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MCM 2018/T-minus 95:Fartlek

Today would have been my heavy circuit/fartlek day. First I do a reduced cycle of the circuit course: 2 sets of reps instead of four, but with 10~20% added weight. After i finish my circuit, I go out and run the fartlek.

I will not get into the debate about what a fartlek really means; as per my marathon training guide, it starts with a five minute warm-up jog, then I run for four minutes and jog for one minute> I alternate between running and jogging for however long the session takes (30 to 45 minutes), then after my last minute jog, a five minute cool down.

My entire workout takes place in the environs of the Abberly Crest apartment center. I perform my circuit training in the center’s small but well-stocked fitness center. Once that is done, I run in the road right outside the center. The road is on a small incline, so get the added benefit of some light “hills” training when I run the fartlek.

After the fartlek, it’s back home for a protein shake and a quick breakfast before I get ready for work.

Since I’m not running,I am enjoying a Taco Thursday. This post is pretty short so I will leave you with a list of what I am currently playing on YouTube:


Haddaway/What Is Love?

Sting/I Burn for You

Fatboy Slim/Rockafella Skank

(Keith Relf’s) Renaissance/Kings and Queens, Widdecombe Faire

Amon Amarth-Sabaton/Twilight of the Thunder God

Rammstein/Du Hast (live)

Creed/My Own Prison



A Fine Misty Fartlek

Did the full fartlek workout (5-min warmup jog, four cycles of “run 4 min./jog 1 min., 5 min. cool down jog) as a fine morning mist fell in the pre-dawn of southern Maryland. Good, because God alone knows what kind of weather we’ll have later on today.

Back to the gym on Thursday and Saturday, then two more runs on Willow Road on Friday and Sunday.

Today’s Touch of Irony: Listening to Rob Zombie’s “Dragula” as my “forever brakes” pads grind their way into oblivion. Please Lord let me make it to Saturday.

Take it away, Rob!: