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Working out on the Road…

This morning I completed my Circuit Course 1 at LA Fitness. Big ups to Dale Rutlege, who helped me fill out the guest pass online form then got me checked in so I could do my workout.

LA Fitness (1101 Conneticut Ave NW) had most of the basic benches and a lot of the weight machines that I needed to do my workout. The gym was basic but functional and good-looking, and they had free towels available. The restrooms were clean and had a sauna and steamroom. If I lived in downtown DC, I would definiteley consider them for a membership.

I als need to see if there are any good road races I can get into before the MCM in October. Like I said: running alone and running with a crowd are two different things, physically and psychologically.

Today I am going to hike down to the National Mall to find a good four-mile running course for tomorrow morning’s run. As soon as I finsh my work,I will scour the internet to find a nice brunch for tomorrow morning…hopefully at price less than the hotel’s $20.00 buffet that included cold French toast and pancakes that were too heavy and cold as well.

The video I wanted to post was Asteroid Galaxy Tour’s Golden Age, but the hotel computer won’t let me cut and paste the address from YouTube. Sorry, no video today.