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MCM 2020: Nitro?

Okay maybe it wasn’t that fast…

Okay, dinner last night was a Whopper meal with a 24 oz. Coke, onion rings, and chicken fries. Dinner came about ten-plus hours after breakfast (7:30 Saturday morning to 5-5:30 Saturday night). Not much else to eat but junk food after that until bedtime, about 10-15 p.m.

Reveille went at 0400. I Chobani yogurt plus about a bottle and a half of water. Since I was driving out to the base, I did my Saunders cycle on Kenpo X as soon as I got dressed (about 0420).

I made it onto the base at 0452. At 0454, I realized I forgot about my bottle of Ucan Hydrate. Running without it was not an option, so I burned fifteen minutes going back home to go get it. One more set of stretching and I was off at 0525.

I was worried about the threat of rain this morning, so I wrapped my smartphone in Saran Wrap for the run. It would be dry, but MapMyRun’s voice box would be muffled. I had no idea what my splits were until I finally got rid of the Saran Wrap just after mile 8…when the sun came out.

Did I go out too fast? 10:57 is one of the fastest opening miles I have ever done, so that may have been it. What I should have done is aim for an 11:30 first mile and work my way down from there, or at least aim to maintain that pace.

Looking back at the elevation of my run, from Mile 8 onward is a slow but steady upward climb. I  know the 10 mile loop starts to climb before the runway near Test Pilots School, but I didn’t know it was a gradual uphill all the way back to my starting point at Drill Hall Gym. Mile 8 thru Mile 11 would have been about three miles of climbing.

Would. Have. been.

I started losing momentum around mile 7, and then mile 8 I knew if I could just make the climb the course would plateau out and I could build up momentum for the run up Cedar Point Road. Unfortunately, a clear voice at mile 9 announced a thirteen something split. By then I was just running through mud, or so I felt.

As I passed the Marine Aviation Detachment HQ, I felt there was no way that I was going to do anything worthwhile, trying to go up Cedar Point Road’s mile-plus long climb from the entrance road to the Drill Hall to Gate Two and back. Not happening…not today anyway.

Just past the NAWCAD Building, I slowed to a power walk. I gave no thought to a Marine Corps shuffle and trying to find a second wind. Hiked back to the Drill Hall parking lot, and as soon as MMR called out “ten miles,” I crossed the “finish line.”

So, today’s life lessons:

  1. Proper nutrition as well as proper hydration the day before a long run. Keto or no keto, there was no excuse for me to go ten hours between breakfast and a late lunch.dinner, then nothing to eat between 6:30 last night and 0400 this morning.
  2. Aim for a twelve minute pace to start on the long runs, then work to gradually get faster. The Pax River ten-mile loop can be flat in places, but it does climb near the end. Also, start at a pace you can handle.


Postscript: Bad eating habits. Did not Finish, Still lost three pounds.


Song of the Day:

Foo Fighters/”My Hero:”  

“(Lead singer/guitarist Dave) Grohl has claimed he didn’t have any rockstar rolemodels growing up. This song is a tribute to those he did look up to: the everyday people.
The sentiment on this track is simple. You don’t have to be rich, or famous or successful to do something good or heroic.

“As with many Foo Fighters songs, fans have tried to appropriate the lyrics to Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain, but Dave insists that they refer only to the average man on the street. Whatever the case may be, “My Hero” was still a top 10 rock smash.”

George Harrison/”Got My Mind Set on You:” From Genius:

” ‘Got My Mind Set on You’ was originally sung by James Ray in 1962.

“In 1987, George Harrison covered the song for his album Cloud Nine and his version topped the Billboard Hot 100 and Adult Contemporary chart. It also peaked at #4 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.”

Eddy Grant/”Electric Avenue:” From Genius

“Guyanese-British singer Eddy Grant’s seminal response to the 1981 Brixton riot; riots that were themselves a response to the high level of unemployment among the Caribbean immigrant population of Britain at that time.

“Throughout the song, Grant goes against the demonized account of rioters popular in the British media, instead painting a picture of poor, jobless “warriors”, struggling to even feed their family.”


Marathon Training During COVID-19/Throne

iStore 4: six and a half hours later…

After being in the throne room doing a No.2 on and off for an hour, I lost the “magic hour,” that period of time when I am prepped and motivated for a scheduled run. At 0530 I put off today’s run until 11:30 a.m.

Generally, the “heat of the day” takes place around 4:00-ish. However, the late morning was quite warm for being the last day before the First Day of Summer. Not any crushing humidity, but warm enough where I was glad to suck down a couple of bottles of water prior to stretching out at 11:10.

Speaking of stretching…those P90X stretches are money, yo!

An 11:19 pace over a sloping four miles is not bad (for me), but I’m not sure how I slowed down over the last mile. Mile three starts with the Three Fireplugs and ends coming back up to Abberly Crest, but the downhill and somewhat flat downhill toward the iStore facility should have been a little faster than a 12:06 final mile. Maybe I was anticipating hearing MapMyRun call out that last mile?



Spring has become summer. My diabetes is under control, but my blood pressure monitor is giving me scary readings. temporary “plantar” issue with my foot during the first mile of the run, but it’s fine now. Still no COVID-19 symptoms since I’ve been in shelter-in-place.

Eating chili for lunch as I write this. I anticipated the chili lasting a little bit longer than two days. Pho DeeLite for dinner tonight?

Planning on switching the scenery for the Sunday run: I am going on the base to run the ten-mile loop. However, I am going to tack on the run up Cedar Point Road up to Gate Two (all of it uphill) and then run it back down to the starting point at Drill Hall…where I ran to last Sunday.

Gear check: My Copper Fit ankle socks are holding up well. They stay on my feet, and I have never had any issues with blisters or sores. My Hanes ale socks are in the neighboorhood of over thirty years old. Most of them have holes in the big toes, but I have never had any ill effects when i run in them,

My asics Gel-Contend 5 is holding up rather well, for the mileage I have put on them so far. I overprint, so most of my shoe wear is in the outer rear edge of the heels. Lots of miles coming up this summer, though.


P90X, Day 68: Core Synergistics

I know I ate after the run today, so maybe five hours was not enough recovery time between the run and today’s P90X session? Whatever it was, I was doggin’ it in the last twenty minutes of the workout. I barely made it through the bonus round.

Looking at the numbers on my workout sheet, they’re comparable to two weeks ago, but yes, I was running on fumes after the towel hoppers. It didn’t help that I forgot to reach under after my first push-up on the reach-high-and-unders.

Just got done chugging my recovery drink; orange is kinda not my flavor. to for the brand I purchased from GNC.

I am just killing myself, but it looks like another night of Uber Eats…IF there are Uber drivers on the road who have the UE duty.

Kenpo X in the morning…see you next time, Tony!


Song of the Day: Utopia/”Cry Baby:” Because I am so, SO, SO tired of #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo, #Antifa, and the rest of the Social Justice Warrior movement. Nothin’ but lyrics.

Pink Floyd:“In the Flesh/Run Like Hell/Waiting for the Worms:” This sequence from Pink Floyd: The Wall is more about “Pink’s” descent into madness, but given the current societal atmosphere, this to me is kind of a glimpse into where I think mankind is headed. PS: In my mind, Pink here is not represented by the current POTUS. Jus’ saying.


Dear Tony/P90X Day 66: Back and Biceps

Dear Tony,

This is going to be a short blog because I am tired and hungry and I don’t really feel like cooking dinner.

I am right now working from home, and today I was in teleconferences for most of the day. When the last one wrapped up at 5:10 p.m., I was sore and tired from sitting all day and not really in the mood for Back and Bis/ABX. But, I was tired of the reschedules, so I just decided to be a professional about it…meaning do it when I least felt like doing P90X.

This was the first time I had ever done Back and Biceps, and it was good to see you smiling and joking with the workout peeps during the warm-ups, so I felt a little better.

First life lesson: I really need to invest in some dumbbells. I did okay with the bands on the bicep routines, but getting that burn in the arms was tough. I know I can just get a heavier band, but i don’t really think it’s the same…for me anyway.

Second life lesson: drink more water. My feet started cramping on the Superman routines, which for me is a sure sign of being dehydrated without being in such a flop sweat. Speaking of sweat, I had no air conditioning on because it was rather chilly for mid-June…probably because of the rain.

I am ordering dinner out…just not enough get-and-go to cook tonight, especially after I ran four miles this morning. Ranieri Run 4 went well; I was a little slow in the opening mile, but I got negative splits until the end.

Yoga X bright and early…see you next time, Tony!

MCM’20: Welcome Back

Last Tuesday night I was in the warm-up phase of Chest-Shoulders-Triceps/Ab Ripper X. Just as I started running in place, my left glutei kind of gave out. I didn’t pull or tear any muscles or ligaments, but the pain was enough of a concern that I stopped the video and called off the workout. At that point, I was feeling sore in other places, to include both my shins. I had also postponed the workout from Monday and I was dreading the make-up schedule for that week. At that point I just flat-out took the week off.

So…I just got done with X Stretch, having run eight miles earlier this morning. Now, X Stretch is considered optional (“Rest or X Stretch,” safety the schedule). However Tony Horton, the creator of P90X, made a good statement at the start of the video: X Stretch is important because without stretching a person can plateau in his/her performance, get hurt, and/or get frustrated and quit. I think that kind of happened to me last week. I didn’t compensate for the added two-a-days, and it finally caught up to me Tuesday evening.

I had thought about doing Yoga X on Friday morning and then X Stretch on Saturday morning, but I never followed through. So, it was X Stretch twelve hours after today’s run.


Drill Hall 8:

It was not a full sunrise as I stepped out the door at 0455 this morning, but there was enough light out. No more moonlight runs until fall, I guess.

I didn’t really set a goal this morning, other than finishing the eight miles at a reasonable time and pace. Considering that I hadn’t run since Monday evening, an 11:25 pace wasn’t too bad. No idea how I lost 23 seconds from the mile 3 to mile 4 splits, especially since it was the bottom of the slope and a fairly straightforward turnaround point. When MapMyRun sounded the four mile mark, I kept going towards the entrance to the Drill Hall (NAS Patuxent River gymnasium facility) and turned around there. The second half of the run was mostly a climb from the middle of mile four through mile seven, yet I kept the pace under twelve minutes. I finished the 8.25 miles in 1:34.12 at an 11:25 pace.



I have not made an entry in my orange logbook since April 19. With MapMyRun keeping track of my runs, and the P90X Worksheets, I haven’t really had to make any entries, or even bother to make it up. Oh, well.

The Slice House makes the largest pizza in the St. Mary’s County area. The 18″ diameter pizza was dinner last night, lunch today, and will be dinner tonight. Just heat the oven to 350 degrees and stick the slices in for five minutes.

That being said, I need to go back on the keto diet. I only gained two pounds in the last two weeks, but I want to be closer to 200 for the Marine Corps Marathon.

I bit of the sneezes and sniffles, but no COVID-19 symptoms since the shelter in place back in late March. Hope the X Stretch helps me with  recovery though.

The runs are getting longer, which means more recovery time on Sundays. I still need to think about fitting X Stretch into my Sunday routine somehow.


X Stretch:

Dear Tony,

You made a good point at the intro to the X Stretch workout: without stretching, your performance plateaus, you get injured, then you get frustrated and then quit. I wasn’t going to completely quit, but I did have to shut down P90X and running for the week.

If nothing else, I think I’ll get a better night’s sleep out of it tonight. But I will make the effort to work in X Stretch on Sundays from now on…provided i don’t die from the longer runs on Sundays.

Back in the saddle, Tony…see you tomorrow morning!


Song of the Day: Daft Punk/”One More Time:” It has been this song and Avicii’s “Levels” most of the week. From Genius:

“Daft Punk’s single, “One More Time,” is that kind of song: a piece of superreligion with an invincible beat and a nailed-to-the-wall vocal by house singer Romanthony. It is stamina itself, an anthem to keep on dancing that’s already a huge hit in clubs and on the radio. All those knowing listeners who bought Homework and signed on for the pair’s rascally, nudge-wink grooves now have to figure out what part of “One More Time” is for them. Is there a subversive part of “One More Time?” If so, where does it begin

“Generally about their music, which this song represents perfectly, Thomas Bengalter said

The healthy thing is that people either loved it or hated it. The worst thing is when you make art and people are not moved.

I always thought that there were two people singing, but it was always Romanthony alternating with himself on the chorus.

Around the World:

“The track is a perfect example of Daft Punk’s sound at it’s most accessible: a post-disco boogie bassline, a minimalist sprinkling of synthetic keyboard melody and a single, naggingly insistent hook. While the vocal performs that role on “Around the World,” elsewhere the same effect is achieved using a wide variety of sounds.

“The music video is meant to be a visual representation of the whole song, with groups of characters representing each instrument.”

Dear Tony/P90X Day 60: Milestone

Dear Tony,

Day 60! Time flies when you’re having fun!

Today started with Yoga X, and to be honest, not the best session I’ve ever had. When I progressed to the warrior two pose, I felt the back to back days of pushups and pull-ups on my biceps and triceps. Man, was I sore. Also, a little back wards progress on the plough and crane stances. I just didn’t have the mind-body fusion for Yoga this morning. I mean, I got up at 0430 and pressed “Play” at 0500, but the soreness from the last two days caught up with me.

Cardio X was a little better this afternoon. I got an extra eleven minutes of yoga today, but my heart rates weren’t as good as the other Cardio X sessions.

Yoga: 54 bpm @ 27:20          Kenpo: 61 bpm @ 18:04

Plyo: 69 @ 10:52                     Core: 55 @ 3:44

I think I drop off way too much right after core ends. Maybe it was the Superman/banana after the squat run?

If anything, my diet needs to get a lot better, I have taken too much time off on the “keto” diet. I need to get back on that horse, stat!

I did get my Day 60 picture. Knowing what I just said about my diet…I’ll look at it later.

Holy cow…60 days…and thirty more to go.

Gotta get to WORK!!!

I’m going running in the morning, so I’ll catch you tomorrow after work with Core Synergistics. See you next time, Tony!

Song of the Day: The Jimi Hendrix Experience/”All Along the Watchtower:

“The great Hendrix covered Bob Dylan’s sparse original for his album Electric Ladyland and gave new life to it. It’s noted for its cryptic lyrics, and this version is known for the solo before the final verse.

“The lyrics have been decoded for the Dylan version and can be found here.

“The rich history of “All Along the Watchtower” embodies collective work, as it was built upon by such artists as Dylan, Hendrix and Bear McCreary(who composed the score for Battlestar Galactica).

“While the lyrics have been unpacked and analyzed in detail, another way to view it is as a larger metaphor in its entirety. The references to a relatively large cast of characters—from the influential (princes, businessman) to the underdogs (plowmen, servants, women) to the independents or outcasts (joker, thief)—present the multitude of points of view that make up everyone’s reality (the view from the watchtower, the distance). The conversation suggests the tension between these realities, the confusion as to what or who is right and wrong, as well as to the futility of trying to make sense of it.

“The clue might be in the title. The song progressively lifts the perspective from the intimate setting of a one-to-one conversation to the level of the watchtower where princes can see the others coming and going—even the riders approaching from the distance. In the end, the wind seems to reign supreme over all these different perspectives and realities which seems to suggest that there exists not one objective reality, but different individual perspectives.

“Hendrix takes Dylan’s song and rewrites the music to expand and highlight the meaning of the lyrics. McCreary’s version in Battlestar Galactica can be said to do the same by adding stormier oriental accents. Both musical arrangements appear to recognize the wind as being the protagonist of this song. (TY Genius)”


Marathon Training During COVID-19: UPS

MD-5 3

Oh, look…yet another late start. Didn’t get underway until 0530 this morning (and I missed the full moon as well). Didn’t even stretch, and that was risky since I strained a groin muscle running downhill on this very course a couple of years ago. That being said, the weather was good…not too hot or to cool. No breeze or gusts of any kind.

From the start at Green MeadowLane to the Bay Montessori School is the first mile, and from the school to the MD-5 intersection and back (just past the school) is mile 2. Mile 2 has the steeper climb, yet I was only 16 seconds slower on the return leg of mile 2. My finishing mile 3 was 10:21, resulting in a 10:58 pace for the day.

3.11 miles…just short of pie.


COVID-19 Life

Over two full months since I’ve sheltered in place: no COVID-19 symptoms at this time.

The keto diet has taken a powder this week. Today I didn’t really pig out: for breakfast I tried a couple of “eggs in a pot” with bacon and taco cheese, with an English muffin to dip in the eggs. For lunch, I had a couple of spare brioche Belgian waffles (OMFG, that scale is gonna be ugly this Sunday) with a couple of slices of capricola and baby swiss cheese, washed down with coffee in my Yeti cup.

Side note: the Yeti cup is real. I’ve had coffee in there for four hours and it’s still warm enough to drink. Even better with the plastic closure lids (sold separately for the 10-oz. tumbler which I have). I have at least seven coffee cups that I used to use on the regular. The Yeti is the only one I’ve used in the last two months.

So, so sick of all the rioting over George Floyd’s death.


P90X, Day 59: Shoulders and Arms/ABX

Dear Tony,

I dug out my worksheet for Shoulders and Arms…hey, I haven’t worked this in a while!

I was somewhat concerned over today’s workout…not that much water intake, and I ate somewhat light today. I didn’t have hinger pains and I didn’t bonk (crashing for lack of fuel/nutrients to sustain the workout), so I did pull off the workout, to include Ab Ripper X…for the second straight day.

For the first time, I tried out the heavier resistance band for the gulf of the workouts, and today I actually felt a difference in the routines. Some of my reps got better, and some of them dipped a bit, but I still was able to push and felt more of a burn than I ever did before. I even sweated through the bonus round (not that I don’t skip the bonus round…I still do ’em).

ABX on back to back days? That’s what happens when I skip a day and have to make up the workouts. Believe it or not, I actually did better than yesterday interns of reps! Got a great number of reps  for the wide-legs setups and the roll-up V-ups.

STILL need to print up a new sheet for ABX.

Yoga X at the crack of dawn, Cardio X after work. Kind of like a Doubles day.

See you next time, Tony!


Post script:

The UPS man finally stopped by my apartment today. Dropped off two expected items.

The bigger box: My replacement Start Flashback 9 Gold. More games plus 3 day shipping plus sales tax equals $28 more dollars than I paid for the original Flashback 9. Please let me not blow out the hard drive with the firmware load.

More on this later.

The smaller package: My Historic Half Medal.

Yeah, that’s why I did so much better on ABX today.

Song of the Day: Brought to you by Iggy Pop, for absolutely no reason at all.

Iggy Pop/”The Passenger:My first encounter with this song: commercial music for Morgan Spurlock’s short-lived show on Fox. From Genius:

“In a chat with Josh Homme, Iggy talked about the song’s main inspiration:

Yeah. The Passenger was partly written about the fact I’d been riding around North America and Europe in David’s car ad infinitum. I didn’t have a driver’s licence or a vehicle.

“This song was also inspired by a poem written by Jim Morrison of The Doors.”

David’s car…David Bowie?

Speaking of David…

Iggy Pop/”Lust for Life:” From the movie Trainspotting, which was a surprisingly good movie. Genius says:

“Musically, “Lust For Life” is deceptively catchy and upbeat for a song about a life ravaged by drug addiction. This has led to the song being used as the laughably incongruous soundtrack of advertisements for clients like Royal Carribean Cruises and Metrobank.

“The song was co-written in 1977 by Iggy Pop and David Bowie, with Bowie providing the music (written on a ukulele), and Pop the lyrics

“In 2013, Iggy Pop told Q Magazine,

Once a week the Armed Forces Network [in Berlin] would play Starsky & Hutch and that was our little ritual. AFN would broadcast an ID when they came on the air, a representation of a radio tower, and it made a signal sound, ‘beep beep beep beep beep ba beep.’ And we went, ‘Aha, we’ll take that!’ David [Bowie] grabbed his ukulele, worked out the chords, and away we went.


Dear Tony/P90X Day 51

Dear Tony,

I just had an epiphany about what this week is about.

Yoga X on Monday and Saturday. Core Synergistics on Tuesday and Friday. Kenpo X on Wednesday and Cardio X on Thursday.

Yoga X is core strengthening and energizing the body. Core Synergistics is about building the core while working the limbs as well. Kenpo X and Cardio X make you swear while engaging the core.

This week is not about being “easy” or about “taking a break.” It’s about preparing the body for the next cycle of workouts. It’s about building balance and reinforcing all of the muscles so a person becomes less prone to injury and more durable to perform the routines.

So…the alarm went off at 0430. At 0455: “Okay, I have to run the patches on my work computer and I’m making hues de asarepa so that might take a while and I have an 8 a.m. call…”

The patches never took, and my Outlook Web Access was held up by a server issue this morning.

The asarepas were a mess. I wasted two good eggs and a bunch of Mexican cornmeal batter trying to cook the eggs inside the asarepa batter. Dinner will be the third and final attempt at getting a fully cooked asarepa without getting a runny uncooked egg.

Lunch was two-day old salmon sushi.

How am I not huddled over the toilet or sitting on it, dealing with food poisoning is a miracle.

The day did get better, mostly because of work. I pooped in the Core DVD at 5:15 and got to work. It was just about getting the work done today…one of these days I’ll get around to printing some new workout sheets.

Tomorrow morning I’m running to MD-5 and back (three miles), so I’ll’ see you for Cardio  X right after work, Tony.

Dear Tony/P90X, Day 44

Dear Tony,

Since my last blog post to you:

  1. Saturday: performed Kenpo X
  2. Sunday: Ran the Virtual Historic Half Marathon 2020, to St. Mary’s City and back
  3. Monday: Uploaded my half-marathon time and MapMyRun link
  4. Tuesday: Performed Core Synergistics and found my HH2020 time recorded for score.

Just under two months ago, I found myself with no access to a workout facility. Every gymnasium of every size was closed due to COVID-19: My old World Gym hangout out in town, the gym on base at NAS Patuxent River, and even the workout facilities in Abberly Crest Apartments.

Thursday morning, I skipped my circuit course workout. No prob, I’ll do it when I get home tonight.

Thursday afternoon, I came home to a sign outside my doorstep: “All amenities closed until further notice.” The two workout facilities are amenities.

Thursday night, I discovered my P90X DVD set, covered in 11 years worth of dust, hiding in the bottom shelf of my “entertainment center.”

A week or so of scheduling, preparing, gathering of materials. Nine weeks ago yesterday, I performed the Fit Test. That Monday afternoon, after finding my Core Synergistics DVD in an old DVD player…the journey began.

Eight weeks in and I’ve run a personal record (I think) half marathon. Even though my weight would be better if I stopped eating stuff like the cold pizza from last night, I’m at least much more physically capable than I was when I started nine weeks ago.

Anyway, Sunday I wanted to celebrate with some pizza from The Slice House. They were closed on Sunday, so after work last night I made the forty-minute round trip drive for the largest thin crust pizza I have ever seen. Pepperoni, sweet Italian sausage, and black olives.

Today at 1230, I pushed play on Core. I got my pre-workout protein bar (otherwise known as “breakfast,” and washed down with the rest of the morning’s coffee) got my workout equipment, and Brought It.

I didn’t do a workout sheet today; in fact, I need to print out a new set of sheets! However, I am getting better at all the push-up routines (switch hand-cross legs, Sphinx, and prison cell push-ups). I am slowly but surely getting better at the “bonus routines” as well. I do full planks instead of plank to chatarunga, and I can even sweat and strain a few table dip leg raises.

The last few paragraphs don’t sound like I’m doing P90X, but I assure you I am In It To Win It. Tomorrow is doubles, Cardio at noon and then Chest-Tri-Bi/ABX after work, and back on the keto diet tomorrow. Yoga Thursday morning. Legs-Back/ABX on Friday morning, Kenpo X on Saturday, and X Stretch on Sunday, since I’m not running.

This week is a transition week. I am taking the week off from running to plan out for the full Marine Corps Marathon in October. I even fleshed out a virtual 26.2 in case that one ends up like the Historic half. I will also try to order a few sets of dumbbells and maybe some push-up bars so I can do better on some of the Chest, Arms, and Back workouts.

Tomorrow marks 45 days…halfway done. I think I’ll take a picture after ABX tomorrow.

See you next time, Tony. Maybe at 0500, definitely at noon.

Song of the Day: After the Fire/”Der Kommisar:” 

“Der Kommissar” is a 1981 song by Austrian singer Falco covered in 1982 by English band After The Fire.

“Both Falco and After The Fire used a mix of German and English lyrics in their recordings, though After The Fire’s version is primarily in English (while Falco’s was primarily in German).

“This song was After The Fire’s only U.S. hit, reaching #5. (HT: Genius)

About Falco’s original version (also from Genius):

“Der Kommissar” was the first major hit by the Austrian musician Falco. It’s probably the first rap track recorded by a German speaking artist. Growing up in Vienna, the deathplace of Mozart, Falco combined Viennese Culture and Slang with American music aesthetics.
Though not comparable to American “Gangsta” Standards, “Der Kommissar” contains several references to cocaine abuse in a rather glorifying manner.


Virtual Historic Half 2020/St. Mary’s City 13.1

Up at 0400. Ate one tub of yogurt, Chobani Greek Berry Blend. A few gulps of water. Put on the Chafe Paint and the Skin So Soft and got dressed.

0435: Put in the Kenpo X DVD from my P90X set and performed the Saunders cycle stretch, adding a couple of stretches of my own. One 16 0z. bottle of water with a packet of UCan Hydrate. Pack up my FlipBelt with a spare 8-oz water and a Gu.

0456: Out the door, headed for Green meadow Lane, the back street leading into Abberly Crest Apartments. 0500: From MapMyRun: “Begin workout.”

No two hour drive on a Friday or Saturday. No Hilton, or any other hotel. No Runner’s Expo. No checking out the town.

No crowds. No music over the loudspeakers or bands of any kind. No water stations, Port-a-Johns, water stations, or food stops. No aid stations either.

God. Me. Nature, a.k.a the flora and fauna of St. Mary’s County, MD. My MapMyRun app calling out the miles and the splits.

Today, I’ll take it.


At the mile marker past the Bay Montessori School, I heard the first split: 11:10. So much for negative splits, I would be lucky to finish with an 11:30 pace.

I never noticed this before, but going down MD-5 into St Mary’s City is mostly a downward slope. I was at 11:01 at 4 miles and a blazing 10:07 as i crossed the second bridge into St. Mary’s City proper.

As I crossed into the parking lot for Historic St. Mary’s City I didn’t hit the six mile mark until a few yards after the HSMC sign. What I was running at that point was the opening/closing quarter- mile of the St. Mary’s Thanksgiving 5K (the race that inspired me to run this route). At the edge of the quarter-mile, I did an extra few yards to make sure I would not finish short of the 13.1 miles. I also took the back exit out rather than just run the same way I entered HSMC.

Mile 9 going out of St. Mary’s City was going to be my first of a few uphills going back home, and the end of my sub-11;30 splits. It was here where I first enforced a basic lesson from P90X: Engage the core; BREATHE.

I didn’t; keep my 11:30 pace, but I did make a better effort to maintain the pace rather than just slow down on the climb.

Before I knew it I was at Mile 11, just outside the Nacht T Farm. Maybe I had a PR, maybe not, but I was feeling good this morning. I made the final downhill from MD-5 and turned onto the uphill going back up Willow Road…my personal Hospital Hill.

Mile 12. Almost done. I started playing Marine Corps running cadences in my head for the first half, and then I focused back on finishing the run, and making sure I had enough of the 0.1 after the 13 miles were done.

On the last downhill towards Green Meadow Lane, I heard MMR announce the magic words: “Total Distance: Thirteen Miles.” I crossed the “finish gate,” which is actually the Green meadow lane street sign next to a STOP sign, and checked MMR: 13.1 on the dot. All done. Normally I run the Three Fireplugs all the way back up to the Abberly Crest main entrance, but I had done what needed to be done.

Virtual Historic half Marathon 2020: Done, Sir, done!


Liner notes:

My hamstrings were screaming after i got done running. I took a half-mile cool down lap, got back home, weighed in (down three pounds!) and chugged down some chocolate milk. My legs feel better already!

With no water or food stations available, I mixed a bottle of water with UCan Hydrate. I carried a spare bottle of water, mixed with Mio water enhancer and some pickle juice, and a packet of Gu. I never touched either of them.

Eight weeks of P90X and a fairly-disciplined “keto” diet. I forgot my weight in March, but I’m running an 11;24 pace now. Oh, and 27 miles in four days since last Monday.

The Copper Fit sport sox worked out well today. No slippage, no blisters.

Pho Dee-Lite: Friday night carbo-load spot. Mos’ def.


Song(s) of the Day:

Re-Flex/”The Politics of Dancing:”I always liked the underworld revolution vibe from this video in the 80s. All Genius has is lyrics.

Faith No More/”Jizzlobber:” I discovered this album on a deployment to the South Pacific in 1994. C’mon Genius!

Faith No More/”We Care A Lot:”

“We Care a Lot” is a song by Faith No More. There are three versions of the song (including a Mike Patton era ‘Live’ version), all of which have been officially released over three different albums. The original was recorded for and released on the band’s first studio album We Care a Lot. A re-recorded version, with new lyrics was included on the Introduce Yourself album.

“The lyrics of this song are a sarcastic parody of “the popstar posing that accompanied those [Live Aid style] charitable events” and mentions a range of things about which the band sarcastically claims ‘we care a lot’, such as the LAPD, the “food that Live Aid bought”, the Garbage Pail Kids and even The Transformers. The original version, released in 1985, mentions Madonna and Mr. T. This was altered for social relevance in the 1987 re-release. When asked about the song’s meaning, Chuck Mosley replied:

Well, ah Roddy wrote all the things that he cared about and I just wrote the part that says, “it’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it” ‘cause I figured that’s just the feeling I got. That’s the only thing I submitted. That, and the newer lyrics in the updated version.

Marathon Training During COVID-19/T-Minus 2

P90X, Day 40:

Dear Tony,

Yes, it was an hour late, but another session of leg and back/ABX is in the books.

First the bad: I hit a wall on Ab Ripper x this morning, somewhere between the wide-leg (for me) sit-ups and the Fifer scissors. It wasn’t hunger or fatigue, I just hurt too much in the midsection to make the reps. I gutted out the rest of the ABX session, but oh man was I hurting this morning.

Now the good; I am getting better on all my pull-ups. I actually busted out 24 reps on the last set of switch-grip pull-ups. I can’t wait until the 90 days are over so I can find an actual Marine Corps pull-up bar and see if I can actually crank out a few…at fifty years young and retired for ten years.

Gear news: Tony, I went to BeachBody.com to see if I could order a package or two of your Recovery Drink…every flavor is sold out. I went to GNC and bought a package of Beyond Raw Precision BCAA. I talked to the GNC rep and she told me that you drink some of the mix while you’re working out as well as afterwards, to aid in the recovery process. I’ll take some of this after the Kenpo X workout and see what happens.

Can I even order any dumbbells from anywhere?

See you next time, Tony…at 0500ish (tomorrow’s a Saturday, I make no guarantees).



Going motivated for today’s run as well as Sunday’s. Ran today with the grey tech shirt I purchased at the Marine Corps Museum last year. Running Sunday with the fluorescent yellow Marine Corps Marathon tech shirt I bought in 2015, and a set of red and gold Marines running trunks that I have had for over thirty years.

I am also running in Copper Fit sports socks on Sunday. A couple of years ago I had issues with the socks sliding off my feet as I ran, but I haven’t had that problem lately.

I may have to replace some of my polyester running shorts; they keep riding up my crotch while I run. I also have to retire a set of grey Marines trunks because they’re getting too big on me; I found this out during the 9 miler a few weeks ago.

Today’s run put me over 200 miles on my current set of running shoes. They haven’t been the exact set of shoes that I needed, but I have not felt any ill effects. My run times haven’t suffered either. I think they’ll be fine for another month or so.

Speaking of running, the thermometer hit 75 today. Today will be my last afternoon/early evening run. Gonna be a warm summer.


Raineri Run 4:

My last warm-up before the (virtual) Historic Half on Sunday, and I’m right where I want to be: running an 11;30 mile.

At 4:30 p.m. I downed a Snickers bar and a tub of Chobani Mixed berries yogurt. At 5:40, I started stretching out, using stretches from the P90X DVDs.

I was worried about running after the peak heat of the day, but fortunately my route was lined with trees that gave me enough shade. Also noted the traffic that was pretty heavy. I guess the partial re-opening of Maryland did get underway after all.

This was just a last tune-up, so I am satisfied with the splits I got today. I am rounding into good form, even though I’m a little heavier than I wanted to be. I broke my keto diet with some beef pho and shrimp rolls tonight, but my excuse is that I am carbo-loading for Sunday.

Sunday morning is gonna be a good day.

Song of the Day: David Bowie/”Moorage Daydream:” I discovered this song while I was in the Staff NCO office of the Automated test equipment brand at MALS-14, MCAS Cherry Point, NC...July 2004. From Genius:

“Moonage Daydream” initially failed to chart when released as a single in 1971 by Arnold Corns, Bowie’s side project that has come to be seen as a “dry run” for the Ziggy experiment. Peter Doggett claimed that the song “would have been long forgotten” if it hadn’t later been re-recorded and included on Ziggy Stardust about a year later.

“The song fits on the concept album’s story arc by describing Ziggy as a character using sci-fi imagery that gives it a sense of escapism and wonder.

“In 2002, Bowie published a book about his experience between 1972 and 1973 and named it after this song: “Moonage Daydream: The Life and Times of Ziggy Stardust”.

“40 years after it was released, “Moonage Daydream” featured on the soundtrack to Guardians Of The Galaxy

“In an excerpt from his (never-published) autobiography, Bowie claimed that the song was based on an unspecified friend of his, possibly Vince Taylor. It should be noted that these reflections were written during his time of greatest cocaine usage and should be taken with a grain of salt:

My records were selling and I was being a man in demand … Then my friend came to mind, standing the way we stood in Bewlay Brothersand I wrote “Moonage Daydream.”

“Several of the people involved with the song have cited it as their favorite from the album.”