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MCM 2019: Bike

I had to cancel the planned Ceremonial Run on Memorial Day. The prospect of 20 mile bike ride to the Marine PFT Course on base, running for over a half hour, then another bike ride off base, was just too much for the mind and body too handle.

I overslept on Tuesday and paid for it with a four mile run in the early evening of a 95-plus degree day. I did the iStore4, which starts out with the hilly HWY-5 southern half of Willows Road, then a flat cruise to the iStorage facility after coming down the hill from the Abberly Crest Apartments entrance.

Because I had an event at work, plus my annual evaluations afterwards, I postponed my 2×1600 intervals to the late afternoon. I completed the two sets of 2 1/2 laps around the Navy Physical Readiness Test Course, then hit the bile for the long bike ride home. I scarfed down junk food instead of dinner, then promptly hit the rack around 8:30 p.m. Good Lord I was tired last night.

This morning I hit the circuit cycle for the first time in nearly three weeks. Because of the extended absence, I hit lighter weights for most of the exercises, but it felt good to hit some weights after too long of a layoff.

Provided that Hilton Hotels doesn’t do a bait and switch on the online rates, I am planning to go to DC for my annual UEFA Champions League Weekend. It involves weekend stay at a selected Hilton hotel, a Saturday afternoon at a sports bar that is showing the UEFA CL Final, and then an evening at Audi Field to watch DC United battle the visiting San Jose Earthquakes.

On Sunday morning, I will head to the Capital Crescent Trail for my scheduled 8-mi. run for this week. I really hope it doesn’t rain in DC this weekend because a good part of the trail is heavy forest and marshland, especially in the starting 2~3 miles from Georgetown, where I plan to run.

Sooner or later I will have to make a decision on whether to go to the full-body exercises laid out by the training plan, or just stick with the circuit cycles for the rest of the year. I have not had a chance to look them up, and I think I know how to do them, but I’m not sure. or maybe it’s the whole “exercise until you can’t do any more” part of the training.

God I’m such a lazy bastard.

Song of the Day:

Continuing the Guns N’ Roses Use Your Illusions tribute: I start with “Civil War,” featuring the famous quote from the late Strother Martin in Cool Hand Luke. “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” would make both Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton nod their heads and smile approvingly, as rough around the edges as G n’ R’s version is. If I had to pick one favorite “deep track,” it would be the burning for vengeance of “14 Years;” that song can make an honest preacher/priest fell mean.

Aside from the kick ass music and Axl Rose’srazorblade lyrics, I like how the little additions in “Civil War (Strother)” and “Knockin’ (Axl’s little “voice mail” before the last chorus) set the tone for the songs.