Marathon Training During COVID-19: Steady

Shangri-La 3:

I was a half-hour late out the door because I spent 15 minutes on the throne, getting rid of last night’s dinner, but it didn’t hurt my time any. Looking at the MapMyRun website, my mile splits were pretty consistent, within seven seconds of each other. It was a cool partly cloudy morning today, just about perfect for a short run up Shangri-La Drive and back.

My Memorial Day run and these last two three milers seem to be worlds apart. I went from an 11:58 pace on Monday to 11:09 today.



It’s payday weekend, and time to see how packed everything will be with the partial reopening of the state. One of the many things I will be spending my money will be on a haircut, now that Sport Cuts has reopened.

I wanted to try and buy a set of weights for my last month of P90X Lean. Unless I find something good at Dick’s this weekend, it will be the resistance bands for at least one more week.

Shipt has finally been delivering over the last three weeks. Very good jobs by the shoppers; they always text me when they have to make a substitution on my order, and they let me know when they are on their way to my apartment.

P90X a day keeps the coronavirus away. “Nuff said.


P90X Day 54: Core Synergistics:

Dear Tony,

I performed the Core Synergistics routine on my lunch break today. No logbook or worksheet entries, because I wanted to focus more on doing the routines right than worry about the numbers/reps.

Also, because I haven’t gotten around to printing up new worksheets.

I am starting to get a little bit better on the routines, though. I can actually lift my chest and raise my legs on Bow to Boat, and even though my table isn’t perfect, I can still get into position enough to crank out three rounds (five table dips right leg, five dips left) worth of dips.

End of the day, end of the workweek. Time to head to Walgreens to see how much I can spend on my prescriptions.

Yoga X in the morning, Tony…see you next time!


Song of the Day: two great tunes from movie composer Ennio Morricone: “The Trio”, from the climactic three way duel in The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly; and the opening theme from Two Mules for Sister Sara


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