Virtual Historic Half 2020/St. Mary’s City 13.1

Up at 0400. Ate one tub of yogurt, Chobani Greek Berry Blend. A few gulps of water. Put on the Chafe Paint and the Skin So Soft and got dressed.

0435: Put in the Kenpo X DVD from my P90X set and performed the Saunders cycle stretch, adding a couple of stretches of my own. One 16 0z. bottle of water with a packet of UCan Hydrate. Pack up my FlipBelt with a spare 8-oz water and a Gu.

0456: Out the door, headed for Green meadow Lane, the back street leading into Abberly Crest Apartments. 0500: From MapMyRun: “Begin workout.”

No two hour drive on a Friday or Saturday. No Hilton, or any other hotel. No Runner’s Expo. No checking out the town.

No crowds. No music over the loudspeakers or bands of any kind. No water stations, Port-a-Johns, water stations, or food stops. No aid stations either.

God. Me. Nature, a.k.a the flora and fauna of St. Mary’s County, MD. My MapMyRun app calling out the miles and the splits.

Today, I’ll take it.


At the mile marker past the Bay Montessori School, I heard the first split: 11:10. So much for negative splits, I would be lucky to finish with an 11:30 pace.

I never noticed this before, but going down MD-5 into St Mary’s City is mostly a downward slope. I was at 11:01 at 4 miles and a blazing 10:07 as i crossed the second bridge into St. Mary’s City proper.

As I crossed into the parking lot for Historic St. Mary’s City I didn’t hit the six mile mark until a few yards after the HSMC sign. What I was running at that point was the opening/closing quarter- mile of the St. Mary’s Thanksgiving 5K (the race that inspired me to run this route). At the edge of the quarter-mile, I did an extra few yards to make sure I would not finish short of the 13.1 miles. I also took the back exit out rather than just run the same way I entered HSMC.

Mile 9 going out of St. Mary’s City was going to be my first of a few uphills going back home, and the end of my sub-11;30 splits. It was here where I first enforced a basic lesson from P90X: Engage the core; BREATHE.

I didn’t; keep my 11:30 pace, but I did make a better effort to maintain the pace rather than just slow down on the climb.

Before I knew it I was at Mile 11, just outside the Nacht T Farm. Maybe I had a PR, maybe not, but I was feeling good this morning. I made the final downhill from MD-5 and turned onto the uphill going back up Willow Road…my personal Hospital Hill.

Mile 12. Almost done. I started playing Marine Corps running cadences in my head for the first half, and then I focused back on finishing the run, and making sure I had enough of the 0.1 after the 13 miles were done.

On the last downhill towards Green Meadow Lane, I heard MMR announce the magic words: “Total Distance: Thirteen Miles.” I crossed the “finish gate,” which is actually the Green meadow lane street sign next to a STOP sign, and checked MMR: 13.1 on the dot. All done. Normally I run the Three Fireplugs all the way back up to the Abberly Crest main entrance, but I had done what needed to be done.

Virtual Historic half Marathon 2020: Done, Sir, done!


Liner notes:

My hamstrings were screaming after i got done running. I took a half-mile cool down lap, got back home, weighed in (down three pounds!) and chugged down some chocolate milk. My legs feel better already!

With no water or food stations available, I mixed a bottle of water with UCan Hydrate. I carried a spare bottle of water, mixed with Mio water enhancer and some pickle juice, and a packet of Gu. I never touched either of them.

Eight weeks of P90X and a fairly-disciplined “keto” diet. I forgot my weight in March, but I’m running an 11;24 pace now. Oh, and 27 miles in four days since last Monday.

The Copper Fit sport sox worked out well today. No slippage, no blisters.

Pho Dee-Lite: Friday night carbo-load spot. Mos’ def.


Song(s) of the Day:

Re-Flex/”The Politics of Dancing:”I always liked the underworld revolution vibe from this video in the 80s. All Genius has is lyrics.

Faith No More/”Jizzlobber:” I discovered this album on a deployment to the South Pacific in 1994. C’mon Genius!

Faith No More/”We Care A Lot:”

“We Care a Lot” is a song by Faith No More. There are three versions of the song (including a Mike Patton era ‘Live’ version), all of which have been officially released over three different albums. The original was recorded for and released on the band’s first studio album We Care a Lot. A re-recorded version, with new lyrics was included on the Introduce Yourself album.

“The lyrics of this song are a sarcastic parody of “the popstar posing that accompanied those [Live Aid style] charitable events” and mentions a range of things about which the band sarcastically claims ‘we care a lot’, such as the LAPD, the “food that Live Aid bought”, the Garbage Pail Kids and even The Transformers. The original version, released in 1985, mentions Madonna and Mr. T. This was altered for social relevance in the 1987 re-release. When asked about the song’s meaning, Chuck Mosley replied:

Well, ah Roddy wrote all the things that he cared about and I just wrote the part that says, “it’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it” ‘cause I figured that’s just the feeling I got. That’s the only thing I submitted. That, and the newer lyrics in the updated version.

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