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Virtual Historic Half 2020/St. Mary’s City 13.1

Up at 0400. Ate one tub of yogurt, Chobani Greek Berry Blend. A few gulps of water. Put on the Chafe Paint and the Skin So Soft and got dressed.

0435: Put in the Kenpo X DVD from my P90X set and performed the Saunders cycle stretch, adding a couple of stretches of my own. One 16 0z. bottle of water with a packet of UCan Hydrate. Pack up my FlipBelt with a spare 8-oz water and a Gu.

0456: Out the door, headed for Green meadow Lane, the back street leading into Abberly Crest Apartments. 0500: From MapMyRun: “Begin workout.”

No two hour drive on a Friday or Saturday. No Hilton, or any other hotel. No Runner’s Expo. No checking out the town.

No crowds. No music over the loudspeakers or bands of any kind. No water stations, Port-a-Johns, water stations, or food stops. No aid stations either.

God. Me. Nature, a.k.a the flora and fauna of St. Mary’s County, MD. My MapMyRun app calling out the miles and the splits.

Today, I’ll take it.


At the mile marker past the Bay Montessori School, I heard the first split: 11:10. So much for negative splits, I would be lucky to finish with an 11:30 pace.

I never noticed this before, but going down MD-5 into St Mary’s City is mostly a downward slope. I was at 11:01 at 4 miles and a blazing 10:07 as i crossed the second bridge into St. Mary’s City proper.

As I crossed into the parking lot for Historic St. Mary’s City I didn’t hit the six mile mark until a few yards after the HSMC sign. What I was running at that point was the opening/closing quarter- mile of the St. Mary’s Thanksgiving 5K (the race that inspired me to run this route). At the edge of the quarter-mile, I did an extra few yards to make sure I would not finish short of the 13.1 miles. I also took the back exit out rather than just run the same way I entered HSMC.

Mile 9 going out of St. Mary’s City was going to be my first of a few uphills going back home, and the end of my sub-11;30 splits. It was here where I first enforced a basic lesson from P90X: Engage the core; BREATHE.

I didn’t; keep my 11:30 pace, but I did make a better effort to maintain the pace rather than just slow down on the climb.

Before I knew it I was at Mile 11, just outside the Nacht T Farm. Maybe I had a PR, maybe not, but I was feeling good this morning. I made the final downhill from MD-5 and turned onto the uphill going back up Willow Road…my personal Hospital Hill.

Mile 12. Almost done. I started playing Marine Corps running cadences in my head for the first half, and then I focused back on finishing the run, and making sure I had enough of the 0.1 after the 13 miles were done.

On the last downhill towards Green Meadow Lane, I heard MMR announce the magic words: “Total Distance: Thirteen Miles.” I crossed the “finish gate,” which is actually the Green meadow lane street sign next to a STOP sign, and checked MMR: 13.1 on the dot. All done. Normally I run the Three Fireplugs all the way back up to the Abberly Crest main entrance, but I had done what needed to be done.

Virtual Historic half Marathon 2020: Done, Sir, done!


Liner notes:

My hamstrings were screaming after i got done running. I took a half-mile cool down lap, got back home, weighed in (down three pounds!) and chugged down some chocolate milk. My legs feel better already!

With no water or food stations available, I mixed a bottle of water with UCan Hydrate. I carried a spare bottle of water, mixed with Mio water enhancer and some pickle juice, and a packet of Gu. I never touched either of them.

Eight weeks of P90X and a fairly-disciplined “keto” diet. I forgot my weight in March, but I’m running an 11;24 pace now. Oh, and 27 miles in four days since last Monday.

The Copper Fit sport sox worked out well today. No slippage, no blisters.

Pho Dee-Lite: Friday night carbo-load spot. Mos’ def.


Song(s) of the Day:

Re-Flex/”The Politics of Dancing:”I always liked the underworld revolution vibe from this video in the 80s. All Genius has is lyrics.

Faith No More/”Jizzlobber:” I discovered this album on a deployment to the South Pacific in 1994. C’mon Genius!

Faith No More/”We Care A Lot:”

“We Care a Lot” is a song by Faith No More. There are three versions of the song (including a Mike Patton era ‘Live’ version), all of which have been officially released over three different albums. The original was recorded for and released on the band’s first studio album We Care a Lot. A re-recorded version, with new lyrics was included on the Introduce Yourself album.

“The lyrics of this song are a sarcastic parody of “the popstar posing that accompanied those [Live Aid style] charitable events” and mentions a range of things about which the band sarcastically claims ‘we care a lot’, such as the LAPD, the “food that Live Aid bought”, the Garbage Pail Kids and even The Transformers. The original version, released in 1985, mentions Madonna and Mr. T. This was altered for social relevance in the 1987 re-release. When asked about the song’s meaning, Chuck Mosley replied:

Well, ah Roddy wrote all the things that he cared about and I just wrote the part that says, “it’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it” ‘cause I figured that’s just the feeling I got. That’s the only thing I submitted. That, and the newer lyrics in the updated version.

Marathon Training During COVID-19: Monday Dual

P90X, Week 6/Day 36

Dear Tony,

Another session of Core Synergistics was put in the books at 0610 this morning. I’m slowly but surely getting better at the routines, if you can discern the chicken scratchings on my P90X worksheets.

Speaking of those…time to print up some more!

I am seriously performing more reps and doing them better (engage the core! BREATHE!), and making it all the way through the timed routines, even if I’m losing count or trying to catch up to count them.

I need to ditch the bands on the Squat X-press; I’m not sure I’m getting the full range of motion. Same for the bend and reach. Maybe time to spring for some dumbbells, since stores are starting to ship stuff again.

But, yeah…things are getting better. Starting another week of work before the Virtual Half next Sunday.

See you next time, Tony…0500 for sure (Cardio X)!


Interlude, two hours before the run

So after my second attempt, I finally got a decent reading on my at-home heart rate monitor.

Confirmed my appointment with my endocrinologist on May 27. Going to do it via video. Still have to make a trip to get my bloodwork on the Friday before.

The only “binging” I am doing is binge-PT…mostly when I have two-a-days when I have P90X in the morning and runs in the late afternoon. I also have two-a-days when I miss a P90X workout and I make it up the next day.

Not really binge-watching anything. The network news show and networks are all useless; it’s all about laying blame and not finding solutions. I’m not into endless replays of old MLB/NFL/whatever. Not really into “The Last Dance,” because I know how it ends: Jerry Krause running Phil Jackson out of town after he served as head coach for the six Bulls titles. I love Colin Cowherd and Jim Rome; I like most of ESPN’s sports talk shows (sorry, Get Up!)…but sorry: no live sports, no me gusta.

I haven’t even gotten around to attempting to load my Game_run SD file for my Atari Flashback 9.

But I’ve got an 11:30 mile pace over the last month…so I’ve got that going for me!


Superwillow 6

A day and a half late…and the fastest pace of the year.

Now, the run to St. Mary’s City and back will be more than double the length and have a few more elevation changes, and the last 1.5 of Sunday’s run will be much more difficult.

Trying to maintain today’s pace over 26 miles? Yeah, good luck with that.

That being said, I really can’t argue with knocking out an 11:05 pace today. Late afternoon, two meals and half a protein bar in my system (and not that much water), and I still run like I’ve been shot out of a cannon. Not to mention the pauses at the southern and northern intersections of the run, with six o’clock traffic about. Oh, and I hit a headwind on both halves of the run.

Oh, and top of that, technically I missed two of my three runs last week, after cranking out 21 miles in seven days the week prior.

Eventually I will have to shift to running exclusively in the morning, if/when the summer weather gets much warmer. But right now, I am not showing any ill effects of switching from a gym workout to P90X. In fact, I have done more work with P90X in the last six weeks than I have from February through the end of March.

Also, considering that I have run far, far away from my “keto” diet in the last two weeks (and gained three pounds in that time) I am surprised that I am in such good running form. I did finally get to use my Shirt subscription to order some groceries today, so I will be back to my keto diet for this week.


Song of the Day: “Yakety Sax” by “Spider” Rich and Boots Randolph. Take it away, Wiki.

Good night, Benny Hill…wherever you are.

HH2020: Zion Park 12

The night before was spent trying to get one more meal before bedtime, so I would not ‘run out of gas” on my 12 mile run the next day. What should have been a routine fifteen minute round trip to Wendy’s took forty minutes. Even worse, The KFC’s next door had as many drive through customers as Wendy’s. By the time I finally got my order, the line at KFC was clear. KFC was also still open; Wendy’s had closed after I left (I was their last customer).

I went to bed at 10:45, but I had not laid out my running outfit for the next day, Revielle would go at 0405 instead of 0415.

Because I wasn’t that ready to run, and because i did Yoga X only twelve hours earlier, I decided not to rush to be on the road by 0500 today. I got up, got my protein shake, lubed up with Skin-So-Soft and Chafe Defender, stretched out, downed a bottle of water with Ucan, and got on the road at 0540.

I would have been on the road a little sooner if not for 1) a last second trip to the throne room, and 2) a last second decision to grab a leftover GU and my 8-oz. bottle of Mio water with pickle juice.

Zion Park is actually two six mile runs combined into one. The first leg went out to Zion United Methodist Church, about two miles south of NAS Patuxent River Gate 2. There is a swale jabout a quarter mile from Gate Two, but I was feeling good this morning and my pace going in both directions of the swale was pretty good. I had negative splits from the start at Abberly Crest all the way through the first four miles; by the time I had passed over the hill going back to the Crest, I ran mile 6 at 11:18 and was running an 11:39 overall pace.

The second half went from my usual Green Meadow Lane start/finish point out to Park Hill Road and back. This half had the steepest of uphills/downhills on the run, starting with the downhill from Willow Road to MD-5 North, then going uphill on MD-5/Point Lookout Road towards Park Hall Road. My 11:30 pace did drop on this half of the course, but it wasn’t a dramatic drop-off, averaging a 12:45 pace on the last two miles.

I hit the twelve mile mark about a quarter mile from Green Meadow Lane, and I decided that I had done enough hills for the day. Rather than my traditional “closing kick” past the three fireplugs back to Abberly Crest, I decided to run through the “Finish gate” formed by the GML street sign and the adjoining stop sign. The final time was 2:24:24 over 12.25 miles, at an 11:45 pace.

I probably lost about five minutes trying to scrounge up my spare GU packet and the mim-bottle of water for my run. Today I went twelve miles, and I never touched either the GU or the water. There’s something to be said for UCAN Hydrate, and proper hydration and eating the day before long runs. Unfortunately, I went on a junk food binge since Thursday, and I ended up at 225 this week, two pounds heavier than last week.

Another good week in the books. Apparently two days a week of P90x in the morning and runs in the afternoon are not killing me. I’m running about 11:30 pace on short runs and 12:00 on long runs. My keto diet discipline was really bad this week, but today is a trip to the supermarket to restock.

But first…it’s nap time.

Song of the day: George Baker Selection:”Little Green Bag:” The them music from the opening credits/”dudes walking” scene from Reservoir Dogs. This song did better in Europe than the US when it was released in 1969. Where does Quentin Tarantino find all this music? I guess he’s as big a music lover as he is a movie lover.

Dear Tony/P90X, Day 22

Dear Tony,

So, today starts Week 4 of P90X. Because this week’s workouts are more focused on cardio and stretching than weights, I am calling this a transition week.

Today was Yoga X. I slept in as usual; however, because I didn’t want to cut too much into my workday, I started after 6:00 p.m. rather than noon.

Today’s lesson? I think I need more than the worksheets for the workouts. I need to actually start writing down about what I’m doing for the moves where I am having difficulty, like the latter stages of the balance postures. I did make attempts at the crane and plough postures, but they are going to need much more work.

So…Yoga X to start the day or Yoga X right after work? Not sure, but I think I’m gonna sleep good tonight.

Tomorrow is Core Synergistics…see you next time, Tony!

Historic Half 2020: Rain Delay

I almost didn’t run today.

Woke up at 0400 to the sounds of thunder, accompanying the rain. Said, “No thanks,” and went back to bed until 0700.

Got up at 0700, and although the skies were a little darker for just past sunrise, there was no rain. I was supposed to start prepping for a 0800run, but I looked at the weather on Weatherbug and on my smartphone and decided that I wasn’t going to risk getting caught in any deluge. Not a fan of running in the rain, and not a fan of catching cold, especially with COVID-19 being so prevalent right now.

Got on the scale…226. Yipes, up two pounds. Oh, well, on with the traditional Sunday breakfast of pancakes and bacon.

1100. The skies clear up a bit. I check the weather again, and it looks like the alleged deluge is going to hold off until the early evening, about 6:00 p.m.-ish. Now, I’m not a fan of long runs on Sunday afternoons. Possibly too much food in my system, overdressing for the expected temperatures, and other things that could turn a good run into a DNF or an outright abort.

That being said, about noon, I made preps for a 1:30 p.m. run. I filled up my Mossy Oak tall mug with water and Mio and chased it with two Chobani berry yogurts. At just after 1:00 I started a good stretch, and at 1:25 I was dressed and out the door. No protein shake today, but I did get a 16-oz. bottle with Ucan, shaken not stirred.

First mile pace: 11:15. Very good under the circumstances, but I could forget getting negative splits for today. My goal was to maintain an under-12 minute pace. I did have a nagging problem with a need to take a No.1. There were not that many state troopers among the Sunday afternoon traffic, but I held onto it for the remainder of my run.

Mile 2 and mile 5 had the biggest climbs, but I managed to get a slower pace at Mile 7, which is not nearly as steep of an uphill, more of a gentle upward slope. But probably because I was nearing the end of the run. I probably got fatigued as I rounded Shangri-La drive up to the stoplight and back, because that was the slowest split of the run.

I was somewhat overdressed for the day; I had on my DCRunners long-sleeve tech shirt over a base layer, and I wore one of my $100 Brooks tights over long socks. I also wore a knit cap instead of my white ball cap. All of my gear was anticipating a cold, possibly rainy run.

Fortunately for me, the afternoon deluge never happened. I was dressed early for the run (temps about 61 degrees), but I never really got overheated or dehydrated. No growling empty stomach after mile 8, like last week. My lower left thigh felt a little sore as I climbed the slope towards mile 6, but it never developed into any sort of problem.

Got back on the scale…223. Los a pound this week 😉

So, after three weeks of P90X and three straight days of running, I’ve lost about 10 pounds and I’m running at an 11:30 pace. I was going to make chili today, but I’m now waiting for my Uber Eats delivery from McDonald’s. That post-run chocolate milk tastes good, though!

Song of the Day: David Bowie/”Blue Jean:” Oh, come on, Genius:

“A 1984 hit (UK – #6, US – #8) that according to David Bowie –

‘Blue Jean’ is a piece of sexist rock ‘n roll. [laughs] It’s about picking up birds. It’s not very cerebral, that piece

“One of only two singles from the album Tonight, which was quite a disappointment after his previous enormously succesful 1983 Let’s Dance album.”


HH2020: Fuel Tank

I didn’t eat well enough Saturday and it came back to bite me in the ass on Sunday.

This morning, I ran out to the SAIC Building in California, MD, an 11 mile round-trip run. The elevation changes weren’t that steep, but they were pretty long…a half-mile or so in some stretches.

I was close to 12 minutes spilts up to Mile 7. Around mile 8 was where I ran into trouble, or more accurately, where I ran out of gas/ Just past mile 8, coming up on Expedition/Exploration Drives, I felt a gaping hole on my stomach. I was getting hungry, and I had no way to get some fuel into my system. I wasn’t really thirsty (thanks again Ucan!), but I was so hungry and I just didn’t have enough get up and go. I knew my time was going to suffer for it, so I power walked up to Mile 9. Ironically, I found my second wind going up the last uphill on south MD-235 before my turn-off back onto Great Mills Road.

Quick memory: I started working at the SAIC building in October 2016. I didn’t start visiting the gym until February 2018. The gym was nice; ellipticals and treadmills in the back, and plenty of weight machines in the front, just enough to do my circuit cycle workouts. I could whip out a late afternoon workout neat the end of the workday, and maybe catch a UEFA Champions League match on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I moved out of SAIC two years ago this month. Oh, well…nice while it lasted.

Despite being late every day except yesterday, I made all my P90X workouts and did incrementally better than last week. I learned to center my body better; squaring my shoulders with the hips, holding in my stomach (not necessarily “sucking it in”) and aligning my hips with the rest of my legs. I also did much better keeping tabs on my worksheets, as far as counting my reps and making notes about what I was doing.

My run times went down from 11:38 on Wednesday to 12:34 today. I’m going to put today down to very poor nutrition the day before. I had a protein shake and breakfast after Kenpo X, then proceeded to NOT eat anything until 7:00 last night. I finished most, but not all, of a microwave lasagna, and didn’t touch the steamed vegetables. I got up at 0330 to chow down a couple of Chobani yogurts, then downed another protein shake at 0415, but it really wasn’t enough.

P90X isn’t helping me-yet-but it’s not hurting me that much. After I get through this breakdown period (end of this month) I believe my run times will be better.

Oh…and I lost three pounds! Progress! Still need to each much better though. Especially on Saturdays!

Song of the Day: Corey Hart/”Sunglasses at Night:” Because that’s what 97.7 the Bay is playing right now. If it inspires your running, fine with me. From Genius:

“One of the best-known hits from Canadian singer Corey Hart, “Sunglasses at Night” describes a man being cheated on who wears his “sunglasses” as to stay willfully ignorant of his lover’s unfaithfulness. The song appears on the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Soundtrack (Wave 103) and on the Netflix show Stranger Things.”


Dear Tony/P90X Week 1 In Review

Dear Tony,

I didn’t do Stretch X today, but I didn’t rest either; I went on a ten mile run.

While P90X does offer Stretch X as an option, aside from a rest day, I have considered running Stretch X before or after a run. Stretch X is just short of an hour, so I’m not so sure about using it just before a run; if Stretch X is as intense as the other eleven workouts, I may be “too pooped to pop” for a ten-mile or longer run. Perhaps immediately after Kenpo X, or maybe a few hours after a run as a “cool-down” routine? Those are options, but then again, this is extreme home fitness and there’s only so much a body can do.

Thanks to P90X I am back to exercising six days a week: P90X six days a week, plus runs on Wednesday and Friday, plus a long run on Sunday. On W/F, I do P90X in the morning and run after my workday is done; I try to start the run no earlier than twelve hours of doing the P90X workout of the day.

Lessons learned from the first week:

  1. FORM FIRST, REPS LATER.  Rather than try and chase you and your team for reps my goal should be to do each routine as close to”just right” as I can. Burning fat and building muscle is possible only if I work my body the right way.
  2. Coordination: This was especially relevant on yesterday’s Kenpo X routine. For example, the “jab/cross/hook/uppercut” routine. With each punch, I need to turn my hips in the direction of the punch. Engage the hips, engage the torso and drive the legs. If I’m just throwing punches at will, I’m not working anything.
  3. Learn to work the HRM. I bought a $20 heart rate monitor from Wal-Mart. It doesn’t come with a synchronized monitor band, but the watch does have a small sensor where you plan a fingertip and the watch measures your heart rate. This is tough to do under stress, but I have to learn how to do it. Doing the HRM kind of cuts into my breaks as well, so I have to balance that out.

After the first week of P90X and running three days a week, I am guesstimating that I am running a 12:07 pace. I realize that I am in the “breakdown” stage of P90X, so as long as I am not pulling any muscles or experiencing more post-run soreness than usual, I will be fine. That being said, it is important that I listen to my body while I’m training.

Did I say I was on a keto diet? I am, but I have been cheating (Fruit-Rollups and raisins). So, I need to try not to overdo or cut out the between meal snacks…as usual.

Today is cheat day, but tomorrow I’m back on the keto-wagon. I’m going to sleep in tomorrow, and save Core Synergistics ’til noon-ish.

My goal is to graduate P90X lean, but as long as every gym in Maryland is closed, I will ride the P90X train for as long as my body can take it.

See you next time, Tony…Happy Easter!


HH2020: Sonrise

Up at 0415, via the smartphone alarm. Find out my alarm clock on my nightstand is 2 min. slow.

Two trips to the throne room between my protein shake. Dressed, lubed, and stretched by 0455. One packet of Ucan, grab my Flipbelt. and stuff and out the door.

There’s full moon out this morning, but it’s obscured by clouds. I’m thankful for my long sleeve baselayer and long sleeve tech shirt underneath, but I wish I had one of the two pairs of gloves that I have lost this past winter. Another 430, lost to the winds…

I had a thought about running the Marine Corps Marathon as a virtual run this year: no cheering crowds, no bands or music, no flags or Blue Mile. Just God, me, and the female voice on my MapMyRun app, sounding off the mile markers and the pace.

Sign pointing to MD-489: “Oh, I turn here…

Just past the four mile mark: I’m startled by a couple of cows in a pasture at the intersection of MD-489 and MD-234/Three Notch Road.

Passing Zion United methodist Church: “Hey, this is the turnaround point for one of my runs. Three miles to go baby!”

It was mostly cloudy this morning so I didn’t really notice the sun was fully up until I rounded the intersection of Three Notch and Great Mills Road.

Nine-mile mark: “Uh-oh…looks like I’m going to run some extra to make it to 10 miles.” Honestly, that’s been a recurring theme lately. I’m only running an extra tenth to a quarter of a mile. What’s an extra five minutes?

I ended at 2:02:54, running 10.05 at a 12:13 clip. I pushed the uphills on Three notch Road, but my split times dropped as I transitioned from Three Notch to Great Mills. My left leg felt a little sore but nowhere near enough to stop me.

So, after the first week of P90X, my running performance hasn’t degraded. However, I only lost one pound from last week. Then again, with the “keto” diet I am on, I wonder if I have that much fat to lose…

I’m kind of bummed that I won’t be going to Fredricksburg, Va. for the Historic Half Marathon this year, which is why I stopped with the daily countdown. I am still pushing for the virtual half, though.

Another good week in the books. Progress.

In honor of the Resurrection of the Christ, no Song of the day today.

He is Risen. Happy Easter.


Dear Tony/P90X: Kenpo X

Dear Tony,

Oh, look a half hour late for the second day in a row. Today’s excuse: “B-b-but it’s SATURDAY!!!”

Ah, yes…life at 50 years old in the Age of COVID-19. No more Saturday morning cartoons, no more English Premier League soccer, no more drives to World Gym in St. Mary’s Square…just me, you and my DVD player for some Kenpo X.

Today’s issue was coordination, especially with the punch/kick combos. The first thing for me to remember is to punch with the side of the back leg. Second is to stop worrying about the speed of the movement. Get the punches and the direction of the kicks right first. Each punch requires you to turn your hips and drive your legs so you work your core and your legs as well as your arms. Once again, the mantra: form first, reps (and speed) later.

Also, because it was Saturday and a day off from teleworking was no excuse for me not to have the DVD in and fired up at 0500. The sooner I do the workout, the sooner I can get my protein shake and breakfast and then catch up on my sleep.

In other news, I have a ten-mile run in the morning. P90X offers a rest day or Stretch X. I have taken Stretch X before and it is NOT a day off; in fact, I was sweating bullets just like the other six days a week I rocked P90X. What I will do is pop in the Stretch X DVD to see how long the routine is. I may consider doing Stretch X about an hour before bedtime of my longer runs; I may also run through about 15~20 minutes before said runs.

Today’s life goal: Doing the game-mod SD card load for my Atari Flashback 9, this time on my PC laptop, since my iMac confused the process more than it should have.

Tomorrow’s life goal: making my “award-winning” chorizo chili, which will be the basis of my lunch and dinners for a few days next week. I call it award-winning because, between my office job and my apartment complex, I have had a couple of “podium finishes” in some chili cook-offs.

Anyway, tomorrow’s trot is the Southeast Loop 10. Willow Road south to MD-5 East/Point Lookout Road, to HWY-489, then north up Three Notch Road/MD-235, all the way back up to Great Mills Road/MD-234, then back down Willow Road and back home. Since Hospital Hill will have to wait until 2021, i will not worry so much about doing so many elevation changes for my training runs.

Okay, let me go look at that Stretch X DVD…see you next time, Tony!

Song of the Day: Mourning Ritual/”Bad Moon Rising:” This cover of the Creedence Clearwater Revival hit was the music for the Season 4 midseason trailer for The Walking Dead. 

Bonus SOTD: John Fogerty/”The Old Man Down the Road”: In honor of the CCR singer/songwriter/guitarist who wrote both songs, since they both have the same theme (something/someone wicked this way comes).

“Bad Moon:”

“Creedence Clearwater Revival have a sense of impending doom on their 1969 hit “Bad Moon Rising.” The song was the lead single from Creedence Clearwater Revival’s third studio album, Green River. The song reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart for three weeks in September 1969.

“Lead singer and songwriter John Fogerty told Team Rock that the name “Bad Moon Rising” came from a book of song titles that he kept. he said, “I didn’t even know what it meant, I just liked how the words sounded.”

“The lyrics were inspired by a 1941 black-and-white film Fogerty had watched called The Devil and Daniel Webster.
He said,

The scene I liked is where there’s a devastating hurricane; furniture, trees, houses, everything’s blowing around. That story and that look really stuck in my mind and they were the germ for the song.

“Fogerty allegedly wrote the song the same day Richard Nixon was elected president—he denies the song has a political subtext. However, the song still became an anthem both for troops in Vietnam and anti-war protestors across the country.

“Old Man:”

“It was originally believed this song sounded too much like Run Through the Jungle, but because Fogerty had performed both songs, no action was taken.

Will there even be a moon tomorrow morning? I know it will be cool and windy out.

HH2020: Kitefly


Okay, back to today’s run. I made a few trips back and forth to the dumpster to take my plastic and cardboard out for recycling. The thermometer said 55 degrees, but because of the wind it felt 10 degrees colder. I set out my running gear last night, but with each subsequent trip out the door, the short sleeves became long sleeves and the running tights replaced the running shorts.

Today I ran the iStore 4 course. Made it just over the four miles at 48:59 at a 12:30 clip. I want to blame it on the wind, but I think I took it a little easy today. I wasn’t sore from the morning P90X routine (see previous entry), and I wore a CopperFit knee sleeve because i felt a li’l something in my right patella. Still not bad considering the wind and the ups and downs of the course: the climb back up Willows Road, and then going back up and down the hump around the Abberly Crest entrance road.

The P90X and the running are the best things I have going right now.  Not seeing co-workers is not an insignificant thing; hell, not being able to see other working women in the building where I work is something. No meals in restaurants, no interaction face-to-fcae; man, that is something.

I turn on the TV for three things: P90X, vidoegames, and random shows on the shopping channels or cooking shows. Ironic that I have a chance to watch sports talk shows like Golic and Wingo, First Take, and The Herd with Colin Cowherd…and now they have almost nothing to say.

I like to think I’m eating better. I spent the last two days eating homemade broccoli and chicken soup because I wanted a change from Hormel’s Chilli and Hormel’s tamales from a can. I might make some of my own chili tomorrow for lunch.

I am able to shop for groceries with a 20 minute ride to Weis Supermarket. Nobody is delivering groceries anymore…but I turned on Uber and Uber eats for a few minutes today. Apparently there’re drivers, and they’re delivering food. Uber Eats is trying to be reasonable and cutting their delivery fees. Pretty tempting to pay for a Big Mav Value Meal to be delivered to your door without paying $20 for the privilege.

Speaking of meals, it’s almost 7:30 and I need to get dinner. No Song of the Day today…sorry!