Dear Tony: P90X, Day 58

Dear Tony,

Yesterday’s lame excuse: I needed a day off.

After a low mileage week and a transition week on P90X.

This morning’s lame excuse: Checking on the George Lloyd riots on the internet.

Also, apprehensive about doing Chest and Back.Ab Ripper X. I guess I was worried about all the pushups.

Okay today’s life lessons:

  1. No chest and back, no plough stance. How do you think you’ve been making progress on that one move? You work on your workouts in one area, you get better somewhere else!
  2. First round of twelve: pace yourself. Seta goal but don’t burn yourself out.
  3. Second round of twelve: max out, as many reps as you can. If you’re burned out, take a break, but get back in it.
  4. Remember the core! You need to engage the core to properly work your chest and back.
  5. Work the chest and back. Remember what body part each exercise is working, then modify your stance to work the drill when you start getting tired.

This week is gonna be fun. Tomorrow is a run in the morning, then Shoulders &Arms/ABX right after work. Thursday (DAY 60!!!) is Yoga X in the morning, then Cardio X after work (or at noon, schedule permitting). Friday is another run in the morning, and Core Synergistics after work (or maybe at noon, depending on how I’m feeling). Kenpo X on Saturday, and a ten-miler to King’s Christian Academy on Sunday morning.

Back to work.

See you next time, Tony!

No Song of the Day because I’m late for dinner.

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