want to kill it”( kill what, exactly? HT: Genius).

“According to famous Spanish footballer Fernando Torres, the song was used in the Spanish team’s preparation for the 2010 football World Cup in South Africa. The song was played in the dressing room before every match to get the players “in the zone.”






Dear Tony/P90X Day 11

Stream of consciousness blog because I just got done with YogaX at 5 before 8p.m…

Shoulders and Arms/Ab Ripper X plus four mile run with no stretching yesterday.

Woke up at 0430 sore as hell. Out of the rack at 0435, then 20 minutes in the throne room.

Too sore and no “pump” as Arnold Schwarzenegger like to call it.

I felt like I was finally in the “breaking down” phase of P90X, where your body is sore from extending and expending your muscles and limbs. At 0455 I had to wave of YogaX until after work.

Planned to go promptly at 5:00. Got a late work project at 4:05. Got it wrapped up at 5:35. One last email, submit my log sheet, and then had to cool down from the day.

Put the YogaX DVD at 6:15 p.m.

I need to get a better yoga mat, my feet can’t really grip the mat that I have right now.

Next time I do YogaX I am going to take a logbook and start taking notes on what I am doing. Did a little better than last week, but I still need to track what I can fix. I can’t do every pose (crane, plough to standing shoulder) but I can look at how do do them better, or find alternatives for the ones I REALLY REALLY struggle with right now.

I shouldn’t be saying “can’t.”

Better job focusing on the moment today. Somewhat of a challenge trying to do yoga after working on a last-minute project near the end of the day, but I get paid to do a job, and I got it done, and now I can perform my YogaX.

Need a little bit less light in the apartment. Smartphone goes off as well.

Salami and cheese for dinner tonight, and and early bedtime. Kenpo X in the morning and iStore 4 later in the day.

See you next time, Tony…hopefully at 0500-ish.

Marathon Training in the Pandemic

P90X, Day 10:

Dear Tony,

Well today, I was only 15 minutes late for my Shoulders and Arms/Ab Ripper X session. The progress is slowly getting better.

Today I learned when to curl my fitness bands when the routine calls for it. Curling up the bands, which is shortening the length of the band by twisting a loop in the band and then stepping on it as needed, added some needed resistance and gave me a better chance to work on my form.

The big notable for me here today was the Side Trip Rise at the end of the “bonus section” of the S&A workout. I found that I could actually hold my body close to the position that you show onscreen, and still do reps. I just have to not worry about chasing you and your friends down and take my time to get into the position.

ARX is getting a little better as well. I am learning how to modify my body so I can still get the intended work on my abs and still do a decent number of reps. I’m not cheating, and I’m still nowhere near a full 25 reps per exercise, but I’m starting to improve my form.

I thought a little about tomorrow’s Yoga X during my late afternoon run. I know that we’re not really focused on the Hindu spirituality that forms the basis of yoga. That being said, I do need to focus solely on doing each pose as best as I can. My mind kind of wandered in the last 20 minutes of last week’s Yoga X, and I need to pay better attention to what I am doing.


Raineri Run 4:

In the morning: another P90X workout complete, then a protein shake. Shower, then breakfast.

Another productive day working at home. Telephone conferences and lots of research and analysis, with a lunch of Li’l Smokies and steamed vegetables and laundry on the side.

4:45 p.m.: Turn in my work log, submit my timesheet, and get ready to run. No, I don’t stretch.

The run today was the Raineri Run four miler. Up to Shangri-La and Great Mills, then back up Willow Road up to the Raineri Run neighborhood. Pass the fireplug and turn around towards Abberly Crest. The actual 4-mile mark was at the “finish gate” formed by the Green Meadow Lane street sign and a STOP sign; however, I decide to do the three fire plug finish, which is  the final tenth of a mile upwards marked by the three fire hydrants by the sidewalk. I finished the run at 48:35, with an 11:38 pace over 4.17 mi. The second half of the run had more elevation but my Mile 3 and 4 splits were way better than my opening two miles.

One note: the State of Maryland is on a Shelter-In-Place order, and yet the 5:00 traffic on Willow Road is only slightly lighter than it should be. Oh, and now the state has ordered people going shopping or other public functions to wear face masks or face coverings of some sort.

Now this blog is done. A nice dinner, and then bedtime.

Yoga X in the morning…see you next time, Tony.


Song of the Day: Steely Dan/”Peg:” From Genius:

“This song is about an aspiring actress, with the director/photographer promising her a big break. Whether he’s leading her on or not is unknown, and given where the band got its name , you can’t help but wonder what kind of actress Peg is.”

I used to hear Steely Dan on the radio when I was a kid, and I liked them long before I heard this song and another one at high school freshman orientation.