Dear Tony/P90X Day 55: Double Nickel

Dear Tony,

So, I woke up at 0430…and didn’t start Yoga X until 2:00 p.m.

Did so with a breakfast one egg short (usually three eggs and four pieces of bacon) and a linch of California roll sushi, Chobani yogurt, and a soda.

Today, I was able to get into something of a plough stretch. Was it perfect? No, but it was a long way from my first Yoga X session where I could barely get my legs off the deck and get my shoulders to hold them.

I believe I’ve got the whole routine down by now:

  1. First 11 minutes: warm-up/stretch
  2. 1:21 to 0:59: basic warrior poses (starting from running stretch into chair pose)
  3. 0:58 to 0:43: advanced warrior poses
  4. 0:42 to 0:18: balance postures
  5. 0:18 to 0:11: Yoga Belly Seven
  6. 0:11 to finish: cooldown/ohms

I am thinking of wearing my heart rate monitor for my next Yoga X workout, just to see what my pulse is during Yoga X. I would take my pulse at the :59 and :43 marks, and right after finishing YB7.

I finished up just after 3:30 and I’m feeling good.

Need to shop for dumbbells/barbells/weights this weekend.

I am running six miles tomorrow. I was going to run Superwillow 6, but I’ve seen enough of just Willow Road this week. Going to Zion Methodist and back.

See you next time, Tony!

(What do you mean, X Stretch? I thought that was optional! **sigh** no promises, okay?)


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