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MCM 2019/T-Minus 59: RUN!

I heard the split at Mile 1 past the Bay Montessori School: 10:58.

Good luck with negative splits at that pace.

Normally the first short run is meant to get you back into running after a two-day layoff. Today however, I just went out to see how fast I could go. I guess I was somewhat motivated that I was five minutes late for the run (0450 step-off time) and I wanted to get back to the apartment about 0600-ish.

It was dark out this morning and the last quarter moon was under significant cloud cover. It was a cool morning out, although I guessed that the early morning sunrises were a thing of the past so close to autumn. Looking at my MapMyRun app, I was pretty consistent on my mile splits, which was good considering the climbs at Mile 2 and Mile 5, going up towards HWY-5 north going out and back up Willow Road coming back home.

My overall pace today was 11:11, but can I really keep up that pace over 18 miles (this weekend), let alone 26 (Marine Corps Marathon)? This is the last month I will have to really work on setting a decent early pace in the early third, then pushing the pace over the final two-thirds. I need to start checking my splits for last year’s long runs and the last few MCMs as well.

I also need to start thinking about getting some stuff to keep my legs from cramping near the Mile 16 markers; I ran out of the Kramp Krusher gels a few weeks ago, and now I have to find out how to order some more. I also need to get some anti-chafing spray since the new Body Glide sport sticks are HALF the size they used to be, and at the same price (wait, what?).

Also may need to lay off the speed…have to watch the legs…

Tomorrow, it’s 3 x 0.8 mi. intervals and another session at the Apex Clubhouse gym. I kind of like having the workout done before the day starts, gives me more time to get stuff done at home after work…I guess.

Song of the Day: Renaissance/”Widdicombe Fair”

Long story short: Former Yardbirds vocalist Keith Relf formed the band with his sister Jane and fellow Yardbird and drummer Jim McCarty. Experimenting with a more classical and progressive style of rock n’ roll, Keith, Jim and Jane stayed with the band from 1969through spring of 1970; however after they left, the band survived and reformed several times. This song is from a “transitional line-up” and is a cover of a traditional English folk song. Long-time and current guitarist Michale Dunford’s solo puts a nice bluesy spin on the folk song, with vocalist Terry Crowe putting a good howl on the lyrics. If I ran with a headphones and a music player, this would be a good song to hit the downhills or a long gradual upward slope (last 6 miles of Indian Head Trail?)

MCM 2019/T-Minus 62: Throttle

So, yesterday, after breakfast and coffee, I was just plain out of gas for the day. I had gone through an intense (for me) workout: just short of 2 1/2 miles of intervals, followed by a full weights/full reps circuit cycle. I took two naps during the day, and settled for a can of Hormel Black Angus chili (no beans) with two cups of rice. Side note; i think I’ll go with the chili with beans from now on, just for aesthetics’ sake. Yucky looking although it tasted good.

Reveille went at 0345 this morning, followed by the last two tubs of yogurt in my fridge. Dressed and lubed, stretched, packed my Mio water and GU’s, and out the door at 0455.

It was dark as I expected, but as I headed down the hill towards HWY-5 I noticed that there was some moonlight after all, provided by the last quarter moon. But that wasn’t even the best part.

As I turned onto Park Hill Road, right at the three mile mark, I caught some Gunnery Sergeant Ermey inspiration. Noticing that Park Hill Road/HWY-489 was a downhill, I took off with a burst of speed that I hadn’t used in a long while. When I hit the four mile mark, my MapMyRun app announced that I had hit an 11:01 split. Usually I would have been happy with something in the 11:20~11:30 range. Awesome!

However, I had to temper myself because I didn’t want to burn out before the run ended. As the 489 turned onto Three Notch Road/HWY-235 north, the road took a gradual uphill that would be maintained for just shy of two miles. Rather than ease back, I did what I could to maintain the pace that I had. I didn’t think I’d get any negative splits after that 11:01, and i didn’t really hear the splits. As I hit the eight mile mark and had my last water/GU break, I had to slow down just a bit before the last two miles. I opened the throttle one last time as I passed Mile 9 and the Lexington Park Baptist Church and the homestretch.

Mile markers 4 through 8 splits: 11:01/11:11/10:59/11:00/11:10. Now, Three Notch Road north won’t be anything like Miles 4-8 at the Marine Corps Marathon, so I will have to temper those a bit and try to stick with the 12:00 pace runner for at least the opening third of the MCM. This morning, though, it was a nice way to bounce back after last week’s hot mess at Mount Vernon.

Song of the Day: Rammstein/”Sonne:”

With all of the rain this week, mostly in the late afternoons and at night, the humidity was cut in half. Today’s run was under pleasant weather, with a nice last quarter moon followed by a mostly sunny sky. No humidity at all.

That being said, the song by the German rock band is mostly about boxing; in fact it was intended as an entrance theme for boxer Vitaly Klitschko. The song opens with vocalist Till Lundemann counting to ten like a referee getting ready to count out a fallen boxer. The lyrics reflect a boxer’s fists as being as hot as the sun.

I love the driving rhythm of this song and it puts you in a good mood to pace out you’re miles. On YouTube, this song is kind of controversial; one fan-posted version of this song shows footage of the first A-bombs being dropped; another version showing footage of German SS Panzer Iron Cross awardees and ain action was dropped after complaints.