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Dear Tony: P90X and the COVID-19 Saga

Mr. Horton, I presume…it’s been awhile.

In 2009, I purchased your P90X DVD set, and managed to get just about all of the workout materials that your “Bring It” starter DVD recommended. I believe I got halfway through P90X, then got a good score on my Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test…then sporadically picked up a disc once or twice…and then never picked up the P90X DVDs again.

In the last eleven years:

2010: Retired from the Marine Corps in 2010

2010-2012: Gained a whole bunch of weight

2012: Contracted Type 2 Diabetes…while on vacation in Las vegas

2014: Ran the first of five Marine Corps Marathons

Bringing us to a week before my 50th Birthday. I am currently training for the MCM Semper Fit Double: Running the Historic Half Marathon in May, then the full Marine Corps Marathon in October. My training schedule, since 2014: Working a circuit cycle routine in the gym Tu/Thu/Sat and running W/F/Sun.

Thursday, 3/19/20. The morning of, I slept in and vowed to make it up in the afternoon. I came home from work that afternoon to find that the fitness facilities in my apartment complex have been closed, courtesy of COVID-19 and to help contain its spread. The fitness facilities joined every other gym in Maryland (my Maryland) in being closed down.

I relied on the circuit cycles to help keep my running muscles intact and durable for a 26-mile run, not necessarily for bulking up. With no gyms open anywhere, I was looking around my apartment house…and looking at my dusty entertainment center, in the bottom shelf, was my dust-covered book of P90X DVDs.

Back in business…?

So, I have spent the last week trying to cumshaw as much gear and food as I could, under the current COVID shelter-in-place order that the State of Maryland handed down last Monday morning.

Bad news first: I don’t have any of the p90X supplements. No multivitamin, no recovery drink, no meal bars. I have two tubs of whey protein and six weeks’ worth of energy bars, and I’m currently working on a keto diet. I don’t have the books, but perhaps I can find some snippets, or get a kindle subscription or whatever and try to read something from them.

I do have most of the gear. My Iron Gym pull-up bar has long disappeared, but I did find a couple of resistance bands, a yoga mat, and a yoga block. I managed to buy a new pulp bar and a heart rate monitor watch. No barbells anywhere in town, and if I order them online, there’s currently no telling when they’ll actually ship.

However, God forbid I make excuses. I may not have all the gear and none of the supplements. I may have to review my diet. But I do have your DVDs, the need and the desire. I believe I can work with that.

Tonight I am going to put together the puli-up bar, print out some workout sheets, and draw up the schedule for P90X Lean. Oh, the pictures too. Tomorrow at 0500 sharp, I’m taking the fit test. At noon, I start with Core Synergistics.

I’m coming back, Tony. See you at noon tomorrow.

HH 2020: Corona Blues

Sooo…I got the official email from the Marine Corps Marathon Organization this morning: The Historic Half Marathon Weekend in Fredricksburg, Va, is officially cancelled. Registered runners have until May 7th to decide to defer to 2021 or run a virtual 13.1 miles anytime between now and May 17th (what would have been the official race day). “Virtual” means run the half marathon distance on a recordable app and device and upload the results to a website;  a successful virtual run means you get credit for running the Historic Half, and the accompanying medal and official race shirt will be mailed out to the runner.

Last week, while scrounging for gear to use for my P90X training, I found the very first mock turtleneck from the 2014 MCM, the first oe I ever ran. It is a milk chocolate brown.

Glass half full: “Oh, what a nice milk chocolate brown mock turtleneck!”

Glass half empty: The picking codenames scene from Reservoir Dogs.(NSFW…you’ve been warned!)

My status is sheltered, not confined; alone, but not that lonely; realistic about now, but hopeful for the future.

First, I did read Governor Hogan’s shelter in place order. People are allowed outdoor activities, to include running. So I can continue to run on my own, but not with other people unless our group utilizes the 6 feet social distancing rule.

Not that I was organizing any Marine-style running formations anytime soon…(also NSFW!)

To celebrate my finding this rule in Governor Hogan’s order, I went out for a five mile run at 0500 this morning. My goal was a nice run to NAS Patuxent River Gate1 and back. Unfortunately, my left knee/patella wasn’t feeling it this morning, so I only made it out to the iStore facility and back.

For P90X I managed to cumshaw together everything but the dumbbells. Unless something appears between now and Monday, I will have to improvise. I will also have to make some adjustments for the nutritional aids that are a part of the P90X program, since NOBODY IS DELIVERING A DAMN THING right now.

Yes, that’s right: home delivery of groceries, which I was kind of depending on for this shelter-in-place extended event, is not happening anywhere. I signed up for, and it offered delivered from Target, CVS, and Weis Supermarkets. The last two stores are  a 5~7 minute drive from my apartment complex.

I have been on Shipt for three days, and they haven’t scheduled delivery times for anything. Next Delivery: check back soon. That’s all I’ve seen the last three days.

The S-I-P order also permits for limited shopping trips, so I can bicycle to CVS and Weis, provided that I get no more than bicycle cart and backpack can reasonably and safely carry.

Oh, and when I do go out, I am wearing my balaclava and gloves and observing the 6 foot rule. And I have to do a complete Lysol-wipe decontaminate procedure of all my bounty, as well as an immediate shower and laundry of the clothes I wore to the store.

The “keto” diet has had a bump in the road or two, but I am obeying the basic protocols: meats, cheeses, light on the berries, green and white veggies.

Okay, not so much on the veggies.

Tomorrow and/or Sunday I will attempt to make homemade chili and chicken soup, fortified with keto-friendly vegetables so I can start working them into my eating habits. Because I shut down PT for this week, and only doing a Sunday run, that scale might not look so good Sunday morning.

On the night of my 50th birthday, I attempted the firmware update and Game mod for my Atari Flashback 9. The firmware mod took; when I tried to load the game mods I got the dreaded spaces as well as the dreaded “.bin” attached to all my files. So I will try to format a fresh 16MB SD card and try again, this time off my old Acer laptop.

And so, there you have it: the life of a marathoner during the COVID-19 Global Slowdown of 2020. Somewhat impeded, but not completely incapacitated.

Life goes on…and so do I.

Song of the Day: In theory I am supposed to post videos of songs for runner’s iPods (or other listening devices). However, these two songs are “pick me ups” for the current situation:

Steve Winwood/”Roll With It:” Steve Winwood started out as a precocious teenager, playing organs and keyboards for the Spencer Davis Group (“Gimme Some Lovin'”), them moved on to form the supergroup Traffic (“Dear Mr. Fantasy”) and the Blind faith (“Can’t Find My Way Home”). His music career got a great “second wind” during the early golden days of MTV.

Genius, you cheap bastards:

“Roll with It” is a song by Steve Winwood, released as the lead single from album his album of the same name. The song marked his first second number one single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, his first being “Higher Love”.

“Lyrically, the song is about dealing with the obstacles life might give you and overcoming them to the best of your ability. The song was nominated for two Grammy Awards in 1989, “Record of the Year” and “Best Male Pop Vocal” performance.”

Neil Diamond/”Sweet Caroline:”

“Sweet Caroline” was inspired by a photograph of the then-11-year-old Caroline Kennedy. The lyrics were written years later about Diamond’s then-wife Marsha.

“In 1969, the song peaked at #4 in the US and #3 in Canada. Two years later, it reached the top 40 in three European countries including a #8 peak in the UK.

“Playing “Sweet Caroline” in the middle of the eighth inning at Boston Red Sox home games has become a tradition, especially the chorus to which many in attendance sing along. It began when the Fenway Park music director at the time Amy Toobey began playing the song over the loudspeakers in 1998. The tradition was continued by her replacement Megan Kaiser. From NPR:

I spoke to a woman named Amy Toobey, who had been the music director before Megan Kaiser. It was Amy who started playing “Sweet Caroline.” The reason: She just liked the song. That’s it.

“Neil Diamond always dreamed of performing the song for Caroline, which he did on her 50th birthday!

Thank you, Genius. And no, I’m not posting that damned lame-ass PSA that Neil did.


HH20: Lockdown

First off, I blew off my scheduled 0500 first workout on P90X in about eleven years. This week’s lame excuse: “Man, I really haven’t had a day off (even though I haven’t been to the gym in over a week and a half); let me sleep in and get right to it after I finish work.

Then the hammer came down: At 1050 this morning, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan put the state on a Stay At Home order. Long story short: unless you’re going out for food, medicine, or serious medical attention, you stay indoors until further notice.

How long will this last? I don’t know.

How will this impact my running? See above. I need to feel how the wind blows on that question. I want to keep running, but I don’t want a court date or a fine because some Maryland state trooper caught re finishing up an iStore 4 loop just a quarter-mile from my apartment.

I also need to rethink my P90X and even I I’m going to be able to complete even a virtual Historic Half. Most likely I’ll end up doing P90X just to stay in shape, but how long of a layoff will I be able to sit through before I can run 13.1 miles without keeling over?

Much to think about this week, so I am taking a week off from training. At the very least, I will start again with P90X next Monday.

Song of the Day:

Ringo Starr/”It Don’t Come Easy:” Hit it, Genius

“A much-recorded, much-remixed song that Ringo conceived, but was actualized by a lot of (co-writing) and guitar help by fellow Beatle George Harrison.

“It is said that Eric Clapton also joined the recording sessions and contributed. The song was recorded and mixed more than 2 dozen times, it is said.

“Session man/studio musician Klaus Voorman played bass.
Stephen Stills played the piano in early sessions (and later was replaced by Gary Wright (who performed “Dream Weaver”) , and super-producer George Martin arranged, produced and mixed the song. The backing vocals were provided by Pete Ham and Tom Evans of the band, Badfinger.

“The song was not released as a single for more than a year, and wasn’t widely heard until after Starr played it at the charity “Concert for Bangladesh” (on stage live with Harrison and Clapton) in 1971.


HH20: KCA 10

Wake-up routine for Sunday morning, with a twist or two:

Protein shake instead of Chobani. Skin-So-Soft and Chafe Defender. Yellow base layer over white tech shirt, with CD on the nipples just in case (the shirts have dissimilar material). Finish dressing and stretch. Drop a packet of UCAN Hydrate in the bottom of a 16-oz. tumbler and fill with water; mix thoroughly and chug it down. Out the door at 0455. At 0500, hit the MapMyRun app and off to the races.

I was so excited, or my FlipBelt security was not so good, that I dropped my Samsung smartphone just after the first mile marker. It’s not a Galaxy and it doesn’t have a protective case, so it’s a miracle if it drops and doesn’t even show a crack. Back in the belt and back on the run.

It was just God, me and and my smartphone this morning, very few cars on the road at this hour. I was feeling very good about the times as MapMyRun’s female voice read them off. I also noticed that the road going on MD-5 south had a few more climbs than i remembered, or really noticed. I climbed the hills without missing a beat, and charged down the downhills with everything I had.

I originally planned to do the turnaround after crossing the parking lot at Little Flower Grade School and Holy face Catholic Church. However, as I hit the top of the hill before reaching Little Flower, MMR announced that I had crossed the 4 mile marker. Little Face and back was not going to be ten miles.

After exiting the parking lot, I headed toward Callaway Township in search of a five mile turnaround point. I saw the brightly lit sign for the King’s Christian Academy and decided to turn onto the service road there. MMR announced the five mile mark just as I passed the 5MPH sign leading into the Academy’s main drive. I looped in front of the Academy’s building, headed back down the service road, and back towards the downward slope of MD-5 going north.

As I passed in front to Holy Face for the second time, I was startled by the sounding of the church bells. Although the clock had just turned six, the bell sounded a lot more than six times.

I headed uphill, then back downhill on MD-5 north; I may not have liked the splits I was hearing at miles 7 and 8 (12:25 and 11:51), but I was still feeling really good. Best of all, I wasn’t cotton-mouthed nor was my stomach growling. This is significant because in the past I carried a 16-oz. bottle of water filled with Mio Energy additive; every four miles I would take chug of water to wash down a packet of Gu. All I had in my system was the protein shake and the Ucan water; I had no Gu or spare water in my FlipBelt this morning.

On the final stretch home, I had considered doing the traditional climb up to the Abberly Crest Apartments entrance road. However, ten miles was ten miles and I had done enough peaks and valleys for one Sunday morning. I crossed the “finish gate” formed by the street sign and another pole at Green Meadow lane, took a quick look at the last uphill, and then called it “good.”

Just savin’ it for next week.

Pass in Review

My “keto” diet is finally kicking in, and I actually lost three more pounds this week. This is a god thing despite having my physical training schedule cut in half over the last ten days. Gyms all over Maryland were closed, so I have not been able to do my circuit cycle course.

I do want to keep my muscles and ligaments in running form, so i am going to try to resurrect the P90X exercise program…from over ten years ago. I still have the DVD set. I may have most of the required exercise equipment. Do I have a DVD player? I have twenty-one hours to find out…

Song of the Day

Billy Joel/”You May Be Right:” I was introduced to this when they played the chorus as the closing bumper music from the “Son of Svengoolie” monster movie show (WSNS, mid 70s to mid 80s). Might be a good song to show the runner’s mentality. Might be a good song to show my kinda-sort mentality.

“Following the heavier side of Billy Joel’s pop heading into the 1980s, the song tells the tale of a character who is unaware of how crazy he is, but uses that as a pick up line for a woman who is, apparently, much more reserved.” C’mon, Genius.





HH20: Planning

So this is going to be my weekend:

Normally on runs of ten miles or longer, I carry a 16-oz. bottle of water mixed with Mio Energy water additive. I do this in addition to downing another 16-oz. bottle of Nuun Energy prior to the run. As of now, I have plenty of water…just not in 16-oz. bottles.

Last week I went 8 miles with a single packet of UCan hydrate, and managed to maintain a 12:00 pace on a fairly hilly run route. Eight miles, do I hear ten?

So this is what I will do tomorrow: I will get up a little early before the alarm and get dressed and stretch. First I will get the 8-oz. protein shake that I usually take after my circuit cycle workouts; this way I will get a shot of protein without having to take a pre-run or an in-run “No. 2.” Just before I go out the door, I will take my 16-oz. dose of water with Ucan. That will be it; no in-run hydration of any kind until after the run.

It will be 55 degrees at 0500 tomorrow, with clouds but no rain (probably no moon either). I plan to run the Little Face 10; that course is the run to Sheetz, but this time passing the gas station/connivence store and continuing up MD-5 (HWY-5) on an uphill until I get to the Holy Face Church/Little Flower Grade School facility. I will run around the parking lot uniting the two buildings, then back down…and then back up…MD-5 until I get back home.

The question for tomorrow’s run: can I maintain a 12-minute pace with somewhat steep ascents going out and back over ten miles, and still be properly fueled and hydrated?

I will gladly pay you cash for a DVD today…all I need is a basic Mark 1 Mod 0 DVD player. Wal-Mart has one, but can I make the trip up there? If not, I will have to get creative in regards to playing my P90X workouts. I may also have to get other equipment for P90x, which I am planning to start the Lean workout schedule on Monday.

I finally got a cheap flatscreen TV to play my Atari Flashback 9. I did get the firmware downloaded via SD card. Unfortunately, I need something to fix the spaces and .bin from my iMac OS when I downloaded it onto my SD card. Tech assist time!

So…with my movement limited, how much personal stuff can I accomplish online? We will see…

Song of the Day: Robyn Adele Anderson/”Personal Jesus:” The missus is good looking and has a good voice, and has a talent for taking a jazz/blues twist on popular music. Thank God for YouTube and Patreon.

HH2020: Virtual


Once again, the highlight of my day came before the sun was fully up.

This morning, I ran a four mile loop going south on Willows Road towards the HWY-5 intersection, then back up Willows to about a quarter-mile past the iStore storage facility, then back down Willows finishing at the entrance to Abberly Crest Apartments.

The thermometer said 55, but the wind blowing said otherwise, so I wore a long-sleeve tech shirt over a compression shirt this morning. I still wore shorts, though.

I just barely stretched this morning, and I got a sore left thigh for my efforts. Other than that, I finished with an 11:51 pace. Since last Wednesday, I have been running at about an 11:45 pace, on mostly hilly run routes. Right now, I am not really feeling any ill effects from not having done any circuit course workouts since the Abberly Crest office closed the workout facilities.


I got the email I was sort of expecting, from the Marine Corps Marathon Organization this morning. While they are not officially cancelling the Historic Half-Marathon, it will not be run in Fredericksburg, VA, this year.

There are two options open for the HH entrants: defer until 2021, or run a virtual half-marathon. For the purposes of the Historic Half, a virtual run is where runners run a half-marathon distance run (at least 13.1 miles), record their time during the run, and send the results to the MCMO. Once they verify your run, they will send you the official participant’s shirt and the actual medal from the run.

As long as the “virtual” Historic Half counts towards this year’s Semper Fi Double, I will go ahead and run the virtual HH. IN fact, I already have a course picked out: the run from Abberly Crest to Historic St. Mary’s City and back. Running from here to St. Mary’s, with the turnaround point being the end of the first quarter mile of the annual Thanksgiving 5K is just over the 13.1 distance. It won’t be the same as the two mile climb up Hospital Hill ( maybe next year?), but the return leg has enough uphill climbs to make it a worthy run.


My Playstation2 Slim’s laser lens reader died while being in “storage” for over ten years. Aside from my hopes of firing up any PS2 games anytime soon, it means as of now I don’t have a DVD player. This means I have no way to fire up my P90X workout DVDs to replace my circuit cycle routine.

I am writing this on Friday night. I have until Monday morning to either dig through my boxes and find another DVD player, or somehow get to Wal-Mart and buy a cheap DVD player.

Song of the Day: Supermode/”Tell Me Why:” The basic hook for this dance tune was built around the chorus (and some of the lyrics, in this David Guetta remix) from an 80s hit called “Smalltown Boy,” by Bronski Beat. I once recorded four different versions of this song to begin a mix CD. From Genius:

” “Tell Me Why” is the debut single produced by DJs Axwell and Steve Angello under the alias Supermode, released in 2006. It is the only song released under that alias, as Axwell and Angello continued to find success years later with Sebastian Ingrosso, as the trio Swedish House Mafia. It would later go on to be featured in their debut album Until One. Vocals in the song are done by Hal Ritson.

” “Tell Me Why” samples two songs by Bronski Beat. The melody is taken from “Smalltown Boy” and the lyrics from “Why?”.


HH20/T-Minus 52: Fifty!!!

So, I got up at 0430 this morning for a five mile run to commemorate my 50th birthday. I had contemplated running to NAS Patuxent River Gate 1 and back to commemorate me being born at 5:25 a.m. on March 25, 1970, but I couldn’t find my birth certificate to confirm what time I was actually born. Oh, well…maybe next year.

I was a little bit more jazzed up to run than I actually thought. First with the weather at 48 degrees and a 50% chance of rain, I bundled up in long sleeves and tights. No balaclava or earmuffs, or gloves this morning. I took one final swig from the 40-oz Mossy Oak tumbler of Mio-water and stepped off. On the walk out to my starting point, I realized I was going the wrong way, then almost walked off course trying to set up my MapMyRun app.

I was going faster than I realized, as I hit a scorching (for me, anyway) 11:06 as I passed the Bay Montessori school at the 1-mile mark. I kept up a pretty good clip on the whole run, finishing with an 11:34 pace. Going up towards Three E Farm on HWY-5 North, I slowed a little, but not too much as I made the climb.

One note to myself: I may need to make the turn-around mark a little father than the curve sign after Three E Farm Way; I needed to go all the way up the hill at Abberly Crest, then run to the apartment office to barely make my five miles.

Other than that, it was probably the best run of the year so far. The rain stayed at mostly an on and off drizzle. My feet felt good this morning, and so did the rest of my body. MapMyRun says otherwise, but I ran just as fast up the hills as i did going down them. Or maybe I didn’t take my foot off the gas as I usually do when climbing.

I made the last climb just as the false first light of 0600 came up. I made it to five miles at the apartment office, where I normally take my post-run selfie to post to facebook. However, I was so juiced about my performance that it wasn’t until I got to my apartment building to take the picture.

And that…was the high point of my 50th birthday. I am at home for the time being. This year, there will be no party, no trip home to celebrate with my brother and sister. Right now, I can’t even go to Washington D.C…glad I made that trip earlier in the month when I did. Not one slice of birthday cake, or even a single can of beer.

However, with everything else going on in the world, I am alive, healthy and running.

So got that going for me.

So, the rest of the day? Download the firmware update for my Atari Flashback 9, some belated birthday shopping, a call to my younger brother…and that’s it, really. Oh, well, maybe I’m just saving up for a bigger party when this is all over.

Song of the Day: The two songs that mean the most to me on this 50th birthday:

Spinners/”Rubberband Man:” From Genius, with lyrics:

“Originally written about producer Thomas Bell’s son Mark, the song was first titled “The Fat Man” because of Mark’s large size. However, wanting to change the image of his son, the song was retitled “The Rubberband Man.” With “Rubberband Man” meaning someone of large size who could really move that was the life of the party that everyone wanted to be around. Thomas Bell often wrote about his kids in his music. In 2018 the song would later be featured in Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War during a scene with the Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Christmas Day, 1975: “Hand me down my walking cane/hand me down my hat…”

Technically the first appearance of this song was in the Bill Murray-Harold Ramis buddy comedy Stripes, when the two Army recruits lead their platoon to a strip club the night before they’re supposed to graduate boot camp.

David Bowie/”Fame:” Genius says: “Recorded in 1975. Topped the billboard chart in September that year. Co-written with John Lennon in New York. Lennon can be heard in the recording contributing the high voice.”

The late great Beatle was a busy dude; Lennon not only co-wrote the song with Bowie, but he also played acoustic guitar and worked the tape loops. David himself laid down tracks for percussion, piano and jammed on the rhythm guitar with Carlos Alomar ( who helped with the songwriting) and Earl Slick.

Whitest white guy ever on Soul Train. Saw him, heard him, and I never looked back.


HH20: T-Minus 55/Drill Hall 8

It was 45 degrees out as I stepped off this morning; eight degrees warmer than the run in DC two weeks ago, but somehow just as cold. That could have been to the stiff winds which were going at 5~7 mph in the 0500 darkness.

I got up at 0410, twenty minutes before the 0430 alarm. I was a bit hungry, although I had a ribeye steak the night before. I was going to get a tub of yogurt, but then i spent the next twenty minutes on the throne, getting rid of the ribeye. I lubed up (anti-chafe and Skin-So-Soft) got dressed and stretched. No yogurt, but I did get a glass of water mixed with a packet of UCan Hydrate.

As I headed out to the Abberly Crest entrance for the run, Briefly considered changing into warmer gear, at least a long sleeve base layer over a long-john undershirt. But I was out already and I just said, “Nevermind.” Just after 0500 I turned on MapMyRun on the smartphone and away I went.

No moon out this morning, but my course was fairly lit with streetlamps and stoplights. I ran a round-trip course from Abberly Crest to the Pax River Drill Hall (base gymnasium). In keeping with my workout regimen of getting in as many climbs as possible, the major upward slopes came on the return leg of the run. After rounding the turnaround point at the Drill Hall, I climbed back up Cedar Point Road and ran up Buse Road all the way back out the GAs Patuxent River main gate. Those two miles were not that steep of a climb, and I managed a 12:42 pace for that part of the course. There was a smaller incline going back up Three Notch Road/MD-235 going back towards Great Mills; but that time the sun’s first light was just peeking out.

In retrospect, I should have bundled up this morning; I was cold as hell and my arms started getting the ’bout-to-get-frostbitten nervous spikes. I needed forty-five minutes in my Marine Corps OD green sweats before I was warm enough to function.

I felt good about the run and my steady pace throughout, but there is a lingering concern about my right foot. My right ankle was giving me a little trouble over the first 2~3 miles, and there is some minor soreness around the pinky-toe/edge of my foot area. Probably time to switch shoes?

The Ucan worked out well, again. Even though I didn’t hydrate as well as I should have the night before, I was fine through the 8 miles and change. I am also probably getting the early burst of “rocket fuel” that I would get from the Nuun tablets, considering the 12;07 pace I posted today. The Ucan is also not stirring up my bowels as much, or at least holding them steady until after the run. That’s good, since I’m not sure if I can count on handy Port-a-Johns or public restrooms right now.

Like the Ucans, the Chaff Defender made by 2-Toms, is another Runners’ Expo purchase that is working out alright. The roller applicant put a good supply of the stuff to my “nether regions’, and I’m not feeling any soreness four hours after the run.

Also, I lost two pounds from last week. Yay, me.

I got a lot of burn on the bike Thursday and Friday, but with the gym shutdown on Thursday, I haven’t been to the gym and missed my last two circuit cycles from last week. I found my old P90X DVD set, covered in dust on the bottom of my entertainment console. This may be my best bet at going my gym/cross training workouts for the near future. Unfortunately, I don’t have a working DVD player handy, courtesy of the 17-year lifespan of Playstation 2 CD/DVD laser lenses. So I will have to buy a new DVD player and do some research on P90X. I plan to start a week from Monday.

The keto diet had more downs than ups this week. I don’t think I really kept at it until Friday and Saturday. Now that I am working from home, i will probably do a little bit better. I stocked up more on breakfast and basic lunch and dinner meals, and I have cut back on the junk food.

For right now, the Historic Half is still going on. Hopefully things will get better in the next 30 days.

Song of the Day: Kenny Rogers/”The Gambler:” I remember having the privilege of meeting Kenny at a Christmas program where he performed at in Rockford, IL. One of the few bright spots of my Marine Recruiting tour. I also loved his movie “Six Pack,” and this song “Love Will Turn You Around.”

The Gambler broke even at 10:25 p.m. Friday night. RIP Kenny Rogers.


HH20: T-Minus 56/Spring

Was yesterday the first day of Spring, or is it today?

Never mind…

Okay very quick updates:

  1. I am still happy and healthy, but I am now working from home for the near future.
  2. Every gym and workout facility in the State of Maryland was closed, bu order of Governor Hogan. That includes the workout facilities here at Abberly Crest Apartments.
  3. Thursday morning: “Okay, I’ll PT after work. Since I’m riding the bike home, I can skip the intervals and head straight to the Apex gym.”
  4. Thursday afternoon, after an intense bike ride home: “All amenities are closed until further notice.” 
  5. Me: “Well, s#!t.
  6. Rode roundrtip 4 miles yesterday, so no run. Running 8 miles (AC to Drill Hall Gym on base; remember your CAC card!) Sunday. 5 mile birthday run on Wednesday.
  7. Found my 10 year old PX-90 DVD set, gathering dust on my “entertainment” console. Just need a working DVD player. Hmmm…


Song of the Day: Pink Floyd/”Not Now John:” From Genius, with the correct lyrics:

“Not Now John” forms the climax of The Final Cut, primarily dealing with the topics of war, labor, and corruption.

“Written by Roger Waters, the lyrics provide a critique of post-war America, Europe and Japan — Waters outlines a change in global trade, and presents Japan as the emerging leader of the consumer goods industry.

“The song title does not reference a specific person or character. Instead, “John” is used as an informal means of address for someone being spoken to. In Britain at the song’s time of writing, this term would have been associated with blue-collar workers (manual industry).


HH20/T-Minus 59: Sandwich

The high point of my day was running the HWY-5 3 miler with an 11:35 pace, despite it being a very hilly course for the distance.

Our office had been given the blessing to telework just before 11:00 a.m. I got home about 11:15 and decided that I was in no rush to head for the company worksite. I got dressed about 11:20, but didn’t get out the door and on the road until 11:55.

Oh, and no I didn’t stretch.

Aside from that being a bad habit of mine, I am also playing with injury every time I run without doing some sort of stretching first. A couple of years ago, on the same course that I ran today, I pulled a groin muscle running the downhill on south Willows Road. I limped through the rest of the run, and then sat for a week waiting for the muscle to heal.

There was a strong breeze (not quite a full wind), but it was warm enough where I could put on a short sleeved shirt and running shorts.The sun shine bright enough through the clouds to warm the midday up some.

I couldn’t hear the times going off because I was sharing the road with noonday traffic. It wasn’t that heavy, but I seemed to encounter passing cars every time I came near the mile marker. After I finished the run with the customary “closing kick” up the hill towards the Abberly Crest Apartments main entry road, I checked out my time and my splits; not bad considering how long (about 4 plus hours) since I ate.

That was as good as the day was going to get. I blew my keto “diet” this morning when I visited the newly-opened Donut Connection pastry and coffee shop. There were signs around the area anticipating its opening for about 11 years, and it was good to finally see it open. I commemorated my first purchase with a small mocha, a honey-dip donut and a powdered black raspberry donut. Strike one.

Strike two came at 2:30 this afternoon. Frustrated with trying to get my laptop to work, I took a break and went to Jimmy John’s for a belated lunch. I got the Lunch Box with an Italian on 7-grain wheat, a dill pickle spear, a bag of potato chips, chocolate chip cookie, and a 24-oz. Minute Maid lemonade.

I am now eating Strike Three, a junior (one-patty) hamburger with ketchup, mayonnaise, and relish. I bought a bag of original flavor Doritos, but I do plan to wash that out with a couple of 32-oz servings of Mio water.

That scale is not gonna be good to me this Sunday.

Song of the Day: Adam and the Ants:/”Kings of the Wild Frontier”. Sorry folks, all I got is the lyrics.