Dear Tony/P90X, Day 53: X Stretch

Dear Tony,

One of the reasons why I used to do a circuit weight course is because I wanted to strengthen my muscles and ligaments, especially in my legs/knees/groin. I clearly remember the 2016 Marine Corps Marathon, where I spent seven painful but glorious hours running twenty-six miles on a right knee with sore cartilage muscles around the patella. That condition was exacerbated by long starches of neither running or maintaining my circuit cycles.

I have been mostly faithful in maintaining the P90X schedule, and I am reaping the rewards. I have been sore after some workouts, but I do take care of myself. I don’t have the P90X Recovery Drink Mix, but I did take protein shakes and recovery drinks to help ease the soreness and max out my gains from the workouts. As a result, I am not only running better and gradually faster, but I have not had to take any extended time off for injury or excessive soreness.

All of this has been with running on the days that I am supposed to “rest or X Stretch.” This is only the third time that I’ve ever executed the X Stretch workout, and yet I see more benefits every time I work it. Today, for example, I was able to execute a plough posture for the first time! Okay it wasn’t pretty or perfect, and I need to hold it for more than a few seconds, but I was able to actually get into the plough stance.

Was it the Dreya rolls? Was it the hundreds of pushups over Legs and back? Was it all the other routines in Yoga X? Or was it…everything?

So, maybe I can at least attempt to work in an X Stretch after the Sunday long run. I will be running into the high teens in the next few weeks…I make no guarantees.

Core Synergistics tomorrow afternoon, Tony…see you next time!

Song of the Day: Murray Head/”One Night in Bangkok:” I have never seen the musical which this song hails from, Chess. The singer, Murray Head, plays an arrogant American chess champion pitted against  the Russian protagonist of the story.

While there was a substantial time difference between Jesus Christ Superstar (Andrew Lloyd Webber’s (?) interpretation of the Gospel of John) and Chess (written by Benny Anderson and Bjorn Ulvaeus of ABBA) Murray played Pontius Pilate in JCS, so people may or may not recognize him in the video. Genius for the lyrics…but no insight. Again.

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