Dear Tony/P90X, Day 65: Cardio X

Dear Tony,

Is it me? Is it my $20 fingertip-reading heart rate monitor?

Cardio X beats per minute from May 20:

Yoga: 61 @ 27:18/Kenpo: 72 @ 18:05/Plyo: 58 @10:53/Core: 51 @ 3:50

BPM today:

Yoga 68 @ 27:19/Kenpo: 59 @ 18:05/Plyo: 60 @ 10:51/Core: 49 @ 3:49

My concern is how I started out in a rush from Yoga (of all things) and then made it above 60 only once? Honestly, Yoga is supposed to be the warm-up and Kenpo and Plyo have the most active movement of the four sets of exercises. And, yes, there’s kind of a drop-off from squat run to Superman/banana on the “finishing kick” of Core.

I still don’t know my target heart rate. It’s only been 65 days, no big deal.

Going running (somewhat) bright and early, and I’ll see you tomorrow after work for my first ever Back and Biceps/ABX workout. I will be a little late because I am attending a virtual “going away” ceremony tomorrow afternoon about 4;30~5-ish.

See you next time, Tony!

Song of the day: Okay, not gonna lie: I am damn near out of running inspirations songs, and I’m not that eager to dive into my pile of CDs that I otherwise haven’t opened this decade. SOTD is gonna get real scarce around this blog for the near future.

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