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One Week: Day Two

Twenty-four days…

That’s how long it was since I’ve been at World Gym. June 18 thru July 12.

I felt it tonight, too. I had a one hour session where I did Circuit I and Circuit II, two different exercise circuits. On the last set of circuit II my arms wore out on the shoulder press and the modular tricep extensions, and I didn’t get my twelve reps on either.

I really need to get my gym game back on. It’s July, and the Marine Corps Marathon is in October (time flies, trust me on this!)

I also need to get back to PT in the mornings. Not a fan of running in the evenings (heat/humidity and finishing before dark) and I have other things I need to do at night as well.

The good: Getting in the workout and feeling the burn for the first time in a while.

The bad: The satellite music being piped into World Gym. Is this a gym or a dance club?

Females on the weight machines playing with their phones. That’s okay ma’am, nobody else needs to use the machine you’re on, and I guess gym etiquette doesn’t apply to females either, right?

See ya tomorrow…

One Week, Day One: NAS Beach House 6.0

…aaand, I’m back.

My but it has been a while. I walked 13 miles for the American cancer Society Relay for Life,  the 18 miles of the Mount Vernon Trail (Rosslyn to Mt. V), and two laps of the 10.7 Carl Henn Millennium Trail in Rockville, MD.

Sadly, not much else.

The weekly training has gone to seed, due to excessive soreness and apathy. So, I’m back to the One Week re-focusing thing.

The goal this week: to run the Indian Head Rail Trail, out and back. The course is 13.4 miles end to end, so it will be just longer than the standard marathon distance. My objective is to finish the IHRT in less than six hours.

I went out to IHRT two weeks ago for an attempted 19 mile run, and i screwed that up because I had no way to carry my four 8-oz. Mia infused water bottles. they kept falling out of my Flip-Out Belt, and my knapsack had a hole in it. I was too frustrated to mess with it for 19 miles, so I just packed it in about a mile into the run.

This time I’m going to do it better. I’m going to buy a fanny pack I saw at Dave’s Sporting Goods; it looks roomy enough to carry six Mio bottles. I just have to work out adjusting it so I can carry it without the added weight impacting my run.

After I get done with this blog, I’m going to book a room at the Indian head Super 8 motel, so I can have somewhere to “base camp” before and after the run (especially after; not sure i want to do an hour drive after 26-plus miles).

Day One was the NAS Patuxent River beach House 6.0. Real simple: three miles from Drill Hall Rec Center to the Beach House Rec facility, and three miles straight back. Just a short down and up by the Test Pilot School, then a gentle curving slope upwards to and downwards from the Beach House. At the three mile marker, there’s also a short path to a port-a-potty. That’s the good thing about running on NAS; if you run far enough, you will always find somewhere convenient to relieve yourself. Good thing too; base security frowns on people who “do their business” on base property.


Rest of the week:

Day two: One hour circuit I/circuit II at the World Gym.

Day three: NAS Pax Flight Line 5.0

Day four: Half hour circuit I, 45 minute fartlek

Day five: NAS Cuddihy/Tate 4.0, plus yoga at 5:00 p.m.

Day six: Half hour circuit II plus Bodyblow class

Day seven: Indian Head Rail Trail 26.8


See y’all tomorrow!

Working out on the Road…

This morning I completed my Circuit Course 1 at LA Fitness. Big ups to Dale Rutlege, who helped me fill out the guest pass online form then got me checked in so I could do my workout.

LA Fitness (1101 Conneticut Ave NW) had most of the basic benches and a lot of the weight machines that I needed to do my workout. The gym was basic but functional and good-looking, and they had free towels available. The restrooms were clean and had a sauna and steamroom. If I lived in downtown DC, I would definiteley consider them for a membership.

I als need to see if there are any good road races I can get into before the MCM in October. Like I said: running alone and running with a crowd are two different things, physically and psychologically.

Today I am going to hike down to the National Mall to find a good four-mile running course for tomorrow morning’s run. As soon as I finsh my work,I will scour the internet to find a nice brunch for tomorrow morning…hopefully at price less than the hotel’s $20.00 buffet that included cold French toast and pancakes that were too heavy and cold as well.

The video I wanted to post was Asteroid Galaxy Tour’s Golden Age, but the hotel computer won’t let me cut and paste the address from YouTube. Sorry, no video today.


Up in the Morning with the Rising Sun

Back to the gym for Circuit Course 1. Note to self: this is the last time I put off any training until after work. Today the traffic sucked and there were emergency vehicles everywhere…including my path to World Gym.

I am hoping for the weather to get much better, especially during the week. Between school, work and the Marine Corps League, I won’t have time for much during the day. I am taking this weekend to get out of town and do some long-range planning…for the marathon and for life.

Monday night will be my last “big meal”. Tuesday I go shopping for my diet. Goodbye fast food, junk food, and eating out; hello Healthy Choice, Smart Start, and Shakeology. Goodbye gas station breakfasts and gas station coffee; hello “Shane’s Sludge” and Kashii’s cold cereal with skim milk.

Next week I need to start hitting my training really hard; I looked at the mirror while I was doing seated bicep curls and I looked like I was pregnant. Guuuh…that’s gotta stop. I need to introduce some abs or core workouts into my circuit course. I need to do them slowly; I remember pulling some stomach muscles the last time I tried to to an abs exercise. 

Is it Throwback Thursday? What can I dig out of the YouTube groove yard tonight?

Have a good weekend y’all…