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MCM 2019: Ash Wednesday + 3

Today was my longest session at the gym (aka The Valley) in six months, courtesy of my laziness on As Wednesday.

I woke to the 0430 alarm and it was cold as hell outside. Where was this early spring that Puxnhatawney Phil spoke of over a month ago? No idea. Anyway, I got dressed and meandered about 20 steps past the stairway outside my apartment before saying “Screw this, I’ll come home and work out.” So, I had my breakfast and coffee and got a ride in to work. I even got home early because my friend had to leave for the Ash Wednesday service at his church. Having got home about 20 after 4, i resolved to head to the gym at 5:30 for my circuit course workout. I left about five to six, and when i got to The Valley it was, for such a small gym, kind of packed. When I saw “packed” I meant that there was one older gentleman on of the ellipticals and two other people using machines that I use for my circuit course. I was not in the mood for waiting or trying to work in with others, so it was back to the apartment to see how I would make up the workout.

Thursday morning I made up the circuit course, and Friday I did the elliptical. This morning, I did a circuit course and then hit the elliptical to properly complete my workout week.

Since it was Saturday morning, I had no rush to answer the 0430 alarm, I decided that since NBC Sports Network and Fox Sports One had English Premier League and German Bundesliga games on (respectively) I decided to have some Eurpoean club soccer with my workout. I was watching Bayern Munich vs. Wolfsburg on FS1; Bayern scored to make it 3-0 as I was finishing my workout and leaving the gym.

I share the workout facilities with other tenants who pay rent just as I do, so yes, I have to share the gym. I do have problems when other tenants let their kids on the ellipticals, spinners (think Peloton), and workout machines without proper supervision…especially when grown-ups are patiently waiting to get their workouts in. Watching TV in the gym is a privilege and not necessarily a right, I get it. That doesn’t justify kids (or non-tech-savvy adults) messing with the remote controls other than changing the channel. I could also do without playing hide-and-seek with the remotes before I start my session.

I’m sure there are rules on gym etiquette posted in each of the three workout facilities at Abberly Crest. There are also signs on the property about picking up after your pets, but then you see spoiled grass where said pets are allowed to relieve themselves, so…there’s that.

Update on March Sadness: My beloved Bradley Braves lost their season finale at Loyola of Chicago last Saturday night. I watched that game on tv as a precursor to Los Angeles vs. Chicago on MLS Opening Night. The Braves were summarily blown out by the host Ramblers to end the first half down by nineteen points, and they never recovered. However, I didn’t;t check the final Missouri Valley Conference standings until this morning, when I found out results had broken their way for them to finish fifth in the conference standings. Last night they beat Missouri State to get a semifinal round matchup…with Loyola of Chicago.

Go, Braves, go…that is all.

In regards to Ash Wednesday:

My blood glucose readings have sucked lately, and I don’t want to go back on insulin (or any more medications) unless I really have to. Even though I am nowhere near Catholic, I have decided to make some sacrifices for Lent.

Until after Easter, I have barred myself from meals and Starbucks from the on-site cafe’ where I work. I plan to substitute my $4 coffees and $8 lunches with SoBe water (or whatever bottled water I can purchase or bring to work).

I don’t plan on sacrificing my conditioning; in fact, starting Monday I am increasing all of my weights on the circuit course routines and upping my elliptical time to 47 minutes-45 minute workouts plus 2 minutes cool down. Thirty-six days until I run my first road race of the season, Hospice of St. Mary’s 5K. That being said, I would love it if the weather got more sunny and less rainy between now and then.

On Lent: The day of Lent, I posed the question on the Marine Corps Marathon and 10K page about “What are you runners giving up for Lent?” with the thought that runners in the pre-season (like me) or others in their running/training cycle have been thinking of ‘sacrificing’ for the next 40 days. On Thursday night, I was duly informed by my notifications that the admins had pulled my post. So, sometime today or tomorrow I need ro review the site’s policies and try to find out why my post had been pulled before picking a fight with the admins. I had been already asked to stop posting YouTube music videos and my blog on their site; now it’s time to politely ask the question,”Okay, who is really being the asshole here?”

MCM Rush Registration in ten days.

Song of the Day: Songs from EA Sports FIFA Game Soundtracks have been in my YouTube rotation the last few days. A few gems: Peter, Bjorn and John: Young Folks. Doves: Black and White Town, and one of my favorites EVER, BLK JKS: Lakeside.

To be honest I can’t fully explain how or why I like these songs or what they would have to do with soccer. In my opinion, these songs and others were selected by the FIFA game producers…

  1. By personal preference, soccer notwithstanding
  2. To help, in some way, promote smaller bands at alternate/independent recording labels,
  3. As pregame/postgame enjoyment, “stadium music” for the FIFA players
  4. Or just for the sheer heck of it.

Speaking of #4…I don’t pick up my phone in the daylight either.