Marathon Training During COVID-19/Speed

MD-5 3:

0430: The alarm goes off.

0434: Out of the rack.

0440: Dressed and Skin-So-Soft.

0445: Stretching. All stretches courtesy of P90X.

0455: Out the door. MD-5 3 mi. today. Foggy and all gray out this morning.

First mile split: 10:47?!?! As in ten minutes and forty-seven seconds? I could go back and look in my orange logbook that I haven’t filled out in over a month, but I’ve never run a split that fast!

Mile 3: 10:01. Wow.

Final pace this morning was 10:37 over 3.14 miles (PIE!!!). This, after a week layoff.

Looks like it’s gonna be a good summer.


Kenpo X:

Dear Tony,

Once again I have become illiterate or dyslexic. Today was Kenpo X, not Cardio X. I kept thinking about only having to do 45 minutes today. Nope.

Just got done with Kenpo X and I’m sweating like a dog. The heart rate numbers are up once again: 73 @ 38:11, 62 @ 28:15, 72 # 21:12, 58 @ 14:52, and 76 @ 4:35.

Today’s life lesson: turn the hips more when you’re executing moves in the horse stance. Turned the hips while performing the Spetsnaz (vertical) punches at the end and I truly rocked the heart rate. I got a better heart rate than when I finished the star blocks, when I was moving forward and back.

Tomorrow is X Stretch (I’m sure of it this time!)…see you next time!


Song of the Day: The Soundtrack of Our Lives/”Big Time:” I saw the video for this song in a Blockbuster Video store in Peoria, IL…a long, long time ago. Genius got nothing but lyrics.

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