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Be Kind to Your Knees, You’ll Miss Them When They’re Gone

Today was the Willow Road- HWY 5 four miler, with plenty of inclines and declines all over the course, including a steady drop/uphill at the 1.5 mile mark, and another uphill-downhill series around the last mile (up the hill to the 3 mile point, cruise to the last turnaround, then finish with a nice uphill).

I think I might need icepack knee braces for both my knees for tomorrow’s circuit 2. Actually I might need to buy another brace tonight and ice up both my knees overnight before the workout tomorrow. Gotta keep those lower joints healthy; I just passed the one month mark yesterday, and I don’t want to be missing too many more workouts due to injury.

Tomorrow: Circuit course 2, then the fartlek out in the gym parking lot. I was going to do it on base, but the base gym is under renovation.

For those of us who lived in the 90s, today’s blog title comes from a high school senior’s valedictorian speech. Said speech was later transcribed and performed via spoken word by film director Baz Luhrmann. I think it made the Top Ten in 1997 or 98. High school senior plus quirky director (Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge) = hit record? Who knew? Anyway, that is one good piece of advice from the speech/song. There is also another line about how to appreciate your body and use it any way you can; I believe that is also good advice because we need to appreciate the things we can do with our human form. This is one of the reasons I got back into running and running the MCM this year; I want to enjoy doing physical fitness and activities while I am still healthy enough to do so.

Last night I drove home from LaPlata to lexington park; a 55 minute drive through a severe thunderstorm. Joy. I thought about using one of the good tunes I listened to on the way home, but I think Mr Luhrmann can handle the video chores today…