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MCM 2020: Nitro?

Okay maybe it wasn’t that fast…

Okay, dinner last night was a Whopper meal with a 24 oz. Coke, onion rings, and chicken fries. Dinner came about ten-plus hours after breakfast (7:30 Saturday morning to 5-5:30 Saturday night). Not much else to eat but junk food after that until bedtime, about 10-15 p.m.

Reveille went at 0400. I Chobani yogurt plus about a bottle and a half of water. Since I was driving out to the base, I did my Saunders cycle on Kenpo X as soon as I got dressed (about 0420).

I made it onto the base at 0452. At 0454, I realized I forgot about my bottle of Ucan Hydrate. Running without it was not an option, so I burned fifteen minutes going back home to go get it. One more set of stretching and I was off at 0525.

I was worried about the threat of rain this morning, so I wrapped my smartphone in Saran Wrap for the run. It would be dry, but MapMyRun’s voice box would be muffled. I had no idea what my splits were until I finally got rid of the Saran Wrap just after mile 8…when the sun came out.

Did I go out too fast? 10:57 is one of the fastest opening miles I have ever done, so that may have been it. What I should have done is aim for an 11:30 first mile and work my way down from there, or at least aim to maintain that pace.

Looking back at the elevation of my run, from Mile 8 onward is a slow but steady upward climb. I  know the 10 mile loop starts to climb before the runway near Test Pilots School, but I didn’t know it was a gradual uphill all the way back to my starting point at Drill Hall Gym. Mile 8 thru Mile 11 would have been about three miles of climbing.

Would. Have. been.

I started losing momentum around mile 7, and then mile 8 I knew if I could just make the climb the course would plateau out and I could build up momentum for the run up Cedar Point Road. Unfortunately, a clear voice at mile 9 announced a thirteen something split. By then I was just running through mud, or so I felt.

As I passed the Marine Aviation Detachment HQ, I felt there was no way that I was going to do anything worthwhile, trying to go up Cedar Point Road’s mile-plus long climb from the entrance road to the Drill Hall to Gate Two and back. Not happening…not today anyway.

Just past the NAWCAD Building, I slowed to a power walk. I gave no thought to a Marine Corps shuffle and trying to find a second wind. Hiked back to the Drill Hall parking lot, and as soon as MMR called out “ten miles,” I crossed the “finish line.”

So, today’s life lessons:

  1. Proper nutrition as well as proper hydration the day before a long run. Keto or no keto, there was no excuse for me to go ten hours between breakfast and a late lunch.dinner, then nothing to eat between 6:30 last night and 0400 this morning.
  2. Aim for a twelve minute pace to start on the long runs, then work to gradually get faster. The Pax River ten-mile loop can be flat in places, but it does climb near the end. Also, start at a pace you can handle.


Postscript: Bad eating habits. Did not Finish, Still lost three pounds.


Song of the Day:

Foo Fighters/”My Hero:”  

“(Lead singer/guitarist Dave) Grohl has claimed he didn’t have any rockstar rolemodels growing up. This song is a tribute to those he did look up to: the everyday people.
The sentiment on this track is simple. You don’t have to be rich, or famous or successful to do something good or heroic.

“As with many Foo Fighters songs, fans have tried to appropriate the lyrics to Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain, but Dave insists that they refer only to the average man on the street. Whatever the case may be, “My Hero” was still a top 10 rock smash.”

George Harrison/”Got My Mind Set on You:” From Genius:

” ‘Got My Mind Set on You’ was originally sung by James Ray in 1962.

“In 1987, George Harrison covered the song for his album Cloud Nine and his version topped the Billboard Hot 100 and Adult Contemporary chart. It also peaked at #4 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.”

Eddy Grant/”Electric Avenue:” From Genius

“Guyanese-British singer Eddy Grant’s seminal response to the 1981 Brixton riot; riots that were themselves a response to the high level of unemployment among the Caribbean immigrant population of Britain at that time.

“Throughout the song, Grant goes against the demonized account of rioters popular in the British media, instead painting a picture of poor, jobless “warriors”, struggling to even feed their family.”



Dear Tony/P90X, Day 65: Cardio X

Dear Tony,

Is it me? Is it my $20 fingertip-reading heart rate monitor?

Cardio X beats per minute from May 20:

Yoga: 61 @ 27:18/Kenpo: 72 @ 18:05/Plyo: 58 @10:53/Core: 51 @ 3:50

BPM today:

Yoga 68 @ 27:19/Kenpo: 59 @ 18:05/Plyo: 60 @ 10:51/Core: 49 @ 3:49

My concern is how I started out in a rush from Yoga (of all things) and then made it above 60 only once? Honestly, Yoga is supposed to be the warm-up and Kenpo and Plyo have the most active movement of the four sets of exercises. And, yes, there’s kind of a drop-off from squat run to Superman/banana on the “finishing kick” of Core.

I still don’t know my target heart rate. It’s only been 65 days, no big deal.

Going running (somewhat) bright and early, and I’ll see you tomorrow after work for my first ever Back and Biceps/ABX workout. I will be a little late because I am attending a virtual “going away” ceremony tomorrow afternoon about 4;30~5-ish.

See you next time, Tony!

Song of the day: Okay, not gonna lie: I am damn near out of running inspirations songs, and I’m not that eager to dive into my pile of CDs that I otherwise haven’t opened this decade. SOTD is gonna get real scarce around this blog for the near future.

MCM 2019: Five

It was the Monday afternoon after the Marine Corps Marathon, twenty-five hours after I crossed the MCM finish line for the fifth time.

I rented my hotel room in Rosslyn for one more day. The weak, lame-ass excuse was to attempt to save my rain-drenched smartphone by covering it in a bowl of rice for twenty-four hours.

It was just before 3:00 p.m., and I was doing my laundry from the weekend. I decided to head down to Compass Coffee in downtown Rosslyn for a cappuccino and some sort of pastry while waiting for my load to dry.

On the way down to Compass, I saw some of the signage from the MCM still out on the streets. Ninety percent of the festive decorations from the MCM had been taken down but the signs giving directions to the various Marathon events (most of them connected to the Finisher’s Festival) were still there.

I had not really taken a moment to reflect on the MCM, or the running season in general, so I ambled down the street where the Finisher’s Festival was held. I made my way towards the Iwo Jima Memorial, where they were still taking down the last of the MCM signage and other materials. I traced my way back to the finishing chute and that last upward slope towards the end.

Five times I climbed that last hill.

Five times up that last straightaway towards the finishing arches.

Five times RUNNING WITH PURPOSE, FINISHING WITH PRIDE (hey, it’s only an ad slogan until you’ve actually RAN the damn thing, then you know it’s a way of life)


As much as those last ten miles sucked this year, could I really have just said, “no,” and quit? Could I have really lived with myself?

Bad enough I was forced to take a year off and not even run; could I have really started an MCM and NOT finished?


I finished the Marine Corps Marathon five times.

I have five MCM medals, hanging around the shirts that I wore when I crossed the line, bibs still pinned to them. Each medal a story that ended with me crossing the finish line.

I won those five medals because I raced myself…and I beat ME.

Song of the Day: Meg Myers, “Numb:” I discovered this song while waiting for my cappuccino and chocolate biscotti at Compass Coffee; the baristas were nice enough to tell me the name of the song and the performer. It took em a couple of days after i got home to remember the song, and a little while longer to  find out who sung it.

From Meg: ” [“Numb”]….

is about how I was feeling when my (former) record company was looking for something out of me that just didn’t feel right for many reasons. I was frustrated and it came through in this song.

“Desire:”   “Sometimes it takes two days or two weeks to come up with a chorus, but “Desire” was done in a day. There was something really special about it. I had been listening to Nine Inch Nails a lot, and I really wanted to make something with that vibe. I don’t know if that comes through. We started writing that and it just had that sexual vibe to, and it actually wasn’t about anybody. Andy was really feeling that Nine Inch Nailsinspiration too. We were on the same page with that, which was awesome.”

And, yes that’s her in the video; it was three years between albums.

Lifestyle postscript: Looks like I’ll be scrounging for an Atari Flashback 9; the Flashback X is smaller but has no SD card slot.

Tomorrow: Song of the Day: Greatest Hits!

MCM 2019: Death March in the DC Triangle

Got up at 0500. Breakfast of English muffin and a banana with peanut butter. No yogurt (just thinking of this almost twelve hours later).

Out the door at 0600. Wait, do we have to take the Metro down there??? Actually, I walked down to the check-in site as usual. I did get close to where the Metro dropped off runners, when I dropped of my bag at UPS. I put my Marine Corps olive drab sweats and a pair of compression socks for my post race cool down. Not sure if I want to do the UPS thing again, though; that was a lot of pre-race and post-race hiking for my cool-down gear.

The rain was there almost all morning. I was soaked by the time I finished the Blue Mile (Mile 12), and that impacted my Kodak mini-camera and my smartphone. My phone is taken apart (battery removed and cover off) in hopes that drying will solve its problems.

Because of the staggered start this year (by expected finish times), the starting howitzer was fired at 0755, but I didn’t get started until 0815~0820. MapMyRun actually worked for a little while. However, I grabbed my phone at Mile 16 and pressed the home button…and got nothing. I assumed that between MMR and my weak battery, the smartphone had been quickly bled dry. Sadly that was just one of the problems I had sixteen miles into today’s 44th Marine Corps Marathon.

I did follow my strategy of not going out overly hard the first eight miles, and gradually pushing the pace over the final two-thirds of the race. After Mile 8 I checked my pace: 11:57, not bad!

Unfortunately, Mile 16 was where it all fell apart. I got my Mile 16 picture, but when I went to do a pace check, my smartphone was dead (or so I thought). My 20-oz. bottle of water, with Tailwind and pickle juice, apparently sprung a leak somewhere after Mile 12 because it was empty. Also, the rain had stopped and the sun came on strong. I had my cotton base layer on over my compression shirt, so it was getting pretty warm. At Mile 17, I took of my base layer and put my bib on the compression shirt, hoping that the new Chafe Defender roll-on would protect my nipples over the last nine or so miles.

I don’t know what it is about the Gauntlet (Miles 16-19, in and around the National Mall in DC), but every year I end up struggling here. By Mile 17, I was implementing Plan B: marching for a quarter-mile or so and pick up enough to at least try running again. I did make the Fourteenth Street Bridge, but it was more of a relief that a feeling of accomplishment from years’ past.

Mile 22: Rosslyn. Let the party begin, right? I doubt this had anything to do with what happened, but…I grabbed a shot of beer and a fireball shot. Normally I stay away from the hard stuff while running, but I figured my Personal Record day was already shot to pieces, and I would be lucky to finish in under seven hours. At Mile 23, my calves seized up. I couldn’t even Marine Corps Shuffle  (slightly faster than a jog) let alone run. I was forced to march until Mile 25.

I had decided at Mile 17, after a few minutes of soul=searching about 2019 (training and life in general) that I was not going to do anything less than FINISH…no excuses or bullshit. I ground out the Gauntlet, the Bridge, and Crystal City, so I decided that i would march until the last half mile…where I passed the same starting corrals that I had passed only six hours earlier. From there, just run as hard as I could until the end.

6 hours, 7 minutes, 52 seconds. Twenty minutes worse than last year, and an hour better than my Sore Knee Shuffle of 2016.


  1. I’m too fat right now. Next year I plan to be under 205 when I come to Arlington.
  2. Too many DNFs and missed runs, none of them due to injury. Bulshit. If I’m going to run the MCM (or any marathon) I need to take this seriously.
  3. #2 above includes a better diet. Running and biking can’t burn off every calorie.
  5. Loved the St; Louis ribs and fries, tho’.
  6. As the rain poured down and I saw the Marine lieutenants lining the MCM course in the rain: “Hey, Brooks Running: People will pay a good chunk of their disposable income for a Gore-Tex running tech shirt. Especially if they’re in fluorescent (night/low-light visible) colors. Y’all need to get on that.”
  7. Back of the pack (anticipated 6 hours or so finishing corral): Business in the front, party in the back…what party? If everybody was anywhere near as sore as I was, didn’t see a lot of Toby Keith-type action.


Song of the Day: 44th Marine Corps Marathon Special Guest: TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS!!!

Running Down a Dream: Otherwise known as my first fifteen miles. Genius ain’t shit, and don’t even ask me about the video.

Refugee: When I discovered Tom and Co. on The Video Music Channel/Night Flight/or the other pre-MTV stuff in the late seventies, early eighties.

Mary Jane’s Last Dance: I ALWAYS hear this song near the end, to in the beginning when I have to go park the car. The video is to creepy, so…lyrics. Also, not necessarily a song about drugs (oh, hey…thanks, Genius!).

Won’t Back Down: This song wasn’t necessarily in my head after Mile 17, but I wouldn’t have banished such a thought from my head.




MCM 2019/T-Minus 14: Moon

macOS Catalina has not been kind this weekend; I couldn’t load YouTube or WordPress until I restarted my computer this morning while eating my pre-run breakfast.

The Marine Corps Marathon website may say different, but the actual calendar says today marks fourteen days and a Sunday wake-up call before the MCM.

Now that the admin stuff is taken care of, here we go…


On Friday I learned that there was going to be the first night of the full moon for October. As I got on the road for the eight mile Great Mills run, there it was. Oh, there was also some cloud cover, but not enough to completely obscure the moonlight.

As I passed the Bay Montessori School and the Mile 1 point, MapMyRun announced an 11:15 pace. I was feeling good this morning, but could I keep up that pace for 8 miles, let alone 26 miles come two week’s time? I did have some slowdowns at the climbs at Mile 3 and Mile 5, but I managed an 11:27 pace over the eight miles. This, also despite a headwind that hit me on the last serious uphill between Mile and Mile 6.

Yes, it’s a relatively shorter distance, but it was nice to just go out there and open up the strides today. For me, a 1 hour, 30-ish pace after 8 miles is a good thing; however, there is the question of keeping such a pace for the entire marathon. This year, though, I have generally hit the wall around Miles 16 through 18, about a mile before the end of each run.

My plan this year is to stay with the 12:30 pace group for the first eight miles, then take off if I feel good enough. The first eight miles on the MCM course have a major hill at the bridge at Mile 2~3, then one more slight upslope around Mile 8. This morning’s trek through Great Mills Road had more rolling hills, and I ran this after being back on the bike for three days this week.

I should hear some good news from the doctor about my diabetes this week; however, I just got off the scale and… 223??? Guess no Dress Blues for the Marine Corps Ball this year.

So even though I may be heavier than my ideal “fighting weight,” I don’t have any major health issues for the MCM. I will stick with the plan for now so I can try to have enough where I’m not hitting the wall in Georgetown, just before hitting the Fourteenth Street Bridge.

Song of the Day: Extended Play Album version:

Eric Johnson/”Cliffs of Dover:” When I was stationed at Iwakuni, Japan, the local Armed Forces Network radio station would play this as bumper music between their morning and afternoon radio shows, about 2:00 p.m. local Japan time. That’s when you knew the work day was almost over. Because Marine Corps Air Station and all, I believe someone thought this would be a cool counterpoint to the “Top Gun Theme.”

Devo/”Whip It:” I wonder how many videos from MTV’s early days would cause an outrage today…like this one from Devo. From Genius:

“According to the band, “Whip It” was inspired by the poems in Thomas Pynchon’s novel Gravity’s Rainbow.

“Gravity’s Rainbow is a satirical novel that describes humanity’s evolution as often regressive and lacking self-awareness. This also ties into their band name “Devo” standing de-evolution. A satire into the idea that our society is regressing.

“As it relates to Whip It, Devo is satirizing America’s insistence on violence and our lack of individuality.” Oh yeah…this video would be banned by MTV for sure.

Dr. Dog/”My Old Ways:” Like so many of my SOTD picks I cannot recall how or when I discovered these songs. I get a little misty about this one because it’s mostly about a guy who wants to turn his life around. Also, this was a song for a “Fear the Walking Dead” trailer? Welladay…
Loverboy/”Working for the Weekend:” Heard this on 97.7 The Bay during run prep this morning. MTV played this song (and damn near everything off Loverboy’s album Get Lucky) on an almost regularly-scheduled basis. But then again, the band were that damn good. That’s all I got (thanks for nothing, Genius), but this is the extended version of the MTV video.
Prince/”Let’s Go Crazy:” From Prince, via Genius: “Let’s Go Crazy’ was about God and Satan. I had to change those words up—the de-elevator was Satan in that song.… And ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ was God to me…stay happy, stay focused, and you can beat the de-elevator.” I picked the special dance mix for this SOTD because it was closest to the version played in the movie Purple Rain. Also, I hate it when radio stations play the short versions of “Crazy” and “When Doves Cry;” it just drives me nuts because so much of what made the song good was cut out.
Free/”All Right Now:” Heard this song as I was chasing into sweatpants after the run this morning. From Genius:

“The band was known previously for “…slow and medium paced blues songs..” and after a show in Durham –

“…When we got into the dressing room, it was obvious that we needed an uptempo number, a rocker to close our shows. All of sudden, the Inspiration struck (bass player Andy) Fraser, and he started bopping around singing ALL RIGHT NOW.”

Also, the second-ever single to be released in stereo in Great Britain (the first was David Bowie/”Space Oddity”).





MCM 2019/T-Minus 54: Rest

It’s Labor Day today, and I am taking a day off from work as well as from training.

My feet were very sore after yesterday’s run; it was more than a few hours (nightfall, I think) before I could walk normally without having shoes on. I got an epsom salt bath that healed up my sore legs. Still, I think I am going to run with the Copper Fit knee sleeves on the Sunday long runs.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think that my longer runs will be more difficult than the Marine Corps Marathon itself. The Little Flower course had way more ups and downs over the back half of the run. If I decide to run the Carl Henn Millennium Trail within the next two weeks, that’s 10.5 miles of rolling hills throughout the course, and I usually like doing two laps. 4.5 of the last six miles of the Indian head Rail Trail going back to Indian head is a gradual uphill slope that almost never seems to end.

I am contemplating doing either a half marathon, a full marathon, or both the last two weeks of September. My options (my God! the choices!)

  1. National Capital 20 miler: The words “first-time trail race!”, “flat, straight, and fast!”, and “open to only 300 participants” are scaring me. Race is Sept. 29, but I want to do it, I have to sign up this week…like ASAP.
  2. Charm City 20 miler: Sept. 22. Hard packed dirt surface. Course map shows plenty of bathroom stops. Tempting. Also limited spaces (350 runners) and additional $10 fee if you need to take a bus to the start line.
  3. C&O Canal Tow Path Marathon: Sept. 29/ Four laps of a section of the C&O Towpath. Might have to think about this one.

There are other options, but I have to look at them and make my choices this week.

Health: Right shoulder is kind of tweaked; not that serious, but sometimes it hurts when I extend it. Calamine spray has helped with the rash on my left arm. My knees have recovered from yesterday’s run, but I’m running with the sleeves on the long runs from here on out. My mysterious right thigh muscles hans’t given me any problems lately, and the same with my knee muscles. No feet problems either.

Last week was a good week for running, but Sunday’s course was just too tough to pull my strategy. This week, it’s Superwillow 6 (HWY-5 to Shangri-La extended) and Park Hall 6 before the Pax River 20 on Sunday. Abberly Crest through Gate 1 to the Drill Hall roadway = four miles. Ten mile loop around Pax River, through Cedar Point Road up to Gate 2; Cedar Point Road from Drill Hall roadway will be all uphill and upward slope. Just before Gate 2, take Cuddihy Road all the way to the stoplight at Cuddihy and Buse Road, then take a left. The 25 MPH sign will mark Mile 16, then out Gate 1 and the road back home. Need to check those last four miles on MapMyRun, though, there’s an extra road or turn somewhere before heading back down Willow Road to the end.

Song of the Day: Tangerine Dream/”Betrayal”. When director William Friedkin made the movie Sorcerer, he built the film around the soundtrack by the keyboard instrumentalist group Tangerine Dream. The scene before the end (see near the end of the video) is how I usually feel after 18+ mile runs.

Elton John/”I’m Still Standing:” Because radio station 97.7 the Bay held “Rocket Man Weekend” in honor of Elton John. Also the first video he made specifically for MTV…or maybe more like the first EJ video I saw on MTV. From video director Russel Mulcahy:

“Elton John’s ‘I’m Still Standing’ was super, super, super gay. There was no holding back. We shot in Nice, in the south of France. My costume designer was in charge of body-painting all the boys. We had leather boys, and mimes, and kissing clowns. Bruno Tonioli, who’s a judge of Dancing with the Stars, was one of our dancers. I think he played one of the traffic policemen dressed in leg warmers and a leotard.”

Week In Review: Spring?

The calendar says that Winter is about 200 yards from the finish line (about two days). The thermometer says otherwise. Considering how close Spring is supposed to be, it has been a little cooler than it should be. Mostly gray skies this weekend and some showers at night.

Seventy-five days until summer?

Yesterday was my off-day and I have been lazy on Saturday and today. Saturday I got up at 0430, but with no work to go to, I kept pushing the start time out by a half hour until about 9:00, when i decided I needed to get my grocery shopping done. I didn’t get to the gym for my elliptical workout until 7:00 p.m., but I did get some “March Madness” while watching the first half of the Big East Conference Championship Game.

Today’s lame excuse? I needed to iron my pants for work because I forgot to take them to the cleaners this weekend, and I needed to wash the dishes so I could cook breakfast. I got to the gym at 6:25, put on “The Evening Edit w/Liz MacDonald (Fox Business Network)” and got my grind on for my circuit course. Just got back fifteen minutes ago.

I made it through my first week of my Lenten “sacrifice,” forgoing lunch and Starbuck’s at the on-site cafeteria where I work. I also need to stop eating after 8:30 at night and chug down some water instead. It MAY help bring my blood sugar down as well as hydrate me for the next morning’s workout.

Aside from changes in my diet, I guess I need to shop Amazon for a steadier supply of SoBe LifeWater. I can get four bottles for $5 at Giant supermarket, but can I get a bulk package for cheaper? Speaking of bulk, why didn’t I stop by BJs, the main bulk club-shopping supermarket in town? Because I just thought of it, that’s why.

//James Taylor on the radio? nope…putting on YouTube and the headphones…a Danzig mashup w/the Doors? Ah, yes…

Tomorrow is Rush Registration for the Marine Corps Marathon; starts at noon and lasts until all 7,000 berths are gone. Probably 20 minutes? Oh, and I have to register using my work computer…yummm.

First week of April I am back on the road, then I’m running the Hospice of Mary’s 5K on April 13. There is a church up the road that is also doing a 5K (Lexington Park Baptist Church), so I might schedule that one in as well. I will start the intermediate marathon schedule in May, and shift from a Monday thru Saturday schedule to a Tuesday thru Sunday schedule. I run that schedule because the Marine Corps Marathon is on a Sunday.

March will be the last month of the elliptical workouts, unless I work them in with the fartlek runs i run on the Thursdays on my training schedule. I will think about adding either weights to my workouts or cycles to my circuits this week. I may need to time my workouts and see how long it takes to do two circuits, then make that call.

Song of the Day: I picked these out on Saturday, with intent on doing my Week In Review yesterday. Oops.

Chicago/”If You Leave Me Now:” I am not a fan of the band whose full name was Chicago Transit Authority, nor do I have Peter Cetera on my playlist. However, this song is beautiful. Love the french horns and the acoustic guitar. Peter Cetera hit a songwriting and vocal high with this one. I did a liver version because I had to show you the band’s horn section at work.

Chicago/”Stay the Night:” I haven’t seen this video in over thirty years. Damn good song, and the video was a great big-ass turn on. Damn, Peter, you got your friends killed in a high speed chase for a woman? Seriously?

Royskopp/”It’s What I Want:” A trip down memory lane with EA Sports’ FIFA 10. So many nights burning way the hours while looking for a job, playing soccer on my PS2 and jamming to the soundtrack. I saw an album cover of what the band (duo) looks like, but the live version of the song sucked.

Metric/”Gold Guns Girls:” Oh so THAT’S what y’all look like. And they’re still playing together and touring! Who’d a thunk it? Another memorable track from FIFA 10. Man, they had to work for it in the video…running around the streets in early (late?) winter?



CBB 2019: Maryland, My Maryland and the Big Dance

In regards to collegiate and professional sports, my emotional connection to the State of Maryland is nil. However, since I do live here, and because I went through the trouble of previewing the chances of the major and mid-major Illinois NCAA Division I school’s chances for the Men’s Basketball Tournament, it’s only fair that I assess the opportunities for Maryland’s Div. I reps to make it to March Madness.

University of Maryland (12-5 Big Ten, 21-7 overall). Sports Illustrated.com’s Bubble Watch has the Terrapins as near-locks to grab an at-large bid to the Tournament. Home losses to Seton Hall and Illinois are question marks. The Terms have a home win against #15 Purdue and road losses to #7 Michigan and #10 Michigan State. Forcing a season split against Michigan, sweeping their other two regular season games (at Penn State, vs, Minnesota), and a deep run in the Big 10 Tournament should get them a good at-large bid (9 to 12 seed, maybe).

Maryland-Baltimore County (10-4 America East, 18-11 overall) The Terriers were the first #16 seed to beat a #1 seed in NCAA Men’s Tournament history. They’re third in the AE but have already swept league leading Vermont and have a home win against Stony Brook, so they should not fear them come AE tournament time.

Towson (6-10 Colonial, 10-19 overall). The Tigers do compete, to their credit. They were swept by league-leading Hofstra and split with Northeastern, and lost at home to Charleston. There is nothing to suggest that they will be an easy out in the conference tournament, but unless the Tigers find an extra gear, they will be an out nonetheless.

Coppin State (6-7 Mid-Eastern Athletic, 6-22 overall). The Eagles have become a tougher out as the season has progressed. They had a tough loss at Notre Dame just before the New year, and pulled off an away win at second place North Carolina Central. If Coppin State gets a few bounces going their way, the may be able to steal a march on some of the MEAC’s betters. However, they are 3-15 on the road for a reason. They haven’t been able to finish all year, and that may nor change during the conference tournament.

Morgan State (3-9 MEAC, 8-17 overall). Lost a thriller at home to Norfolk State, but that’s their fifth straight loss. The Bears are trending in the wrong direction thought you could say the same thing about them as I did Coppin. Sorry, no.

Maryland-Eastern Shore (3-11 MEAC, 5-24 overall). Just playing for the love of the game at this point.

Mount St. Mary’s (3-11 Northeast, 8-21 overall). A home win against third place Robert Morris…so? There’s a reason they’re tied for last in the conference.

Loyola University Maryland (6-10 Patriot, 10-19 overall). The Greyhounds lead a logjam of 6-10 teams behind another logjam of 7-8 teams. That being said, there is nothing to suggest that LU will finish any higher than seventh, maybe win a their play in game, then go down fighting in the Patriot quarterfinals. And as much as this old Marine will be “Go Navy! Beat Army!” the Midshipmen (6-10 Patriot, 9-18 overall) are riding the same boat as the Greyhounds.

To paraphrase an old but somewhat recent commercial, there’s not a lot of March Madness, but plenty of March Sadness.

To brighten up the mood, my Songs of the Day come from Swing Out Sister.

First is the defiantly happy “Breakout,” followed by the double cover of “Am I the Same Girl?” Lead singer Corrine Drewery was so much fun in the video for “Breakout,” and helped revive the 1968 song by Barbra Acklin (“Am I…?”) while her bandmates set a good foundation for Young-Holt Unlimited’s “Soulful Strut,” which backs up Drewery’s excellent vocals.

Is Barbara the same girl? Is it the same song? Should I stop jamming out to care?

Back at it tomorrow…

Lifestyle 1989: The EP

Confession: I never made it out of the house today. All it did today was rain, and I didn’t;t feel like dealing with that today.

However, as promised, my Songs of the Day for my extended college basketball post today.

In 1989, I was in my first full year as  Marine. I was finishing up my A school at Naval Air Station Memphis in Millington, TN, then I headed to Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, NC for my actual Military Operational Specialty training. I reported to MCAS Yuma, AZ on July 31 as my permanent duty station. I didn’t have a car so I didn’t;t go out that much, but as long as I had a walkman and a way to make tapes, I always had music.

MY SOTD Extended Play album comes from the Entertainment Weekly Greatest Hits 1989 collection. 1989 was a pretty good year…

Soul II Soul-“Back to Life:” Ahhh, Caron Wheeler and Jazzie B…where have you gone? A lonely music world needs you so bad. The original album version was sung a cappella by Caron, Not sure about the decision to add the music track, Not that I’m complaining.

Young MC-“Bust a Move:” With a slamming’, slapping’ bass line by Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers (or so the video tells me), this is yet another chapter in man’s ongoing quest for female companionship…or something.

Art of Noise w/Tom Jones-“Kiss:” There is a fascinating short story behind how art-house instrumental group AoN teamed up with Welsh superstar Tom Jones (italics borrowed from Memphis radio show hosts from my NAS Memphis days), but I don’t know it right now. They didn’t try to ape or outdo Prince; Art of Noise did what they do best and turned Tom Jones loose. That’s what’s new, pussycat, and it isn’t that unusual.

Michael Damian-“Rock On” Damian was starring on soap opera “The Young and the Restless” when he cut this cover of the David Essex 70s hit. This song was for the soundtrack of the movie “Dream a Little Dream,” starring 90s broheims Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. I actually enjoyed the movie, and I liked Damain’s version better than Davis Essex’s version; Michale had a little more snap and more bite to it.

Love and Rockets-“So Alive:” Because SEX, that’s why. Seriously, if you don’t get a LITTLE turned on by this song, then you’re missing something.

Fast facts from the album jacket:

  1. Soul II Soul member Nellee Hooper also produced hit singles for Madonna, U2, Tina Turner, and Bjork
  2. Marvin “M.C.” Young won a Grammy for Best New Rap Performance for “BaM” and co-wrote Tone-Loc’s “Funky Cold Medina.,” which also appears on this album.
  3. Tom Jones’ work with Art of Noise on “Kiss” garnered him his first Top 40 hit since 1977.
  4. Michael Damian Weir (full name) was a struggling young singer during his tenure on Y&R.
  5. Love and Rockets, formed by former members of the goth group Bauhaus (“Bela Lugosi’s Dead”), took their name from an underground (independent/alternate) comic book publisher. I do remember picking up a few issues, way back in the day. Not enough interest for me to buy any.

PS: Bauhaus lead singer Peter Murphy kept himself busy after Bauhaus folded, with a solo hit single in “Cuts You Up” and with the group Spacehog and “In the Meantime.”

Did Peter Murphy play bass for Bauhaus? Not sure.

Update: Bradley 63, Evansville 61. One down, two to go. Bonus track: “Fire on High” from Electric Light Orchestra was the bumper music for local NBC affiliate WEEK-TV, when they used to carry Bradley Braves basketball games…like the one I watched on TV thirty-seven years ago.”

The Music is Reversible, but Time is not. Turn Back, Turn Back, Turn Back, Turn Back!”


MCM 2018/T-minus 15: Seventy

…as in 70 degrees on the thermometer in my rental car as I headed home at 5 ’til 4 this afternoon. Nice weather for an afternoon run.

Home at 4:15, stretching at 4;50, on the road at 5:00; iStorage 4-miler. Just got back over 20 minutes ago.

Approximate 1 mile mark: 10:10??? Normally I’m going at an 11-something pace. Had only the wristwatch today and I always start it before I run. I also remember the one-mile mark from my MapMyRun route planning feature. Hit the three mile mark at 32:40 and finished at 43:30. Whoa…somebody’s at at sub-11 pace (10:53 to be exact). Can’t wait for MCM day, much less the Sunday 8-miler.

Random notes on this early Friday evening:

Technically, I got my replacement smartphone within 24 hours; I would have had it in my hands sooner if I had stopped by there apartment office the next day. Getting my phone transferred took two different computers (at home and at work), two worthless calls to Sprint, and a trip to the local Sprint store. I STILL need to transfer my data to my new phone, which means downloading the app to two different phones via Wi-Fi (which I don’t have in my apartment) and hooking them up together via USB cable…however long that will take.

I guess I’ll buy some new shoes…big toe is starting to poke thru the hole.

Apartment house needs work: issue between my dishwasher and the garbage disposal, and my master bathroom bathtub has a slow drain.

Aside from still needing to put the word out about my need for roommates, NOW I need to contact the MCM organizers about my bib; I registered with my old work email…which I no longer have.

MCM weekend is gonna be hella expensive…need to make a move and borrow money from myself.

But that 10:53 pace, tho’!!!

Song of the Day:”Once in a Lifetime”/Talking Heads. That video helped make MTV. David Byrne’s…eclectic “dance moves,” Tina Weymouth’s bass groove driving the song, Byrne’s sermon and the backing vocals on the chorus…damn, what a song. I miss MTV.

“Heathens”/Twenty-one Pilots. Best thing I could find on “My Mix” on YouTube. I should probably look into these guys more, especially since I also like “Stressed Out.”

OBTW: I took last night off, and other than the rain for the half-hour fartlek, I have no real excuse.