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MCM 2018/T-Minus 3: Shakedown

O, the lovely harvest moon o’er Maryland, my Maryland!

…and then it stopped being so romantic about a half mile from Zion United methodist Church.

I DID get to run my final MCM training run this morning under a full moon (little pleasures, y’all). My new shoes felt fine. However, at the aforementioned point during the run, my right thigh muscle started flaring up. It slowed my pace but didn’t stop me, unlike the groin muscle strain that took me out for a week this July. Stretching, cool down, epsom salt bath, and it still huts almost three hours later.

I will spend the weekend stretching it out and getting as much therapy as possible, but I do intend to run on Sunday. I wonder if the Marriott has a whirlpool…

I have a few things to research and a couple of errands I have to run before the drive to Arlington. I want to be on the road no later than 1:00 because traffic in the downtown DC area is INSANE. And it will be hella-bad because of the influx of people coming in this weekend, Marine Corps Marathon or not.

I would really like to take some time to reflect on…damn near anything this weekend. I have so much on my mind and a bit of a to-do list, so it may not be until bedtime before i really take stock of…everything and anything.

Man, it’s October 25th, only three days to go. Can’t believe I re-started this blog way back in June. Yet another year flies by.

Okay, it’s almost 20 after nine, and so much to do…see y’all on the flip side.

Song of the Day: “Emotional Rescue”/Rolling Stones. Okay, many of the SOTDs have little to nothing to do with running. They may not necessarily make up anybody’s running playlist. To be honest, I don’t even run with any sort of audio device; most of my running environments take place on or near roadways, so I really need to listen.

That being said, I love the slow and easy pace of this song, and Mick Jagger’s falsetto is perfect for this song. Good job by Mick with the monologue near the end of the tune.


MCM 2018/T-Minus 5: Steps

Last week started out good with a nice 8 mile run and ended with a sore right thigh that derailed my tapering for the Marine Corps Marathon. I am hoping that rest, a good epsom salt bath (one of these nights), and a new pair of shoes mean that I can focus more on the run and less on the pain come Sunday. I had a good 11:25 pace going through last Sunday, and I wanted to take my last few short runs easy and not worry about time.

Thursday night was my last session at the gym for this marathon training cycle; at this point, I have built up all the muscle/tendons/ligaments/knee cartilage that I’m going to get. Last night was a beautiful full moon, although it was cold as all get out; I would have enjoyed one last moonlit trot in the hour before dawn.

No roommates this week, and the deadline is tomorrow for my hotel reservations. Unless I can find a smaller room (HAHAHAHAHA!!!), I am going to pay through the nose. God be merciful to me, a lowly, stupid-ass sinner.

Yesterday I took a good, long look at my training log that I have maintained over the last four years. I keep it in an orange-covered notebook that I got from Elbit Aerospace (technically their Helicopter Systems, but Elbit maintains a displays presence where I live and work). This year was arguably the most disciplined I have been about running, based on the amount of log entries I have made. So many notes about all the places I have run, addresses of the hotels I stayed at and the sites where I ran. All the reps and weights on my three-times-a-week circuits courses. Taking yoga and other classes at the World Gym where I had a membership. Between the logbook and this blog i think I did an okay job of chronicling my annual journey to the Marine Corps Marathon.

I am multitasking now, playing YouTube and writing this blog while chatting with a Marine buddy, Dave Lauck. He is one of the quartet that goes up to the MCM for the last four years. The band has been broken up this year: Greg got promoted at the family business and has teenagers on his hands, and so does Steve. Dave took a breather from training this year. I was hoping that another marine buddy was going to show up, but he bailed as well. So it’s just me carrying the torch this year.

So, tomorrow will be a last shot at the hotel room, and tonight I need to reserve a rental car for the weekend…which I just did. I wonder if I could have gotten it cheaper had I made my reservation earlier…I’ll have to ask.

Song of the Day: “Renegade”/Styx, because sometimes I make my own trouble, most of it avoidable. I also like the undercurrent of “Atlantic City” by Bruce Springsteen. That opening verse about the Chicken Man getting blown up in Philly sets a darker tone than the song suggests.

MCM 2018/T-minus 50: Millenium

Doing this now because I may not be able to later…

Made it to Rockville yesterday after a two hour drive, to include driving rain adding to the usual slow-ass Maryland traffic. Staying in Homewood Suites this weekend. Dinner was lasagna from a local Italian eatery; lots of meat for a carbo-loading meal. Sounded tapas about 10:00PM-ish.

0400 reiville. Used up damn near all of the sliver of Bodyglide; fortunately, chafing was not an issue. Out the door at 0445 for the ten minute walk to the Thomas Farm Community Center, where the start/finish line of the Carl Henn Millennium Trail was located. Started MapMyRun and my wristwatch, and I was off.

The weather was obviously the worst I had seen in my training season. It was a steady drizzle that briefly elevated to a slight downpour as I started my second lap. Completed darkness until about 0630 (by my guess). Being wet and cold stopped being an issue about two miles into the run, although I wasn’t happy about the puddles and having squishy shoes/feet.

The Millennium Trail is a circuit covering the perimeter of Rockville, MD. It’s a circle of rolling hills, where you’re going up one hill and down another almost every mile of the 10.7 mile course. The Trail is very runner-friendly, with mile markers every 0.5 miles and convenient CHMT signage and yellow dash lines to help mark the trail. Very convenient, for example, when the course has to deviate from the main road into a neighborhood, due to a lack of adequate shoulder for runners.

( I apologize for the lack of details in this blog post, I am very tired and need food and some medical attention.)

The first 10.7 mile lap I was feeling good. The rain was mostly a non-issue, although there were those police cruises near a fallen tree after the 3.0 mile marker. No issues with hydration or hunger, although I struggled with getting my water bottle out from my FlipBelt after the 4 mile mark. MMR was working as advertised, usually calling out the miles about 50~75 yards before the actual mile marker…for the first eleven miles, anyway. As MMR announced my arrival at the eleven mile mark, I looked at my wristwatch and noted a 2:09 time. Maybe I could finish this in about four hours?

At the 5.5 mile mark of the second lap, I resolved to keep my head and eyes up on the uphills, and drive my arms and legs for more acceleration on the downhills. I didn’t have the revolt of the thighs and I was feeling good for most of the run, but matching the first lap split was not to be. I ran through the original start/finish line and ended the run at the first CHMT siunacross the street from the Thomas farm Center, finishing at 4:33.15 for a 12:25 pace.

The last time I ran this was The July 4th weekend in 2016, when I ran just the two laps in 5:03.10. Shaving the half-hour off my time didn’t come cheap; my hamstrings were screaming after the run (thank you for the whirlpool, Homewood Suites) and i got a blister on my right foot. I need to tend to that, so I will close this blog for today.

Song of the Day:”Comfortably Numb” and “Not Now John”/Pink Floyd. Can’t believe I didn’t recognize the 75th birthday of Pink Floyd founder/bassist/songwriter Roger Waters yesterday. When I was in avionics school in Millington, TN, I didn’t attend classes until after noon, so I played “Pink Floyd:The Wall” on my Walkman over a hundred times in my eight months at the school. “NNJ”, from “The Final Cut,”was the last time the Waters/David Gilmour/Richard Wright/Nick Mason lineup ever really rocked out. I wonder if they ever got around to playing it live when they reformed that one last time…

MCM 2018/T-minus 92: Return

It wasn’t the four minute mile.

It wasn’t a PR pace.

It wasn’t an Olympic gold medal or World Championship performance.

But it was three miles without any pain in my groin or the muscle that connected it to my inner right thigh.

I got up at 0430 this morning (almost twelve hours ago, shows you how lazy I am). Knowing I was under no pressure or stress, I promptly went back to sleep until just after five. I got dressed, put on my new running kicks, applied Skin-So-Soft  (no Body Glide today). Did my warm-up stretch to include the all important Japanese Ham Sandwich, and the just as important and newly added groin stretch and ankle rotations. After downing a 16 oz. glass of Nuun Energy water, I headed outside to the starting point, the main entrance to Abberly Crest Apartments.

It took me about three seconds and six strides to know that everything was alright. I left my pedometer/stopwatch and my smartphone with the MapMyRun app at home today. The only thing important today was a run free from pain from my groin and my thighs…oh, and my left knee while we’re at it.

The run was uneventful, except for when a passerby shouted “Let me have some of your energy, man! I worked all day yesterday and I’m tired!” I was so into the running I had forgotten about the presence of other people, and I was somewhat startled that he had spoken to me. No big deal. I was at the last turnaround going back up the hill to the Abberly Crest entrance, and it was just a matter of counting the three fire hydrants that marked the end of the run.

I pretty much took the week off from running and the circuit training; with the exception of one application of Icy Hot, I didn’t do any medical treatment or any kind of stretching out. I just went about my business and let the sore muscles heal. Sometimes doing nothing is the best medicine.

So, it’s back to work. I’m off tomorrow, but i will resume the circuit training schedule with lighter weights all three days. The Wed/Fri runs will be untimed runs as I get back into the running flow and then I’ll go back to full speed for the Sunday run at the National Mall.

My running schedule for August presents some challenges. The Sunday after next will be a sixteen mile run. I am planning to go home to visit family and my high-school reunion on the weekend of August 16th  (ten miler that week), and the next weekend after that will be a 20 mile run. I have to start working some logistics for next month.


MCM 2018: T-minus 98-Downtime

Today I was talking about my recent injury to my friend Manny; the feedback he gave me was not good.

Based on his experience, I had strained a muscle in my groin, and that it would take at least two weeks to heal. I had planned to try running again this Friday, and now it looks like I’ll be down at least a week longer than I had planned.

My theories for my recent injury:

  1. Not enough groin stretches. Very simple to do, as easy as sitting down cross-legged. Would have added a whopping thirty seconds to my stretching routine. Now I’m out for two weeks.
  2. Wear and tear on my running shoes. Last Friday while I was running, my right foot kind of gave way and that’s when i felt a sharp pain in my right leg. My shoes wear down on the outsides of my heels (and more on my right foot than my left), so I had probably taken them on one run too many.
  3. Too many hills? Half of my short runs and a few of my long runs involve running up and down south Willows Road. Going north to south, there is a quick decide followed by an incline, then a steeper incline. When I reach the Willows Rd/Highway 5 junction, I turn around and go back up a steeper incline, then a quick decline. I finish with one short decline, then one last incline. probably doing a few too many hills with worn out shoes and not enough stretching.

Anyway, whatever happened, I’m going to be out of action for the next two weeks. The best I can do is Icy Hot and the roller before I go to bed.

If I am out, I will probably make the weekend jaunt to DC to run the National Mall, then work out the rest of my training schedule from there.

Today is Monday. Mondays are usually my rest days (training Tuesday through Sunday). I am more thinking about the next twenty-four hours than anything else right now.

Dan, I wish i wasn’t hurt.

More tomorrow.