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MCM 2019: Grabasstic

President’s Day 2019 was an unorganized, grabasstic day off for me.

I went to bed about 0130 Monday morning, then promptly slept through my 0430 alarm. I woke back up at about ten after six, then kept fading in and out between taking naps, surfing YouTube, and contemplating breakfast (brunch?) while noshing on whatever was at hand.

At 1230 I got a pre-workout “brunch” consisting of one toasted cinnamon-raisin English muffin with peanut butter and a single cup of cofevfe with creamer and honey. About 1255 I moseyed on down to the Valley for my circuit course workout.

(yes the misspelling was intentional)

Today I did my first proper workout of the new year. Full-body stretch, including the Japanese ham sandwich, then two cycles of the circuit. Afterwards, I moseyed back to the apartment, noting that I had an approximate six-minute walk each way. I just helped the father of my new neighbor lug a mattress up to her apartment next door before I sat down to type.

It is almost 2:00 PM EST and I still haven’t had anything resembling a full meal; God alone knows what my blood sugar is right now.

Anyway the English FA Cup Round of 16 Match between Chelsea and Manchester United is just under an hour away so I will begin aggregating my junk food for that match. or maybe I’ll try something from Blue Wind Cafe on Uber Eats?

Tonight I need to go to bed at a proper time so I can do my elliptical workout and start properly logging the cardio type (elliptical, spinning, etc) work in. Also need to start gauging my workout-breakfast-prep for work routine.

Random thought: Tweaking the NBA All-Star Game

  1. Top twelve All-Star vote getters only; teams who are actively tanking and/or who have no realistic shot at the playoffs have not business being represented at the All-Star Game.
  2. Top two vote getters are Team Captains.
  3. Here’s where we take the NBA All-Star Game, and the NBA in general, “back to the playground.” Instead of a draft a week before the ASG, the two Team Captains pick sides RIGHT THERE ON THE COURT…just like on the playground, back in the day.
  4. Captains pick the starters first, then the bench.
  5. Instead of a four-quarter NBA regulation game, it’s a best-of-five, games to twenty-one format. Scoring stays the same, 2 points inside the arc, three from beyond it. If it’s tied at two games apiece, three-pointers are turned off for Game Five. Let the game be decided by actual skills and aggressiveness, not by just long-range shooting.
  6. Team Captains communicate with their respective coaches to make substitutions.

I’m not sayin’…I’m just sayin’…

Song of the Day: Cheech and Chong head up the SOTD playlist today. “Basketball Jones” is the Hot 100 Single, in “honor” of last night’s NBA All Star Game (which I didn’t watch, but made a suggestion about). “Mexican Americans,” written and sung by actual Hispanic comedian Cheech Marin decades before political correctness, is the snappy and short B-side.

Okay, YouTube took down the original “Basketball Jones” video, but they still got the clip for Mexican-Americans? Really? Seriously?

MCM 2018: Outbrief

It is 0905 on Sunday morning as I write this.  I ran and finished the 43rd Marine Corps Marathon last Sunday, and I am slept in this Sunday. I don’t see much running on the schedule except to prepare for the St Mary’s Turkey Trot on November 17th.

So, with no more long distance running on the schedule, this is a good time to reflect on what I learned in this, my fourth full year of running since 2014. Last year, 2017, I didn’t run the marathon and therefore, didn’t train for anything, so last year doesn’t count.

  1. I don’t know the official/proper name for the yoga stretch known as the Japanese ham sandwich, but it was a great help to my pre- and post run stretching routine. Stretched out my back  the backs of my legs.
  2. In the aftermath of my groin injury, I added a groin stretch as well.
  3. Check the elevation changes before you run! If there are more elevation changes early, don’t work that part of the run so hard; you might not have anything left for the rest of the run.
  4. Need more bananas for pre-and post run nutrition. Also, more sodium. My legs kind of gave out on me at the MCM, and I took a lot longer to heal than I should have this year. Most of that was because I barely ate/drank anything of subsistence after the marathon, and thus my legs were still sore until Tuesday afternoon.
  5. Chocolate mile for the post-run routine! I don’t know the nutritious benefits, and maybe it’s just comfort food, but damn I loved gulping down some of the brown stuff!
  6. Epsom salt bath: good. Whirlpool: better…IF you can get one (Hilton Garden Inns, y’all).
  7. I am an overpronator with heavy emphasis on my right side. Based on the analysis, I purchased Brooks Ravenna 9s at the MCM Health and Fitness Expo this year. They will sit in reserve until next August.
  8. Head-up/eyes up on the uphills, work the limbs and stride on the downhills.
  9. Take time to re-start your smartphone for the MapMyRun app to reduce the possibility of the GPS cutting out during your run.
  10. Between adjusting your smartphone, the wrist holster, and starting/stopping the app, subtract about a minute from your final run time (or just check your wristwatch).

So what does the future hold? Probably some light exercise during the holidays, then maybe re-starting conditioning in February (but no later than March 1). I am going to start the Intermediate Six Month marathon training plan in April, with the intent of running a couple of half-marathons or maybe one full marathon before the MCM next year. Circuit course will be light to moderate weights (two cycles) in March and April, four cycles of moderate to progressively heavier weights May through August, maintenance in September and tapering off a month before the MCM in October.

Song of the Day: “Strange Brew”/Cream. Courtesy of MTVs’ Closet Classics video mini-block, this was my introduction to the supergroup of Eric Clapton on guitars, bassist Jack Bruce, and Ginger Baker pounding the skins. Eric Clapton made his name with the Yardbirds, but I need to find out how the rhythm section (Meesrs. Baker and Bruce) got their reputation so that Cream could be known as a “supergroup.”

MCM 2018/T-Minus 5: Steps

Last week started out good with a nice 8 mile run and ended with a sore right thigh that derailed my tapering for the Marine Corps Marathon. I am hoping that rest, a good epsom salt bath (one of these nights), and a new pair of shoes mean that I can focus more on the run and less on the pain come Sunday. I had a good 11:25 pace going through last Sunday, and I wanted to take my last few short runs easy and not worry about time.

Thursday night was my last session at the gym for this marathon training cycle; at this point, I have built up all the muscle/tendons/ligaments/knee cartilage that I’m going to get. Last night was a beautiful full moon, although it was cold as all get out; I would have enjoyed one last moonlit trot in the hour before dawn.

No roommates this week, and the deadline is tomorrow for my hotel reservations. Unless I can find a smaller room (HAHAHAHAHA!!!), I am going to pay through the nose. God be merciful to me, a lowly, stupid-ass sinner.

Yesterday I took a good, long look at my training log that I have maintained over the last four years. I keep it in an orange-covered notebook that I got from Elbit Aerospace (technically their Helicopter Systems, but Elbit maintains a displays presence where I live and work). This year was arguably the most disciplined I have been about running, based on the amount of log entries I have made. So many notes about all the places I have run, addresses of the hotels I stayed at and the sites where I ran. All the reps and weights on my three-times-a-week circuits courses. Taking yoga and other classes at the World Gym where I had a membership. Between the logbook and this blog i think I did an okay job of chronicling my annual journey to the Marine Corps Marathon.

I am multitasking now, playing YouTube and writing this blog while chatting with a Marine buddy, Dave Lauck. He is one of the quartet that goes up to the MCM for the last four years. The band has been broken up this year: Greg got promoted at the family business and has teenagers on his hands, and so does Steve. Dave took a breather from training this year. I was hoping that another marine buddy was going to show up, but he bailed as well. So it’s just me carrying the torch this year.

So, tomorrow will be a last shot at the hotel room, and tonight I need to reserve a rental car for the weekend…which I just did. I wonder if I could have gotten it cheaper had I made my reservation earlier…I’ll have to ask.

Song of the Day: “Renegade”/Styx, because sometimes I make my own trouble, most of it avoidable. I also like the undercurrent of “Atlantic City” by Bruce Springsteen. That opening verse about the Chicken Man getting blown up in Philly sets a darker tone than the song suggests.

MCM 2018/T-Minus 11: Tardy

At home 5:00 p.m. Dressed for the gym at 5:15. At the gym at…6:30.

No, really? Do tell.

I don’t think I’ll really be excited for the Marine Corps Marathon until I am actually at the starting corral on the morning of the run. It won’t hit me about what I’ve done until I’m on my approach to Ye Olde Fourteenth Street Bridge.

Until then, it’s one last full week of workouts, and one last “long” run. After the Sunday six miler, it’s light gym work Monday and Wednesday, then three milers on Tuesday and Thursday, then off the Friday and Saturday before MCM.

Just put some Icy Hot on my right thigh. Hope that gets better, I don’t need any kind of knocks before MCM.

A few things to do before the big day…roommates, get my bib number sent to my new email…

Oh, and I may have to just run with the shoes I’ve got now. The Aspics website didn’t have the shoes in my size, and no time to break in any new shoes.

Less than two weeks. Joy.

Song of the Day: “Kashmir”/Led Zeppelin. And “When the Levee Breaks” while we’re at it. Everybody knows Kashmir-duh!-but I first discovered “Levee” as a sample to the Beastie Boys’ “Rhymin’ and Stealin’.” Didn’t find out the real song until 1997, in a barracks with roommate David Winters in Iwakuni, Japan.

Currently listening to “Sheep” by Pink Floyd as I wrap up this blog…

MCM 2018/T-minus 33: Damp

Woke up this morning to more rain.

I checked the weather app on my smartphone…gonna be more of it, all this week. Through Friday, at least.

Last week: not too shabby. Especially yesterday, when I found out I got a 10:52 pace for my 11 mile trot yesterday.

So, tomorrow morning, it’s back to the gym for a four cycle circuit course. I am going to back to the same weight that I have been using for months to avoid any injury. I may go back to the heavy weights for my Thursday circuits for the next three weeks. Sometime soon I may have to taper my circuit course as well as my running.

My last long run will be a 13-miler out to St Mary’s City, I just have to find out where to add that extra mile. Or I may take 6.5 miles out the other direction (south) on HWY-5. What do you have for me, MapMyRun?

Oh, good, the car alarm that has been going off for the last half-hour has finally shut itself off. or maybe the battery is dead…no idea.

If it does rain in the mornings, I will just have to deal with it; I’m almost a month to the MCM and I want to get in as many miles as possible. Not really up for afternoon runs at this stage; it’s getting darker much earlier now.

…and the car alarm is going off again. Ah, technology.

Song of the Day:”19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)” and “Clint Eastwood” by Gorillaz. I heard the original version of “19,” and why was this the album version instead of the Soulchild version? I also miss the opening laugh and opening spaghetti-western noise that is at the start of the video from the album version.

MCM 2018/T-minus 38: Recap

Sunday, after I posted my blog, I rented a car, purchased a ticket to the DC United vs. New York Red Bulls soccer match, and drove an hour and twenty minutes to the outskirts of DC to Audi Arena for the match. The entire affair was a spur of the moment thing; I did get my rental car, game ticket, and post-match hotel. However, on-the-fly planning can get somewhat tricky when parking in the vicinity of Audi Arena. The place was half full so I was able to find a parking spot reasonably close for the match…for $40. Sunday night I watched my Chicago Fire beat San Jose 4-0, closing out a good soccer Sunday (not great, as DC United and Red Bulls tied a 3).

Monday morning I had to drive back home from DC, so I had to run in the afternoon after work. I got in my three miles (HWY-5 South), but got utterly lazy after the run, too lazy to post on the blog. I did schedule my remaining runs for the rest of the training cycle though. This Sunday is an 11 miler to my old workplace, the SAIC building in California, MD.

Tuesday I completely blew of my Return to the Gym for my four cycles of the circuit course. I don’t know if I am getting really lazy or scared of going to the gym, but it’s now a week and a half since my last trip to the gym. When I got up to run this morning, I felt a twinge around my right kneecap. That was a quick reminder that if I get too far delinquent with these workouts, I could suffer come MCM day.

I did get up to run this morning, running the Glen Mary Farm 4 in about 44 minutes. MapMyRun was a little slow with counting off the mile markers, and it had me running 3.89 miles instead of the measured 4. Hmmm…

My last five Sunday runs before the MCM are 10-13-10-8-6 miles. No half-marathons this year because I’m saving up for MCM weekend, especially the hotel room. My schedule:

10: SAIC run (actually closer to 11)

13: St. Mary’s City Plus (actually 12 but looking to add an extra mile)

10: Southern Loop 10

8: Sheetz or Great Mills Road Run (flip a coin)

6: Superwillow 6

Song of the Day: The Extended Play Album edition

Last night while listening to the radio, I was duly informed by the disc jockey that September 18 was kind of a big deal in rock history…

“Baby I Love Your Way”/Peter Frampton, released as a single 18 September 1975.

“More Than a Feeling”/Boston, released as a single 18 September 1976

“Purple Haze”/Jimi Hendrix, who passed away 18 September 1970.

A few minutes after learning of those facts, The Rocket (WMDM, 97.7) played tow awesome songs back-to-back:

“Lunatic Fringe”/Red Rider. How Madonna’s “Crazy for You” got lumped together with this song on the Vision Quest soundtrack is beyond me. Not an iPod listener when I work out or run, but this song would be part of the playlist.

“Immigrant Song”/Led Zeppelin. I’ve gone this long without a Zeppelin song on the SOTD? I think I selected “When the Levee Breaks” one day…not sure. On we sweep with/A threshing oar!/Our only goal will be the western shore!” ‘Nuff said.

“Crazy on You”/Heart. Because the Ozzy song the DJ promised was “Mama I’m Coming Home.” Yeah…no.


MCM 2018/T-Minus 61:Skip

Out of laziness, and then out of frustration of my apartment’s air conditioner STILL not being fixed, I skipped yesterday’s circuit course. BS excuse, I know.

About 24 hours ago, I plotted a couple of five-mile courses and this week’s ten-miler on MapMyRun. Both of the five milers start by going south on Willows Road towards HWY-5. I decided to save the harder run for Friday and do the Abberly Crest to NAS Gate 1 for this morning.

The Gate 1 course normally goes over five miles because I run all the way to the guard post and back out to Three Notch Road. I decided to shorten it by just turning around at the light, but ended up shaving a quarter mile off the course.

The humidity returned this morning, but at least I had the full moon for at least one more night. It was nice looking up over my shoulder and seeing it as I ran under the forest canopy about a quarter mile from my start point. Having the moonlight was a good thing because dawn didn’t break until just after six this morning. So much for early sunrises in the summer.

I ran at a good pace, although I really didn’t feel it. Maybe it was the Red Baron pepperoni mini deep dish pizzas I ate the night before? And MapMyRun accurately caught my run and showed me how much I cut off the original course.

Because I also have the 45 fartlek tomorrow morning, I will need to “hit the gym” a little earlier than 0500 tomorrow. Oh, and for missing yesterday’s workout, I am doing two “heavy sets” tomorrow and Saturday.

Song of the Day: “It’s All Too Much” and “Hey, Bulldog”/Beatles. IATM was the closing song to the Beatles animated movie “Yellow Submarine”, and HB was the song played in the scene deleted from the original movie. God alone knows why HB was left out of the original film, the song really rocked. So did IATM.

Oh, and my air conditioner is working again.

MCM 2018/T-minus 63:Peoria


My last post before my extended hiatus was the evening of my 30-year high school reunion. I had a few good laughs, made up with a classmate for pointless political fighting on Facebook, took more bad pictures than good (damn smartphone) and had four bottles of Miller Lite. This was Saturday night, August 19.

I sounded reveille at 0400 on Sunday the 20th. I decided the night before that my 10 miler would be a run by my alma mater, Richwoods Community High School of Peoria, IL (GO KNIGHTS). Despite the four beers, I felt okay to run.

When I mapped out the run on MapMyRun the night before, I had the phrase (Glen Avenue on my mind. It was on the course somewhere (or was it Gale Avenue?), but I had mistaken it for my first left turn. Looking for Glen (Gale?) Avenue, I backed up on my first left turn, pausing to wave hello at the Peoria policeman inside his speed trap cruiser. I was on the correct road (Forrest Hill Ave.), but kept going until I hit Glen Avenue, which turned out to be Nebraska Avenue. That mistake cost me an extra mile for my Sunday run and probably added a few seconds to my overall pace.

Nebraska Avenue turned onto the main stretch of University Street. The last half mile from Glen Avenue (a-HA!) to Richwoods had a pair on good inclines and declines, with the last one leading up to Northmoor Road and RHS itself.

After running onto the campus and a quick “pass and review” of the ol’ alma mater, I crossed back towards the back half of Northmoor Rd., which was torn up due to construction but still crossable. North moor turned onto Allen Rd., which then took a right turn and a steep incline up War Memorial Drive. After making the turnaround at the Huck’s gas station, I headed down War Memorial. Just before my last scheduled water point, I checked my MapMyRun to see where I was at. The app said I had done 8.75 miles to that point, confirming that I was in for some bonus mileage today.

War Memorial was one more series of decline to incline before heading back on to Sterling Avenue and back home. MMR had me doing 11.17 miles in 2.24, at a 12.54 pace. Not that great of a pace, but still enough to make the 14 minute “Beat the Bridge” pace.

For some inexplicable technical reason, MMR stopped tracking my run around the same time that I made my distance/time check. Maybe I accidentally ended the workout? I’m not sure what happened that day, but the app DID properly track my four milers on Wednesday and Friday.


Landmark Recreation Center is a combination fitness center (aka “gym”)/bowling alley/movie theater/entertainment complex that has been operating since i was in grade school. It’s also a convenient quarter mile from my home in Peoria. I opted to go there for my circuit course and fartlek workouts on Tuesday and Thursday.

On Tuesday afternoon, I went to Landmark’s gym, purchased an $8 day pass, and headed to the workout area. The first area is in the infield of the three-lane indoor track, with a group of Nautilus workout machines flanked by two sets of treadmills and elliptical machines. It took me five minutes to determine that the Nautilus area had all of the machines I needed to execute my circuit course.

At one of the doorways of the first workout area, I found another area with free weights, dumbbells, and machines that used weight plates. In an effort to change up my routine, I decided that the free weights area would be where I would do my Thursday “heavy” circuit, then do my fartlek on the indoor track.

I got through both the regular and heavy workouts with no issues on Tuesday and Thursday. The gym was populated on both days, but not to the point where I had to “share the gym” with lots of people during my workouts. The indoor track was convenient and had no other running traffic in the single running lane, and the two walking lanes had few users.

After both workouts, I treated myself to a delicious and inexpensive strawberry flavored protein shake.

Landmark Recreation center may not be as flashy as Gold’s Gym or World Gym, and I’ve never been to the Peoria Riverplex (another fitness/entertainment complex down by the Illinois River downtown), but I got everything I needed within reasonable distance and expense.


On my Wednesday and Friday runs, I didn’t get the chance to map them on MMR due to limited internet access, so I took my smartphone with the MMR app. My plan was to listen for the one and two mile verbiage cues to mark my turnaround points. Not only did the plan work, but MMR actually mapped out my runs like it was designed to. PROGRESS.

The full moon was out all week, but I never saw it. It was overcast on Wednesday morning; Friday morning I found myself in a thunderstorm, although the downpour was not as heavy as the thunder and lightning suggested. The lightning on Friday morning was a concern; Sterling Avenue was lined with plenty of lampposts, and I was concerned (somewhat) with being that one-in 10,000 to be killed by a lightning strike. I did survive the Friday thunderstorm run, vowing NEVER to do that again, but my quest for a post run chocolate milk was cancelled when the downpour intensified.

The Wednesday run was short stroll north on Sterling Avenue, then a turn onto the rolling hills of War memorial Drive and back. The Friday run went south on Sterling, going downhill to Farmington Road until I heard the “two mile warning” on my phone, and then the climb back up Sterling towards home. Got good sub 12 minute paces both days.


My trusted chromo-pedo unit has gone blank; I discovered it late Saturday night as I prepare for the Sunday run. It probably just needs a new battery, provided I can find a jeweler’s screwdriver to open the rusted screw on the battery lid.

MapMyRun batted 2 for 4 this week. No idea what’s happening with the GPS tracking on these longer runs.

I am never doing online check cashing ever again. Better to pay another bank to cash it than wait two business days for the rest of your money.

My apartment has not had proper air conditioning this month. I wasted a day of personal Time Off for the maintenance man to tell me there was an external electrical problem with the outside a/c connecting to my inside a/c…and they need that fixed so they can find the leak in my internal a/c.


“Sister Golden Hair”/America: “I’ve been one poor correspondent/And I’m too, too hard to find/But that doesn’t mean/You ain’t been on my mind.” I want that on my tombstone when I die.

“Be True to Your School”/Beach Boys: Because HIGH SCHOOL REUNION!!!

“Nobody’s Fool”/Cinderella: Because artists for today have names that start with ABC. Cinderella was the first band that came to mind, and I’m not up for research right now. Still a damn good song.

“Lightning Strikes”/Aerosmith: Theme song for Friday, even though actual lightning and gang violence (the theme of this song) are two different things.

I have to go workout in under ten hours…

MCM 2018/T-minus 64:Chancellor

I took a vacation from blogging but not from working out. Recap tomorrow.

The trip to Rosslyn, VA for running the Mount Vernon Trail was cancelled because I didn’t read the fine print on online depositing of checks. On to Plan B and MapMyRun.

Today’s course, which I completed just over two hours ago, took me from Willow Road to Three Notch Rd./HWY 235 (via a short jump from Great Mills Rd.), to Chancellor’s Run Rd. and then a short run down Great Mills Rd.to MD-5, with a hill run up to Little Flower School, then back all the way I came. 18.3 miles in 3:42.56, for a 12: 10 pace.

As i rounded Great Mills onto Three Notch, I was finally greeted by the elusive full moon that had been out all this week. Between a half hour of full moon and no humidity, i had a great running environment to start with.

Last week, I discovered that I can fit a sixteen ounce bottle of water in my FlipBelt (along with four packs of Gu energy packs), and if I turn the entry slits to the inside towards my body, I can keep the bottle from falling out. This week, however, I struggled with getting the bottle out properly, costing me about a minute and a half as I had to stop and re-araange everything. I also had two pee breaks, first at Wawa just before the four mile mark and then at the Sheetz at HWY-5/Great Mills.

The steepest incline/decline on the course was the three mile stretch of Chancellor’s Run Rd., and then from Chancellor’s to the Sheetz. After passing the Sheetz, it was a steady climb up to my turnaround point in front of the Little Flower School, a grade school run by the nearby Catholic Church.

The water/Gu “breaks” got shorter and better as I gradually emptied the bottle of Nuun-energy mixed water. I didn’t have my “revolt of the thighs,” which is when my calves and thighs tend to tighten up really hard around miles 15 thru 17. However, i think that between the pee breaks and the ruling hills of Chancellor’s Run, I couldn’t get my 11:30 or so pace back when I hit the return leg of Three Notch Rd.

This being my longest run of the year, everything turned out all right. I stretched out with a purpose this morning, so I have no issues to report with my muscles, ligaments or that all-important knee cartilage. I may have to rethink my water-carrying strategy for training (drawstring backpack?). Lastly, I hope the running weather gets better as summer turns into fall.

Labor Day weekend will be a 10 miler, and then a 20 miler the week after that. I would like to do at least one half marathon before I taper the long runs before the MCM. This week will start my last full week of the circuit training before I taper that as well.

Oh, and I still don’t have a room for MCM weekend.

Song of the day: “Shadows of the Night”/Pat Benatar. I heard this song while shopping in The Nut House, a candy and nuts store in downtown Peoria. Even after I had paid for my $7 worth of chocolate cherries and pecan clusters, I waited for the song to end before I left the premises. Fortunately, the nice lady at the counter understood, and a group of female customers also came in so she could do business.

I like this song because of the World War Two dogfight video starring Mrs. Benatar and her backing band, shooting down a squadron of German fighter planes at the climax of the video. I want somebody to do a remake of the video with a Star Wars theme…maybe Pat and her guitarist husband as fellow A-wing pilots battling the Super Star Destroyer ta the climax of “Return of the Jedi?”

“Runner”/Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. Self-explanatory.

MCM 2018/T-minus 75:Flight

So it looks like I am going home to Peoria, IL this weekend for my 30-year class reunion. Booked the flight this afternoon, and now all I need is a ride to and from Baltimore BWI Airport this Friday and next. Maybe if I have enough money left I can afford a hotel room for my Mount Vernon Trail run in two weeks? We’ll see.

The run this morning wasn’t too bad considering I finished working out around 8:00 p.m., went to bed around 11:30 p.m. and went running at 5:00 a.m. I was pretty sore before I started the run, but I worked my way through it. No pedometer/stopwatch this morning though.

I am not sure if I will be able to work out over the next two days. Thursday I have to move as much junk out of my hotel room as possible (leaving Friday morning), either find my driver’s license or spend a few hours at the DMV getting a new one, send my sister some money, get my diabetic testing kit which I left at work today, MAYBE squeeze in two set heavy workout followed by a 45-min. fartlek, arrange a ride to/from BWI with an Uber driver…

Allegedly I’m on vacation, starting tomorrow. Okay…

The Friday run MIGHT happen, if I decide to get up early enough and finish quick enough, preferably with enough time to cool off, shower, and get dressed. Gym workouts next week are an issue in doubt, unless I can find a gym close enough that does day passes. We shall see…

But I am going home, though…so that’s good.

Song of the day: “Sail”/AWOLNation: I bet I picked this song already, I lost track after last Sunday. This was another pleasant surprise on a Sunday night trip back from Arby’s. Tell the truth, I can’t really describe how I come to like some of these songs. There is a common something about a song like this…

“Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You”/Bee Gees: Yes THOSE Bee Gees. Barry, Robin, Maurice, plus two other dudes whose names I don’t know and I’m too lazy too look up at 10:00 p.m. Also, MELLOTRON. When I was a lot younger, I mocked the Bee Gees after the disco thing went away. I bought the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack album a few years ago, and damn if it’s not a good album. And the bee gees are a lot better than the dreck that passes for pop music these days.

Also…MELLOTRON. YouTube it.