Dear Tony/P90X Day 60: Milestone

Dear Tony,

Day 60! Time flies when you’re having fun!

Today started with Yoga X, and to be honest, not the best session I’ve ever had. When I progressed to the warrior two pose, I felt the back to back days of pushups and pull-ups on my biceps and triceps. Man, was I sore. Also, a little back wards progress on the plough and crane stances. I just didn’t have the mind-body fusion for Yoga this morning. I mean, I got up at 0430 and pressed “Play” at 0500, but the soreness from the last two days caught up with me.

Cardio X was a little better this afternoon. I got an extra eleven minutes of yoga today, but my heart rates weren’t as good as the other Cardio X sessions.

Yoga: 54 bpm @ 27:20          Kenpo: 61 bpm @ 18:04

Plyo: 69 @ 10:52                     Core: 55 @ 3:44

I think I drop off way too much right after core ends. Maybe it was the Superman/banana after the squat run?

If anything, my diet needs to get a lot better, I have taken too much time off on the “keto” diet. I need to get back on that horse, stat!

I did get my Day 60 picture. Knowing what I just said about my diet…I’ll look at it later.

Holy cow…60 days…and thirty more to go.

Gotta get to WORK!!!

I’m going running in the morning, so I’ll catch you tomorrow after work with Core Synergistics. See you next time, Tony!

Song of the Day: The Jimi Hendrix Experience/”All Along the Watchtower:

“The great Hendrix covered Bob Dylan’s sparse original for his album Electric Ladyland and gave new life to it. It’s noted for its cryptic lyrics, and this version is known for the solo before the final verse.

“The lyrics have been decoded for the Dylan version and can be found here.

“The rich history of “All Along the Watchtower” embodies collective work, as it was built upon by such artists as Dylan, Hendrix and Bear McCreary(who composed the score for Battlestar Galactica).

“While the lyrics have been unpacked and analyzed in detail, another way to view it is as a larger metaphor in its entirety. The references to a relatively large cast of characters—from the influential (princes, businessman) to the underdogs (plowmen, servants, women) to the independents or outcasts (joker, thief)—present the multitude of points of view that make up everyone’s reality (the view from the watchtower, the distance). The conversation suggests the tension between these realities, the confusion as to what or who is right and wrong, as well as to the futility of trying to make sense of it.

“The clue might be in the title. The song progressively lifts the perspective from the intimate setting of a one-to-one conversation to the level of the watchtower where princes can see the others coming and going—even the riders approaching from the distance. In the end, the wind seems to reign supreme over all these different perspectives and realities which seems to suggest that there exists not one objective reality, but different individual perspectives.

“Hendrix takes Dylan’s song and rewrites the music to expand and highlight the meaning of the lyrics. McCreary’s version in Battlestar Galactica can be said to do the same by adding stormier oriental accents. Both musical arrangements appear to recognize the wind as being the protagonist of this song. (TY Genius)”


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