MCM2020: Headwind

Zion 6

The sun was out at 0500ish as I started my run, so it looks like I may not need the day-glo running tech shirts that much this summer. No more moonlight runs, though. I can probably retire the running tights as well, with the temperatures in the low 70s as we roll into June.

June already. Time does fly.

I was running not two minutes when I got hit by a headwind. It wasn’t that bad, and it was nice to have breeze this morning, but it was something I was gonna have to work through.

I couldn’t hear my split times, but I was feeling pretty good this morning. No obvious pain anywhere. The twinge in my left kneecap that may have suggested that I’m working P90X too much? Gone by the first quarter-mile. Speaking of P90X, I used at least one particular stretch for each part of my body from the head down: neck/head, arms, chest, hamstrings, quads, back, groin, ankles. I was done in ten minutes and out the door.

Still could use that chocolate milk, though.

The only minor problem was when I made the turnaround at Zion United Methodist Church. I made the second telephone pole after the church, then turned around, but I didn’t hear MapMyRun sound the three-mile mark until a few yards after I turned around. I did hit mile six (and the end of the run) just as I finished the uphill back to Abberly Crest.

Negative splits going out, and negative splits going back. 10:44 pace.

My training for Marine Corps Marathon 2020 is off to a good start.

Also, just short of 15 miles over 4 days. And down two pounds despite breaking my keto the last two days with Pepsi and junk food.

Still mentally negotiating over whether to do Stretch today or not…

Song of the Day: Kenny Loggins/”Danger Zone:” This is more about me binge-watching DCS videos on YouTube that running inspiration, to be honest. And, I guess there’s that Top Gun sequel coming out this summer as well…maybe we’ll get to stream it at home, if the theaters are still closed?

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