Dear Tony/P90X Day 67: Yoga X

Dear Tony,

Twelve hours later…after getting up at 0430, then at 0459 pushing this ’til after work:

Today it was back to the basics for Yoga X: free the mind, engage the core, breathe.

After a week off, Yoga X was a bigger struggle for me than usual. Everything from Warrior Three through Twisting Half Moon was a challenge; i just couldn’t get enough balance to even get into a modified stance.

Plough to shoulder stance: well, I didn’t completely lose the ball on this one, but I lost some of my progress on this one. Crane was just not happening.

The big thing for me was focusing on the workout: following your instructions, clearing the mind, and focusing as much as possible on getting the moves as close to being right as possible.

As I finished off the last “ohm,” I wondered to myself, “Okay, why didn’t I just do Yoga X this morning?”

See you next time, Tony!


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